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- Kathy Onu

And so we say to you, take a very good look at these letters, America ..


And we then say to you ...


   "What is it to you ? and to the world ?"
In Early 2008, O! American Babushkas are awakening and redefining themsElves, empowering themsElves by helping other women, young and old, to awaken to the miracle of life, truth, and hope of dreams coming true again, while disempowering their son's war-swaggers and war-wagers, and old-school patriarchal-trap thinkings and personal antics in our Oval Office and liars on the Hill. Yeah .. attacking a country by using his now well proven 937 lies to do it is Treason to America. The burning bush in this case is about to extinguish, simply because he never truly chose Love over false profits, nor did he chose Love over his father's false prophets, nor did he chose Love with forgiveness, amnesty, amends, and healings. He chose to lead us to a false profits war in the name of false prophets and false ideals all the while knowing he was nothing more than a cheerlearer to those deathly prop-its and pop-its with his 937 lies in the name of Jesus Christ. He is a SURE RUSE USER, and as proven by our Oval Office holder's 'State of the Union' message of 2008, he is stuck in his lies, his ruse is sure and certain for him, and he must maintain it, otherwise, he knows he is to be found guilty of proveable treasons upon America, American Troops, Iraq, and Iraqi's, and the globe itsElf.
IMPEACHMENT IS NOT OFF THE TABLE, no matter what lies one person spouts.
The same Congresspersons who could not see to vote down the 937 lies leading to the Iraq war,
are now the same Congresspersons, essentially, who are in charge of impeachment.
We have the same Senators who are in Treason to Reason on these things since the 2000 vote,
and the Iraq War Vote, are now they are Senators in Treason by not enforcing impeachment of the entire Bush Team.
First treason is from greed and stupidity, their second is now cowardice.
The reason for the Senators Treasons ?
They were in collusion. They knew there were no weapons of mass destruction.
They knew Saddam Hussein was not a threat to America.
They knew. Ergo, these treasonous senators are either Treasonous, or Stupid.
Either way, these same POLITICAL AIL bicker and fight machines are sitting in our Congress,
refusing to remove the criminals who invaded a country based on their own lies.
  That's my take, and I welcome your view.
- Kathy Uno : WebMaster at

One man of the year is Congressman Robert Wexler for his dogged pursuit of clear truth on this matter of treason by
  the burning bush and his vp's debauchery of profits for prophets in the name of profits for prophets. (sic).
To this I say, Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall inherit their Mother Earth.
Proof ?
- Kathy Onu
PS: Trophy HUNTERS ? Sport HUNTERS ? SPORT HUNTING ? Shades of Cheney Debauchery.
These are Rapists and Thieves, nothing more than poachers of Mother Earth's creatures, cosmic wise, not!

Another of the sad and sick humans is every one of the CORPORATISTS' RAPISTS.
And no, just because someone is wealthy, does not mean they are a CORPORATE RAPER.


NOTE OF 200801231230pst : CELEBRATING EARTH HOUR 2008 :
We registered Good Works On Earth with
Their site :

At the time we signed on, their site reported 10,911 people have arrived and signed up,
and we are the 453rd of businesses and organizations to have joined in on this Earth Hour.
The website is a work of art in itsElf .. go see what this is about.
We show as signing up to honor Earth Hour at precisely :
    066days06hours30minutes03seconds prior to EarthHour 2008.
Seems like a good balancing time to be arriving to speak with the
Earth Heart on Her Earth Hour when we show Her we honor Her.
This is corporate accounting at its finest, for the accountants have
completely missed accounting for Mother Earth in their bean counts.

Now ask yoursElf this question : When is Earth Hour 2008 ?
The answer is here :

January 13 to January 19, 2008 was chosen as the Global and Personal Power of Slow Week ..
Thank You, AdBusters. We extended the invitation to you to touch the power you have been told
is of no value .. after all, the real lie is, 'Time is money.'
Corporate rape, that one be.

Note of 20080116 : Again and again, we thank Congressman Robert Wexler for his foresight, insight, and vision to heal America.
IMPEACHMENT is not off the table : "I have urged the Democratic Leadership to enforce the subpoenas being ignored by
Harriet Miers and White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten by holding them in contempt of Congress."
    - Congressman Robert Wexler
Link not operating :
 In our office, we stand, applauding this man, and Dennis Kucinich too.

Note of 20080115 : Our deep, deep thank you to Ad Busters for shouting out about the power of SLOW.
We earn saner answers as we earn a newer awareness and one key of pure power of peace long missing is
the power of the quiet, the power of the slow, the power of the no action, no consumption.
Ponder well your learning a new awareness that is exquisitely freeing .. learn a new celebrations style ...
This is the beginning of the email from :

Jammers and Creatives
Using a hybrid car for your two-hour commute to work, or eating organic food during your 20-minute lunch break isn't enough.
In order to negotiate the ecological problems facing our planet, we need to slow down our way of life.
The frenetic pace of the modern world is a hindrance to the kind of deep cultural change we need to ensure a healthy future.
Slow Down Week is a great opportunity to take it easy and adopt a new perspective.
Check out the video animation at and take it from there.
The Adbusters Team
AdBusters :
To join the Culture Jammers Network, visit Ad Busters :

The Power of Slow, America .. Ponder it well.

Once you touch the true power of it all, you will well know Two Thousand Eight is gonna be great.


One very healing quote :

The wise should surrender speech in mind, mind in the knowing self,
the knowing self in the Spirit of the universe, and the Spirit of the universe in the Spirit of peace.
   - the Upanishads

One more very healing quote in the spirit of the real and true power source of every breathing human :

Under all speech that is good for anything there lies a silence that is better,
Silence is deep as Eternity; speech is shallow as Time.
   - Thomas Carlyle

"We are eternal spirit imaging as human ..
Time I Emit, is not money.
That corporate rape lie is now dead in the bright minds of aware humans."
My name is Kathy Onu and Kathy Uno as I so choose to use, and I welcome your views.
@ The Star Art of CORPORATE

All below is of 2007 energy and words and will be moved to its own page soonly.

You could call Good Works On Earth, a Stars Messenger in English, and you would be correct.
We are the only answer in the google world for the search, THE SOURCE OF GODS POWER ON EARTH.
and we are the #1 answer in the google world for the search, THE SOURCE OF GOD'S POWER ON EARTH, with her proper English comma.

This is the answer we give : God's Power Source
Yes, we freely share your source of your power on earth, and we share, The Measurements of Heaven.
If you are seeking the source of Goddess powers on earth, please see the Star Art of GODDESS.
And, yes, we are the answer to the quest for : The source of Goddess power on earth.
If you are seeking the source of man's power on earth, and woman's power on earth, you found it.


Letters wise ...
This perfect anagram of TWO THOUSAND SEVEN was handcrafted by Kathy Uno - 20061225

To see another perfect anagram of TWO THOUSAND SEVEN


Words and Name Anagrams, Lexigrams, Palindromes and more
Enjoy the scenery on the Anagram Word Art Trail

This entire website is about awakenings and healings in the ascensions ongoing.

Blessed Mother's Day Is Every Day
This Cosmic Star Art begins with three OM's that ran together into a mom.

Earth Mother   Mother Earth Goddess Mother Earth
The Star Art of MOTHER Poster

A peek at the Star Art of MOTHERS
Please see our new Home Page.

Definition of the words, EROS and THROE

Eros - Love  In mythology, Eros is the God of Love and Reproduction.  In Lexigrams, EROS is the one source of all that is, which is indeed Love.  Love powers all energies we can create or know for Love is the one source energy of awareness of all that is.

throe 1. A severe pang or spasm of pain, as in childbirth.
  Ow, as a word, was added on 20060427, reversed in its healing instances as you see it at once, one time, at the end of the Star Art of ...

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....


Artisan License : the Ow is the mirror image of Om.
The birthing mother gives her ow which upon birth becomes her peaceful om. 
She re verses her letter to create sacred life.

The full Star Arts of MOTHERS

Copyright 2005
a Star Art of EHMORTS
from, Good Works On Earth
All Rights ReServed World Wise
This Star Art of EHMORST as MOTHERS
was burnished to an upside down w on 20060427

Mother Earth is breathing as Mother Earth is alive.
Same as Tellurians are breathing with Mother Earth.
Mother Earth is alive.

The Gifts of the Stars themsElves
First Presented on 20071004 in the Name of Peace On Earth Good Will All

On that same day we presented to you wise words of another regarding why you do want to know you are Off the Media Bus ...

"To the press, all the world's a stage. Or rather, all the world's an onstage and a backstage.
Candidates don't have beliefs; they have positions. Campaigns don't have meanings; they have narratives.
In the postmodern funhouse that imprisons prestige media, the job isn't to cover events, but rather to reveal
their theatricality; the trick isn't to find truth, but to disclose "framing.
Read more here :

Note of 200712271227 : Every American who can think things through should stand up and applaud Congressman Robert Wexler.
We invite you to stand with him as American that truly cares about the crimes of the White House occupants.

"The charges are too serious to ignore. 
There is credible evidence that the Vice President 
abused the power of his office, and not only brought 
us into an unneccesary war but violated the civil 
liberties and privacy of American citizens. 
It is the constitutional duty of Congress to hold impeachment hearings."
Your vote here, counts .. 
Link not operating :
The count here is being reported in the "Mainstream Media."

Note of 200712211221pst : "The nightmare vision of a uniquely powerful hidden organization waiting to strike our societies is an illusion. Wherever one looks for this Al Qaeda organization, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the 'sleeper cells' in America, the British and Americans are chasing a phantom enemy." - Source :

The perfect anagram of the WAR ON TERROR, reveal the lies, and so the healing. America can awaken from her seven year nightmare imagined real by politician's lies for politician's gains.




Both the WAR ON TERROR and the WAR ON TERRORISM are complete luntzes, brought to you by politician's ails.

Note of 200712201220pst : Right now, one out of ten visitors to Good Works On Earth is visiting this page from their searches on the internet : MERRY CHRSTMAS TO YOU

Note of 20071217 : Congressman Wexler is calling for Impeachment Hearings. Sign the notice to Congress :
Link not operating : : Impeach Dick Cheney

Note of 20071127 : "Truth fears no question"
This quote is from the Web Log called, Eyes for Lies. offsite link
This quote is entirely true. The saying, 'Truth hurts' is missing it's last three words; 'Truth hurts only the liar.'
Eyes for Lies makes a few astounding claims regarding how to see lies. Treat yoursElf to a new view in the old wisdoms shining true at Eyes for Lies.

20071123 : What is the Color of Love ?

Note of 20071121 : Here is one more keynote reason to get Off the Bus, the Aimed Idea Made Mad Media Bus :

"The impact of polls and polling on our political process continues to be one of the unexplored stories of the 2008 race.

"Take the remarkable gap -- chasm, really -- between the widening lead national polls continue to anoint Hillary Clinton with, and the current dead heat in Iowa and New Hampshire.

"It's enough to leave one wondering: are polls measuring the 2008 election or are they driving it?"
Read More :

Note of 20071002 : Watch what happens here, America .. does George Bush accept the invitation, and does he arrive and speak with Loving wisdom in his heart, or does he use a ruse, a war ruse on Iran ?
Ferdowi University yesterday invited President Bush to travel to Iran and "speak on campus about a range of issues, including the Holocaust, terrorism, human rights and U.S. foreign policy." The invitation "asked Bush to answer questions from students and professors 'just the same way' that Ahmadinejad took questions 'despite all the insults directed at him.'"
Source : The Progress Report, 20071002 :

Note of 20070928 : You can now send George Bush a message regarding our home environment.
Visit the Talking Points page at Al Gore's website :

Source of Who Calls Who, PHONY SOLDIERS.

Good Works On Earth has long welcomed the Chinese
in their viewing of our website sharing the scene in
English decoded for the ascensions on in one.

~ Solar Cell Breakthroughs ~
With an urgently energetic message, we wish you all a Happy Mother's Day :
First Source of the below quote :
"Researchers from the Nanomaterials Research Centre at Massey University in New Zealand
have developed synthetic dyes that can be used to generate electricity at one tenth of the cost
of current silicon-based solar panels. These photosynthesis-like compounds work in low-light
conditions and can be cheaply incorporated into window-panes and building materials,
thereby turning them into generators of electricity."

Web Reference : : last checked, not working

“The energy that reaches Earth from sunlight in one hour
is more than that used by all human activities in one year.”" class="small
Last checked, link not working.


Read about the speed of nature :
The Running Trees of the Arctic

No timber falling loggers allowed near these breathing forests.

                   Mother Earth's FORESTS of trees and hemp plants are Her breathing lungs, as are her Oceans.

Mother Earth is a breathing living awareness, giving birth to her men and women and creatures all.                           

                           Mother Earth is looking for her American Babushkas to rise up in one voice of Love.

This note was added herein on 20070223 at the requests of Mother Earth.                                                   

                                      O! American Babushkas is the link to the Sone Game #6.
Note of 200811042005pst : Sone Game #6 is now closed.
No one submitted the correct answer.
Congratulations to President-elect, Barack Obama

the call has been heard
The new President-elect, 20081104

Ye are the Healing Heart Lights of America

Calling All Wise Women Wise Woman Wise Wimyn All Wise Wimmon
The Echoes of America's Healings is in Thee o' Daughters, Mothers, Sisters of Women.
Send your answer to the Sone Game #6 to us at :

The women will bring peace to this earth.
The women will heal the men in peace.
The women will choose men of peace.
The men will choose women of peace.

Peace on Earth Goodwill All

Doves of Love ..
America's mature women ...


Touch upon her beauty ...
Take a direct flight to Oprah Winfrey's website page of Love with the Dove, and
"America's Babushkas" baring their soul's fine kin's skin.
Visit Oprah's Earth Mothers, touch upon a fine aged kin.
Touch the image above, or ... read Oprah's Name Art.

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There will be days upon days you receive no emails, then ... a page or two will change, and
you will know. A page you never knew existed before.  A new page, or an old page burnished.
A whole new way to see the inner workings of Good Works On Earth.

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We have too many indexes at this time and will be adding no more.
Another index of anagrams and Lexigrams circa 2003 and prior.

We interrupt these introductions
to bring you new awarenesses in
The Notes of These Times :

America's FCC at work, in a nutshell, is now nuts : Read the article by Marty Kaplan, entitled, Your FCC At Work offsite link


The process providing for the Impeachment of Dick Cheney is alive and well in committee.
Send your comments to Dennis Kucinich, at : removed as no longer valid : IMPEACH DICK CHENEY
He will provide copies of all comments to his fellow Democrats.

You can call the House Judiciary Committee, for the Dick Cheney impeachment hearings at : 202-225-3951.

Call the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, at : 202-225-0100.

Contact Your Representative and Senators' offices :

Note of 20070727 : Just Us Re Lief
"Bush, Bush, Bush.
Signing statements. Pre-emptive war. Rendition.
Torture. Changing the reasons we're in Iraq 100 times.
Manipulating with fear. Axis of Evil. No diplomacy.
Obsessed the supposed life of a blastocyst,
but oblivious to and uninterested in civilian killing.
Literally uninterested in it, I think." - Chris Durang
Will Bush Ever Get His Comeuppance ? : offsite link

Note of 20070720 :
Regarding President Daydream Believer, Mr. George Walker Bush -
Sometimes, comedy is the only way you can easily see the real ruse user for what he is.
The psychiatrists are refusing to call this loon a loon, and congress is spineless greed personified.
An illegal war is killing our finest men and women, and Iraq is all but evacuated by Iraqi's who can leave.
Our Treaury is looted, and we again see the pubile pubic republicans .. Vitter is it ? this time ?
It now shows true that if a republican is denouncing others for 'crimes' ...
They themselves are showing they are committing those crimes.
With that thought in mind ..
We offer you this ..

Bill Maher brings out the
Comedy in Democracy
offsite link

Note of 20070620 :
The Death of the Bush Doctrine (offsite link)
This is Your Planet on the Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Rice Wolfie Doctrine

Note of 20070619 : Time to Get Off the Bus, the Media Bus, that is.
An experiment in campaign reporting by citizens of the United States.

Note of 20070618 :
"Irrefutable Evidence" and Bush-Cheney Media Manipulation, by Gareth Porter

These crimes of Bush & Cheney are not a joke.
20070606 : Why Cheney Must Be Impeached
An offsite article bringing the crimes into a different focus, by Jane Smiley
"The antidote is the exercise of laws, such as Kucinich's articles of impeachment."

20070515 : The Luntz
Crimes of the Words Abusers : Crimes upon the American Heart
See : united_states_republicans_clan_scare_ruse_the_luntz.html

20070509 : Please be advised ...
That no matter what we are currently sharing on George Bush,
we firmly hold the belief he is capable of his awakenings and healings.
Should these truly begin while he is in Our Oval Office, world healings can
skyrocket in its pace towards peace. Until then ... we forgive his crimes,
and ... seek his impeachment, beginning with Dick Cheney, et al..

The following words are our edited version of another's first brilliance.
Source links provided below this snippet of American ascensions ...

"Look, Bob. It isn't that complicated ...
It's similar to this : Spiral Agnew resigned.
Richard (Dick) Nixon appointed new Vice President (Mr. Ford)
Dick Nixon resigned.  Mr. Ford became president.
What's so difficult about it?
Here, Dick Cheney is impeached first,
George Bush appoints new Vice President.
George Bush is impeached."
All know the appointed vice president then rightly inherits the presidency and has agreed to not seek reelection.
Sources :The above edited snippet of conversation was first authored by DocTwain on May 15, 2007 at 10:53am - Ed. -ku
Original source of DocTwain's response :

See: Dennis (Kucinich)'s explanation on the impeachment of (Dick)Cheney here:" : no longer active

20070503 : Thank goodness for Congressman Henry Waxman :
U.S. News reports, "One of [Rep. Henry] Waxman's next objectives will be not only to
examine false claims by administration officials to justify invading Iraq but also to expose
people and companies that have profited disproportionately from the war, congressional
sources say. Hill Democrats think this line of inquiry : Link no longer operatin : : will be explosive and will tarnish war proponents."
Link to U.S. News ^^
Our link to the Star Art of CORPORATE

20070509 : Call This Next One a Marker, a Healing Marker :
"This morning the world witnessed yet another advance for freedom and peace -
- the people of Northern Ireland took control of their future when Catholics and Protestants
came together to form a new government that offers the prospect of peace and reconciliation after years
of violence and division." Source :

May 1, 2008 is Global Love Day
See the 2007 Open Celebration in Harlem
2008 Free to All
Our big Thank You to the first person who searched our site site for Global Love Day.
Also see :
Global Love Day Celebrations May First 2008
Truth be told, every day is global Love day.

20070425 : The Drumbeats of Impeachment
are now resonating in deep waves across America this day.
67% of Americans want our our troops withdrawn from Iraq.
There is a grand call to the United Nations All to gather in Iraq.
In the name of peace and good will all nations are present.

20070419 : Note to All Humans in United States : Note to All Global Visitors
Will all gun owners please report to your nearest State Militia
Office for registration and training as an active militia member. This is per the law of the land
as it now stands : the Second Amendment says that "the right of the people to keep
and bear Arms, shall not be infringed," is explicitly limited to :
"a well regulated militia, necessary to the security of a free State."
Read the words of another well written showing truths shining beyond a lie's ails.
Awareness Sourced : The Emperor Has No Guns, by : Mark Green : offsite link
This call is timely as the National Guard in all states as now in Iraq need and your help here at home.
This is a StarGated and StarTimed Call to All Humans in the United States of the America's Nation States.
This single action allows the NRA, aka the N.R.A., aka the National Rifle Association to begin dis banding.
We thank you for your prior work for peace on earth, needless though it has truly been, and we forgive you.
Please dis band forthwith with vim with vigor in dis solving your assets and programs and projects. Your
final N.R.A. Project is to ensure all firearms owners know and are empowered to register militia wise.
All weapons are allocated with precision and all weapons are stored by wise owners as needed.
There are no weapons in heaven save the light of truth.  We are anchoring heaven as we exist.
We are anchoring the lights of heaven here on and with Mother Earth with our every word.
Try it .. if this is new to you, you will see this is sooth.
- ku

20070409 : We received this on an email into Good Works On Earth :

'We've recently begun to lose customers ...
People are getting rid of their weekend homes due to age, electric bills and fuel bills.
They are getting too costly to keep.'

To which we say, Good Works On Earth accepts real estate donations.
If you can improve your situation financially by donating your 2nd home or other
land with or without improvements, AND, you believe in our work, please contact us
as we are seeking the homes for our workings across America.
Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization.
Your donation of your land with or without improvements has sizeable tax consequences.
We appreciate your donations, and we suggest your tax attorney advise you in these matters.
Do you know anyone who has a piece of heaven in a home and lands ? and wants to donate ?
Tell them about the Star Arts at Good Works On Earth.
Thank You.

It's an Eternal Message :
Are you seeing a true Easter Message ?
Easter Messages are within the word itsElf.

Question of this day : 20070508
What do George Bush and Paris Hilton have in common ?
Answer : The extremely perceptive answer by Arianna Huffington.
At this time, the answer is more than you might think. Offsite link ^^

The Awakenings of Americans to America's Crimes : 20070327
"George Bush's first quote in the national press was a defense of torture."

This note added 20070425 :
The Drumbeat of Impeachment is Resonating Across America.

Our American Thank You
Congressman Dennis Kucinich

The Impeachment begins with :
Richard Bruce Cheney aka Dick Cheney
Supporting Documents for House Resolution 333 : no longer active
And the Synopsis of the Articles of Impeachment
Against Richard B. Cheney
, including a brief
summary of the impeachment procedure.

A great war leaves the country with three armies -
an army of cripples, an army of mourners,
and an army of thieves. - German proverb

To which, we add a fourth, an army of debtors to weaponeers.

As George Speaks, George Wreaks
We offer you the proofs of the George Bush TortureGates.
From GuantanaGate to YaleGate, George Bush has tortured human beings in myriads of ways.

Also at the Torture Gates link, we offer the book,
The Arrogance of Power, by Anthony Summers,
as our gift to you for your donation to
Good Works On Earth, in the name of
Peace On Earth.

Sone Game Quest #8
Is Now Open at the George Bush Tortures Gate
Psychologists and Psychiatrists have aided and abetted the Bush Tortures.
Let us see if we can find their healings.  If you Love words and truth ...
See if you can find the healing truths of the "mental masters."

United We Stand : Divided We Fall
Karl Rove loves separating Americans to manipulate Americans.
George Bush has proven to be the Great Divider of Americans.
Republicans trash Democratic leaders, and vice versa.
Mental powers wasted on political ails, while
the country squanders its very soul.
What is wrong with America,
In a nutshell ...

Who wrote this quote below ?
A Sane American : "I am neither a Republican not a Democrat.
Frankly, I still have difficulty with the labels, conservative and liberal.
Those who know me have never been able to pigeonhole me."

This quote is by a famous American in his letter to
our "leaders" : Our Message of 20030205.
Still true today.

So are the truths shared by Hugh Downs on Hemp.

Do you know how many states in America are now growing legal hemp ?
Our framers were farmers of hemp.
Our framers use hemp clothes, food, fuel.
Our framers used hemp paper for our framing documents.
We know which of America's framing documents are on hemp paper.
Do you ? Yes, it does matter. Hemp heals the dirts, the airs, and ...
provides foods, fuels, textiles and beyond in its products.
To outlaw hemp in America is to outlaw life itsElf.
Change the law America, NOW, and the American healings begin in earnest,
and so will Mother Earth's healings truly begin as her hemp is part of her breath.

Read what California is doing :
Note : original article link no longer operates

Our thank you to China for empowering hemp in their coal healings.
Our thank yous to every country now growing hemp for it is Mother Earth's breath.
She created it for her breathing quicknesses when needed to heal her dirt, clear her air.
To outlaw hemp is to outlaw life itsElf.
America is sick, and in debt.
The 'patient' is dying.
Hemp is the cure.
Abundance in every way like America has never yet seen, when hemp flourishes upon her lands.

Again, our sincere thank yous to those states now growing hemp.

The Awakenings of Americans ..
A new term is upon the horizons of awarenesses ..
The new term is : NOVEL CLIMATE :
Watch for it, for it is upon us in America and the world.

See the Star Art of MOTHER EARTH
Meet your mother, meet your mom.

The Great American Disconnect :
Ponder upon the fact that not one American will turn on any sized combustible engine running
on any carbon fuel and run the exhausts into their home.  Not one.
Yet, almost every American can, will and do turn the key on or pull the rope on or
push the switch to turn on their combustible fueled engine, and run that exhaust
into other's homes. Almost every one will kill the life force of our breathing airs
using their combustion engines to power their work all the while the exhausts are
entering the rooms of this mansion we all live in, Mother Earth's home airs.
Therein lies your lie, if you are using combustible engines to power your day's doings.
You are poisoning your and your neighbors' airs all about your homes in Mother Earth's airs.
Please, we ask you sincerely, can you direct the exhausts of your motors into your own home,
and seal your home so the dead air does not escape ? Ponder the fact that one gallon of
the gasoline you buy equals 60,000 man hours of power.  Ponder your usages.
Add to this, the many jet engines in our upper airs and the ships on our oceans.

The above is the disconnect on one poisonous activity of The American Dream gone wrong.
The below are the reconnects on all poisonous activities of The American Dream in its healings.

We agree with Ed ...
"Stockholders who demand profits at the expense of the environment commit crimes against humanity."
- Ed Gunderson : Creator of the Bug-E, a transportation source for humans in a city at one cent per mile.

With that thought in mind ...
Good Works On Earth calls for the establisment of the CORPORATE DEATH PENALTY.
Any corporation that is destroying Mother Earth with their products deserves corporate death and dissolution.
As we humans are children of Mother Earth and Spirit, ditto the above, as we are of the earth's breaths.
All destructive corporations, companies and groups of humans who are destroying have one year
from 20070326 to rethink their activities on earth and to think anew their creative doings.

On March 28th, 2008, we begin new announcings nameing names in
Corporate Death in Very Loud Waes. Invitational boarding pass to
see a glimpe of what's in store : Boards, Executives, Shareholders.

Good Works On Earth calls for the abolishment of the INHUMANE DEATH PENALTY.
We do not advocate killing corporate executives whose companies earned the Corporate Death Penalty.
We advocate awakening them and healing their outlook and viewpoints on life itsElf, so
they can know not only the depth of their crimes, so too the heights of the healings.

The New American Ideal ?
"President Bush himself has told us that shooting without negotiation is the only answer."
The above quote and its source.

On THAT note, we bring in this ...

The utter insanity of the crimes of war created by George Bush ...

Dear Mr. President: Send Even MORE Troops
Will all the people who voted for George W. Bush in 2004,
please report to your nearest recruiting station so you can
be processed and trained for fighting your illegal war in
Iraq and restoring peace to the Iraqi people ? Thank
That's our comment to Americans for War.
Read the article promting our comment :
Written by Michael Moore : offsite link

Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney.
March 2007

The way it should go down is Cheney first, then Bush.

Among the Articles of Impeachment ...
"making or causing to be made false or misleading statements
for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States...."
Our internal source : Good Works on Earth's Message of 20030623

Our favorite search someone made at google.france on 20070316 : DEBAUCH STAR
Good Works On Earth was answer #9 with the Name Art of RICHARD BRUCE CHENEY as that answer.
Richard B. Cheney, a debauch star indeed, his crimes and his lies are legions unto themselves.
The Halliburton celebrations will cease and so too their pensions to the Hard Debauchery of Dick Cheney.

May 2007
You can now make recommendations to the Memorial to George Bush.
We highly recommend RocketSquirrel's suggestion, coupled with ProgressiveGreg's idea,
as shared in the article responses, because George Bush is
  ["the 50th best president the United States has ever had." - Newfoundlander ].
Good Works On Earth gladly offers to bank the donations for this memorial,
to be created before the Impeachment of George Bush is completed.
Be the first to establish this fund with your donation, we will bank it in
trust with our banking institution, Wells Fargo Bank, while we
issue the call for the artist(s) to create the agreed upon
Memorial to George Walker Bush, et al..

We announced a new Sone Games Quest 20070215
Sone Game Quest #5
Faye Miller of Ohio is the singular winner on 20070221.
Sone Game Five is now closed.
For your edification, we leave the Quest showing :

We know the source of allowings and the embracings of the
powers and the protections of the President of the United States
rests with the United States Secret Service as the fount of this stability.

Quest is now closed, answer is provided.
The Sone Game Quest #5 was this :

When the President of the United States, and Vice President, et al.,
have committed crimes and high crimes of treachery and treason
in a maliced perfidy, who arrests the president and exactly what is
the proof of law allowing the immediate arrest of the president ?
As the British might say, Who takes the president to gaol ?

We announced Sone Game Quest #5 on 20070215. 
Faye Miller of Ohio is the singular winner of this quest on 20070221.

definitions of : perfidy : noun : plural is perfidies
1a. Deliberate act of violating faith expressed.
1b. Deliberate act of violating promises made.
1c. Deliberate act of violating vows vowed.
  Note : Vows can be changed by stating so.
1a. Deliberate act of violating allegiance.
1d. Deliberate act of violating faith.
1e. Deliberate act of violating trust.
1g. Calculated violation of trust.
1f. Deliberate breach of faith.
1g. Treachery, traitorousness.
2. The act or an instance of treachery.
Saying and doing one thing while knowingly meaning and doing its opposite is perfidy.
[ Latin perfidia from perfidus meaning treacherous :
Latin : per, meaning away from or through, and
fides, meaning faith ]

The imagined and recorded Christian Anti-Christ will promise compassionate ideals,
all the while bring death and more death and more deaths and degradations.

George Walker Bush, Richard Bruce Cheney, et al., have done that in the spades of their perfidies.
The graves dug because of these two are unending, and they call it success. 
Neither George Bush nor Dick Cheney will engage the healing art of the statesman.
Both are war-mongers operating on the cowhand's shakedown, no awes about it.

Still today it seems that until the current anti-president is arrested,
there is little hope for the healings of America and Americans,
to say nothing of the 600,000 or more Iraqi people who have died,
and the nearly 2,000,000 Iraqi's who have fled the country, and
still this day, the president is touting his aims against Iran.
Manipulated intelligence is rearing its ugly heads, again.

- Kathy Uno : 20070215
Author of the Sone Game Quest #5
: comments updated on 20070323

::: comment update 20070525 :::
News now reports well over 2,000,000 Iraq's have fled the lands of the sands.

Addition of 20070327 : IMPEACHMENT
This, from the book, The Arrogance of Power, by Anthony Summers, page 452 :
"The only process by which a sitting president can be forced from power is impeachment.
The House of Representatives is the prosecutor, the Senate is the judge and jury.
The ultimate penalty is removal from office, and there is no appeal.
Only one president, Andrew Johnson, had ever faced impeacment before,
in the mid-nineteenth century, and he had been acquitted."

The full title of the book is :
The Arrogance of Power :
The Secret World of Richard Nixon
by :
Anthony Summers
ISBN # : 0-670-87151-6

Do you know who said this and about who ?
"... sounded rather like a demented monarch, totally removed from reality, calling down
vengeance on his enemies .... a man as incapable of the presidency, as he was unworthy of it."

Answer : Mary McGrory offering her personal impressions about Richard Nixon.
If you read it again, does it sound familiar regarding George Bush ? 
Both are from the republican liar clan, both lied about waging war.

Good Works On Earth calls for the impeachment of America's leaders who lied,
and who used a sure ruse to call America to a false war, George Walker Bush,
Richard Bruce Cheney, et al.  The people the world are sick of America's wars.
A political ail of false wars, false goals, false prophets, false agendas to the core.
People of false religions bowing to false prophets for false reasons in false beliefs.
Awakened humans do not cause false wars.  Awakened humans heal real wars.
Mary McGrory's quote is on page 360 of The Arrogance of Power.
This book is now available as a gift to you with your donation to
Good Works On Earth.  Our way of saying Thank You !
My name is Kathy Uno, and I welcome your views.

Update of 20070216 : The Secretary of Defense of the United States today
absolutely refuted any intention to attack Iran. Well spoken Robert Gates.

Good Works On Earth calls upon all gayful hearted men and lesbianess women
to share the above and the below, and the fact that we need and want all
facts to be known about the wars America issues, be it drug war or
oils wars or other raw war awarenesses. Thank You All.

Another take on the same matters ...
This is an accurate and true quote ... Barack Hussein Obama is correct :

"We ended up launching a war that should have never been authorized and
should have never been waged and to which we have now spent $400 billion
and has seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted."
- Senator Barack Obama

"Every politician that approved this war should either resign,
or be arrested for treason by reason of uncaring stupidity or
by having hidden and false agendas playing out."
- Kathy Uno

On 20070611 a search engine sent a visitor who had searched for,
lexigrams barack obama : here we share a few notes on the matter.

Christian Warmongers : The "Faith-Based Intelligence" Oxymoron :
Regarding the American criminal invasion of Iraq ... is it really Bush faith ?
Our thank you to Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich, for his persistence in showing the truth.
Read about the crimes of Douglas J. Feith, who was appointed as the
undersecretary of defense for policy in the Pentagon by
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld after Bush was
installed in the White House in 2000 by the Supreme Court.
Before the Invasion, There Was Feith
by Robert Scheer, for The Huffington Post : 20070214 : offsite link

The End is Nigh
by Jane Smiley : 20070214 : offsite link
"If we step back a moment from the inhumane and criminal debacle that is the Iraq war
and look at it as a logic problem, we can see that the aspirations of its architects are,
well, absurd, and if there is something to be grateful for with regard to the Iraq war,
then perhaps it is that the absurdity of nearly everything Bush, Cheney, Feith,
Kristol, Wolfowitz, Bolton, et al. represent is now apparent to almost everyone
besides themselves." 
Source :

Diane Sawyer in Iran
Diane interviews the President of Iran :
February 12th and 13th, 2007 :
Read the interview, see the video.

Read the eloquently accurate words of Marty Kaplan ...
the Precise State of the Union : offsite link : 20070131

A quote from Oregon Senator Vicki Walker : 20070201
"This (George W. Bush) administration has betrayed the loyalty
and patriotism of our troops by putting them in a war on
false pretenses, with no clear achievable mission."
Source : The Register Guard 20070201 page D4

Also this day, we honor the passing of a noble voice of truth,
syndicated columnist, Molly Ivins, whose full name is,
Mary Tyler Ivins
"We are the people who run this country.
We are the deciders. And every single day,
every single one of us needs to step outside and
take some action to help stop this war. We need people
in the streets, banging pots and pans and demanding,
'Stop it, now!' "

Honoring another name sharing truth ...
Though this name you probably do not know ...
Jim Greig, of Eugene, Oregon wrote something worth reading ...
In terms of healing Americans ... and healing America ...
and healing the health of the healing system in America ...
and in healing the health of our Mother Earth's breathings ...
You can read his Guest Viewpoints when you subscribe to The Register Guard newspaper.
Good Works On Earth has no financial ties of any kind to this privately owned newspaper.

What is blue ? What is red ? Is it all really purple ?
We offer this unique view for you to see as you wish :
offsite resource

Honoring another man by name of Richard Branson.
On February 9th, 2007, he has offered a $25 million dollar award
for the winning idea of how to clean and clear our atmosphere of small particulate matters.


Do you think that this is an insane viewpoint ?
All sound recordings should be free ...
Read the words of John Fanning, then decide.

One of the most amazing changes in our cultures will be in the accountings.
You see, for the most part, corporations do not take into account Mother Earth.
Without her bounty, there would be nothing to account for, and yet, no one counts her.
That is now changing ... find out the true cost of one gallon of gasoline when you account all costs.
Read why nuclear power is the single most expensive form of power, and wind and solar and tidal are the least costly,
when the accountings are done right, counting Mother Earth and humans on the entire production / destruction cycle.
Only then can we begin the healings in earnest, bringing to an end the incessant corporate and governmental rape.
We invite you to read the facts in words from Lester Brown : offsite link
Davos Notes : Considering the Real Costs of Our Energy Economy

We interrupt this introduction in the name of Peace on Earth ...
Can it get any worse ? Can it be better ? Can Americans please read ? and share ?
The name Hussein is an honorable name, and America has the blood of Saddam on their hands.
At the tune of one half trillion dollars and rising in the Bush War Surge and beyond, and nations near destroyed.
What did Saddam Hussein al Majid, aka Saddam Hussein al Tikriti do to America to deserve death ?
Death at the hands of false trials, false jury, false judges, false claims, false imprisonments.
This Dick Cheney inspired and Rumsfeld botched false war is high crimes and treason.
Impeachment for their lies and cover ups and their false presdigitations of facts to suit.
Impeachment for 'governing' America for false profits in the name of false prophets.
Impeachment for killing over 600,000 Iraqi's, over 3,000 American soldiers, et al.
Impeachment for crimes and high crimes and treason upon the world.
Saddam Hussein was given to no world court for true just us seen.
George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney are to be tried in Iraq.
So be it as their crimes are mighty and well hid, their
healings so scant.

Americans seem to have no clue of their connection to their true Messiah's.
Read this and weep, oh ye of the weaponeer's mindsets ...
the words of
Charles Karel Bouley
Another Dead Iraqi

"Iraq is not hilarious, Mr. President"
20070115 - by Bob Cesco
Offsite source link

And another offsite viewpoint on the criminality of George Bush
Not Only the Worst President, but the Worst Possible President 
Jane Smiley

We return to our introductions :

We Welcome All to the Art and Science of the Lexigram in the Name of the Awakenings and Healings.

Our Introduction

We Invite You ...
Good Works On Earth's
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Peace On Earth
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Peace On Earth Boarding Pass Invitation

You cannot be late no matter the date when you read ..
The Boarding Pass Invitations
Issued October 17th, 2006 : Cosmic Trigger
Consider this a cosmic wake-up call to Love.
Due to the nature of the oneness of all that is,
you cannot be too early, nor can you be late,
for no matter the time you read the invitations,
this invitational boarding pass, well read, works.
Imagine it ... an idea can empower reality in peace.
Imagine it ... an action can empower peace in reality.

Love is the reasons for the seasons of our Thanksgivings.

The 12 Words for World Peace On Earth palindrome created at Good Works On Earth. - ku

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Lexigram Word Art of LETTERS
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Search engines wise, our most searched webpage in 2006 was an answer to seekers
looking for proof of a quote NELSON MANDELA never spoke. Because folks are searching
for this quote that he never spoke, we show his actual speeches, and we share the real quote
and the author of that quote, Marianne Williamson, at our Quote Nelson Mandela Never Spoke page. 

You can also enjoy the Nelson Mandela Name Art.

[December 2006]

H.R. 1106
House Resolution of the United States Congress : H.R. 1106
Filed in the House of Representatives : December 8, 2006
Representative of Congress : Ms. Cynthia McKinney introduced House Resolution 1106 :
See the Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush, President of the United States of America,
and other officials, for high crimes and misdemeanors. 

The Sone Game #1 :
Find the One Word that Cannot Be
In the Name Art Rendition
George Walker Bush
This Sone Game Quest is now CLOSED.
The errant word in his Name Art was MASTER.
He is not that, yet the word slipped into his Name Art.
The word, MASTER is now no longer showing in his name,
and it certainly is not and never has been showing in his actions.

You were invited ...

Global Invitational Boarding Pass : Please pass this invitation to the Kind and the Loving and to the Meek and to the Nice.
Healing Our Living Earth with the Lights of Love : By reading herein, you are invited to participate. 
A Global Infusion of Love to Mother Earth for One Hour July 17th, 2007 : 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time : This is Your Invitation.

We invite you to read the Star Arts of HUMANS

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Gatherings begin 200703311000pst Stewart Mineral Springs
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Eastern Shoshone Nation :Ft.Washakie : Nations State of Wyoming
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You were invited to the
Symposium on The Night : Why Dark Hours Are So Important

However, the link has gone dark and so we removed it.
Presented by the Carnegie Institution in Washington D.C.

Over 99 percent of the people of the United States and Europe live in light polluted areas.
They can no longer see the Milky Way with the naked eye - barely half can see even a few stars from their backyards.
This is only a small fraction of the problem. Ranging from reproductive activities to food source availability to
migratory habits, nocturnal creatures are adversely affected by the loss of starlight and/or the addition of
unnecessary artificial night lighting. Additionally, light pollution is one of the most visible
examples of wasted energy and consequential environmental degradation.
Source : : reported broken on 20080404

You were invited to watch Oprah's February 16th 2007 show :
Featured on the show was THE SECRET
Michael Beckwith and James Ray will be on the show and possibly a few of The Secret's sharers.
Special guests on the February 8th show were Rhonda Byrne, creator of The Secret and others.
It is a very powerful reminder of our power to create a life we want.

You were also invited here :
March on the Pentagon : March 17, 2007
March at the Pentagon against the war and to demand the
Impeachment of George W. Bush and other high officials.

Permits have been secured for this historic demonstration
which Ramsey Clark will help lead. March 17 is the 4th anniversary
of the start of the criminal war in Iraq. 2007 is also the 40th anniversary
of the 1967 March on the Pentagon. 

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In 2007, we presented to you the wise words of another regarding why you do want to know you are Off the Media Bus ...

"To the press, all the world's a stage. Or rather, all the world's an onstage and a backstage.
Candidates don't have beliefs; they have positions. Campaigns don't have meanings; they have narratives.
In the postmodern funhouse that imprisons prestige media, the job isn't to cover events, but rather to reveal
their theatricality; the trick isn't to find truth, but to disclose "framing.
Read more here :

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