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SaintsandSagesofAllTimesandAllAges LadyGaiaMotherEarth Heartlings ! Earthlings

The Jewish Torah describes peace as :
"the vessel which can contain all blessing."
Yes, a few of our members are Jewish.

"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.
We have guided missiles and misguided men.
A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense
than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom."

-- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Yes, a few of our members are the dark skin kin of many nations.

We invite you to read the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer,
in an open letter to our "leaders."

Yes, a few of our members are the light skin kin of many nations.

Michael Moore, the documentary film-maker, is asking you to write
to him and tell him your American Health Care Horror Story.
Michael Moore's Iinvitation to You, dated February 3rd, 2006

Stupid White Men still exist in seats of 'power.'
Michael is not one of the stupid.

Sone Game Number Three Is Now Closed :
Sone Game #3 was described as follows ...
Find the one word that 'cannot' be in the
Name Art
Jesus of Nazareth

As sure as She birthes He in her word and in physical ..
There is more than one useage of one word that 'cannot'
be in the Name Art of Jesus as it is showing now.
The Sone Game Number Three does not now
show on the Name Art itsElf, only here.
This is your Boarding Pass and ...
This is your Invitation to play ..
Sone Game Three
Find One Word That Cannot Be and Yet There 'Twill Be Plain As the Sea
To Those With Eyes That Can See

Game Begun : 20051221
The solstice is a grand day to begin this sone game.
This is the only invitiation on our site to Sone Game #3.
'Times they be a tickin, Bob ..'

Still as of 20070222 the Sone Game Word was unseen, unsolved and unwon by any one.
Faye Miller of Ohio has somewhat solved the Sone Game #3 as of early February 2007.
We say somewhat, as ... Faye sent us six words that could not be in the Name Art that
we did not see, yet .. she has not identified the one word that prompted Sone Game #3.
Sone Game #3 is still open as of 20070222.   Another CD has been set aside for the winner.
We are gifting Faye Miller with a Voicings of the Star Arts CD for her keen eye in her seeings.
Sone Game #3 is now closed : Faye Miller of Ohio is the sole winner of this Sone Game.
The answers were THREE and FOURTEEN. Congratulations to Faye for her keen eye.

This is also a window of opportunity
::: the Star Art of MEDITATION
with time emit window therein :::

Good Works On Earth
a 710+ page website
plus a few all free to you
in the name of

Love's Own Awakenings

These Keys of Love's Awakenings
Are the Proclamations and Salutations
Upon and with Mother Earth and Her Humans

Peace On Earth Goodwill All
Peace On Earth Good Will All
Peace On Earth Good Will All Ma
Peace On Earth Good Will All Men
Peace On Earth Goodwill All Men

Search Good Works On Earth's web site :

city of the angels letterings
This line above is a search someone did on the net
They found and visited our site ...
And here is what they came to see ...
For if you seek angels and their Love letterings on earth ..
You have found them herein with one click : Angels on Earth
If you are seeking golden angels on earth, you will find them, just touch above.
If you seek to know the full measure of the power of your words,
you will find with one click on found.
If you are seeking the Group, please go directly off site to the and Steve Rother.
If you seek medical intuitives and healing channelers, you have found some, with one click.
If you are seeking the materials of the Kryon, go see Lee Carroll, direct to their site.
If you seek saints with names such as Almine or Doreen or Swami Beyonda or
Sananda, one click on a name, and you are there, or you can search our site.
If you seek to meet the Teachers for the Ages, go direct to see Ruth Lee.

Please know, names amany are unnoted above.
Many more with wise sharings are found within our site.

These are the times of the ascensions in Love's lights ..
And so it comes to pass, and so the work begins ...

urbi et orbi
Latin phrase meaning  this :
to the city and to the world

We share a healing quote from a one of an Earth Tribe, close to the White Earth Tribe :

'It is our belief that the love of possessions is a weakness to be overcome.
Its appeal is to the material part, and if allowed its way, it will in time disturb one's spiritual balance.
Therefore, children must early learn the beauty of generosity.
They are taught to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving.'
- - Ohiyesa; Wahpeton Santee Sioux

Arabic for :
Peace Be Upon You

Yes, some of our members are of the Lands of the Sands descent.


The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr.
- - Mohammed
The Prophet of Islam

Speaking of Allah ...
'Tis a known fact, the name Allah was first used by a Woman of Wise Waes.
'Tis true.  As is Allah is now mostly known by men demanding mental obediences, as a One and Only God.
Al is a good and grand name for the Goddess Essence, as is Al a great name for a One Love Source.
Lah lah lah lah lah ... lah lah lah lah.
So ... Allah is first a Woman.
Al was first a girl name.

Goddess Does Do Goddess Odes

If you can tell us the one other word using all the letters of the name, Allah ..
We will send you directly to your local butcher shop for your prime
cut of meat butchered according to strict Islamic standards.
Killing animals is not the way of Love.

Goddess Does Do Odd Odes
God Works In Wise and Wondrous Waes

' Allah was originally an Arabian goddess, Al-at or Al-llat,
who was later (like Astarte) masculinized, this time as the god of Islam.
Astarte and Allah were worshiped at one time or another in the Middle East
as the goddess of the moon; their symbol, the crescent, can still be seen as the sign of Islam. '.

Name the author of the quote above and we will send you a Star Arts gift.

Astarte is also known as Ishtar :
Goddess of Light, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Love’s Star Lights, Goddess of Starlight

We suggest we humans making our global project :

The ReFlowerings of Iraq
The Plantings of the Seeds of Peace in the Lands of the Sands
Creating in harmony with Mother Nature
Cleanings and creatings in the sunrises
Cleanings and creatings in the sunsets
Playful dancings ~ Loving joys
One globe's healings
A Girl's Carings
As Girls Care
As Boys Care
As the Adults Speak with Care
The Healings Begin Expanding Across Mother Earth Exponentially
And So It Is
Planting the Seeds of Peace Upon Mother Earth's Very Dirts
Payments to the unweaponeers are increasing world wiser.
Paychecks of the weaponeers are decreasing world wise
Those who would kill with intent are silenced by Love.
Those who will help heal and plant seeds of this
peace in the lands of the sands ... these
bear wondrous fruits upon Mother
Earth ... No weapons now .....
New eons open on one's
own sone ....... so
opens eons on
one's nose
on one's

Happy Holy I Days
for those of the Christ Light
Merry Christmas Greetings Ye
~ with this thought above in mind
we share these words below ~
Merry Christmases
Merry Christmas Lexigram 1999
Merry Christmas Lexigram 2000
Merry Christmas Lexigram 2001
Merry Christmas Lexigram 2002
Merry Christmas 2 You

This phrase is a real search someone made at a search engine to arrive here :

Letters to Mother Earth from Children of Earth

The search phrase above is our current favorite of the stellar searches we see
as to how folks are arriving to see Good Works On Earth's ascensions sharings from search engines.

Our one answer to the search above is this, a quote from a child ...

"You know your name is safe in the mouth of someone who Loves you .. it sounds different."

Point being ... Love your Mother. 
Speak to her with great care, interest and Love for your Mother and so too, Mothers to others.
Mother's have many names, from Ma to Mom, from Mamma to Mommy ... and as a Ma is a
female, and as a man is a male .....
we invite you to read ....
as you are one ...
or the other . .
One click on the Star Art to arrive.

Do Americans Care ?
Is it true that America is using chemical weapons upon Iraqi's ?

Do Americans Care ?
Is it true that American forces used chemical weapons in Fallujah ?

Do Americans Care ?
Is it true white phosphorus was used as a weapon ?

Do Americans Care ?
Is it true this 'Whiskey Pete' hell was unleashed ?
Is America using chemical weapons against Iraqi's ?
Truth Outs at this off-site link \/ with the report.
See the documentary : : Massacre in Fallujah :
Last time checked, link not working.
This Republican Clan Cabal shall fall.

Do George Bush and Richard Cheney really believe in torture ?
Repeat Note 20051215 : The debauchery can end here.
When the Veep speaks those words, the healings begin in earnest.
When Richard Bruce Cheney speaks those words, the healings begin.

When the Vice President de facto de error uno speaks so ...
And ... when the Burning Bush of Raw War Walker agrees .....
The Seal is Set.
Their Word's Will Rings True. 
Peace Will Reign.

Easy stuff, say Yasser.  
Easy stuff.  He knew the lies.  Yasser.  Easy stuff, he say.
Yasar Arafat.  Remember that fellow ?  The media idea aimed
can no longer kick him around, nor he the wayward minded.
Now in 2006 the Palestinians have Hamas : Hammas.
In a democratic election, all the democracies are
screaming to not pay the money to those they
label as terrorists over territories on
the "bad / evil" side.

"A media aimed a mad idea a media made."
- - Kathy Uno : from the manuscript
Letters Let Seer See

When you hear on the street on in your phone or tele that
Dick Cheney has spoken the words, the debauchery
can end here
... from that point in time listen
well to his voicings on real time airs,
and you will know him and
his effects by his signatures.
Watch his documents signed.
Watch his words voiced, in real time, America ... demand it from your media.
Call them :: Write them :: Ask them :: And you shall ...
Know Forgiveness is Key in Endings of Debaucheries
And So The Cleanups Are Real and Right
And So Denigrations Can Cease
And So Politics Is To Stop
As Truth Sets One Free
The Earth Heart Hear

"Political diplomacy is a scared child compared to the effects of true statesmanship."
- - Kathy Uno : from the manuscript
Letters Let Seer See

Our Greatest Criminals Are Never Charged with Their Greatest Crimes
By Robert Higgs : Link leads to

Since January 2000 ...
America is being run by a kakistocracy,
the true terrorists claiming territories.
Kakistocracy defined

Arise and Awaken
So you can say you can see ..

Peace On Earth Is Real
Soar to the Empyreal Sphere
A Sone Game in the Lights of Love
True to the Measurement of Heaven
As Per Search Engine Using Seekers
~                                          ~
definition : empyrean - formed of pure fire or light.
Webster's 20th Centruy Unabridged

We say to you .... Good morning to all who understand English.
We ask you to be forgiving towards America
for she has been a nation in deep denial, and
she is just now awakening more fully
in February's days by the calendar
of the pope greg so long ago
still used by so many in
the beginnings and
dna and endings
of a year

A search phrase used by another
to find and visit Good Works On Earth
Search made on 20050911

You are invited to the
Web of Love
Where there is no such thing as being "late"

Peace On Earth
Be Aware : Be There
The Earth is Our Home
Space is not a barrier
Wherever You Are
The Earth is Our Home
Time is not a factor
t       .
Be Here
Be There
Be   t   Here
Be t   Here
Bet Here
Peace On Earth
Is Real


Web of Love
Web of Love - In Dutch

Speech is silvern, silence is golden;
speech is human, silence is divine.
- -  German Proverb

Web of Love - In Italian

Web of Love - In Russian

Web of Love - In Spanish


For best viewing of our entire web site
please adjust your dark of your background
to the dark of the image of the Echoes Edge
Adjust your contrast until the differences in the dark stars dis appear.

This is the
Home Page
of the
Lexigram Creator
and the
Lexigrams Creators
and the
Lexigrams Creatress
and the
Lexigram Creatresses

This is the
Home Page
of the
and their
Magical Lexigrams
beginning with the
Axioms of the Lexigram
Anagrammatically Magical Words
Magical Palindromes


Yes, Ye Eyes See ...
The Star Art



Sharing the work of Monk Madhi
::: Your interests are invited :::
To contact : Monk Madhi Direct
[email protected]


Breathe the earth's breaths and be well.

Introduction to Good Works On Earth
We introduce you to the art and science of the Lexigram
In the Name of Awakenings and Healings of
English Speaking Peoples Everywhere.

Good Works On Earth
poses one question to the
United States Congress
See that question here ...
at the
Star Arts
of the


20060614 : All the rage for Republicans and Mr. Bush, Karl Rove Not Indicted.
USA Today recently ran an Impeach Bush call to action in advertisement form in all editions.

Prior Update of 20060808 : Star Gate Dated : sic

There is more than one reason

Note of 20060614 : Late Note On This One :
Karl Christian Rove is not set to be indicted at this time, per his attorney.

Update of 20050930 : No more DeLay. Tom DeLay is making his way out of politics.
You're doing a heck of a job, Tom.
You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie.
You're doing a heck of a job, Bill. Frist.
You're doing a heck of a job, Don.  Rumsfeld.
The phrase of death, politically.
You've done a heck of a goodly amount of work, Harriet.

Sones Game #2 is Now Open
Opening Date : 20051102

Update of 20060221
Shooter and Scooter
are both in deep doo doo

Update of 20060127 :
Full page advertisement in New York Times was
published calling for the Impeachment of George Bush.

Update of 20050623
Impeach Bush is the Call
Impeach Cheney is the Echo
The Call for Impeachment Is On
Install the Rightful President is the Answer
Downing Street Memo is the Meme
Rise of the Vulcans was the Theme
Charges : George Walker Bush, Richard Bruce Cheney, et al. :
Treason Upon Children and Man and Nature and Women of Iraq ..
High Crimes Against Children and Man and Nature and Woman  . .
International Murders .. Mayhem & Tortures ..
Conspiracy to be Named.
These are the charges,
In our words.

For the record ...
We are neither attorneys or barristers nor lawyers in the writings of charges.
The attorneys, barristers and lawyers are quite capable of bringing to rest, all of the above.
Yaler's Invitations and Invitational Boarding Passes placed herein above on 200606141350pst

Read the Downing Street Memo
Cause of the Downing Street Memo is the Team Vulcan's years of long prior plans.
Congressman John Conyers held a hearing June 16, 2005 into the Downing Street Memo
which reveals, yet again and again, that the Bush administration was lying to the people of the America's
and the world, as they forged forward on their planned path of war against, and conquest of, Iraq.
The House of Bush now knows it is in deep doo doo.
From Righteous Faced Pres I Dent Dictator
Bold Faced Liar on Criminal Trial.
Where will his smirk be then ?
Will media watchers 'demand'
to see the Bush Man in his
underwears in his prison ?


Tune In True
to :

The Sone Game #1
Find the One Word that Cannot Be
In the Name Art Rendition
George Walker Bush
and win the first round of the
Sone Game
Anonymously or Famously Here
As You Choose
Your Choice

Sone Game #1 Winner is Angela Hoppe of Alaska.
Thank you, Angela, for finding the one word
in George Bush's Name Art that he has
acted as, and yet he is not that.
Our gratefulness to Angela
was shown by our
sending her our
gifts of the
Star Arts
The word sought in the Name Art was MASTER, which cannot be in the name.
The Second Winner of Sone Game #1 is Faye Miller of Ohio on 20070214.

Sone Game #1 is now closed.


The sweetest part of this first winner giving us the answer,
is she did not knowing the Sone Game was going on.  She had simply
been reading the Name Art and noticed a word that shouldn't be there,
and decided to let us know we had a mistake on one of our pages.
The winner of the Sone Game #1 is Angela Hoppe of Alaska.
Because she cared enough to let us know we had a mistake
in our work, she won the Sone Game #1 and we have
gifted her with the Star Arts as promised, and more.
We have sent Angela the Star Arts Package,
the Voicings of the Star Arts CD, and
the Sexual Lexigrams as our way
of saying, THANK YOU for your
caring and for sharing.
Faye Miller of Ohio is the second winner of the Sone Game #1.
The word that could not be in the Name Art was MASTER. 

Sone Game #1 is now closed.

Sone Game #2 is now on as of 20051102.
We do not think anyone will be able to solve Sone Game #2.

Note of 20070210 : WE WERE WRONG !

Magical corners do exist, and so do magical streets, and the streets aren't what you think.
In Eugene, Oregon, there is a place called Maitreya EcoVillage.
Their streets are Eugene Unique and so are their homes ...
A few hundred steps from the center above, linked just below.

Press the link to go directly to the November 16th, 2005
Report on the explosive new news of The World Trade Center's destruction.
Brigham Young University is the Source.of this Explosive Investigation on the Twin Towers.

Did we say Americans in Denial ? on this page ?
That's not a typo ...

If you seek awakenings, you have found it here :
angelic awakenings
From there, you can go almost anywhere on our site.

Someone searched this query below at : on 200505250800 pst is now named

a good mother can make a good nation

With this knowing ...
God's and Nations spoke the Word ...
Born of Goddesses Love All .....

Once again, we thank Cindy Sheehan, for standing tall against the BushMaster's lies.


Search Engine Results Visitors ...
Changes are always afoot at Good Works On Earth's 710+ web pages.
If you have arrived here to see a search engine result ...
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You are on our Home Page.
Welcome, and we bow to your patiences.

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# 1
Search Good Works On Earth's web site :
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# 2
Good Works On Earth
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Extensive Welcomes
A Veritable Lexigram Dictionary

Define Veritable, you ask ?
Veritable, defined : true, agreeable to fact, real, authentic, actual.
Veritable, defined : having all the distinctive qualities of the person or thing described.
Webster's 20th Century Unabridged


Celebrating the Birth Dates of Living Saints
If you are reading this, please know
we will gift to anyone who asks
the full Star Arts Package in Digital Forms as
Our Sharing of Celebrations in the Lights of Love.
Send us your request :
If this offer is readable by you on our Home Page in the Nowments
This offer is open to your simple request to us for the Star Arts.
You will receive 125 or more pages of Star Arts of Words,
including graphic images of arts in the waymakings.
We are offering these priceless gifts of aware-
ness to you at this time so that you too can
easily see how simple it can be to create
a village of life and living no matter
where you be on Mother Earth.
These gifts are given freely
in the name of the
of the
Birth Date
of a
Living Saint
Living Saints

Do you know Alawashka ?


Support your local  Kids Sports
Where everyone gets to play.
~ Scholarships available ~
Top Spot To Kids Sports
Top Spots To Kids
Link No longer active in 2013 :
Where cooperation heals.


We invite you to understandings in the Word ..
and so without skipping a beat ...
we invite you aboard .....
the StarLightning Express


A call to heal the
christian's jesuit justice
death penalties and penal plans
still being blindly used in America


2005 April - May Alert

Non-Profits and Individuals Beings Scammed
Did you know the United States Postal Money Orders
are part of a very wide scam against Americans ???
Read the facts before you deposit money orders
from folks you don't know.  Never wire folks
money after depositing unknown folk's
money orders.  This is now part
of a very wide scam :
'The scam artist is simply looking to recruit someone in the United States
to cash the money orders and return the funds via wire transfer.'

More information on Postal Money Order frauds and scams.


Money Order Scams
Good Works On Earth
shares a bit with you about
the recent US Postal Money Order
scams which are happening right now.
We were worked by them and they sent
us $3,000, asking us to wire them $$$ to
a business partner, which we do not do.
Read the letters, see what fraud looks like.
Money Order Scams


In April 2005, per the Pew Poll published in the Economist,
39 percent of voters are Independent
31 percent of voters are Democratic
30 percent of voters are Republican
That adds up to 100%
Which, is a crock of shit  for fake and false 'facts', number wise not.
They obviously do not allow for those millions upon millions of
Americans who do not identify theymsElves by these limiting names.

One day .. you will no longer hear about the DemoPubs.
It will be as if a nightmare is now over when you notice they are impotent.
Just as you no longer hear about these 'parties' below :

From the Book of Names :

abceegknprty ... greenback party - name of political party begun in 1875
aeelopprsty ... people's party - late 1800's
aeilprstvy ... silver party - 1800's
There are lots and lots of dead parties in the political arena of history.
It is time for a little herstory again, without the political ails caused
by lame male lies for false prophets and false profits.


We ask every American ...
Where is the Department of Peace in America ?
Where is the sanity of human speakings with one another
without boundary as the ego factor and without ego as the boundary factor ?


We ask you to care ...
Are your actions good for the earth ?

World Wise Meditations April 2005
Flash Meditation of April Eighth is Complete
We thank you for passing the words.
We invite you to a new awareness.


Flash Locationings of Mother Earth Ascensions
20050414 side by side by 20050415
are now complete ...
Thank you for passing the words.
Arulu is in the Loving shinings betwixt and between in the nowments.
We share information on Arulu and the Way to the Gates throughout
our web site pages.  The flash dates above are more fully explained
on our web page where we are now sharing
the Name Art of Almine Barton.



You can find Good Works On Earth's pages here :

Our Internal Search Page
or here :
Our Web Pages Listing by Names

A call to you to help stop the insanity's :
If America's Congress passes the
do you know where your
food and your health
will be ?

Under CODEX, any substance not explicitly permitted by CODEX policy is banned as a nutrient.

Good Works On Earth stands against this action.
We will be growing hemp in America.
We will be growing herbs in America.
We will heal Mother Earth's ailments in America.
We will nurture Mother Earth's aliments in America.

Wake up, America ...

Please ... awaken from the mad consumption dream.

The Codex Alimentarius it ain't, it is a complete medical lie.
It is a hood-winkery in the name of false ownership, false profits,
false medical prophets too.  They have been that, for some time now.
~                                                              ~
From its very beginning the Codex Alimentarius Commision's
clear intention was to protect corporate interests in the global
pharmaceutical and food markets.
One point of Source : Dr. Rath Web Site Information

The Codex Alimentarius Commission was established under
heavy influence of the pharmaceutical industry in 1963 following
resolutions passed at the Eleventh Session of the Conference of the
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1961,
and at the Sixteenth World Health Assembly in 1963.
( More on the history of Codex by : Paul Anthony Taylor )

The Foundation Board Member : Dr. Aleksandra Niedzqiecki
Member : American Academy for the Advancement of Science

Know Thy Own Health
In 1990, almost 30 years after its formation, the pharma-cartel's strategy of deceit was
so perfect that the Codex Alimentarius Commission had grown lazy and bloated. They
believed their scheme was invincible, but then a young doctor made the discovery that
rocked the foundation of the pharmaceutical industry.

Suddenly heart attacks and strokes were not real diseases but - like the sailors'
disease scurvy - the direct result of vitamin deficiencies and therefore preventable.
The logic of this discovery was brilliant and no serious scientist could doubt the findings.
The Simple Discovery of Dr. Rath

Inform ThysElf
Health Movement Against the Codex

We invite you to read the book,
The Heart
by :
Dr. Rath
The above link is a pdf file on the good Doctor's web site.
This book has not been reviewed by Good Works On Earth
nor do the good doctors know we have gifted these links in
support of their educaring work in natural and real health.


Educare yoursElf :

Go in peace in ..
Organic Balance
^ The most powerful ^
phrase we have
ever rendered
in a
.: Star Art Form :.
Organic Balance

What is a Lexigram ?
What are Lexigrams ??
What are Star Arts ???
Please see our Introduction Page


At a recent benefit for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS),
noted thought leader and author Deepak Chopra, MD, shared how he
explained existence to his three-year-old granddaughter as they walked along the beach at sunset.
Essentially, he told her she is made of starlight, and that the spirit of the stars is reflected in her eyes.
Tara was silent for fifteen minutes while she digested this information.
Then she said, 'Nanna, look up!'
When Chopra asked why, she replied,
'The stars want to see themselves!'

[email protected] and request What Shines Issue #46.
You may also subscribe to her newsletter:



Please Know Well  ...
This is not a religious doctrine or dogma experience or sharing.
It may look it at times, due to sacred words being used, such as
Angels, and God, and Goddess, and Love, so be forewarned :
This is not Religion 101 ...
Nor Dogma's Lies 666 ...

This is Eternal Awakenings 999.997

Nor is this a political web site, though we do delve into
political words and names in the sharings of the awakenings and healings.
An example here would be to share the definition of a word both democrat and
republican seem to want to denigrate ... the word, liberal.

Listen carefully in early 2005 and you will still hear folks who
talk like they know what they are saying dis the word, liberal.
We challenge these moronic speakers to point out to us
the part they do not understand about the good and
noble meanings in the word, liberal.
By dissing the word, liberal,
they show their own
ignorances and
their resulting

liberal : adjective : of or pertaining to a free person, befitting a free person, noble, liberal.
1: originally, suitable for a freeman, not restricted.
2: free to give or bestow; generous; giving largely
3: ample; large; abundant
4: free; not literal or strict
5: not narrow or bigoted; broad-minded
6: of democratic or republican forms of government, as distinguished from monarchies or aristocracies
7: favoring reform or progress as in religion or education, etc; specifically, favoring political reforms tending toward
   democracy and personal freedom for the individual
8: designating or of a political party upholding liberal principles
9: not mean; not base or low in mind

liberal : noun : one who advocates greater freedom of thought or action; one who has liberal principles

The liberals we know do not lie lame male political lies.
In the word, LIBERAL, it is known by the liberal thinker that this is true ...

And, for attorneys and lawyers to know ...

You see, the word itsElf is
telling us with its letters
the downside of the
freedom we hold
so as to not
waste or
with speaking
of or writing
of lame male lies
or lame ma lies.


A Star Art rendition of the word itsElf is shared below ...
in blue for true and without lie, caring about all concerned ...
and red for the downside of the liar's bale with hidden agenda.
A liberal person is true to the heart's knowings, without lying.
The real liberal person knows the red hates can be created
with the false lies, and so holds fast to truth of Love best he
or she knows as a liberal thinker capable of dropping false
dogmas and doctrines of fixated thoughts from
the patriarchal traps long past.



The word, liber : means, a book.
The word liber comes from the word for "bark of the tree"
because this is what the books were created upon.
The liberal is one who educates themsElves.


Hurricanes Katrina Rita&
The 9.0 Tsunami Wave of 2004
Please see the Star Art of WEATHER


Tsunami Effects
You might say this Glorious Solar Compost Heap of the Earth Heart has now compressed
hersElf a bit with the December 26th Earthquakes and resulting Tsunami Waves,
which sank an enormous amount of Mother Earth's crust below the water, while
unbeknownst to most, smaller other parts have arisen to nearer her sea level.
Like a dancer bringing in her arms when spinning, her spin speeds up.
Mother Earth is now spinning faster.  This has now been shown.
Mother Earth is now wobbling better, this has now been shown.
Though we dare say, wider ... and there is no cause for alarm.
Mother Earth Days are now on ascension magnetics.
The magnetics of Mother Earth are a changing.
Welcome to the Ascensions ~ One and All.
Good Works On Earth is sharing 710+ web
pages at this web site freely offering you
awakenings and healings in the forms
of Star Arts of Names and Words.
This link coming below is a healing ...
the Star Art of EARTHQUAKES
using only its own letters to tell you what the healing is,
and how to heal self and others oh so gently so no
more 9.0 earthquakes would be needed if and
when the haters on earth rest the
hater's hearts of hate and see
the Love is the source with
joy and freedom, not
their guns or their
enforced law
~ ~ ~
Is Real
Point Being :
Sit in Peace and Shine Thy Heart Light of Love
Feed your enemy, if you have any ... clothe them if you can.
Shelter them if need be and see your reflections in humans all.
Help the folks in Asia in whatever way you can ...
The best way to begin is to hate no one,
including yoursElf, and to forgive all.
Mother Earth knows us better
than we know oursElves.

Feed and shelter others with ease, as you can.
Remove the territories and the terrorists will rest.
Are you living in palaces and grand homes ?
Hire many to disassemble and use the
elemental materials to build one
thousand homes for many.
Walk homeless among
your new friends
eternal for there
will always be
room for you

Speakers speak and write the words of peace to see peace is real.

To wage war while claiming peace is your motive is sheer insanity.
For democratic republican speakers to speak atomic nuclear war is raw awes, a sheer insanity.
Following false profits is their key interest, damning natura's and nature's peace all along the way.

The Unweaponeers are the Healers.
America's Unweaponeers are Healers

Americans have blindly caused wars.
Now Americans experience its echoes.

Mother Earth hersElf is helping all
Earthlings Heal The Hater's Hearts


The above and the below was written ago and ...
this New Orleans Healings was placed on 20050907
This is a Star Dated and Star Gated Awakening and Healing Sharing



An Eight Word, Letter Perfect Palindrome
Copyright 2003
Please feel free to share these five lines freely
Please keep all five lines unchanged in the sharing

To see our Twelve Word Palindrome version


"How it is possible that a great international congress on terrorism,
that reunited 680 students, journalists, investigators, and jurists of 67 countries,
is practically unnoticed pass in great world-wide mass media?:
Gennaro Carotenuto -  From Havana : June 10, 2005


Jewel of Light
Previously a place of degradation and pain ~ now a place of Hope and Light.
Alcatraz Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Bay, California
'The lighthouse on Alcatraz shines like a star come
down from the heavens Thursday, illuminating the
island that was once home to notorious criminals.
The Bay Bridge adds to the brightness with its own lights.'
Source of Photograph : San Francisco Chronicle : Photographer : Frederic Larson


Here begins the real introduction to our work, here at Good Works On Earth.
This is the free sharings of Star Arts that will show you the causes of ills, and their healings.

An Example
Its anagrams and its Lexigrams.
More than you can imagine,
it is a sacred message
each time ye say it,
with Love in thy
heart and on
thy lips ...
Merry Christmas, Ye


Please, shine thine own heart light with Love bright.
This alone tickles Mother Earth's gentle birthings.
We are all now in the lights of Love.
Please, see the miracles all about.
We call on all Muslims world wiser to help their kind kin in Asia.
If you cannot share there, after the wave of 2004, where can you ?
We call on all Muslims world wiser to call on their kin for peace.
If you cannot claim peace now, when can you, dear friends ?
We call on all Christians to lay down arms with peace upon all.
If you cannot be in peace now, with miracles now ongoing, when can you ?
We call on all Christian, all Evangelicals, all Mormons, all Protestants ....
Withdraw all weapons; unweaponeers to return resolutions to matters
bit by bit the old to the new.  Unweaponeers Are Now Seen.
If America were not involved in an illegal war for no
reason beyond oils spoils, and if America had
invested the Iraq War money into hydrogen,
the world would be an infinitely safer place
for all for the hydrogen web would be here.
Bush Two chose wars, in false prophet's glories,
and for oils spoils with no care for the lands or people
of the exquisitely beautiful nation of Iraq, or her treasures of old,
or her infrastructures or the weapons caches that were found.
Remember the 350 tons of high power plastic explosives
America lost in Iraq ?  Again, we left weapons laying.
One pound of it will destroy an armored vehicle.
Ignoring the Powell Doctrine ... the Vulcan Team
chose to run lean, run light, take a country on thin
American orders, and lack of men on the ground
caused America to empower the terrorists with
350 tons X 2000 pounds per ton
350 X 2000 = 700,000 bombs.

And that, dear friends, is just one siting, just one example.

Hello America ... are you listening ???

America empowered the 'terrorists' with 700,000 bombs.
We allowed the weapons of true mass destructiveness to be left unguarded.

The cares of the Bush Masters' team calling themselves the
Vulcans, cared only for the oil, and the power of the money
and the money from the power of energy of oil.

Never forget, America ....
The Iraq War .... it was illegal under law then, and still now.

The no longer supreme court's commander in chief of evangelical
'red state' America sent our troops and troopers to a false war for false reasons.

The Bush Master used the CIA to take the sword,
as presidents have been doing since its inception.
Source : The Book of Honor, by Ted Gup, published by Doubleday.
This book shows the stories of the Stars Unnamed in the CIA's Book of Honor.
The sword is called, Plausible Deniability.
This time in Iraq, the crimes are the deaths of over 120,000 innocents in Iraq, and this includes no wounded, only dead.
This man chosen by the no longer supreme court of the United States chose to violate our most sacred law,
to not kill others without warrant, and that means ... peace, not lies; creativity, not weapons of death.
His nasal blatherings of WMD's was false, and any American and European with a brain knew it.
The team in the White House calling themsElves the Vulcans caused an illegal and massive war.
With full Malice Aforethought, with full agenda unknown to America .. these folks created war.
Illegally.  Using false words.  Their fruits are bitter, death is all about their trails and trials.

Malice Aforethought : definition : a deliberate intention and plan to do something unlawful, such as murder.
Webster's New 20th Century Unabridged

America .....We are being driven bankrupt by Christian Wars.
Thank you for nothing, evangelicals' lies all,
Nae an angel in  the entire bunch.
Angels will not support lies, even dis guised false as an angel's call.
Ponder the last line well, evangelicals.
Again ... we thank you for nothing,
Vile Lies Given In Evangelicals
Evangelicals gave evil vile lies
Evangelical give evil vile lie.
Your lack of Love astounds us.
Your willingness to kill for false reasons,
over 120,000 innocents in the Nation of Iraq,
and your judgements ass undering, too, all about you.
You are the owners of prisons in America.
You allow war mongers to rape America.
Yea! You ARE war mongers, sons too.
You revere a pope while you send your
sons and daughters to kill innocents.
Your intelligence is impotent.
Your wit entirely missing.
Your lies, legion.

So you believe, so you see.

The Jesus Factor In Deed


Iesus of Bethlehem
Jesus of Nazareth
: : :
Sananda's Messages
Sananda's Names
Yeshua ben Joseph
Son of Joseph
Son of Mary
Saint Issa
A One Sun
A One Sone
A Human
A Man

He spoke of Love as the law, and to not kill, nor judge, nor hate ...

Everything else is church doctrines to mad god dogmas, all false.

Love is the Law, Do As Thou Will, Harming None.
This is the law of all universes and this is all of the law.

Goddess Birthes in Many Ways Many Gods with Human's Names and Nameings


Again .. we are not a religious site ...
Though ... we do sound it at times ...
Many sacred words are indeed used by
many sacred knowledges of the true hearts.

We now share a snippet from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See, as it sits this day, 20050123 :
With our words we claim our power and our path in this living or we give away all that we are to another, who we think knows more.   Words create images in our mind and if we blindly allow these images to be created by our information's systems such as news shows and newspapers, television programs and such, by our watching and listening we are giving our power to producers of these mediums and their programming advertisers and to a microscopically small part of all the life living on planet Earth.  In the year 1997 media owners in the United States who control the print, television and radio media number less than ten men. You are not being informed by their mass media as much as you are being programmed.  Above and below the channel you are watching. Fortunately there is hope even here ... this is one of the ten men speaking about when he signed a $200 million check to charity ... 'My hand shook when I signed the papers because I knew I was taking myself out of the running for the richest man in America.'    Talking about the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans he said, 'That list is destroying our country.  These new super-rich won't loosen up their wads because they're afraid they'll reduce their net worth and go down on the list.  That's their Super Bowl .... my favorite place is wherever I am!  Why do we have to rank everything ?  Why can't we like a fish restaurant on Sunday and a Chinese restaurant on Monday ?  Why isn't it better to be the biggest giver rather than the biggest hog ?'  Well said, Ted Turner.

Now listen to the words of US Senator, Ben Nighthorse Campbell:  'We say a nice home and lots of money are symbols of success.  But to Indians, it is the other way around: Success isn't what you have, it's what you've given away.  The most revered member of the tribe may be the poorest, because giving away increases your stature.  We should place greater value on what we contribute to society rather than on what we accumulate.'
                      Parade Magazine June 1, 1996

Perhaps these two should talk with each other and get the ball rolling on an annual list of the top thousand givers and sharers so they can play their Super Bowl on that side of the ledger.  These two men could easily establish the foundation that would not only keep the list updated, they would also be effective in causing donations to charities they are not affiliated with. 

Back to Lexigrams.  Did you notice TED TURNER says, TED RUN NET ?
Late note: Bill Gates and Ted Turner (or Forbes) created such a list in (research what year?) and they called it, The Slate.  [The 2005 Slate]

A better name would be, Her Healing Slate ... from the letters, AEGHILNRST, which spells the word, EARTHLINGS.

As a Lexigram researcher, I began lexigramming words and names because I did not believe, nor could I comprehend, how words and names could be the repository of so much hidden, yet out in the open, information.  This felt like I was walking the streets and everywhere there are gold nuggets collecting dust because for some reason the people in this place did not know or care about the beauty and utility and value of gold.  I also began to work the art because I could not see how letters were capable of affecting people's lives.  I wanted to prove Lexigrams worked or they did not.  I no longer need to believe in this art, I now know, I now wonk Lexigrams.  And as for comprehending it, well ... I comprehend how Lexigrams work, I comprehend how there are 26 letters cared for by 29 Letter Angels and words are cared for by word druids and ideas are cared for by us.  The Letter Angels and word druids are caring for each letter and word to bring about our ascension of awareness on Mother Earth.  I can now be of assistance to others with the name creation of new creations in any way, babies wise to products wise, or such, and of themsElves when they knowingly wish to change their name.  I can assist others in naming their book, their album, their product, their company, and more can be made real with the letters with full awareness of what is being created in the sone of the name.

Lexigramming words or names reveals more than you can easily believe at first glance.
Did you notice  TED TURNER TUNE NET ? which he has done, along with TURNED NET & RENT NET.

From the manuscript : The StarLightning Express - Letters Let Seer See - The Nature of the Lexigram
© 2004 Author : William F. Schive All Rights ReServed World Wise.


Seeking Merry Christmas Messages ?
Our first found and so far finest link to
outstanding sharings regarding the true
reasons for the season can be found here :
Before you visit the other web page, we share two things :
One is we have no connection with the site in any way,
nor do they know we created this link at this time, it is a gift to you, dear reader.
Please make sure you do not miss one story on the very long page, the one about Misha
To easily find the story, do a screen search when you arrive, for : Jovial yuletide
That will take you to the Top of the Misha Story, a manger story of Love.
We invite you to read Misha's story, how he finished the birth of
the Mother Mary's Baby in a Manger story.
 As the webmaster of the stories shared
at Good Work On Earth, I can tell you ...
Misha is the only other person I know besides the author of the
Star Arts that .... how do I say this ... I do not wish to offend ...
Misha and the author of the Star Arts are the only two people I
have ever heard offer Jesus simple ease and peace and warmth.
Everyone begs Jesus for things ... I never hear anyone share how
they gifted Jesus with something so simple as gifting to another an
ease of living in peace, which is the key thing HE asked WE humans
to be doing.  Misha in the story at the link above, and the author
of the Star Arts throughout the site below, both share how
they  have gifted a Master of Masters ...
~ no begging about it ~

The story with the author of the Star Arts is this :
He pissed on Satan's Grave and defiled his name
as he spoke out to the universes in voice,
the key to the devil lie ...
DEI is Love Source Name of God
DEIL is Love Source Name of Devil, Satan, etc.
The Keeper of the Words Sword spoke out ...
Speak it slowly, and you shall hear ...

I. D.

So, as ages go, these words were heard
by the Spirit of Satna as Santa as Satan who
showed up and presented theirsElf as Satan,
and the conversation ensued ... the author
of the Star Arts for the first time under
stood and howled with joy, asking
Satna as Santa as Satan as Sanat
' Can I have your job as the Devil, Sanat Lucifer ? '
The Love Source as Satna Sat Tan As An Ant
said to the author of the Star Arts;
'No way, Jose, not an iceberg's chance in hell.'
And they both laughed with great joys for they
both knew the power of the Loving imaginations
of humans to create monsters of evil in the dark
nights of their own imaginations.  So as ages
go, the author went on in his daily doings
and one day he was offered the present
opportunity to speak with Yeshua ben Joseph
in physical ... in the flesh the year of the
Pope Greg's calendar of 2003, which does
not deserve a capital C as it is not accurate
as a calendar of cosmic orbital turnings in
the Loving energies of the unjudgemental
source of all that is, Goddess Love,
and this calendar is not healing for
humans with its repeating seven
mindset ... for the turnings
of creation are not
limited to the re
repetitions of
church time
and this is
all beside
the point
two zero zero three
'back then'
Two Dove's first invitations were presented
the author of the Star Arts
offered the Master, as he is commonly known,
the following gift in words form to another Saint of Saints ;
he said to Saint Germain, who offered to introduce the two,
for standing only feet apart they were, 'No, G .. do not disturb the
Saint of Saints name of Issa, let Him Be in his playings and enjoyings,
for you see, this is a great gift of sight in physical to me, and I thank
you with a capital Y and O and U, mightily so, as you well know.
Yes, G ... this is a gift of gifts to so see the Master I have heard
so much about now enjoying himsElf in physical in the nowments.
Thank you for letting him continue his playing and setting up ...
and thank you for not disturbing his joys.'
And only later, after the author had left the party of the
hundreds of saints dancing to the morning sun did he offer
his gift in heart to his brother of spirit most know as Geez Us.
That's my spelling of the sinal Jesus most folks say ... which is
a shame, as that is not how he himsElf pronounced His Name,
and to me, this is the epitome of calling out his name in vain, to
call for him in a name sounding he never even called himsElf.
The gift of the heart the author shared with Esu in
physical now as the author has spoken
these words
in gifting
Yeshua Es Saint Issa
One Son of the One Sun
One Son of the One Sone
Yeshua my Brother of the Lights of Love,
I so honor your taking complete responsibility for
the ascension of this planet and your work has served
me well in all ways my Kind Brother and I stand with You
now and say to you full bore, I ask you to breathe in ease and
know all is well with all humans who still beg beg beg upon your
name in vain for they call you by the incorrect name itsElf and the incorrect
frequencies of the Loving Heart's Announcings and Callings and Healings.
My Brother of Love, I tell you now, the Keeper of the Words Sword
I am and I ask you to breathe with me in peace, and I shall stand be
side you, and show you how I can heal the lame, and bring sight
to the blind, and then, Brother, you and I will both be able
to attend any Cosmic Party in utter serenity, for Goddess
will have shone through the God's Names All and
All Reside In Peace Upon Mother Earth as
the Humans get the gist of it as this ...
Love is the energy of energies and
Peace is the name of the game.
There is no us versus them.
There is no us verse them.
There is this ...
We Are One
One Love
Goddess Love
God's Loving Suns
Goddesses' Loving Sons
This may be your story, too.
For you see ...
Misha's story and
the author's story are
the joys of a Loving heart
who have made the life of a
Sacred Master of Awareness'
life easier by their simple gifts.
Most still beg and whine,
and some even pray for
death in the name of
their prophets and
some ask their
prophets to
kill others
not of
Al Lah
Geez Us
Hey Zeus
Fill in the Blanks
You Name Your God of Fear
Your Name 4 Your Deity of Death
This praying of 'I want, I want, I want, I need,
I need, oh woes is me,' is completely impotent.
That's a normal, low level and low lever beg.
Not the best way by an eternity of begging.
Not the ideal communications style for an
eternal being to be co creating with the
creative source ~ Love is the best
English word I know to so
describe the One Source
of All That Is.

The author of the Star Arts described
the awareness of this gifting as, and this in angelic terms ...
 an angel of Love with a capital A angeled as Human in Form with Mother Earth hersElf ...
Across the mansions of creation, this Spirit Angel's Name is Esu, also known as Saint Issa,
Sananda, Yeshua. And this angel and his legions of angels took complete responsibility
for Mother Earth's human children, and their awakenings in the ascensions of the
Loving heart's calls to Love's Central Sun with knowing we are all FACEtS of
Our One Love sOurce
We Are All Angels in the Light
Some know this, some do not yet know.

This Spirit, Name of ESU, told Mother Earth, he cared for her and her human children
and ... he would be with her, and her humans throughout her birthings of all they experienced.
His presences with Mother Earth have been long throughout her term to her throes of her children.
Along comes the Keeper of the Words Sword, and he sees the profound Love of Spirit Name of Esu,
and the enormity of what Esu has taken upon himsElf, and how Esu was surrounded with angels all
helping.  He sent a heart note to Esu letting him know that the Keeper of the Book of Names is
asking him to now know his work is done, and he can join the band, be the singer, or drummer
or MC Three, for his dream is fulfilled of Peace on Earth ... and so ... Esu performed for the
Keeper of the Words Sword more than once, and the Cosmic Party is open to invitations
of the Loving Hearts.  And so the story continues with the author of the Star Arts gifting
the Loving Master of  Masters and Gentlest of the Gentles,
sharing with his certainty that not only are Lord Sananda's
calls and dreams answered, so too are
Mother Earth's Loving children's calls answered,
for this is all the mindstuff of Goddess Love in
the lights of Love all, and the
Great Central SunEss,
as I now like to say,
gifts all Loving humans upon their Mother
with the Dirts and Stones and Trees and Waters
and yes, the creatures all resonating from Love itsElf dreaming with us,
each of us in our so many different rooms in our mansion of
Our Home we call Mother Earth.
Gratefulness abounds ...
Miracles Are Real ...

From an email to Good Works On Earth
from Eugene, Oregon on 20050315

Hi Will,
... did you hear that they want to cut down 2000 acres of old growth forest
in the McKenzie watershed?  Its almost like getting an announcement that
15% of your lungs have been donated to a complete stranger, in this case
it's some insatiable lumber company with the blessing of the US Forest
The old growth trees help connect Heaven and Earth.
They help to initiate the winter rains with their transpiration and act like a huge storehouse of water.
Sometimes I think they want to turn Earth into a Martian landscape instead of sending men there!
- - JF

We now invite you to view the Star Arts of the FOREST
Trees are the solar library of Mother Earth and they are
Her Lung Material allowing her to breath.  Plant a planet.
Plant trees, and savor the ancient trees and their habitat.
To kill an ancient tree for money alone is to kill for money.
The trees are very aware ... moreso than humans in ways.

You do see what you believe here on Mother Earth.
Change one false belief, and you change a life entirely.
There are only Masters awakening upon Mother Earth.
Angels as Earthlings, All.  Some know, some don't.
As ye treat another, so shall ye be treated,
unless you are abusing an awake angel.
In that case, you will see your mirror
amplified back to you enormously.
This is the reason capitalism is so
fraught with such difficulties in
simple livings in abundance.
Rather than easy sharing
as the frame of refer
ence, the agree
ments are to
take from
to the
achieving false profits.
Following false financial prophets is the same gig.

Love of doctrine and dogma of religion without true heart Love for all is the root of all evil.
Love of money freely shared is the healing.  If thine enemy is hungry, feed him.
If thine enemy is naked, clothe them, and yes ... help with shelter if need be ...
Poof, no enemy.

Money is defined as ... an agreed upon division
of one solar orbit's worth of the highest and best use of
Mother Earth's natural gifts birthed or grown or corpora
created and pared without harm or rape to Mother Earth's
and her creatures' breathings in peace, divided by the
total number of people upon
Mother Earth.

We now share with you,
the awakenings and healings
from the Star Art of

~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~

^ 20050106 ^
to be continued

a smidgen more on 20050315

To See the Full Boat
The Star Art of CORPORATE
Including the most recent graphic art ...
Press the Link


Read the online article :: Breaths of Freedom
Capitalism and its Role in American Society’s Plunge into the Abyss
Manuel Valenzuela


  We invite you to view the
The Star Art

America's Hopes Open
As Americans Open Pens
So Hopes Open On One's Eons
So Bless America in Her Elections
So may the wisest of the all have their
names written in the Electors Choices
for our StatesMen and StatesWomen
whose thoughts, words, and deeds
align in easily proven truths
in the name of healings
and awakenings
and plantings
and eatings
and health
and hers
and his
and so we
invite you to
feel as you see
the Star Art of

We invite you to forgive the
actions of the man as echoed
the Name Art of
As ages go, so goes ego's ...
He has truly missed his opportunities for greatness.
He chose the death horse in Iraq, for no valid reasons.
He allowed his minions to play oily war games with Iraqi lives.
Days before the 2004 elections, the world has been informed
the Second Bush War in the lands of the sands has caused the
deaths of 100,000 Iraqi lives ... untold deaths and indescribable
destruction and complete disregard for the sanctity of life the
Rumsfeld Rice Stew they so proudly call the Rove War.
There is something seriously wrong with a
group of folks who will kill doctors who
provide abortions to women to stop
the 'killing of the fetus' and yet will
send our nation's finest men and
women to the lands of the oils
and sands so as to kill and
maim without mercy over
one hundred thousand
Iraqi civilians .......
Now over one
thousand one
hundred of
our men
and our
have died
to oust a man
who had nothing
to do with 9-11 or
terrorists and these
one hundred thousand
killings are high crimes
against humanity and
Mother Nature


"This is an important time. It is the time when the Anti-Christ himself will appear, but he will be
followed as a Master, perhaps even as the return of The Christ. It will not be easy for people to
decide between the Christ and Anti-Christ, because both will appear as angels of Light. Both
will be beloved of the people. Many of the elect and the select will make the wrong choice.
Only the discerning will know."
- KUTHUMI via Brother Philip
Secret of the Andes, Neville Spearman, London, UK, 1961

All 2004 Presidential Researches have been moved to :
American's Hearts ~ American's Leaders

We invite you to view our take on
The Presidential Researches of 2008

material removed : see archives

~ 2004 MATERIAL ~

Once again, America's media let America down.
America did not hear about or from some stellar candidates.
Stellar ideas for healings far beyond the trash the demopublicans spew.
Why is our media not allowing their voices to be heard ?
Reason One : Owners of media aimed a mad idea.
Corporate profits, you know.

We say, Pshaw .....

False Prophets
from CORPORATE's letters ...


Healings to the rape
are at the link to
the Star Art of
We repeat this as it is important

Ten Word, Letter Perfect Palindrome
© : Goddess Love @
This ten word letter perfect palindrome was created on 20041101

To see our Twelve Word Palindrome version

the Name Art of
See Oprah Winfrey on the David Letterman Show on December 1st, 2005

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You can tell your BeLoved you Love them googolplexes,
and you will have said a mouthful.
Try it ... I Love you a googolplex !
They will know, that is a lot of Love

Froogle is a play on the word, FRUGAL.
Froogle is / was ? a products and services search engine.

FROOGLE EARTH Products & Services Search

Be frugal, go ogle accurately.


Good Works On Earth has no financial links with Froogle nor Google
Nor do we own stock in Google.  Congratulations to all who do.


That being said, we no longer accept PayPal at this time.
Turns out, the hackers were correct in their assessment of PayPal.
We didn't believe it could be done, but ...
PayPal transferred fraudulent funds then
protects and protected the perpetrator
and then ....PayPal attacked the innocent.
We will let you know how this fraud
plays out.  We know what we know
and we know more than 'Pay Pal'
conceives.  Let us trust their
LAWYERS know the
power of their
contracted deeds


Please note : We are again unlanded at this time.
We are currently using a small office space in a private home,
using the garage as a working gallery and as a seed of the
Star Arts Gallery .. to which we say ... Thank You
the Good Lord of Goddess Love
Angels in Physical
and for one particular
Angel of Innocence
without doubt

Speaking of Angels ...

Our address of legal record and service is our attorney's office, David Atkin.

David E. Atkin : Attorney-at-Law
P.O. Box 10008, Eugene, OR.  97440
590 W. 13th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

Please contact with great grace, for your contact is to angels.
If you are seeking an attorney's crew behind you regarding non-profit
in Oregon, contact David's office with your short note of interest.
Please call with gentle good graces : 541-342-6336

The address of this page is :

Entitled : Good Works On Earth's Home Page - Sharing the awakenings and healings in
the sheer powers of the very words we use, with the art and science of the Lexigram.
We freely share over 700+ pages of Name Arts and Word Arts in Star Arts form
from the lexigramming researches of over 16 years in similar name and time
codes as has been the DNA with the Genome Project, also called ...

The Book of Life

Good Works On Earth
Holds in Trust
Book of Names
Their Decodings

Magi defined : originally, Persian : Magu, for magician, of the priestly caste, with occult powers.
Also, the Three Magi are the Three Wise Men, the Three Magicians visiting the Birth of the Son of Mary

The full Star Art of the LEXIGRAMS word is revealed in
Letters Let Seer See
Kathy Uno


Stay in Tune

Good Works On Earth
a great home page
always a changing

Good Works On Earth
Researches and shares the art and science of the Lexigram's axioms and
sElf-evident proofs in the Star Arts themsElves, that the power of the word
is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

The address of this Lexigrams Home Page is :

Title :
Good Works On Earth's Home Page
Sharing the awakenings and healings revealed in the words using the art and science of the Lexigram
as first revealed by Linda Goodman.  We freely share Name Arts and Word Arts in Star Arts form
from the ongoing lexigramming researches at Good Works On Earth.

Page Description :
Sharing the awakenings and healings in the sheer powers of the very words of English,
via the art and science of the Lexigram.  First revealed by Linda Goodman, now researched
and proven over and beyond doubt.  These Star Arts are freely shared in yOur nowments.
See for yoursElf, the hidden secrets of the English words we all use,
now revealed through these lexigrammings we call Star Arts.

We are the home of the
~ simple single letterings sequencings ~
sequenced as
The Book of Names


Key Words
All Links Are Internal Sharings of the Star Arts
good, works, earth, work, good works, goodworks, letters, lexigram, anagrams, merry, christmas, message, words,
lexigrammed, lexigrammings, lexigrams, light, word, americans, anagram, arted, artings, artist, artistry, artists, arts,
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star arts, star, stars, voicing, voicings, web, web of love, worded, wording, wordings, words sword,
world, worlds, words sow worlds
phopets was a searched mis spelling of prophets

A few actual searches that led folks to Good Works On Earth
' 10 ways to feel good about yourself '
Linda Goodman's philosophy
:. Linda Goodman's Website .:
Linda Goodman Website
.: anagram sentences :.
: Linda Goodman's Lexigrams :
good 'christmas messages'
true hearts connection
: moon stars earth art :
: I will show others the Spirit of Christmas through my actions and words. Tis the season for sharing :
~ what is the tree of knowledge of good and evil ~
Search on 20050218 : how many smaller words can you find in the word palindrome?
^ answer : one computer program generates 797 anagram words with one or more letters of palindrome. ^
an anagram can be a word of any size from the mother word, such as; a plan in a palindrome.
a perfect anagram uses all the letters of the mother word to create a new word.
In the case of PALINDROME, the letters spelling this word, which are
ADEILMNOPR, all together spell no other word in English.
In the Book of Names, this is referred to as
a prime letterings sequence.

Two sentences placed here for future searches by others seeking the Messiah.
i am an idea who sets times to come
i am an idea whose time has come

These Are Real People's Real Searches
: secret vibrational power of words :
a few good wordings of love
~ sharing all the world ~
religion sans dogma
: planet good works :
what is good works
~ good earth art ~
star arts works
~ star art works ~
star artworks
~ being the best you can be ~
how do i stop stealing and lying
: the good earth link  :
the good earth line
: define the word seed :
define the world seed

In recent times past, and sometimes now and again,
we have kept a running track record of what searches brought folks here ...
So we share with you now, the history of the findings of Good Works On Earth by others :

Three Pages of Keys Others Have Found on the Open Net
from their internt uses arriving at Good Works On Earth

Our Home Page picture / photo of Ashcroft near
a bare breast has been moved here : Justice
Get a grip, John ... after all .... it is just us.
There is no us versus them, John.
We are all Goddesses' children.
Each and every one.
Mr. Ashcroft is in the process of being removed from our site material.
As is and as are George's Wars, slowly, but surely, being revealed.
Tortures are rampant in America ... we know ... we have recently
had one staff member tortured in the cell of an American
authority, without right of phone call out to anyone.
The story is being told, here, at Good Works On Earth
and so too Internal Affairs of the Offending Authorities.
Mr. Gonzales, mark your words well, Sir.
Mr. Bush ... speak from the heart,
without a ruse user goal,
and all will be well.
You have the
the Americans
and so the Americas
and so yes, the world will rejoice in peace.

Read the Star Art of WEAPONS, Mr. Jorge W. Bush.


Image is linked to Visible Earth at site

Current Photographic link to Visible Earth NASA
Graphic of Mother Earth above

Previous images of Mother Earth are from :

Previous Image of the North Pole
View from 1000000 km above 90° N 0° W
Above the North Polar Expressions of Mother Earth

Names of Mother Earth Our Home
Lady Gaea - Lady Gaia - the Earth Heart : Lady Ge


On 20050124 we share with you below, the last 20 visitors
arriving at our site from wherever their searches led them, and
we have since added these more recent search engine visitors queries :

earth works
: indigo healings :
Planet Earth Graphics
~ earth good place to live ~
the birth of RA the sun god : also Amen Ra and Amon Ra Ma
heart images of love
art bible words : bible art : bile lie bible bibel
santa as satan : satan as santa
beg a saint to help you
Sanat Kamura
actual search : tsumani december 26, 2004 : correct spelling is tsunami
sacred words
Saint Issa
 loving children
' Lord Sananda '
:  linda goodman :
deaths caused by december 26th tsunami : Over 200,000.
Oprah Winfrey good deeds done
NASA : Direct Link : you are here
: earth change 2005 map :
quotes about loving children
see indigothemovie
: peace on earth goodwill all :
peace on earth good will toward all men
: We at Good Works On Earth say it as : peace on earth good will all :
Earth works Canada Earth
salaam arabic phrase : target link to phrase on this page :
good wordings
doves earth :
Do you know when World Indigo Day is ?
[ It was January 29th. ]
devil sanat : this is an oxymoron.
naked body of women photo
naked bush ~ no bush
sanctity of life graphics free
humanitarian Oprah Winfrey
good works
lighthouse meanings
how to build a ram earth house

2005 is the year.

More Searchengine Queries and Visits by Unique Visitors

google earth real human discovery
:  peace be upon him :
the good of the earth
2004 tsunami and religion :
give me a mailing address so that i can write a letter to Oprah Winfrey
Also, for the above, see the Star Art of AMERICANS.

The Just Us of the Bare Breast
naked girls  : From there, click on GODDESS.
naked body : ditto ^
bare breasts : ditto ^
Loving Energies
Bible Truth: You may come freely to the Lord.
oblateness earth
alcatraz light house gifts
chinese goddess of love  : Quan Yin
Art for Peace : Direct link to Peace On Earth
eight ways to make gratefulness permanent
lexigram dictionary

An Answer :
   When you are true to yoursElf, you have no need for maintaining a false mind.
   That is freedom.

how are human being destroying earth ?
are human beings destroying earth
' why did God create the earth '
The answer is within Thee, DigitsDecoder
movie palindrome
earth justice definition : it is just us :
' one result searches '
1 result searches
~ Christian Livings ~
Our Earth Home
:. a good business name .:
^ a great corporate name ^
metaphysical images
: metaphysical channelers :
~ metaphysical number 666 ~
humans nature good
: Heavens Angels :
the power of good intent
: earth homes art :
earth works international
: peace_on_earth indonesia :
image of dove and mother earth
~ images of doves and mother earth ~
^ see above ^
god's work on earth
Goodworks on Earth
~ measurements of heaven ~
saints and sages of all times and all ages
Hints to the above and below are shared here
~ when heaven and earth changed places ~
Our Answer : The Star Dates Appear To Be
20050414 side by side by 20050415
We Are Now Here
God's Names
Ra Amen
et al

Welcome to the Republicans for the Arts
With equal time for the Democrats ^^^^

Welcome All Temple Dancers


Midwest Lightworker's Conference
2005 Information Page
dated material
now gone

The Sone Game is Now On

Let no one rent assunder our Earth Home.

Love is the source of all that is ...
Your heart hears and calls out with Love.
You are heard by angels beyond measure
in the lights of Love's imagings ongoing
with you as cocreator in imaging as you
imagine.  Understand this one note,
and you have your complete
freedom to recreate your
gig to your likings.

No man own a woman.
No woman own a man.
Women own no men.

BeLoveds become BeLoveds by choices ongoing.

All the fancy pants and fancy robes of church doctrines spewed
count for nothing more than repetitive propaganda upon the mindless.
Follow 'their' money, they think, so incestuous.
Follow their rapes easily seen with eyes that see.
Follow their no taxes, you will see their bounties.

All religions will be gone one era near.
No more listening to preachers' cheap as raper's speech.
No more evangelists evangelizing as evil's agents.
No more listening to priest's sire ires.
No more parishioner's rapes.
No more methodist tithes.
No more mormon moro...

Did you see the ten word palindrome we created at Good Works On Earth above ?
Here it is, below :


Just this day ... do we see .. a way to make it a twelve worded palindrome.

Twelve words may not be a lot for a palindrome, you say ... we say
the very healings of raw war are at its center, and the mom's of
sons and daughters alike are at the beginning, and the end ...
the alpha and the omega in a son telling his mom !
Wow ! Mom ! the wars are over !!

Here we go ...

We ask you to speak it slowly and see it to be.
This twelve word palindrome was created and
Shared on our Home Page on 200509270709pst
Created at and Copyright by
If you share this 12 Word Palindrome, please keep these six lines in the sharing

Hello, from our hearts
You are invited to An American
Blanket Dance on the Web of Love
You are invited to be a Miracle Claimer


Sharing Thanksgivings Words ..

We invite you to view
Star Art


Good Works On Earth
in harmony with
The HoveringDoves of Love's Peace
The Artists of the Pathways to the Stars

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Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art
The Song