We invite you to contribute to the motions in the oceans of awarenesses of humans awakenings and healings.
Good Works On Earth is capable of sharing the awakenings and healings available to folks with the Star Arts in many ways.
In the Beginning Is The Word, and so we created the name, Endowments for the Nowments, to empower awakening our fellow humans.

Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt,
charitable and educational organization.

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We were building this free site with your donations only,
from any and all who have heard or who have seen the Star Arts
and so prospered in any way ..
be it soulfully or
be ot mentally or
be it emotionally or
be it physically, and yes
be it monetarily in real gain
or in eleemosynary ways of the heart

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Our gift to you ... the book :
Nature, Man & Technology
by :
Barry Commoner
Purported to be the best book on the environment ever written.
This book predicted the energy crisis, and offers the solutions.
Our gift to you, for your donation to Good Works On Earth.
We request your Endowing the Nowings in wiser sharings.

Good Works On Earth's current information as shared at GuideStar is as follows :

Sharing a newfound power of our words to help heal Americans and so our globe.
Federal Employee Identification Number :  EIN: 91-1812610
This organization files an IRS Form CT-12.
Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)(03) charitable and educational non-profit corporation.
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How to Help
This organization honors your contributions and donations and endowments.
We specifically request your endowment wherein your endowment remains in your financial care and ownership, and its interests empower our work.  These funds will be used for special projects as agreed upon with each endowment.  We have maintained our sharing of awakening and healing materials as Free Lexigrams since 1997, based on these long years of researching this charitable and educationally transformational material.

We do announce we seek your Endowments for the Nowments in the empowerments of the sharings of Peace On Earth with this work.

Let us call this, the Endowments for the Nowments.

We place no limits on your imagination as to how you might want to contribute to the motion in the ocean of others becoming aware
of the powers of their own words upon their life and the children, and nations.  We are indeed sharing real peace on earth.
That is the power of the word.

Peace on Earth is at hand.  In the beginning is the Word.  Is.  Not was.   Speak your words now, with awareness of what you are saying, and see it echo in your life.   Most folks do not know the connections of the heart, the words and the echoes in their life.  You can feel and so know these awarenesses with your readings of the Star Arts and their revealings.

The Star Arts give these awarenesses from the words themsElves.

Please contact us : lexigram@goodworksonearth.org

Do you have an interest in helping us in any way with the wider sharing these healing creations ?
Imagine the Star Art of GRATEFULNESS being published in your local newspaper(s), no matter how small or large.
We can craft the Star Art to many forms for sharing, from a simple bumper sticker to a wall mural, and everything in between.

Imagine the Star Art of FORGIVENESS shared in your media.

Imagine the Star Art of FRIENDSHIPS shared in any way in your local area.
Can you imagine our gifting 10,000 prints of the Star Art of FRIENDSHIP to individuals in your city ?  We can.
Imagine gifting 2000 Star Arts prints to folks in your small city ... we have done this one on one, person to person, very quietly in the chosen city,
with real folks in the buildings and on the street with a gentle smile and a kind word the gifted art print was given freely.

Imagine the Star Art of NOT VIOLENT created as a mural on your building's wall in yOur Town for all to see.

If you want to help make it happen in any way in America, you will be amazed at the results.

Please contact us.

Email : lexigram@goodworksonearth.org

Snail mail :

We honor and thank you for your good works contributions and donations.
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Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation
performing our namesake

Meet our Board and Staff and Volunteers

 Yeshua ben Joseph, aka Esu, aka Sananda, aka Saint Issa, is reported to have said :

"The power of life and death are in the tongue."

We also offer a wide range of Star Arts and Services
that are made possible by your donations for your
awakening and healing pleasures,
and those of your friends ...

Our Creations and Services

Custom Creations :
We can offer almost any Star Art
as a graphic image on products such
as T-shirts or other clothing, posters,
stickers and more, in quantity, as fundraisers.
Email us at : lexigram@goodworksonearth.org
Let us know what you would like us to create.

Read the Star Art of the WHALES and hear the
Voicings of the Star Arts of the WHALES in mp3

We Are A One Trumpeter of the September 21, 2009 Call to the All Nations Stand Down All Weaponeers

We invite you to read the Star Art of the WEAPONEERS

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The address of this page is :

Description : Good Works On Earth researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

Page Description :
Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation performing our namesake
inviting your involvement in the Awakenings and Healings of America,
and so our brothers and sisters upon our sphere we call Mother Earth.

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Our Answer : See the Star Arts of AWARENESS, and DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICANS.

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Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt,
charitable and educational non-profit organization

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