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For accounting purposes and to allow all donation options from across our globe, we
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We now offer numerous ways to contribute to this work being shared with others on Mother Earth :

1. Your gift contribution can be in the form of your check or money order
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2. Your credit card donations can be made to Good Works On Earth through,
    a bastion of credibility in accounting.

3. Your gift can be in the form of gold, silver and platinum or other fine creation of Mother Earth hersElf
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    Throughout our web site we normally suggest a value of donation for our creations and services in the American Gold Eagle coins.
     We accept all nation's gold and silver minted issues as we are of global reach on the open net.
     All non-dollar donations are appraised for tax-deductible valuation, all accountings are auditable.

4. Search the internet with GoodSearch, powered by Yahoo. 
    With every search, you are helping your chosen charity.

This means we now accept all donations to Good Works On Earth for any reason under
    the sun, moon and stars in gold and silver and almost every way beyond.

You may make arrangements with us to send your donation via any major shipper, insured and registered,
  and if you like and need and want, third-party escrow can be arranged in Eugene, Oregon for delivery and signatures.

Note of 20071031 : Please know that when we placed this weight of gold as a unit of value and exchange, it was moneywise at $444 and
  on this date in 2007, the value is now over $800 and hovering.
We have no claim upon the increase, please forgive all mental value judgements thereof upon our work based on the price of gold.

Dare to be different ... Donate in gold, silver and beyond to Good Works On Earth.  
The process of your learning about gold,
  and its value and how and where to buy it
can change your life for the better in ways you cannot imagine this day.

You will be able to tell those you wish, you donated gold to a non-profit in the name of
  Peace on Earth Good Will All, 'twill be so,
  for this is our work on Mother Earth.

We ask you to make it yours by focusing gold energy on what you
  want to accomplish with the Star Arts and our sharings of Good Works On Earth.

Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt,
charitable and educational organization.

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When we receive your donation ..
In support of Peace On Earth goodwill all ...
We do wish to make use of it as you would like ...
If you have things you want to see done with our work ..
Tell us so .. we will make it so, if we agree and can make it so.
From mailing an AMERICANS post card to your Mayor or other local leader, to ....
How can you see our work can help ?
Let us know, we will make it so.

Our Home Page

We invite you to search our 710+ page website
freely sharing the awakenings and healings in
the name of Peace On Earth Good Will All
We Are One Trumpeter of the September 21, 2006
Call to the All Nations and Gods and Men
Stand Down All Weapons

Do you Love technical thrillers ?
If so ... this one is good to go ...
We are now offering this book
as our thank you to you for
your contribution :

The Terrible Hours
The Greatest Submarine Rescue in History
Peter Maas
This book will have any experienced submariner on the edge of his seat
throughout the entire reading, and all of it is true.  The best fictions cannot
hold a candle long to this story of submarine intrigue and rescue. You can
learn about Swede Momsen, the man almost solely responsible for
awakening the Navy to the power of rescuing the living from the
depths of the deeps.  You will see how a name has never well
served a boat, even when used again on another, and you
will see a name that has served its bearer well indeed
through several ship christenings. When you are
done reading this book, you will well know
the sheer power of the caring, pondering
and clear seeing and thinking
Swede Momsen, to say
nothing of his doings.
We leave that for
this book when
in your hands.

Also now available :
The Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea
by :
Gary Kinder
In this book, you live the life of a rare few and a rarer one yet who knew what to do to work at 10,000 feet deep in the ocean.
This is the story of the finding of the Central America, an American ship and its treasures lost for over 130 years.
If any title is showing as available, it generally is .. we keep up on the movements of these treasures.

We also offer these books, and many others, from our research library :

The Strange Case of Major Call
by :
Bernard F. Conners
If you have seen the television and cinema renditions of, The Fugitive ...
This book has a sweet spot for your curiosity about how that scenario came to be.
You will find yoursElf learning about a stellar military man who awed all who knew him.
He made a mistake in judgement, then he walked an incorrect path, and his story is
the cause of The Fugitive story, and no ... Major Call is not, and
was not the fugitive as shown in the show, this is the real one.


Our work shared herein with 710+ web pages is beyond belief, at times, all true.

Do a search of our site here, see what you see : Search Page
If you find a false 'fact' on our site, Please, do tell us.
We will thrice verify and correct it and thank you,
with a stellar gift in your name to you, as
you like it. We have many to offer.

How and why do we place
Good Works On Earth
on the
Golden Standard
A Long Story

A link to part of the story, with a suggestion for donation as yet ungiven.
One Thousand American Gold Eagles : One-Ounce Coins of the Realm

We suggest two books by a scribe as among the
most powerful in terms of awakenings and healings :

now available

~ and ~

The Teachers of the Higher Planes
by : Ruth Lee, Scribe
Published by AuthorHouse
Copyright 2005 Ruth Lee, Scribe
ISBN : 1-4208-5778-9 (sc)
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