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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

There is a man sitting in our Oval Office who consistently is
choosing death and fear and destruction and greed and who
is now being looked at through the lens of High Crimes against
Humanity and Treason against Americans and Humans world wide.
The words now being shared in the media will build in momentum,
and volume.  Karl Rove's days are numbered as a master
playwright and producer of American political ailments.

There shall be much ado about quite a lot ...
For while Mr. Clinton's penis was wetted causing the republican clan
to call for his impeachment with full vigor, they now engage in
quiet complicities while Mr. Bush has killed many in his state,
in our country, and now ... throughout the world he carries his
patriotic fervor of death to others. This man is a lame excuse
for a competent statesman, bought by money.  This man is a
republican's clan's lies made real in a mad media aimed upon
Americans by owners and shareholders of monolithic media.
The money is huge incentive to keep illusions going.

A three time loser at the expense of others, Mr. Gee Double You Over
Bush he is about to walk off the field of play.

Resenders ... please resend this information widely.

Subject: Each One, Reach One
     Date: SUN, 22 JUN 2003 10:50:35 -0400
     From:   ImpeachBush@ : link names update on 20070425
How We Will Reach One Million Votes

  The Each One, Reach One Campaign

Dear VoteToImpeach Member,

Last month Ramsey Clark appealed to the 250,000 VoteToImpeach
members to help build the campaign. Now, we are launching a new
initiative to take this campaign to the million vote mark.

The framework of the initiative could not be more simple.
It is captured in its name: Each One, Reach One.
We are asking all VoteToImpeach members to commit to getting
just one additional person to vote to impeach online.
We know that many members will do more. But if each of us
got one person to vote this month we would pass the
half a million mark, and if we do the same in the following
months, we will have reached the million mark.

These million votes will be taken to the House Judiciary Committee.
Twenty-nine years ago next month, the House Judiciary Committee,
with sharp division, voted for Articles of Impeachment for Richard
M. Nixon. Within a month, on August 9, 1974 Richard Nixon
resigned rather than face impeachment. Let us not forget that
Nixon's near-impeachment and resignation came a year and a
half after he won one of the biggest landslide elections in U.S. history.

Among the Articles of Impeachment, Nixon was charged with
"making or causing to be made false or misleading statements
for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States...."
The relevance of the Nixon impeachment proceedings with the
case against George W. Bush et al., was noted recently
by John Dean, the former counsel to President Nixon in a June 11,
2003 article titled "The Case for Impeachment."

Responding to the growing public outcry regarding Bush's lies and
deceptions that were used as the rationale for the invasion of Iraq,
Dean wrote, "To put it bluntly, if Bush has taken Congress and the
nation into war based on bogus information, he is cooked.
Manipulation or deliberate misuse of national security intelligence
data, if proven, could be a 'high crime' under the Constitution's
impeachment clause. It would be also be a violation of federal
criminal law, including the broad federal anti-conspiracy statute,
which renders it a felony 'to defraud the United States, or any
agency thereof in any manner for any purpose.'

 " It's important to recall that when Richard Nixon resigned,
he was about to be  impeached by the House of Representatives
for misusing the CIA and FBI. After Watergate, all presidents are
on notice that manipulating or misusing any agency of the
executive branch improperly is a serious abuse of presidential power."

 Dean asserts, "in the three decades since Watergate,
this is the first potential scandal I have seen that could make
Watergate pale by comparison. If the Bush administration
intentionally  manipulated or misrepresented  intelligence to
get Congress to authorize, and the public to support, military
action to take control of Iraq, then that would be a monstrous misdeed."

When George W. Bush addressed the nation on March 17, 2003,
to announce that war against Iraq had become inevitable and
imminent, he stated, "Intelligence gathered by this and other
governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues
to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

Bush administration officials systematically lied to the people of
the United States, to Congress and to the United Nations.
Tens of thousands of Iraqis have now been killed and maimed. Iraq
society has been plunged into chaos and misery. Its sovereignty
shredded by an illegal occupation. Hundreds of US GI's have
been killed and wounded. While waging an illegal war against
the people of Iraq, the administration has carried out a war
home -- an attack on the civil rights and liberties of the people
of the United States and on the Bill of Rights itself.

The VoteToImpeach campaign is a critical effort. As
Ramsey Clark stated in his May 12 address at the
National Press Club that was broadcast nationally on

   "When people vote to Impeach it is important.
  It reminds Americans that the Constitution provides
  the means for removing an Imperial President and
  officials who commit high crimes."

The administration's crimes, including its lies and deceptions,
are becoming increasingly exposed in the public discourse
and media. Pressure is growing for Congressional hearings
on the Administration's lies and deliberate manipulation of
"intelligence data" related to the much ballyhooed connection
between Iraq and Al' Qaeda and the patently false claim about
the "grave and imminent threat" posed by Iraq's alleged
Weapons of Mass Destruction. Under these circumstances
it is all the more important to expand the grassroots
VotetoImpeach campaign.

Participate in the Each One, Reach One initiative,
and by clicking here you will be taken to the
Each One, Reach One page where you can send an
email inviting one or more friends, family members or
colleagues to join the Impeachment movement.

Let's keep the pressure on!

If you'd like to get to know the candidates more before you cast your vote, we have letters to the
MoveOn membership from each of them on our website, as well as their responses to MoveOn
members' questions. Here are the links:

Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun:

Governor Howard Dean:

Senator John Edwards:

Congressman Dick Gephardt:

Senator Bob Graham:

Senator John Kerry:

Congressman Dennis Kucinich:

Senator Joe Lieberman:

Reverend Al Sharpton:


--Carrie, Eli, Joan, Peter, Wes, and Zack
  The MoveOn Team
  June 22nd, 2003

The following ink will take you to a fairly short writing that
will warm your heart knowing the man who has participated in
creating High Crimes against Humanity's Presence and
Treason against Americans is about to face the music.
George Walker Bush is not living up to the potential healings
as shared in his Name Art ... he is still choosing ego and greeds.
We invite you to see one woman's wise words regarding
these things .... Dorothy Anne Seese :
Last checked, link notworking

"The words sword is made real ...
  Speak and write wisely from the heart ...
    For in the beginning is the Word, and
      Prior to the word is the Breath, and
        With the breath is the still quiet Love
          Unformed and Unnamed. "
From the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See

It has been written elsewhere that all of the solutions to all of our
problems are already here, they are simply being suppressed
by corporate interests .... well, that is not always going to
remain true ... for the corporate ceo is learning to care.

Here is one proof ...

We invite you to visit this link below.
It will share with you how one company has been created
that makes a machine easily made and operated anywhere
in the world that will take any garbage except radioactive waste
and render it to its water, oils, and its minerals, easily separated,
all high grade and useable.  From pickup truck size to large
enough to handle 2,000 tons of waste a day and more, they
can be created.

Sound too good to be true?
Visit the link and be astounded.

The machines are already existing and working and
making their investors very happy.  The market for
these machines worldwide is enormous.  And yes, the machine
deals with plastics, metals, you name it, except radioactive.

Want to see what looked like
before Google bought the name domain?

"Within man is the soul of the whole;
the wise silence; the universal beauty;
to which every part and every particle
is equally related; the eternal One."

                        --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Breath the earth's breaths and be well ...

Blessings Be I Sing In Sign ....

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword
Good Works On Earth
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Yeshua ben Joseph is reported to have said :  "The power of life and death are in the tongue."

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