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We are adding to it slowly but surely among the 710+ other pages at Good Works On Earth.

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Helping Mother Earth breathe and her humans live … hemp.
Our thank you to Ganesh Himal Trading Company for their good works.
We were given a pair of Hand Made in Nepal pants that are heaven to wear.
What do hemp pants, made from the ultimate environmental friendly plant, and
Ganesh Himal have in common?  Nepal, healing Mother Earth while workers receive
fair wages and more. The finest hemp fabrics can be yours. See Handwoven Hemp here :

Want to know your money spent is supporting humans in respectful ways ?
To search the world for products you want, retail or wholesale,
we recommend the Fair Trade Federation :
Last checked, link not working.

To go to Ganesh Hamil direct :

Powering up truckers : Powering down costs.
We suggest truckers buy something new :
The first green truck station in the nation.

The five purposes of this truck station are :
improve fuel economy
reduce air pollution
slow climate heating
improve health of truckers
promote prosperity for truckers
Pass the word, stop in Coburg, Oregon.
Cascade Sierra Solutions
Toll-Free: 866-345-3390
Phone: 541-302-0900
Fax: 541-302-0937

Vote with your dollars .. go organic ....
Here are three priceless resources on the internet ...
Each sharing information for your area :

Organic Resource Directory :

Organic Foods Resource Directory :

Organic Farmer's Markets in the USA :

Put the money right into the farmer's pockets.
They need the support, desperately.
And your body needs healthy foods.

In Northern California and Oregon
Steve Haworth Produce
Organic Produce, and more
Direct from the Organic Farms
 Steve Haworth Produce specializes in ...
Weekly delivery of the freshest organic produce available in season ...
 and occasionally out of season with internationally marketed organic produce.
We work directly with many growers in the California / Oregon area and ...
We work directly with a large organic distributor in the San Francisco area.
We truck the organic produce direct from the farms to distribution points.
We are a small privately owned company working to support organics.
Phone Contact : Steve Haworth : 541-689-7546
 Call Steve for weekly price list and availability.
Serving Southern Oregon and Northern California
The ecotopia of America being made real.


  One of the Magical Corner Stores ...

New Frontier Market
The Neighborhood's Corner Store

New Frontier Market
1101 West 8th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Phone: 541- 345- 7401
Organic Bulk Orders Welcome


Chester County, Pennsylvania
A Christian nonprofit organization which exists to improve the living conditions for low-income families in Chester County, PA.
We transform substandard houses into warmer, safer, and drier homes; and despair into hope.
Our services are offered to homeowners at no cost and volunteers do most of the repairs.

Looking for natural hemp soap ?
Looking for handmade gentle soaps ?
Looking for natural oils and scents soaps ?
Looking for unscented soaps so natural ?
Pioneer Natural Soaps are made with
 Olive Oil, Palm Oil and Vegetable oils.
Hemp oil is added to the hemp soaps.
In Beautiful Downtown Springfield, Oregon


Natual handmade soaps by caring folks.


It has been found by humans world wise,
it does take the villages, without ills or vile lies,
to nurture humans of all ages, and yes ..
also healing open spaces of nature.
Massive spread of city life,
with big box stores demanding cars be
driven to fill one's needs ... this is not the human's best way.
Perhaps best for corporate profits in the standardizing of life's products so heavily processed to death.
But .. why buy any food that is itsElf not an organicly balanced food, without pesticides and fertilizer poisons ?

Those communities that have their corner store or center of the neighbor node's stores ..
Owned by the local folks living next door ... these communities know the blessings.

The Neighbor Nodes Corner Stores

Nodes ?
Oden's Do Odes On Nodes
Oden Does Odes On Nodes
So Eons On Eons On One's Sone
So Do Oden's Sone On One's Nose
So Do One's Oden Odes
So Odes Done
So Ode Done
Oden Odes
One Does
Odes Done
So Does Oden Send One Ode ...
No End On Oden's Odes One Does
So No End On One !
So Do Odes
So Do Nodes
So Do Sone
On One's Nose

The above is a Star Art of the Word, NODES.
For clarity of how this works with the letters of words ..
please see the Axioms of the Lexigram.
See the Messages of the Letters ...
Be amazed by the Words.

A unique healing idea new to Americans : Buy Nothing New

Good Works On Earth Well Comes All
The Spheres of Arulu
Please Fasten Thy Heart Light to Love


Star Arts of MOTHER by Kathy Uno
Graphic Artings by David Woods
Models Kristy and Lucina Ivory
Photography by GrandFather
Inspirations by Ebony Rose

Prints Available

  Are you looking for Mothers Day gifts for someone who recently lost their mother ?
Do you want to make your Mother's Day gifts that donate to organizations in the name of your mother ?
We can suggest these groups below that are doing the work of global awakenings and healings :

[Note : Regarding Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and other Fierce Storms, past and future.
Please see our Star Art of WEATHER for details. You will be affecting the weather in 2006 and beyond.]

To Help Others in Dire Needs
Please make donations ongoing, as you can,
for the help is still long needed in these lands :

Enormous Numbers of People
Are Still Homeless as of 20050504
Make your Mother's Days Story sacred.
To the best of our knowledge, these folks
below are doing the workings of real healings.
You can make your donations to these groups in
confident peace knowing your money is well shared.

Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations
 630 Third Avenue, 20th Floor
 New York, NY 10017
 Tel: 212-986-7040/ 41/ 42

Sri Lankan NY Temple in Queens (NYC)
Collecting donations including clothes, canned food, soaps, medicine, crutches, etc.
Contact Shihana Mohamed (212-963-5609)

Sarvodaya is doing relief and humanitarian work
in Sri Lanka with the Nonviolent Peaceforce

To find your country on the OXFAM home page.

Associated Press List of International Tsunami Relief Agencies
from the Democratic Underground website via
Bertram Miller / Politics for a Human Community

WALHI-Friends of the Earth Indonesia
National Office/Crisis Center
Jl. Tegal Parang Utara No.14
Jakarta Selatan 12790

We, The World
We Are The World


10% for Peace
Imagine It !!!


It has been suggested to us to provide this link
for those seeking scholarships as it is so helpful.

: The goal of this website is to educate students about
scholarship access and the necessary requirements for
achieving maximum financial aid. In addition, we provide
our information free of charge to help students avoid
scholarship scam artists and misleading authors who
promise 'secrets' to what is essentially publicly
available information. :


We are all Caretakers of the Earth Heart
With that thought in mind ... take a look
at a unique publication ... if you need
Caretakers for your land or buildings
or if you are seeking lands or situations
to be a Caretaker for ... we offer you
this link to a publication now in business
many years ... bringing the two together :

U.S. Post Office Box 4005
Bergheim, Texas 78004
United States

Gary C. Dunn, Publisher
Phone : 830-336-3939


We at Good Works On Earth suggest to you, dear reader ...
That you fully support America's growing of HEMP, again.
The fools who made it illegal are long gone.
Hemp heals the earth's dirt it grows in ...
Hemp dies naturally for our use ...
The authors of our constitution relied on it.
They knew the pleasures of its growings,
from the indica to the sativa, they knew
the full range of values this cannibas plant
brought to their lands enrichments to the
fibers of the finest cloths and papers in
the world.  Our farmers knew, and still
know the value of the hemp plant.  The
oils, cotton, pHARMaceutical and tree-
killing industries such as paper made the
propaganda that resulted in false laws to
the enrichment of their obscene profits
in their obscense rapes of the reaps of
the growths of Mother Earth's lung
materials, her trees, and her bloods,
as it were, her cushioning fluids,
her oils.  First man kills whales
for oils, and other sea creatures,
then man drains Mother Earth's
bowels dry for his energy,
when all the while
it shines upon
him in the
moves upon the earth in waves and winds.
energies like
no other plant
on Mother Earth
from the finest of
oils to the tastiest of
the healthiest foods.

Good Works On Earth
supports the growth of the
hemp plants all over America.
The stupid forefathers are gone.
Read about some of them, here.
The link goes to our Book Loft


Laser Monks
Your source for New Compatible & Remanufactured Ink-Toner-Fax-Copier Supplies
As an added bonus, they say a prayer for you.


Lightworkers Conference 2006 :

You were Invited to a Celebration of Love & Light
Stellar Speakers at the Universal Lightworkers Conference
November 17th-19th 2006 : Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Universal Light Expo
Columbus, Ohio
See the offerings of this gathering at :
The Sixteenth Annual Universal Light Expo
billed itsElf as 'the largest all-volunteer metaphysical-holistic expo in
the Midwest with 150 workshops and 325 vendor booths'
Fortunate town, Columbus, Ohio


Note : The Midwest Lightworkers Conference no longer exists.
The city where it was last held is fortunate for this state of existences.



Fortunate people
Snow Goose
Global Thanksgivings


Visit one place in America where things are different
for psychiatric survivors ... and that is the right name:
Zuzu's Place
Speak it out loud.
Imagine the healings.
now at :
Last checked, link not working.



A national directory of social change organizations
The first directory to present alternatives to traditional corporate employment


Good Works Foundation
The Good Works Foundation is a private, family foundation supporting
innovative approaches to education, the arts and the environment
Santa Monica, California



Good Works
Ford Motor Company
Community, Environment, Fundings & Grants
Now working to form the hydrogen web



Good Works
General Motors
Now working to form the hydrogen web
They ARE doing the work ....
They are seeing American ability with Canadian ability and
Japanese ability, et al. and so going global in the hydrogen webbings in the healings.
Imagine you are an executive or an intern in an apprenticeship and you are seeing the horizons ...
Now go see the awakenings in engineerings in globally corporate cooperations ....



Hydrogen Web, Anyone ?
Send us your finest hydrogen web link, we will post it here.

Celebrating the artists of Missouri

All About Mary Engelbreit, an Angel of an Artist
Read about her good works made real from her arts.


Celebrating the artists of Ohio

What we perceive as beautiful guides our lives.
Link no longer operative :
The Foothills School is dedicated to teaching art as a way of thinking.
Supported by the Ohio Arts Council


An arts education program and much more ...
Serving Artists and Performers and Creating Arts Events
Serving the Mid-Ohio Valley, including Wood County, Ohio,
West Virginia County, and Washington County, Ohio
ARTSBRIDGE seeks to provide only the best in
theater, dance, music, and literary events.


The Dairy Barn
Southeast Ohio's Cultural Arts Center
The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center's mission is to promote the arts,
crafts and cultural heritage of southeastern Ohio, and to bring to the region
the very best of the arts from all over the world. The year-round calendar includes
exhibitions, festivals, educational programs and special events. Built in 1914, the Dairy Barn
is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features a 6500 square-foot gallery.
Two of the structure's distinctive architectural elements are its slate roof and three cupolas.
It sits on 36 acres of scenic pastoral land. The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center was
founded in 1978 by Athens natives Harriet and Ora Anderson. The building was at
one time a working dairy barn ... continued at their site :


Good Works in Quiltings

Quilters United
The power of the women to heal is unfettered
Learn about 'le Patchwork Projet'
and then
Unity Church Piece by Peace Quilters
and then this
the SuperBowl Sunday Mystery
and also this
Newborns in Need
and thankfully, such as these
Heavenly Angels in Need
and those with the great name of the
Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids
We pray they all do well in their good works on earth.



Feng Shui Resource Page
Yes, GrassGrower, many Feng
Shui Masters are here with
Mother Earth. 



We choose to share the awesome folks who
are creating new realities right here and right now....
no left or right about it or democrat or republican about it.
People helping people ...  People meeting people ....
If you know anyone single, let them know about this idea being made real.
Look what the Canadians are doing with SingleVolunteers :
Learn how they help non-profit
groups and more in San Diego :

In our fundraisings
here at the
Small Earth BookStorer's Loft,
we offer you gifts of unique books, CD's,
magazines and other items we ask you to select
as our way of saying thank you to you for
your donations to Good Works On Earth.

Here, we offer you a rare and otherwise,
to our knowledge, unavailable print of the
December 1998 Los Angeles Magazine
with its supplement, in the unopened plastic bag.

And now, we offer a rare print of
Hunter S. Thompson's
Hell's Angels
A Strange and Terrible Saga

This book is not yet entered into our
Small Earth Bookstorer's Listings ...
'Tis a hardback without dustjacket.
Copyright 1966, 1967 : Hunter S. Thompson
Published by : Random House
Book design by : Jaime Davidovich
Previous Owner's Name on Front Fly
A few child's circles are in the white spaces in the fronts pieces.
No writings have been marred or damaged.

If interested please inquire by pressing upon the title.

Please, do tell us where you would like the proceeds of your donation to be gifted to in your name, or not,
by Good Works On Earth and we will make it so.  A gift to them with your support
in the name of Hunter S. Thompson, or not .. as you wish it.



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Actual search terms folks used to arrive at Good Works On Earth
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earth works groups
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find good qualities in others
: spirit healing :
organic healings
~ larry geller ~

   Better than power over all the earth, better than going to heaven
and better than dominion over the worlds is the joy of the
man who enters the river of life that leads to Non-Being.
- - The Dhammapada (c. B.C. 300)

In other words ... Surf the Zuvuya

Direct Links to Know :

Ruth Lee, Scribe : Mayan liftings of the veil, in the Mayan Words, in English.
If you seek high power personal awakenings to the quantum leapums, read Ruth Lee.

The Group : Steve Rother's pennings and voicings of awakenings and healings to know Peace on Earth by.

The Others : Do a search within our 710+ page web site for what you seek

You could also start with proven channels : Channelers
There are more than listed there, obviously.

The easiest way to find what you seek is our search page.

In this Spirit Healing Space One Unnamed Remains So ...

We can no longer recommend a one we shared here on this very page above.
On 20051004, the now unnamed herein disposed of all good graces when they threatened
Good Works On Earth via email, after THEY broke two laws regarding us.  Seems their
'fame' destroyed their good senses and their ego ran amuck with their 'numbers' game luck.

The address of this page is :

Page Description :
Good Works Links Page for Companies, Foundations, Groups and Individuals

Description : Good Works On Earth
Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

Key Words
goodworks, good works, companies, companys, groups, individuals, organic, produce,
oregon, california, balance, resources, earth, links, page, linked, goods, awakenings,
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MARCH Anagrams

Anagrams of FEBRUARY


Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art
The Song