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The Star Art of CORPORATE in Words Forms From Letters
Corporate Image
This is not a final art of the Terra Corp Care Art.

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Words, words, words .. names, names, names.

What we name our ideas of activity determine how we see the reality in play.

If the problem is corporate rape by "top executives" and the financial folks,
  well then .. change the game by changing the name.

We have long written of the fact that man is not accounting for Mother Earth in
  their 'accountings' for incomes and outgoes resulting in their 'balance sheets'
    being utterly false, their 'values' untrue, their basis, off the mark entirely,
       causing one and all to assing false values, chase after false things
         and perpetuate dangerously false ideas inimical to nature hersElf, oursElf.

Now we say to you, perhaps this is
                 The Answer :

~ a new Accounting Basis ~
... a new meaning in nameing ...

" ... if I had my wish, the leaders of the world's 20 top economies
would commit themselves to a new standard of accounting - call it
"Market to Mother Nature" accounting.
- Thomas Friedman
Columnist for The New York Times
as published in The Register Guard, 20090402A9
Thomas Friedman website

Finally, someone spoke wisely of The Organic Balance of Our Earth Economy.
Thank You, Thomas Friedman,
- Kathy Onu

On 20090402 we did a google search for "MARKET TO MOTHER NATURE" ...
There are 234 answers for the named idea made real of "market to mother nature"
as the name of the Accountings Basis of Our Economies.

Note of 20090228 :
Executives best be seeing themsElves as Terra Corp Carers, for from Terra comes all that the corporate executives are sElfishly playing with and thinking they own, to the detriments of 'other' people.

Capitalism has its ails as it is a mal -ism.

To take from your brothers and sisters in false profits based on teachings of false prophets is insane and is causing our stresses on earth. Speaking of Stress with a capital S, Mother Earth is barely able to breathe at this time still, in early 2009, with the continuing destructions of her trees in her forests and the clear seas of her waters in oceans in motions.

    LAME MALE CHEMICALS for profit, damn the natural life ... show me the patent and then I gets the money.

    LAME MALE pHARMAceutical Lies Claim Cures Are Real
These patented chemical concoctions are now in our fish, from men and women's urines going through the sewer systems, into the rivers and bays and lakes.

Believe it, it's true.

    LAME MALE Pesticides are Cause of Death and Suicide all over Mother Earth, but hey ! the patent owners and corporate rapers have their false profits.

    LAME MALE CHEMICALS are inimical to life beyond even the nicest insect targeted. The deaths they cause flow onward in the circle of life.

Nowhere in the financial equations the accountants are so proud of is the Terra Core equation.

A Mother Earth Equation.

Corporately speaking, the Terra Corp Equation is a Mother Earth Equation ... the giving back to Mother Earth in healthful ways so she too can breathe with her breathing systems, be they ancient trees and her not so ancient trees, or her ancient seas we call oceans in motions, and her not so ancient lakes and other eternal waters.

A Mother Earth Equation would include empowering Mother Earth, along with the use of her resOURces, at the same time. No more, take now, pay later. Those are the words of the corporate raper, not a terra carer.

When do you think loggers will be quashed for what they are ...


All the corporate logger sees is money, no living creatures can they perceive. No bird nor bee matters as much to the logger as the 'money they consume' killing Mother Earth's trees.

Trees are amongst the most sacred entities upon Mother Earth, and to kill a tree, without its permission, is criminal high treason in the cosmic gig. When will the loggers ego's rise above money in awareness and see trees for the living vibrant beings of awareness that they truly are ?

Belief systems are powerful things, and if you have been taught it is okay to kill the cosmic gift of trees ... and the local town folks agree to this, for their false prophets say it is okay to chase after false profits while killing the creatures and plants of the planet, well then ! and golly gee !! it's okay with your neighbors to kill awarenesses, so you go drive your cutters and loggers and such and destroy Mother Earth's lung material so you can have money.  We do notice that loggers will stop cutting trees when the cutting gets too close to their hometown.

When will the rude log truck drivers stop being merchants of death ? Log truck drivers are the rudest and most unsafe drivers on the road, and this I write having many years experience on the roads of this great country. And no, I no longer own a vehicle of death for personal transportation of my body or things.

Mother Earth is our living breathing home, and we are choking her breathings in uncaring ways. My years of not 'jumping in the car' for any reason has been a wonderful personal contribution to healthy airs for Mother Earth and ME and THEE. I invite you to change your life so you can breath your own airs.

Note of 20050317 : The entire Pacific Northwest is now in Dust Bowl drought conditions, and yet, the loggers still cut our ancients and younger trees.  These folks will fight hemp growing in America, so as to keep their killing machines going.  Hemp dies for our use in one season's outrageous growth, hemp heals the very dirt it grows in and restores its life giving properties, and hemp can make any product we can make from wood, and hemp makes it better, including lumbers and oils.

The trees are living breathing awareness and know you are standing there about to kill it, dear logger, and you can't hear. You have eyes, yet cannot see, you have ears and yet your heart ear cannot hear the heart of mother earth, nor her trees whisperings. The earth's heart's beatings you do not hear blinds you to your greedful killings .. and this includes the corporate rapers who are signing your checks.

The Pacific Northwest, a rainforest of America, is dying.  There is no snow on the mountains, because winter did not arrive here. The Pacific Northwest had a springy summer all winter long.  No snowpack, no rainfalls, no dams filled, no wells replenished.

The Pacific Northwest is still killing their trees. If you view ariel photos of the states in the Pacific Northwest over years time, you see deathful destruction by the logger's hands, and by their machines for more rapid destructions than man's mere hands. More profits, you know. And the mills pay their people on the blood of the trees, and the stubby owners live in mansions made of the finest woods. These upright and uptight christian white males, they are all so proud of their God Chosen False Prophets in their earnings of their False Profits. They certainly do not take Mother Earth into their equations for the accountings of what they are creating upon and with Mother Earth.

We see the ancient trees are almost all gone .. and the loggers still say they want to cut the remainings. Any man or woman who will cut a 200 year old, 300 year old, or older tree for money without the tree's permission, is criminal. To the nth degree the person is a criminal in the universe of breathing trees, and Bubb, if you are a one who will kill for money, your days are going to become sandstorms, be you the logger, the corporate raper, the shareholder, the equipment operator.

Mother Earth still does not exist in the accountant's equations, save too few this day in early 2009.

This is to change, very quickly, in new economic sharings and new awareness of the empty sickness of consumption.

If you have any questions ... we invite you to see a new awareness in how this universe works.

The following is a snippet of the Book of Names, showing a few creations sequences :
.... snip ....
aaeeehkmmnoorrrttttu . MARKET TO MOTHER NATURE : compl_seq : 20090402
aaeehkmnorrrrtttuw . Mother Nature Artwork : compl_seq : 20060223
aehkmnorrtuw . Mother Nature Artwork : singu_seq : 20060223
aehkmnortu . MARKET TO MOTHER NATURE : singu_seq : 20090402
aehkmnortu . MARKET TO MOTHER NATURE : lense_seq : 20090402
aehkmnortuw . Mother Nature Artwork : lense_seq : 20060223
aehkmnrsty . private name : a master at the star arts, she hears the earth, yes, she hears her heart
aehkmnrsty . Lexigram => thy name means ye hear the earth heart, yes as ye share the heart, ye hear the heart. - Kathy Onu : 20090402
aehkmortw . artwork mother earth : singu_seq : 20061204
aehkmorrtw . mother earth artwork : lense_seq : 20061204
aaeehhkmoorrrrtttw mother earth artwork : compl_seq : 20061204
.... snip ....

Read the Star Art

This photograph below was graciously taken by John Flinn of Celestial Scenics.
We are working with this photograph to create a Star Art in similar awes in beauty and wonders.
We have named this photograph at Good Works On Earth
Faith of the Mustard Seed
You can see more of John Flinn's awe inspiring photography at his web site :   John Flinn's Home Page
Celestial Scenics is currently not operating

Here is some background on the symbolism behind the image.
The two trees express the lungs of the earth, the complement of our lungs.
The moon between them is much like the heart as it regulates the rhythmic systems of the earth such as the tides, menstrual cycles, and ancient calendars. The pond, like our mind, reflects the universe.

The waters need to be still for an image to appear.

The planet below the moon is its companion time keeper Saturn who influences the time cycles in our lives.

For a long time I have had this image with me and thought that the setting sun should be between the trees. On second thought, it seems to be more appropriate to have the moon as it indeed has the most influence on the pulse of the Earth's circulatory system; the rivers and the ocean currents.

There you have what makes us really alive: breathing pulsing and reflecting on it all.


Current Star Arts Researches

acdeehrst .. the sacred tree - date of entry is lost to time : the Mayan's knew where the galactic
equinox and the exact middle of the Milky Way lay : they called this crossing "the Sacred Tree".
    ^ the above line was entered a long time before the below names for John Flinn's photograph name ideas in October 2004. ^
acdeehrst ... the sacred tree : idea for john flinn's faith of the mustard seed moving a mountain  photograph  2 votes
acdeehrst ... the sacred trees : idea for john flinn's faith of the mustard seed moving a mountain photograph 1 votes

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Our thank you to Tim Hermach, the voice behind the Forest Voice. Forest Voice is
advocating a complete ban on the destructions of Mother Earth's lung material, the forests.
Tim is the President of the Native Forest Council, calling for the "Corporate Death Penalty."
We whole heartedly agree.  Corporations that destroy mother earth should be killed dead,
corporate wise, entombed paper wise by the Corporate Troopers. To kill Mother Earth is
corporate rape.  We suggest their new jobs be to plant hemp across America, and
to clear her waters in every way beneficial to the waters and their life support.

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The Star Art of

"In the beginning is the Word ...
  prior to the word is the Breath ....
  with the breath is the Still Quiet Love .....
  Unformed and Unnamed."
- from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See


We as Goddess and God have created a sacred language in such ways
  that it provides us hints to Our Love sOurce being Our Us.

In the beginning is the Word ...
In the beginning is the sound ....

a sacred palindrome

The above art of our Star Art of MEDITATION was created for us
and gifted to us by Tanya of Australia, and published in her magazine,
The Word
We thank you, Tanya, for your work.

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Page Title :
CORPORATE Imaged in Star Arts Form from Good Works On Earth

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We share an in-progress Star Art of CORPORATE, revealing core issues,
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Description : Good Works On Earth
Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

Key Words :
corporate, image, corporate image, star art, lexigram, awakenings, healings,
rape, raper, poor poet, corporate rape, pare, reap, poet,
good business names, creating corporate name is an art and a science

Another small .... snip .... of the Book of Names
egurs . surge : term of ruse war use by george bush, scrubbed by Obama administration. 20090402
egurss . surges : term of ruse war use by george bush, scrubbed by Obama administration. 20090402
.... snip ....
Sources : several

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