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We invite you to visit our new secure site, where the research is occuring :

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Lexigram is defined as :
anagramming a word or phrase and from those anagrams found, creating
lines of meaning pertinent to the word or phrase being Lexigrammed.
This simple yet potent example will open in a new window for your view :
The Star Art of ALCOHOLISM
Created by a professional Lexigram artist and researcher ..
You could think of the author as Raga Man Anagram* ..
I have been known as the Anagram Man by folks over the years ..
I now on 20141215 make that moniker a Perfect Anagram of itsElf ..
I like the name as the, Anagram Raga Man, because, that is what I do.
With Good Works On Earth's help, we have created Star Arts in both the written word,
and in the recorded word .. now we are creating Songs of the Star Arts in sound.

* the inspiration for this name occured on 20141215 when I read the short article
entitled, A RAG MAN ANAGRAM. ( Link will open article in new window, find the title half-way down the page.)

This database decodes English in ways never before imagined.
Your subscription gains your access, and allows you to support our work.
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We invite you to enjoy new awarenesses of English and its magical echoes.

An example of this is one of our DataClips : THE LINES IN EARTHLINGS STAR ARTS. (opens offsite link in new window)
This link is an inside peek at our database, showing lines identified as being Star Arts Lines in EARTHLINGS. ( Be aware this will raw data will show more info than is easily read. )

And now .. the manuscript :
The StarLightning Express brings to you, Letters Let Seer See,
the working title of the book soon to be sharing the healing nature of the Lexigram.

Hear the heart at the speed of the silent still Love, Our sOurce.

This is the nature of the Lexigram's ability to awaken the careful reader, to awaken the heart and so clear the mind beyond man's wildest dreams.


In name my pen is Kathy Onu.
I referred to mysElf above as Raga Man Anagram, though, I could also use,
Margana Namagar, as a Perfect Anagram name creation, from the word, anagram.
  ( you may also notice, Margana is a Palindrome of Anagram. )

I created Kathy Onu as my pen name so that
I can say Thank You to all who enjoy my sharings in the written word, voice or film.
I also use my pen name as Kathy Uno for webmaster matters and other codings or technical works.

  I Am in Essence, the final author of the awakenings manuscript entitled :

The StarLightning Express
= Letters Let Seer See =
The Nature of the Lexigram
The manuscript is itsElf still under its final constructions and high sheen polishings after many dedicated years of intense researches and writings. Still ongoing are the various provings and rewritings for clarity. This authorship is being done only after many years of private study in proving the powers of the letters and the voice and the words to create our life and livings with these sacred knowings.   Awarenesses that took years to discover and prove the powers of yOur words to create yOur reality to be, as spoken by you will be shared with you here in a few sentences.
What worth, those words ?

The manuscript embodies the researches with the results and revealings of working with the art and science of the Lexigram since 1987. 
In 1994 Jon Lee and Will I Am began to write the book after their friends would see the WordArts they were creating from simple English words.
Folks said to Will, 'You have got to write a book of this stuff so people can know.'   At that point, Will began keeping the original arts he had been creating, and gifted others who wanted prints with a facsimile copy. Eventually, the book began to form itsElf from the thousands of names and words these two had rendered.
So, that is what has happened. "In the beginning is the word," and the words have now been decoded for yOur awakenings and healings in these ongoing ascensions.

Years ago, when the manuscript was still immature, after Will had sent three best selling author's in this metaphysical genre his manuscript as it was at the time for their own edifications, each sent the manuscript to their publishers with their highest accolades.  The publisher who last received it said, because it is too esoteric it would be difficult to mass market, and Will agreed.  He was writing this book for his own complete sharing of what he had learned and shared, as requested by so many who had seen the Lexigram arts.  Will already knew that every aware Goddess who had seen the manuscript had given him the same heartfelt feedback letting him know the material was too esoteric for the 'masses.'  I personally did not like the word at the time, the masses.  Too many asses in the masses, only because they had been dumbed down in awareness from all quarters demanding their time, their money and their very beliefs.

The story by Will and Jon continued until Jon Lee croste the veil.  Crossed the Veil; in physical, he is now in Spirit.  Will continued on with the writings of the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See, and how I came to be involved is a tale of multi di men sion al proportions to be shared in the published book.

I knew I would have to shine up the manuscript and make it read oh so sweetly with awakenings and healings for all who read.  While no one must or needs to learn the art and science of the Lexigram, the manuscript is being written such that anyone who desires to learn this sacred art and science can benefit from these many years of experiences and renderings and researches revealed so that they can master the art with a wee bit of study and a fair bit of practice.  However, that being said, no one need learn how to do the art or work the science of the Lexigram.  By reading the Star Arts contained within these pages, one will awaken.  If you find this to not be true, contact us.  We will help clear your mis understandings of the simplicity of the book, or we will buy the book back from you if you simply cannot see the power of your word.  [Note: Obviously, this will apply after the book is published.]

More importantly, the well versed reader will gain their complete freedom of heart and mind and their full knowingness of soulness in this universe, in oneness with the Love source, with understanding on how the freedom is created and maintained by the universes themsElves through the sheer powers of our Words.  Yes, you read correctly.   Ergo, you now know, your words sword creates your life, or destroys it.  If this is new news to you, simply turn your ears on when you speak.  If you are lying with the improper thrusts, you are dying.   'Tis your choice, how you do speak.

When the manuscript is finished as it intends to be written ... and many an author will know what I speak of when I say the manuscript is, for the most part, writing itsElf at this point ... a simplified version will be distilled from the final of the manuscript, making a simple conversational book which reveals profound truths which assist in making your life and the living of your dreams and visions real by your simple readings and so knowings of newer awarenesses. A book easily read by one and all.  After the release of the simplified Lexigrams, the full version will be released.

Currently, no holds are barred on the manuscript ... all subjects are open to inspection with the lens of the Lexigram, and what is meant by this is, still today there are Star Arts in the manuscript that I know will not be in the final publishing.  One example is ... the Star Arts in Pleiadians will be either gone or drastically reduced in revealings to a simple few lines of truth.   Right now, the Star Art shows exactly as it was rendered in 1996-1997 for Barbara Marciniak for her viewing and use at her request, and the even further refined version. 

Another example is the full Star Art of the Name, George Walker Bush ... this too will be present in the final book, and will have to be reduced in revealings.  As it stands now, it is over 80 pages long.  You can see the full public in the republic Name Art at this link :

We also freely share these Lexigrams with you.  That page will have links leading to some of the names and titles and words we have rendered. 

Also, if you go to the Star Art of AMERICANS and the DOLPHINS and WHALES and FOREST, you will be able to hear the Voicings of those Star Arts on mp3, as recorded in the studio on July 3rd, 2001.  It is our intention the Star Arts will rise to the level of songs before we release the Documentary Video of the Creations and Giftings of the Star Arts. 

   On 20060428, we release a working title of the Documentary Script :

Two, A True Story
15 Minutes of Filmings
A 75 minute documentary it shall be.  Filmings have not yet begun. 
The script is still in progress in the livings and writings of these works that heal.

This offer of the manuscript of Letters Let Seer See has been arranged to act as a fundraiser for Good Works On Earth. 
We create one print upon receipt of your request with your substantial donation to Good Works On Earth.  At this time,
a donation of one thousand American Gold Eagle one-ounce coins of the realm is the only donation accepted at this
level. [ Note : If this is beyond your means of donation, please forgive if you think this is greed, for it is not.  Rare is the
one who will be reading herein who can and could and will respond.  That response will ensure our productions beyond
where we have already produced this work, and that response will allow the creation and production and distribution of
what you might otherwise never hear or see, Dear Reader, and your neighbors too. Remember, these Star Arts awaken
and heal those who read them or hear them.  The gig here is Peace On Earth, and this can happen when enough folks
awaken to the ongoing miracles of Mother Earth and her creatures, including us humans. ]

Your donation to Good Works On Earth will empower our work such that the finals on the manuscript, the documentary
and other sharings we are doing can be completed to their highest sheens.  Your donation will provide funds for the first
printings of the published book and the creations of the productions schedule of the documentary still ongoing.

The author's printing you will receive will be the exact working copy being worked with at that time.
If you like, you may request we print the manuscript on a specific date.

This offer will be responded to only once before we publish the first book. At the time this one funding is received,
this page will change to share the story.  Anyone who knows enough to be able to make this donation know that you
will receive a box or boxes of the published books when printed, as our gift to you, and in addition to one documented
and signed mansucript print, you will be showered with the results of this work being shared in the Americas. 

This specific offer will be withdrawn prior to the actual publishing The StarLightning Express.

Currently, the tendency of the manuscript is to inflate itsElf with new material still being discovered these days,
and I then edit it down as it wishes to become for publishing.
On 20051224, the manuscript had been crafted to 467 pages containing 161,354 words and 79 images.
On 20060327, the manuscript has been edited to 470 pages containing 162,392 words and 76 images.
My goal is to edit it down to 444 pages with 144,000 words and an unknown number of images.
On 20060407 Steve Rother was answer #1 of the 144,000 answers to the search query
    someone used at google to visit our site, as we were answers #3 and #8.
On 20060428, one of the most intriguing searches somone did on the internet to find and visit our site is this :: 122120121111
   On this day, there are only 4 answers showing, with the other three sites having multiple entries on this number sequence.
   What is your date when you read the above, and if you want, copy the number, go to your favorite search engine,
   and see how many answers show. 
       Note of 20070406 : 201212211111 : same as 122120121111 : point of singularity, dates wise, December 21, 2012.
       Reduced to  : 011111112222, numerically ordered.
Here is our page link to where the search engine answer pointed : 122120121111

On 20060912, the manuscript is 474 pages with 165,714 words and 78 images.
On 20070609, the manuscript is 482 pages with 174,324 words and 83 images.

That is our story so far on our work in terms of releasing the manuscript, and the documentary of this work and its results with others.

If this work interests you, and if this work is something you would like to support, we invite you to contact us.
Please, send your note of interest to, Will I Am, Executive Director, Good Works On Earth :
If you would like to contact our Board of Directors.
If you would like to address me as WebMaster and Editor.

On 20060508, someone asked us this question : I was watching a trailer for the DaVinci code on a Netflix promo.
On the "Title" page on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, the word, Imagine appeared with a 1/2 mirrored
effect of the word right underneath it. I couldn't but help notice this and ever since I have been wondering if there
is any connection to you?

I respond : I have not seen what you are speaking of, however, I do have 'connections' to the gig.
I don't share those connections, as they are at this time, very private, and still ephemeral.
I can say to you that there are movies which I have nothing to do with that I know are precursors to this work being released.
For instance, A Beautiful Mind ... wherein the professor goes 'crazy' with his research into code breaking of numbers and such.
My research is akin to what he did, however, I didn't go crazy and lose it and one reason is I focused my research on a stellar code,
not man made ciphers designed to confuse and entrap their enemies. For the record, no one has gone crazy by seeing this research.

I was awakened and enlightened by the letters beyond my wildest dreams.  And Yes, I can say to you that the movie, The Da Vinci Code, is a precursor to my work being released in that it awakens folks to the anagram far more than ever imagined in times prior, and my work with the art and science of the Lexigram awakens folks to the power of the anagrams of words to heal people and their conditions. 

Also, the television show, NUMB3RS, is a precursor to my work. In the last showing of NUMB3RS, they showed a full anagram of the main character's name as part of the resolution of a code they were working on. If you think numbers are a powerful coding tool, and can be decoded to solve mysteries, wait till you see the documentary of my work ... which is the decoding of the letters and words themsElves.  Mind boggling, it is to me, still this day, in terms of what this body of work is able to share regarding the ascensions and awakenings and yes, healings of humans, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I have been blest more than I can say with this research I do.

Folks find this page from all over the world in their search engine searches ...
This is one of our favorites someone searched on 20051119 :

let there be peace on earth manuscript

Yes, the 'manuscript' for Let There Be Peace On Earth Good Will All, does exist.

The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See
The Nature of the Lexigram

This is a response from someone in England after we sent them a snippet of the manuscript :

This is just such a beautiful work of art as it holds sooooooo many truths and resonances with the
higher realms of love and light that it goes way beyond the beating of a physical heart to that of God/dess,
with the crystal clear clarity of a pure diamond made up of dancing starlight. I just love the way you bring
the letters to settle within the expression of such wonder! I AM most honoured that you have sent me
this empowering, thank you. What always amazes me about every snippet you send me from
your book is that it always calls to my inner knowing and opens me up to a kind of on-going
meditation in movement as I go about my day.........the awakenings are so WOW!! and its
like as I read, the words jump off the page and come alive within me and begin to resonate
with a potent energy which no other book has ever achieved, not even close. I personally
think your book will become one of the world's greatest. Have you heard any more
about getting it published yet? Hope you have a nice evening, much love, K

This is what we sent K on 20051117

Subject : An Empowering from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See
This next line is at the end of page 33, leading to the next page ...

Next comes the Letter Angels' way of getting you ready for Lexigrams.

This is a little word ditty we wrote after I'd worked with the words and the letters for some time.

Letters form Words.
Words form Sentences.
Sentences form Ideas.
Ideas form Beliefs.
Beliefs form Realities.
Realities form Forms.
Forms form Letters.

Letters Reset ~ Letter Settle ~ Letters Rest ~ Letters Set
Letters Let Seer See
Copyright Moi ~ i oM


Please read the Star Art of Peace On Earth

If you would like to help awaken and heal America, we have the tools to do it with, already proven thousands of times over with individuals and small groups.  To reach millions in freely sharing a Star Art that can heal crime and racism and violence takes more money than we currently have at our disposal.  We need and request your support to share this work in your area.  If you haven't seen any of the Star Arts with your own eyes in your local area, you are what is called a precursor.  A precursor is that which comes before something else.  In this case, you are in the know by virtue of your having seen the Star Arts herein, on this 710+ page web site called Good Works On Earth.  You are in the know now.

What of yOur brothers and sisters walking Mother Earth who have not yet seen ?

One Idea :

Help us awaken and heal your city - make a donation in the name of and for your city, small or large.  We can direct the bulk of your donation towards healings in your chosen city.  You can watch it happen by helping to make it happen.  Star Arts will gently start to show your local publications, it will be gently heard in your local media, folks will be talking about new awarenesses around the water cooler and you will see the change in their awarenesses.  We have the keys to Peace On Earth ready to release in many ways, and we are also open to your ideas in using the Star Arts in terms of awakening and healing our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, et al, our kin, in America, and yes, English speaking peoples all over the globe, thank you for being here.  These doings are something altogether different than our offer of sharing the one print of the StarLightning Express.

Please know, the next to the last person in America to receive the Star Art of AMERICANS in America was the Mayor of New Orleans. 
Our question is ... will he do more with it than Congressman Rob Ney ever did ? 
The Congressman Rob Ney fellow is now charged with Crimes in America.  
Not only that, he let down George Walker Bush with a vengence, and so too, Americans.

We support the good works of Yahoo in creating GoodSearch

Where your every Yahoo Powered Search supports your chosen charity.
Thank you for choosing and supporting Good Works On Earth with your GoodSearches.

If you are a Lover of the Lexigram,
and a Lover of Linda Goodman's work
we offer you a rare treat :
Linda Goodman's Star Signs
Being offered as a fundraiser for Good Works On Earth

Linda Goodman's Birth Name :
Mary Alice Kemery :: Information Below

Our Documentary Video

The Creations and Giftings of the Star Arts upon Mother Earth.

You donation will enable us to purchase all necessary equipment and related expenses for this in-house production in association with others willing to come together to create the production of the documentary.  We will be documenting the researches and sharings of the art and science of the Lexigram and the healings that ensue when one or more are exposed to this material for the first times.  We will document the story of how this body of work came to be so powerful in terms of awakening and healing folks in the name of Peace On Earth Good Will All, and yes, forgive those who say, Peace on Earth Good Will To All Men.  The woman birthes man, in words and in deeds with her lips of creation.  No mano a mano on, Om.

The documentary will cover the time period of 1987 to anytime 2008 and we expect will take less than six months to put the final cuts onto the masters, ready for reproductions and distributions.  The time table for completion of the documentary, from the date of receipt of this particular donation amount or more, is six months to the day, or prior : the broadcast quality video will be edited and ready for public preview.  The donor(s) will be the first to receive the production print in state of the art media.  The donor(s) will also be written into the documentary as he or she or they approve, or not, as they wish it.  This is the sole choice of the donor(s).  Our producer and crew will absolutely and enthusiastically work with the creativity of the donor(s) in this matter of writing in the donor(s), or their business, or their favorite charity, or not, as they wish it.  And yes, if you are so inclined to donate more ... the documentary can only become more and more beautiful in terms of sets and lighting and yes .... editings and effects.  At this time, there are no special effects intended, for they are not needed.  The story alone is beyond sufficient to astound the viewer, to say nothing of the effects upon the viewer's viewpoints of life and living after having seen what has been seen and after having their ears hear what the documentary film will share. 
The power of the word is beyond the normal ken and the documentary will bridge the gap so folks can make the leaps of ascending awarenesses.

We invite you to be creative in these matters and if you haven't any idea of how you would like your group showing in the documentary, we will create your part in the videoing and you will have final approval on your part in the documentary.   Yes, that means script approval on your presence or not on the screen.

Please address our President, Rita Martino, at the Board of Directors links just below.

We invite your interests.

Meet our Board of Directors

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Description : Good Works On Earth
Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

Page Title :
The Manuscript : The StarLightning Express - Letters Let Seer See - The Nature of the Lexigrams
Copyright - All Rights ReServed World Wise

Page Description
We share information on the manuscript,
The StarLightning Express : Letters Let Seer See : The Nature of the Lexigram
: The Author's Pen is Kathy Uno :
Documenting the researches and results of 19 years of decoding the Sword of Words, and the Voicings of the Star Arts.
Documenting these doings with Jon Lee and Will I Am, Letters Let Seer See shares the art and science of the Lexigrams.
Will chose to heal hell here on Mother Earth, while Jon can choose, and so chose to heal heaven.  He achieves it.
The StarLightning Express is to be published under its own stellar pen name.  The name in pen is, Kathy Uno.
This is a page sharing the connection of the creation of the pen name, an anagram of Thank You, created by Will I Am.

Key Words
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Phrases We Establish
~ Artist of the Pathways to the Stars ~
: Artists of the Stars :
The Stellar Star Arts
: Thank You ~ Kathy Uno :
Thank You ~ Kathy Onu
: Kathy Uno Productions :
The Author's pen is Kathy Uno, an anagram of Thank You
: Thank You, Kathy Onu :
The author's name in pen is Kathy Onu, an anagram of Thank You
Thank You, Kathy Uno
This name in pen is a perfect anagram of my Thank You to YOU.
My Pen Name re settle in its letters to my THANK YOU to you.
My Thank You re settle in letters to my pen name, Kathy Onu, or Uno, depending on my mood at the time I write.
Moi ~ i oM : My one word to three word signature palindrome.
"Any questions? Say the Words."
Endowments to the Nowments

Google whacked phrases by proofs.

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lexigrams instruction book
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Earth Mother birthes her spirit son

The Letters of the Seer
^ For our friends using French : Les Lettres du Voyant

Mary Alice Kemery
It has been written elsewhere that Linda Goodman, whose Birth Name was Mary Alice Kemery, died of diabetes on 19951021.
We have confirmed this with others who have known and worked with Linda Goodman nee Kemery over many years.
Linda Goodman nee Kemery authored the book, Linda Goodman's Star Signs, and other titles.

How did the Iranians find out about The StarLightning Express ?
Someone searched for and found, The StarLight Expressions.
This is a safe link ... Welcome to Iranians of the Lighted Hearts of Love.
It is good to have your Loving Awarenesses from your search engines.
You can see what countries are visiting our site when you click
upon the Statistics Graphic at the end of the page. We are
also being found by the Chinese, and Pakistani's,
now so many other nation's peoples,
Welcome and Good Will All

One more gifting ... we can now share the
Star Arts in GRACELAND
on this day of 20051224

Peace Be Ye in yOur Holy I Days

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Anagrams of A MARCH CHARM

Anagrams of FEBRUARY

Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
A choral chord can .....
I Sae I Can Sea .. (sic) AMERICANS
The Star Art
The Song
as ...
An Anthem of the America's
The Star Arts In Americans
Three and a half minutes.
A Minute Time.
Sae As mi noot, teensy tiny.