View of home from Chinese craft
Orientation of view is altered
The love of one's country is a natural thing.
But why should love stop at the border?
- Pablo Casals


Heartlings ! Earthlings

All of the words used in the Star Art of our EARTH MOTHER are spelled
using only those letters which spell the name, MOTHER EARTH.

This is a Lexigram of the name of our Earth Mother Home.
Mother Earth is a conscious being of awareness.

If you are new to the art and science of the Lexigram,
we invite you to read the Introduction of the Lexigrams.

And now, we ask you to read oh so sacredly, the Mother Earth Art in Lexigram form from :

... from the letters ...
... revealing ...






the Heart of Mother Earth in the Star Art of MOTHER :

We call the above anagram art the Star Art of
THE MOTHER of Earth, an Air and Earth Anagram
'Twas created to graphic art by David Woods, at the Flamenco Studio. Words by Kathy Uno : Anagrams Artist and Lexigrams Artist
These are the words in Star Art of MOTHER in Lexigram form:

Copyright 200505, One Star Art of the Letters of EHMORT
An Air ~n~ Earth Anagram

Mother Earth is breathing as Mother Earth is alive.
Same as Tellurians are breathing with Mother Earth.
Mother Earth is alive.

I agree with Emerson in that every human is a student,
   and I add that Mother Earth hersElf is here for and in their behoof, *
    as we in hers when we know Love is the awareness of all that is.
- Kathy Onu

* behoof : benefit or advantage in presence or use.
Folks now say, in one's behalf, or on one's behalf.
The quote above honors Emersons use of the behoof in his quote.

"Is not every man a student, and do not all things exist for the student's behoof?"
   - Ralph Waldo Emerson

.. 20090120 ..



Now happening in our American
White House

See for yourself at the
Office of the President, Barack Hussein Obama :

The World Forests
Become aware of the forests ...
Imagine a higher meaning of trees ..
The Metaphysical Meaning of Trees

Mother Earth's FORESTS of trees and hemp plants are Her breathing lungs, as are her Oceans.
Mother Earth is a breathing living awareness, giving birth to her men and women and creatures all.
Mother Earth is looking for her American Babushkas to rise up in one voice of healing Love.
This note was added on 20070223 at the requests of Mother Earth.
O! American Babushkas is the link to Sone Game #6
Ye are the Healing Heart Lights of America

How did Mother Earth get her name ?
Atom Earth Mother : Many a search visitors term
Our source of the Image of Mother Earth :


Lady Gaia
Lady Gaea
Lady Ge
Mother Earth
Our Home
Terra : Latin for Earth
Tellus - Goddess of the Earth
The Emerald Gem
The Heart of the Solar Ray
Goddesses' Geode
Earth Mother

marl :: a name of mother earth ::
Entered into the Book of Names on 200503210717pst

Mother Eorth
Muthur Urth
Names for the earth : Names for Mother Earth
Our EarthMother has many more names.
She is a living breathing entity of awareness.
Where is your breath coming from, you see.

There is a name to be well known, it is MUTUR.
Mutur is the name of this whale :
~ Merhaba Ben Mutur ~
phocoena phocoena

Species Authority  (Linnaeus, 1758)
Source Page :

(link reported broken on 20080527)

From Mother Earth and Her Healing Slate ...

Our favorite search of a day : someone found our site and visited the WOMAN Star Art page
The search they used was art - women mending the earth

These are actual search engine questions leading the seeker to Good Works On Earth

Where did the planet earth get its name from ?
Where does earth gets its name from ?
When did the earth get its name ?
How did earth get its name ?

This is answer #1 to the question : How did Earth get its name ?
 All of the planets, except for Earth, were named after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.
The name Earth is an Olde English/German name which simply means the grounds, the dirts.
It comes from the Old English words, eor, eorth, eorthe, and 'ertha'.
In  German it is 'erde'. The name Earth is at least 1000 years old.
 Source :

Google Eorth ? googli eorth ?

Is Mother Earth a conscious being ?
Answer : Could you be conscious in physical without her conscious life giving ?

Mythologically, Earth hersElf was said to be the daughter of Chaos & Night

We send our quiet thank you's to
for their search to find us on the internet
and for their support in sharing the awakenings
and healings with their Mother Nature's Earth Homes.
When these folks are ready to share, we'll let you know here.


The Name of the Moon
Question Searched : Why does the Earth's moon not have a name ?
Factual Answer : Our moon has more than one name :
The Moon was called Selene or Artemis by the Greeks and Luna by the Romans.
I'm sure other cultures also had names for the Moon.
But in English, Moon (from Mona and Moone in Old and Middle English)
was used before anyone had any idea that the other planets had moons.
So it was more a case that the specific name for the Moon was extended to mean
small bodies revolving around planets elsewhere. The Moon's name is the Moon.

Dr. Eric Christian
(June 2002)

are there shadows on the moon ?

Yes, there are shadows on the moon, and because the moon has no air to reflect and scatter the rays of the solar shining,
the shadows will be very dark indeed with very clearly defined edges where the light shines, and where the light shines not.

Speaking of the Moon ...

In an unnamed magazine ...
the December 2005 issue featured the Star Arts
and the Star Art of AMERICANS
was the back cover art.

One mayor in one city in America received one print as a gift in awareness in early 2006.
Other mayors may not have seen this particular issue and never will as it is out of print.

Groaning of Earth
: "'Let me start off with a riddle,' says NASA scientist Allan J. Zuckerwar.
In his office in Hampton, Va., he rattles off items as dissimilar as rhinoceroses, supersonic aircraft,
and hurricanes. 'Now, what do they have in common?' The answer, Zuckerwar explains, is that each
one generates silent infrasound—long sound waves at a frequency below 20 hertz."
Souce of quote :
(link reported broken in 2008)

Just for the fun of it ...

In the name of sacred drummings these are freely gifted links :

African Drummings

Are you looking for hand-made Earth friendly drums ?
Are you seeking Powwow drums made with the hands of the heart ?

Then we invite you to visit :

To find links to
Organic Food & Seed Sources
Organic Growing Information
anywhere in the world
press this internal link to our :
Good Works Links Page
You will find the best links we know at the near top of the page.

Help plant the Web of Love
right here on Mother Earth by supporting
a non-profit foundation established by John Denver
because he knew the trees of Mother Earth
are key to our survival in more ways
than mere 'lumber' .. for they are
our very breath, and more.
Please do visit, and
contribute to
Peace on Earth
through the plantings of the trees :


Mother Earth Day, You say ?
Celebrating Mother Earth Day Every Way
This is our letter to Mother Earth, through you.
Love Shouts Out in the City of Herat

Earth Day Celebrations :
Get on their list
to find the
Earth Day

A Label to Die For .. The Cancer Industry
The worlds wealthiest 'non-profit' corporation is :
The American Cancer Society
While chemicals are killing us, our tax dollars are supporting the corporate creations of death.

We invite you to read the expert analysis of Dr. Samuel Epstein,
of the Univeristy of Illinois School of Public Health :

Mother Earth is awash in lame male chemicals with their lame male claims.
Do you buy these poisons for your home or business ?

Imagine all the chemical fertilizers on lawns all over America.
Children playing ... dogs and cats and birds, all affected by chemicals.

Now imagine a new awareness :
"Edible landscape - food plants for people and wildlife."
 These are the words of Jude Hobbs, landscape designer
and permaculture instructor in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.
May we suggest you spend your money on life, and not on
chemical and cancerous death ?   To visit Jude's information : : on 20130327, we noted this link is not operating


  An analysis of the most popular lawn and garden pesticides shows more
than half of the products include ingredients classified by the EPA or the
World Health Organization as possible carcinogens, one-third contain known
or suspected endocrine disruptors, and more than a quarter contain reproductive toxins.

Over 40% of the most commonly used lawn and garden pesticides are banned
in other countries, yet U.S. homeowners annually apply 90 million pounds of
these types of pesticides to gardens and lawns where children frequently play.

Homeowners apply three times more pesticides per acre to their lawns than farmers apply to agricultural crops.

 An EPA study found that lawn pesticides are easily tracked indoors and exist in the carpet and  flooring for years.

Source :

Learn about the Cowboys.
See the fruits of their labors :


Mother Earth
has her
attorneys and lawyers
who are working for her health
and so ours for this is our Earth Heart

Letter Perfect Palindrome
Copyright 2003
Please feel free to share these five lines freely
Please keep all five lines unchanged in the sharing

To see our Twelve Word Palindrome version 

We invite you to view the
Star Art of GODDESS

We invite you to view the Name Art of OPRAH WINFREY
Are you seeking an example of Planet Earth Awakenings ?

We invite you to view the

Next up :
Talk show host and more

Good Works On Earth's web site is now
composed of 710+ pages freely sharing
the art and science of the Lexigram.
We offer services and products in
the name of the awakenings and
the healings of Americans and
so all races on our sphere
we call home.

Good Works On Earth

Star Arts bumper stickers from Good Works On Earth

Information on the manuscript entitled :

The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See

The Nature of the Lexigram


To see more Name Arts and Star Arts
and Good Works On Earth's messages
Linked Star Arts Galore


View the
Star Art of


Read the Voice of Mother Earth's words on
11:11:2002 as channeled by one of her children.
Mother Earth's Voice - 11:11:2002


"We are born free and united brothers, each as much a lord as the other ...
I am the first and the last of my nation ... subject only to the Great Spirit."
- - Huron - 1693

We invite you to visit our
Small Earth Bookstorer's Loft

Beauty is truth, truth, beauty - that is all ye need to know on earth, and all ye need to know.
- -  John Keats, "Ode on a Grecian Urn"

We thank you for your donations.

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This is Our Earth Mother Art

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Description : Good Works On Earth
Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares the proofs that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

Key Words :
motherearth, mother earth, mother earth art, mothers, nature, mothernature, atom, healings,
lexigram, lexigrams, arted, names, star, arts, artings, earths, hera, hears,
rhea, heart, herat, heals, hates, haters, rest, hatreds, dearths, hear earth,
earth day, hear her heart

Actual Web Searches Folks Entered to Arrive at Good Works On Earth :
Artist interpretation of mother earth :
arts letterings : arts & letterings : arts and letterings
: book of letters from mother earth :
Earth as Mother
: angels loft :
letter mother earth
: taking care of the earth :
goddess gaia mother earth
: natural earth names : see above :
a place called earth
: gaia art mother earth :
beauty is truth and truth beauty - that ye all know and needs to know on earth
^^ see actual quote here ^^
Why care about Mother Earth ?
Why is Earth a mother
art word mom : art wordings on mom

Why is Mother Earth a mother
: names of homes as mother :
gods creations landscape
: mother earth art :
mother earth's arts
~ mother earth artwork ~
mother earth healers
artists who use words to create arts
: making art with words : make art with words :
creative wording on motyher earth : cretive wording
: make words with the letters EARTH :
wordings about mom
: names of earth mother :
artwork with names
: Earth Mother Maa :
The Great Spirit Mother Earth
:. goddess earth .:
natural arts form
: Oprah and Art :
~ lady gaia ~
lady gaea
.: lady ge :.
 ~ Ge ~
~ Define Earth ~
: planet earth ascension update :
informations on the earth's name
:. words of wisdom earth is our home .:
earth heart ascension 2007
earth heart ascension 2008
earth heart ascension 2009
earth heart ascension 2010
earth heart ascension 2012
Creative wordings on Mother Earth
: Sananda Ye Art Gods :
good for the earth

Earth defined :
Mother Earth has name names such as Lady Gaia, Lady Gaea, Lady Gae, Lady Ge, and the simple, Ge.
Did you know that the word MARL, is defined as Mother Earth ?
MARL : is defined as, earth.
'Tis a poetic name for Mother Earth
Another is The Emerald Gem of the Universes

The Question : how did humans form on the earth
My answer : We are the Dream of One Love.
We are the Dreamers of One Love.
We dreamt oursElf, oursElves.
We imaged our presences using Love's cosmic mindstuff, if you will.
We are our dreams, and ifyou look over time, you see the evolution is real.
No, not the perfectly linked on one path from the clam to the man.
Moreso the evolution of our humaneness, on this you can agree, over our known time.
We are our belief system, we are our imaged idea,
We are our imaged game, our imaged age.
We are our imaged Magi, we are our imaged Ma.
Dare to dream yoursElf anew as you can see to do,
In harmony with the one source of all, Love.
Everything less than Love is a mere bubble,
a dream easily awakened from by desire and intention.
- Kathy Onu

  Actual Web Search Question :
Which has the greater mass the earth or the moon ?
Our answer is the moon has much less mass than the earth.
Do you know the most accurate answer known to science ?
Send us the mass of our home and our lunar body, and
we will share your answers and sources here.
How far is the North Star ?
How far is the North Pole Star ?
Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor.
It is also very close to the north celestial pole, making it the current north pole star.
(But this is only a temporary situation due to precession)
Polaris is also known as the 'North Star',
the 'Lode Star', or the 'Pole Star', or sometimes 'Polaris Borealis'.
Polaris is 431 light years (132 parsecs) from Earth, according to measurements made by the Hipparcos satellite.
Source :

More real web searches by others arriving at Good Works On Earth :
a day of rest for the earth
The Day Out of Time
of the
Mayan Calendar
is an answer
: awareness wise
: mother earth other name :
mother's day mother earth history
: name of mother of power :
mother earth's care
: mother earth homes :

"the word of god is mother earth"
to which we add ...
the word of goddess is mother earth
the word of Love is mother earth
Which planet can be seen with your eyes ?
Look down below your feet with thy inner eye ...
Which planets can you see ?

Are you wondering if meaning is hidden within the letters and anagrams of your name ?

The Axioms of the Letters are the Mother of the Arts and Science of the Lexigram

Did you know Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods ...
Where did the name, Mercury, come from, you ask ?
The answer : Mercury - 'Thoth was the Lord or God of Maa, or the Egyptian Maa, or Maat, meaning 'truth.'
And Maa kHeru, meaning 'true words' is the basis from which came the Greek from, 'Merkury' or
'Mercury.' : Source the Mystical Life of Jesus by H. Spencer Lewis

' Earth Contact Home Plans, How May We Help You ?'
Now linked to the work and website of Bob Vila
Get in touch with the earth .. build your home organicly

We invite you to visit the Cob Cottage Company,
where you can easily learn how to build your
new home from the raw materials of
Mother Earth :
What is COB, you ask ?
Press the image below, take flight to the delights
Natural Earth Homes

'Cob Cottage Company, how can we help you ?'
Cob Cottage Company
Visit them and find a great way to build your new home on earth.
You won't believe the fun, the savings, and the results of your
building your own home with the materials of Mother Earth.
These folks did not ask for this link, nor did they pay for it.
They earned this link by doing their good works on earth.
Better and easier than "how to build a ram earth house"

Yurts are more than you have imagined.
We invite you to visit :
Mother Earth Yurts
The above link is gifted to Mother Earth Yurts

You can find Good Works On Earth's pages here :
Our Internal Search Engine
or here :
Our List of Page Addresses

More actual search engine visitors to Good Works On Earth :
heart of the mother earth : heart of the earth mother

: names that mean earth :
: letters to mother earth artist :
' quotes about mother earth '
love your mother earth
~ information about earth mother ~
good earth words
~ information about earth's name ~
earth mother names
: earth good place to live :
what does my earth has
~ words that describe Earth ~
Earth's description
~ images earth mother ~
God's earth
~ the nation of gods and earths ~
things the earth can do
answer : she breathes, and she birthes me and you,
and the creatures of the airs, lands and oceans.
She is a living being of awareness, with
her breathings easily seen.
~ tell about earth ~
heaven on earth tree rose
~ Earth's Natural Resources ~
anagram earth

~ earth ascension ~
ascension of earth
~ mother earth tree art ~
name art star codes
how earth gets its name ?
god mother earth
: God Creating Earth artwork :
living on earth in human form ?
: natural goodness mother earth :
See the Star Art of EARTHLINGS
The earth's natural, internal warmth is called ?
Asked at AskJeeves : Our answers :: the heart light of your Love is empowering her heart light.
everything from this is the details unneeded to know the source of life is the light, and Mother Earth
turns the lights for our lifes and hers. She breathes the solar breaths, we breathe her breaths.
Our hearts as one create the weathers.

On 20060110, the media reported there was no violence across all of Iraq. No one died,
no one hurt. The Seeds of Peace can be sprouted no matter one man's errors in war.
What caused that day of peace ?

~ the measurement of the earth ~
earth's size = earth area is recorded to be 196,938,790 square miles
: googe eorth : gogle eorth : google eorth : gooogle eorth : google earth : direct link
~ google eartha ~
: word art earth :
Gaia earth artwork
: artwork of mother earth :
celestial mother earth artwork
: God creating earth artwork :
God's mother created the earth
: our earth home : home earth link :
~ reflections of earth in art : [the Star Art of EARTH is that.] ~
Letters to Mother earth from Children of earth
~ when and how did god create earth ~
Answer : In the beginning is the Word ::
jesus return to earth : description of sananda
a persons name who works in earth sciences
~ how do we help take care of our earth ~
answer : immediately begin growing hemp across America
making use of its abundant gifts in tens of thousands of organic products.
: birthplanet : evolutionplanet :
quotes mother earth healing
: earth star workings :
: good words for earth :
Gaia the Mother of the Earth
anagram of the word earth
~ Lady Gaia is Mother Earth's Name ~
the MotherEarth game
: love names for a mother :
how did the planet earth get its name
: See Above :
why are trees good for the earth
: Mother Earth breathing :
: earth mother in art :
richest homes in america : answer = where there is Love
: also has been searched as :
richest home sin america
[ old names for mother earth  ]
old souls on mother earth
[ mother nature names ]
other names for the earth mother nature
the above search showed us as #9 / 13,000,000 answers on 20050704
: other names for mother earth :
the above search showed us as #4 / 23,500,000 answers on 20051021
: arts of mother earth : poem for nature :
: good words for mother earth :
Artist interpretation of mother earth
Love for Mother Earth
Earth Mother birthes her spirit son :
You are on the trail of the nature word names

How many people live on the earth ?
"The first Billion of population occurred on the planet around 1800,
the next century ended with about two billion,
the 3rd billion around 1960,
the 4th billion in approximately 1974
and we reached 5 Billion in 1987.
We currently exceed 6 Billion on the Planet and ..."
Source :

Actual Searches by others arriving here :
Facts about planet eaarth
: Facts about planet earth begin at the top of this page and continue below :

Actual Search : How many peoples lives on earth ?
Per search.msn, the World Estimate of 2003 Population Total was : 6,302,486,693 people.
This is six billion, three hundred and two million, four hundred and eighty six thousand, six hundred and ninety three people.
We are probably nearing 7 billion people in late 2006.
The population of Earth in terms of Humans is easily
supported on her dirts with sharing as the frame
of reference, not false prophets nor false profit.
Destroying our earth and natures.
environmental name art : environment name art
environmental word art : environment word art
" Earth is the home we share "
This Is Our Earth Song
" Mother Eaarth "
Mother Earth
: Muthur Urth :
Mohter Eörth
Mother Erth

One Snippet from the Book of Names
adeeffhimnorst ... different names for mother earth : search visitor : 20050603
     We were #1 / 6,210,000 : motherearth.html : 0 answers with quotes at that time   : posted ^

Another Snippet from the Book of Names


aehmort ... mother earth - near prime letterings sequence  : sacred letterings sequence
aehmort ... teraohm - near prime letterings sequence : defined as one trillion ohms of resistance.
aehmort ... mother earth art : image searched on 20050608 : Jessica Galbreth is #1. We are #5 / 5,670,000 answers.
                            correct spelling of her name is JESSICA GALBRETH
aehmort ... earth home : searched 20050615 : We are #12 / 122,000,000 answers at google :
                    ^  with quotes we are #16 out of 54,200 answers for earth home
                   ^^ Placed onto index.html, and motherearth.html. No others.
aehmort ... earth mother : searched on 20050618 : we are #4 / 12,200,000 answers : motherearth.html
                    ^  with quotes, 17,100 answers.  we are not in top ten :

The above snip was posted what now seems so long ago .. and this snip has now grown so ...
aehmnrst … earth names : searched 20051022 : we are #7 / 35,100,000 : motherearth.html : 0 / “56,200” : google
aehmnrst … earth names : searched 20050925 : we are #13/ 40,500,000 : native-american.html : “6,710” : yahoo
aehmnrst … earth names : searched 20050830 : we are #7/ 12,500,000 : motherearth.html : “19,400” : google
aehmnrst … earth names : searched 20050823 : we are #5/ 13,200,000 : motherearth.html : “22,400” :
aehmnrst …. earth names : searched 20050822 : we are #5/ 12,600,000 : motherearth.html : “22,400”
aehmnrst …. earth names : searched 20050817 : we are #7 / 13,200,000 : motherearth.html : “23,100”
aehmnrst …. earth names : searched 20050726 : we are #4 / 13,300,000 : motherearth.html
aehmnrst … earth names : searched 20050707 : We are #7 / 12,800,000 : Quoted = 26,300 answers, we are #39.
  ^^ motherearth.html is answer
aehmnrst … earth names : searched 20050705 : We are #8 / 12,700,000 : Quoted = 26,400 answers, we are #48.
  ^^ motherearth.html is answer
aehmnrst … earth names : searched 20050618 : We are #9 / 10,600,000 : Quoted = 32,700 answers, we are not top ten.
aehmnrst … earth names : searched 20050621 : We are #9 / 11,900,000 : Quoted = 33,600 answers, we are not top fifty.
  ^^ motherearth.html is answer
aehmnrst … unreleased at this time.  This is a Sone Game Answer.  Now the question is, what is the question. That's the game.
  Good Works On Earth knows the answer ... it is being held in trust, identified in the Book of Names as Sone Game Number __.
  Sone Game #1 was won by one angel name of Angela Hoppe of Alaska .. we wish her and her BeLoved well for their care.
  This note was added on 20051025.  Sone Game #1 now has its second winner, Faye Miller of Ohio.
  The Answer : The word sought that cannot be and could not be in the name of George Walker Bush was MASTER.
  Sone Game #1 is now closed.

On 200801231230pst Good Works On Earth registered with for Mother Earth Hour 2008

At the time we signed in, their site reported 10,911 people had signed in for the Earth Hour information.
Good Works On Earth was the 453rd business to have joined in on Earth Hour 2008.

We recommend your visitng this site .. it is a work of art in itsElf.
We showed as signing up to honor Mother Earth Hour at precisely :
   066days06hours30minutes03seconds prior.

Seems like a good balancing time to be arriving to speak with the Earth Heart on Her Earth Hour when we show Her we honor Her.

   - My name is Kathy Onu and I am sharing this simplicity with you, Thank You for reading what follows.

Let Mother Earth know you Love Her and tell your friends about the power of the dark in being a 'conservative' type.
Now you know why many pages at Good Works On Earth have been set with bright stars on dark deep space.

We be going greener by going darker.
Ponder well, digits shippers.

Note of 20090331 : Going Organic
Healing Mother Earth :
Green Drinks : an organic, self-organizing network
Green Drinks is a force for good :

Note of 20090228 ... Mark the date, reader.
The Power of Slow ... expanded, yet again.
America .. do not ignore the pure power of the slow.
Many know of the power of slow, and use it with great peace.

Note of 20080119 : POWER OF SLOW WEEK
January 13 to January 19, 2008 was chosen as the Global and Personal Power of Slow Week.
We invited you to touch the power you have been told is of no value ..
after all, the real lie is, 'Time is money.' Corporate rape, that one be.
We propose to you the Mayan knowings of Time is Art. Time is Life Art.
Money earning at the expense of others is the cause of capitalism's ails as mal aims.
Ponder the last sentence well, and you will know, the power of slow in seeing the
long term health of the viable CORPORATE IMAGE vibrant with life of all.
Not just those who "own" or are "in charge" as this is not the eternal way.
No Waya Hosaeh.

Note of 20080115 : Our deep, deep thank you to Ad Busters for shouting out about the power of SLOW.
We earn saner answers as we earn a newer awareness and one key of pure power of peace long missing is
the power of the quiet, the power of the slow, the power of the no action, no consumption.
Ponder well your learning a new awareness that is exquisitely freeing .. learn a new celebrations style ...
This is the exact email from :

Jammers and creatives,
Using a hybrid car for your two-hour commute to work, or eating organic food during your 20-minute lunch break isn't enough.
In order to negotiate the ecological problems facing our planet, we need to slow down our way of life.
The frenetic pace of the modern world is a hindrance to the kind of deep cultural change we need to ensure a healthy future.
Slow Down Week is a great opportunity to take it easy and adopt a new perspective.
Check out the video animation at and take it from there.
The Adbusters Team
AdBusters :
To join the Culture Jammers Network, visit Ad Busters :

The Power of Slow, America .. Ponder it well.

Once you touch the true power of it all, you will well know Two Thousand Eight is gonna be great.


One very healing quote :

The wise should surrender speech in mind, mind in the knowing self,
the knowing self in the Spirit of the universe, and the Spirit of the universe in the Spirit of peace.
   - the Upanishads

One more very healing quote in the spirit of the real and true power source of every breathing human :

Under all speech that is good for anything there lies a silence that is better,
Silence is deep as Eternity; speech is shallow as Time.
   - Thomas Carlyle

"We are eternal spirit imaging as human ..
Time I Emit, is not money.
That corporate rape lie is now dead in the bright minds of aware humans.
My name is Kathy Onu and Kathy Uno as I so choose to use, and I welcome your views."
@ The Star Art of CORPORATE

  Note of 20070210 : Sone Game # 2 is now closed, we have one person who has answered the challenge of the letters.
  Note of 20070310 : Sone Game #11 is now seeded. This is game is now closed.
aehmnrt … earth name : searched 20050629 : we are #6 / 30,400,000 google
aehmnrttwy …. Removed for privacy of another.
aehmnru : This is an answer key to Sone Game Three. 
    ^^ This game is open to your solution at this time in early 2006, and still open in early 2007.
    ^^ Find the key to the sone game threes.
aehmnu … humane : key change : 20050613 entered
aehmop … key change : netered 20050621
aehmorr : unused prior to 20050731
aehmorrstw … earthworms : netered by me on 20050731 : the earth's home for the earthworms is the earth heart home
aehmorst … earth's home : searched 20051003 : : we are #2 / 25,600,000 : index.html : we are 0 / “696”
aehmorst … the earth's home - a google search returned one million hits on 20030521, our home page was answer #1.
aehmorst …. ram earth homes : searched 20050724 : we are #31 / 118,625 : msn : “4” : we are not there this day
aehmorstu … ram earth house : searched 20050612 : we are the only three answers !!! with or without quotes
aehmort … mother earth - near prime letterings sequence : date of entry on first art : sacred letterings sequence
aehmort … ATOM EARTH MOTHER : searched 20051009 : we are #4, #5& #6 / 1,900,000 : : #6 / “422”
aehmort … mother earth art : searched on 20050923 : we are #3 & #4 / 15,500,000 : google : motherearth & mothernature.html
aehmort … mother earth art : searched on 20050919: we are #12 & #20 / 20,400,000 : yahoo : motherearth & motherteresa.html
   ^^ quoted, we are #3 / 195
aehmort … earth mother art : searched on 20050909 : we are #2 / 15,400,000 : We are #1 / 70 quoted. : google
aehmort …. atom earth mother : searched 20050822 : we are #3 / 723,000 : motherearth.html
aehmort … “mother earth” art : searched on 20050805 : Jessica Galbreath is #6. We are #7 / 626,000 answers
aehmort … mother earth art : image searched on 20050620 : Jessica Galbreath is #1. We are #4 & #5 / 5,650,000 answers
aehmort … mother earth art : image searched on 20050608 : Jessica Galbreath is #1. We are #5 & #6 / 5,670,000 answers
aehmort … teraohm - near primal letterings sequence : measure of the resistences of the resolutions : date of entry lost : long prior to 20041212.
   ^^ is this is what mother earth is operating in in terms of volumes of ohms and such with the sun's energies and her presences in the dreamings.
aehmort …. Earth-home : searched 20051018 : we are #13 / 167,000 : : reads as :
 #13 Good Works On Earth's Home Page - Sharing the Awakenings and ... - [ Traduire cette page ]
   Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and argues that the power of the word is far greater than we have
  been led to believe, or allowed to imagine. - 157k - En cache - Pages similaires
aehmort …. “Earth-home” : I searched it quoted from above on 20051018 : we are #19 / 162,000 :
aehmort …. earth home : searched 20050710 : we are # 8 / 9,966,579 : msn : #7 / '89,912'
aehmort …. earth home : searched 20050615 : we are #12 / 122,000,000 answers at google :
   ^ with quotes we are #16 out of 54,200 answers for earth home
   ^^ Placed onto index.html, and motherearth.html. No other.
aehmort … earth mother : searched on 20051024 : we are #17 / 33,400,000 answers : motherearth.html :
   ^^ “512,000”
aehmort … earth mother : searched on 20051014 : we are #20 / 33,300,000 answers : motherearth.html :
aehmort … earth mother : searched on 20050921 : we are #20 / 35,700,000 answers : motherearth.html
   ^^ with quotes, 17,100 answers. we are not in top ten :
aehmort … earth mother : searched on 20050618 : we are #4 / 12,200,000 answers : motherearth.html
   ^^ with quotes, 17,100 answers. we are not in top ten :
aehmort …. atom earth mother : searched 20050811 : we are #4 / 675,000 : motherearth.html
aehmory : unused prior to 20050731 : we be at the key change area : we be home
aehmov ….. Mohave - Native American tribe name
aehmow : key change unused prior to 20050912 and still on 20051025 and prime down to four letters to, ahem ... home, whoa, whom.
aehmox : key change unused prior to 20050912 - ditto - no whoa no whom
aehmoy : key change unused prior to 20050912 - ditto - yo, ahoy, ahem, yo home, yo homey.  prime six down to five with a homey.
---snip---- The Book of Names material is Copyright Held in Trust with Good Works On Earth.

  We are Answers #1, #2, and #3 for the query, MOTHER EARTH'S NAME

#1 : Lexigramming by William Schive Read the Name Art for RITA EIDE You ...
... that births life here on Mother Earth, and this is reflected in her name. ...
We can all help heal Mother Earth's breathing process, by stopping the ... articles/williamschive/article3.htm
- 20k - Cached - Similar pages
#2 : The Name Art of MOTHER EARTH in Star Arts form from Good Works On ...
We share with you the Star Arts of MOTHER EARTH and MOTHER NATURE.
These two Name Arts are Lexigrams now shared at Good Works On Earth. - 38k - Cached - Similar pages  
#3   The Name Art of MOTHER NATURE in Star Arts form from, Good Works ...
     You can see that all the words used in the Star Art of MOTHER NATURE are spelled
     using only those letters spelling the name itsElf ... - 13k - Jul 10, 2005 - Cached - Similar pages
The above was a visitor's search on 20050711.

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Did you know that it was a woman who first identified the photographing of dna ?
'Tis true.  She didn't know fully what she had taken a picture of, yet she was the first to show dna in image form.
Her photograph is more famous than the names of the men who took her image, and crafted the 'model' of dna.
They rarely named the woman, nor did they honor her with the Nobel Prize ...
No fame nor fortune did she enjoy compared to the two men's names that became popular as the 'father's of dna.'
Rosalind Franklin was the first person to photograph the dna, and it was her photogrpah that allowed men
to draw the model of the twisting spiral of the two physical strands of dna, yet they show none of the
magnetic strands of the makeup of the dna.  They only drew two of the twelve strands.

From the Book of Names :
Rosalind Franklin - dna photographer - she took the picture that showed it was 3 dimensional : [ 'Twas Rosalind, not Rosylin. ]
   Neither Crick nor Watson had been able to determine the form of DNA until they saw her photograph of DNA.
    Read the book, Rosalind Franklin, The Dark Lady of DNA, by Brenda Maddox. ISBN# 0060184078
   [Note of 20061217 : Good Works On Earth is holding this book in our Bookstorer's Loft. 
    When you make a donation to Good Works On Earth of one American Eagle one-ounce gold coin of the realm,
    we will gift you with this book and a full package of Star Arts showing you the dna and the forms of the Letters in Words,
    entirely awakening and healing in your readings.
   ^^ how did Rosalind Franklin die ? : Cancer in 1958 : Source : ISBN # 0060184078 page 312

The above is one snippet of herstory true ... shared with you by Good Works On Earth.

Doves of Love ..
America's mature women ...


Touch upon her beauty ...
Take a direct flight to Oprah Winfrey's website page of Love with the Dove,
and "America's Babushkas" baring their soul fine kin's skin.

Regarding Sone Game Quest #11
aaceefghilmnnoprsty was the sequence of creation in play.
The letters are the Lexigram sequence of letters creating the phrase.
The game was to decode its phrase in Lexigram form, relating to this page.
The phrase sought came from a particular search phrase folks began to use to find this page.
The game began on 20070310
On 20080425 we announce no one has answered the riddle.
To close the game out at this time, we announce the phrase as :
Please note: we were not seeking a Perfect Anagram creation of the letters of the phrase sought.
This was a game of creation of a Lexigram line from the letters in question.
There is a difference.
The Lexigram Sequence is : aaceefghilmnnoprsty
The Perfect Anagram Sequence is : aaaeeeeefghhilmmnnoprssttty
Another hint was : The name means something to do with Mother Earth's breathing ability.
Another hint was : Not one of the anagram generators on the internet provided the correct phrase from the letters.

This page honors Goddess Mother Earth, Lady Gaea, Lady Gaia, Lady Ge, the Emerald Gem of the Universes

See one of our Perfect Anagrams of the year, 2007.

TWO THOUSAND EIGHT is going to be as great as Love outshines the hate.

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