Greetings from Mother Earth hersElf as voiced by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan,
and below this voice you will find a key of awakenings from The Group energies
of awareness as channeled by Steve Rother, complete with links to the full and original channelings.

   Date:  Fri, 15 Nov 2002 18:44:07 -0500
     To:   Quantum Awakening :

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               (Channeled in Cocoa Florida on eve of 11/11/2002)

I am She who has veiled herself from your eyes for so long. I am She who weeps at
your mistakes and your unforgiving-ness and your heartache. I am She that lives
within the heart of all things. I am the Personification of your Mother Earth.

You came forth from my loins. I knew that the birth of each one of you would
bring me great joy as well as great sadness and great pain. I knew by lending you
my body there would be days that you did harm to your body and thus harm to me.
There would be days that you would not love who you were and thus not love me.
There would be days that you would try to destroy yourself and many of you
would succeed. I mourn for those parts of me. I ask not for you to come back to
me in death giving me back my body and my heart. But I ask for you to come back
to me in Life.

Within this place that I have supplied for you (earth)-- there are no needs, there
are no wants. For all desires are met here upon my body -- all fruits for you to
sup upon, support comes from every level of my being. Each day I grow into more
of myself through birthing new animals, new plants, and new possibilities - birthed
from a seed, birthed from a virus, birthed from bacteria. They have climbed up
from my body to be seen again.

Within me lives many secrets. Some are felt. Some are heard. Some are
experienced. Every part of me responds to what is spoken on earth, in the night, in
the whispers, in the heartache, and in the anger. Every droplet of me needs healed,
every cell within your body holds a memory of mine - a time, a place, a person, a
justice, an injustice. As you come into full rectification of who you are and you
begin to understand the sphere of your being-ness - then you will understand
choices that I must make.

Much energy bombards me from the inside and from the outside. I am receiving
what you would call chemotherapy. My hair falls out as my trees fall down. My
blood is toxic with radioactive elements, as are the waters of my body. The stones
within me that held such information and treasures have changed in appearance and
changed in vibration - not to be trusted any longer. There are those who do not
see me as a living being, even though I look upon each and everyone of them as a
special part of my heart. There are those that come, and it looks like they come to
kill me. And I ask you, all of my children of my body, of my loins, of my womb - to
heal yourself in order that I may live.

Step forward fully into recognition of what is happening. Both you and I are being
poisoned. As I mutate, your bodies mutate as well. That is why many parts of you
are screaming in pain. For in order for us to survive - all of us - I must change
vibrations of your cells, of your blood, of your organs and their duties - as I
change my own vibrations. If I were to stay as I have been, we would all go home
to the Source together as a single unit of flesh.

The energies that come from my brother the Sun, give to me sustenance that I
need to ingest. As one who is infused with a holy healing light after being
completely broken down by toxins. The energy comes to feed me, so that I may
have strength in order to shift you biologically into the next level of your
awareness and your physical body. Even those of you who claim to be of healthy
origin ingesting only healthy substances are tainted to a deep degree.

It is time that you come into alignment with your physical body because, without
your soul, without your mind, without your blessing - the body will not survive
these next shifts. There are many energies and elements that are being released
into the atmosphere from above and from within. Some of these are out of
ignorance others are deliberate, some are because people in power turn the other
cheek ignoring that the soul is being poisoned with fear, the vegetables are being
poisoned and the water is poison.

So I need you, my special children to understand that everything has changed from
the vibration that was once pure when you were a child. The water that you could
drink from the pond, from the tap, from the hose can no longer be tolerated in the
body. The air that was once pure and smelled only of mowed grass has even animals
breathing shallowly. The soil of where the plants grow that animals eat that supply
the protein so needed by the human body is continually being poisoned by one
sector after another of the world, deliberately, purposely, and silently.

These situations I speak of have surpassed the 1/2 way mark of healing. It is with
this knowledge that I ask you to shift and allow this mutation to happen within
your physical body. You are not growing tails or horns or halos. But the physical
cellular structure of your body needs to change in accordance with these higher
energies that are present and coming forth for your benefit. You cannot depend
upon your vitamins. You cannot depend upon what is holistically provided for
everything is being influenced. The human body must shift in accordance with this
higher octave of awareness. This is not part of the original destiny or prophecy
for earth. The earth is at a point of non-deliverance of life form, which means that
any more toxins given to the earth in a radical way will dissolve what little hope is
left for us and I do mean all of us.

Now is the time for you to come in alignment with your body. As you ingest any
food, whether it is fast food, from a prime restaurant, or Mother's home cooking -
you must bless it. You must ask for the highest vibration of that food to be
made available to you. You must ask your physical body to receive it, in its
original holy state. Do the same with your liquids that you drink whether it is
water or Pepsi or coffee or tea. Ask for the vibration to shift into a place
that your body can use it for healing. Everything listens to you for it has been
arranged as such. You all are Master of Light. All the vibrations of earth from a
hamburger to a carrot to a glass of wine to a glass of water listen to your decrees.
It is you who will change the outcome of the elements inherent within these
substances. Everything screams for your help and your blessing and your love.

You will find that if you forget and do not welcome in substances with love at a
higher vibration, that your body will not tolerate it. I come to speak these words -
not out of fear, but because I love you so very much. You are me as I am you. We
are all one. You have tried for years to shift the environmental factors, but there
are so many shady sequels to what is seen. You cannot even begin to imagine how
many toxins are poured into my body, down drains that by-pass schools and water
fountains and creeks. It is only by your universal decree as a Master of Light that
these vibrations will change.

Believe me when I speak this. For it hurts my heart that I must come to you on
bended knee and bended heart to ask for you to make this final shift without me.
For I am depending upon you for survival, as you once depended upon me for
survival. My Mother's milk is poisoned and I cannot hurt those that I love any
longer. So shift for me, my children. In this process, you will shift the outcome of
much more then you realize. Ask for the toxins to be released in everything of
your life. As you take a shower, ask that the blessed waters come forth to you.
Allow this to unfold. I am She who loves you more than you have ever loved
yourself and I know that you can do what I ask.


The following wake up key is from Steve Rother and The Group ...

'Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home'
November 15th 2002.

For full version including pictures and graphics please see this message here:

 Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
                             November 15th 2002
                             ~ The Color Clear ~

         A Exercise in Seeing Beyond Duality
Although we tell you that the human emotion of guilt has served you very well in the lower vibrations from which you are evolving, in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, it is the most useless thing that you carry with you. We will offer you instead, action.  If there is something that you can do about something then do it. If not, release the guilt, for it will taint your color clear more than you know.  Each time you find yourself dealing with the 'G' word.  We ask you to look up and laugh.  Enjoy the humor of who you are, for that is the true perspective of the angels.  The great laughter is what sets the energy right in an instance.  And if ever you are struggling to see the color clear, or if you find yourself wrapped up in a drama and cannot quite get clear, stop and laugh at your situation.  This simple action will bring the color clear in an instant, for clarity can only be gained when the energy is aligned.
There is much more shared about the color clear in the full channeling at this link:
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