An Introduction

"In the beginning is the Word, prior to the word is the Breath and with the breath is the still quiet Love, Unformed and Unnamed."
- from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See

In 1987, Linda Goodman's Star Signs was published by St. Martin's Press which revealed a secret code of the universe hidden in the English language. This code was released by this author for the first time on earth. We have been unable to locate any reference to this art and science, or even a hint that this key existed in the language, prior to 1987. Linda Goodman explains in her book how she was assisted in intuiting this knowledge which revealed Divine Awarenesses from the very words we use.  Whoever said there was nothing new under the heavens was incorrect... Lexigrams* are new to earth, as is the laser. Nowhere in nature does the laser exist.  Here is one proof in the the word art DNA of the letters : TWO THOUSAND SEVEN.

This unlocking of a key to life is similar to the discovery and release of the DNA encodings with their limitless combinations capable of creating infinitely unique human beings. * Lexigram is the name of the art and science revealed in Linda Goodman's Star Signs. Linda is the one who coined the name, Lexigram. The meaning of this word comes from two word parts being mated ... lexicon, which means dictionary of words, and -gram, a suffix which means drawn out or written out. We at Good Works On Earth have named the Lexigrams of words, Word Arts and the Lexigrams of names, Name Arts. Great Star Arts have also been rendered, which are scheduled to be released during the years 1999 to 2003, and indeed have now been revealed throughout our site of over 710+ pages.

This key works with the letters which make up the words and names in English. The code reveals remarkable insights into the makeup of the realities we live in, with the help of the words themsElves. The words carry their secrets which cannot be seen by those not knowing the code's key. Once you expose yourself to a few of the Star Arts, you can begin to know (if you don't already) that we are infinitely cared for by Love/Goddess/God, the many names of our One Source. You will find yourself seeing more than you thought possible from your having exposed your awarenesses to these revealings. You are being invited to see some of the results of this research, and these are chosen with Love in mind for all on Mother Earth.  We suggest you print out the pages for your easy reading and referral and sharing with others if you like. You live in a universe, yes? You could say a person who lives in Africa is living in a different universe than one who resides in the outback of Australia and you would be correct. They have wildly different names and different languages.  They live in different ways using different methods to experience life.  They do live in different uni-verses. And yet they live in the same universe, encompassing all uni-verses. So many different uni-verses we live in individually while living in one universe. So many different rooms we are living in, in one mansion. The code you are about to see in art form will demonstrate to you how the letters of the English language are able to join together to form words which form sentences capable of revealing meanings relating to the word itself. An example follows, and please, read all Lexigrams slowly.

From ADDICTED, which is made from the letters, ACDDDEIT, we can reveal the truths of the condition:

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....


Every thing we intake into the body is part of our DIET, including every addiction that affects our body, be it cigarettes, alcohol, food, you name it. By changing the DIET we change the addiction. There are other Lexigrams, such as MEDITATION that will assist with the mental addiction. The above capitalized Lexigram is courtesy of the letters ... ACDDDEIT ... which create the word ADDICTED. And there is still more to be revealed from these letters. The full ADDICTED Lexigram gives three reasons we become addicted, three things that will happen if we stay addicted, a law about addiction, and three ways to de-addict yourself. Change the diet, change the ADDICTION TO NO ADDICTION IN I.

IN ADDICTION is the hint, NO ADDICT IN I ~ I DO NOT ACT AT IT. To share with you an example of the addiction related Lexigrams, click ALCOHOLISM to view what this Word Art shares with the alcoholic. This key to the code works in English only, per Linda Goodman. Good Works On Earth is working to see if this key unlocks other languages and we have reason to believe it will, though here you will see only ENGLISH SING. If and when we determine the Lexigram acts as a key to unlocking the secrets contained in other languages, we will state so here.  We now believe that Lexigrams will also work in Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Hebrew and Chinese.  While we do not have a body of work to prove this at this time, after writing the above, we found this quote:
J.J. Hurtak's book, The Keys Of Enoch. The cover page for the 10th Key says: 'The key languages connecting mind-time warps to interconnecting civilizations and manifestations of higher evolution in our time zone are Egyptian-Hebrew-Sanskrit-Tibetan-Chinese.'
In the year 2005, Good Works On Earth currently holds in trust over five thousand Star Arts and Name Arts. Good Works On Earth is certain we are presenting evidence of the connection between Spirit and Physical with this body of work. This evidential proof has been long sought, and while it has been found by many an Aware Being in countless other ways, intangible to all but the most aware seer, this link you will soon see is tangible and is presented with the assistance of the very letters and words themselves. We need not sit on top of a mountain to attain enlightenment. The very words we use to read and write and hear and speak are carrying their truths for us to see when we look. 'Seek and ye shall find...' You will soon know for yourself these little letters are revealing the Divine.

Do you know the meaning of quantum jump? or quantum leap? The motions of the energies of the electrons encircling the atom are spherical mists surrounding the nucleuses of the atom. These high speed spheres of energy make energy jumps... an electron may be 'orbiting' the nucleus with five units of energy and five distances away from the nucleus, and then when something comes along to excite its energy, it does not move up gradually like a mercury thermometer may move up and down slowly, no. The electron gets excited and then leaps from five units to eight units of energy and eight distances away. That electron is never seen or located between the two energies amounts or between the two distances ... it instantly leaps from one to the other level of energy and from one distance to another, with no trace of its having made the jump. Light, all light, travels in quantua, which is a lot of quantums.

This is a quantum leap... in thought this can be considered similar to a leap in faith. You follow the visions you create and the visions you see, (made in the image and likeness of) such as, you may be a bartender and you see yourself as a photographer and you begin buying darkroom equipment, even though have no camera yet, or vice verse. You begin to walk the path of your visionings, and your visionings are made real in physical. Your steps and actions are quantum leaps of faith, some tiny, some large. While it may take many thought leaps to go from a hunter to a non-hunter, it may only take one awakening experience with nature for the hunter to leap to non-hunter.

Lexigrams bring quantum leaps in awarenesses, forevermore.  Lexigrams give one the certain knowing Love is all. By knowing the RESOLVE Word Art, which we share with you here, and using it in your life and living, you will find you can more easily experience joyful vibrations and peace, which your Unconditional Love creates within you.

We share with you results of this art and science so that you can benefit from it immediately, without your having to know the axioms and guidelines of the Lexigram. We will, in another place and time, on this web page, offer to share with you these axioms and guidelines, and much more, though we say to you now...

It is not necessary for you to learn how to work with this art and science
for you to benefit from it immediately, right now and wherever you are,
forevermore.  Simply reading the Star Arts with care and understanding
will awaken and transform awarenesses all about for the better, forever.
These are eternal healings.  Claim your miracles real.

For instance ...
We share below a very good reason why we should always Love our MOTHERS
All of this image below is spelled using only those letters spelling, MOTHERS :

Show this to your mother, and ask her ...
"Is this a good work of art ?"

We also share with you not to treat Lexigrams or lexigramming as a 'parlor game.' You are touching the essences of Goddess Love and God and of all Sacred Names for the One Source of All That Is. Should you doubt this, remember this little ditty from the Letter Angels (every visible thing is put in charge of an angel) to you ... next time you feel the emotions or thoughts of being SCARED, please realize you are SACRED. Center not on the fear, center on the SACRED, and you will see Love truly is All That Is. This is a sacred seed from on high in English telling us we are SACRED, and when we should ever feel SCARED, to center in our sacrednesses. Works every time. And we say to you it is best not to attempt to haphazardly anagram and render a Lexigram on words or names or such without having studied and worked the axioms and guidelines of this knowledge to certain knowing and fluent use. 

If you visit those links, you will see the axioms are quite blatantly right there, you can't miss them, or their power. You will gradually see, should you seek to learn this art, your intuition blossoms beyond a limited belief system and you will know this knowledge as sacred. Never flaunt nor seek to impress with this. And until you are certain you can work easily with all the axioms and guidelines do not play games with your name or the name of another. You are touching the energies which power the universes with these little letters. To profane this art with ill will or ignorance will ill the profaner.  Flame can heat a home, or burn it down.  Same principle applies with the Lexigram, though I dare say, moreso.  Along this line, the evil and the vile are forewarned, this body of work we share heals evil vile lies. An example of this would be, do you know what to do with a word or name which has all five vowels, a,e,i,o and u in its letters?  An example would be the title : President of the United States.  There is little point in attempting Lexigram the word or name as the word or name which has all five vowels will go on and on in anagrams.  You could render that group of letters for the rest of your life and still not have everything that could be said.  The name or word cannot be harnessed by the Lexigram.

There are updates to that last sentence above, contained in the Guidelines of the Lexigram. Beings of Love, attend herein ... by entering the Word Arts Gallery you so state to the universes you are a Being of Love breathing in the lights of Love upon Mother Earth as she enspirals her sun in the heavens. You are seeking to make your life's understandings ever more joyful, sharing your joys with others who resonate in kind. In no other way will the Lexigram be of service to you. By visiting the Word Arts Gallery, you will be inviting yourself to board The Starlightning Express ... a quantum light train creating and composed of letters, words, and sentences in concert with your visionings in the name of awakenings and healings of any and all who can understand English. (The Starlightning Express is the working title of, Letters Let Seer See.)

We suggest you print out the Word Arts Gallery so that you may read its pages in your leisure, off screen, as often as you like. These Word Arts are gifts to you from Good Works On Earth. Please maintain and display our copyright notices with all Star Arts. If you enjoy the Word Arts Gallery and you would like to gift back to those who brought them to you, we do accept and joyfully honor donations. The reason we suggest the Word Arts Gallery to be read first is simply this: The words share their healings which you can see and hear and feel and experience starting with the first reading.


Can you help dispel the cowboy myth ?


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