On 20050906, we were asked to share the healings upon Mother Earth, once again, in a new way, a newer awe, and so we do.
You might call this an energetic rebalancer, though it would more properly be called, energetic rebalancers, for there are numerous
awakenings and healing truths shared below.

To experience the balancings, we simply ask you to read the below, where you will see the sequences of the dna of the letters creating your words,
creating yOur very lives.

What you will be seeing below is a snippet of the Book of Names, in Letterings Sequences of Creations' Orders.
The above is the best way to describe it in that you will first see the sequence of letters that create the word or name
and you will see this to be followed by a few dots then, the name or word so created by those letters, and then any explanation, if any shows.

One good read is all you really need to know peace on Mother Earth is real and within the grasp of your life with every word you speak.
The very fact that you are here reading should speak volumes to you.

Welcome aboard, the StarLightning Express, while we present to your sight in the light the present of this snip of the Book of Names,
for on this day, 20050906, we received the final, so to speak, healing key, for these times. The snip is complete, for these times.
These times ? you ask ?
On 20050909 we entered another healing key searched by another on the world wise web.
Further proof ... that Sharing Love is the key to the healings, and to the ascensions for we Earthlings, and so it is true ...

The ascensions are on ...

Book of Names in Letterings Sequencings Creations Orders : All searches mentioned are from the world wide web.
.... snip ....
aeghilnorsst … healing earth stones : 20050610 : #55 / 281,540 : 10 answers with quotes, we are not there.
aeghilnorsv ... love sharing : searched 20050909 : search.msn : we are #44 / 3,120,751 : We are #3 / 61,736 quoted.
aeghilnrst … earthlings : searched images 20050712 : we are #9 / 3,460 : google
aeghilnrst … earthlings ~ angel’s in the light age
aeghilnrst … HEARTLINGS : Interjection 1. An exclamation used in addressing a familiar acquaintance.
      Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
     HEARTLINGS : was first used in popular English literature: sometime before 1598. (references)
     http://www.websters-dictionary-online.org/definition/english/He/Heartlings.html : more information on
     HEARTLINGS can be found here : https://www.goodworksonearth.org/earthlings.html
aeghilnrst …. earthlings : searched 20050716 : #80 / 990,000 : google : earthlings.html
aeghilnrstw … what are earthlings : search term of 20050725 : we are not in the top 20 / 299,000 at google, this day.
aeghilnrstw … "what are earthlings" : search term of 20050725 : we are #2 of 4 answers at google this day, quoted
                         www.sonic.net/~schuelke/WorldTradeDeficit.htm - 12k
                          www.goodworksonearth.org/earthlings.html - 49k
                           www.montrealmirror.com/ARCHIVES/2000/110900/film1.html - 5k
                            www.sg1archive.com/forums/ index.php?showtopic=6794&st=96 - 98k - Supplemental Result - adds 10 answers to the 4.
aeghilns …. healings
aeghilorty … the holy grail : Mary Magdalene : the Magdel Eder Legend : Red Mane Ma : https://www.goodworksonearth.org/yeshuabenjoseph.html
aeghilorty … the holy grail : the child of Yeshua and Mary : the ancestors of the Magdal Eder Legend
aeghilorty … the holy grail : grand trine in the solar star story, astrology, also the Merkabah of Light of Sacred Geometry we all have about us.
aeghilrsty … light years
aeghilrt .... Heart Light : searched 20051011 : we are #43 / 73,800,000 : google : earthlings.html
aeghilrty … light year
aeghimmnooprst …… metamorphosing - see ehmoprsu
aeghimnors … home sharing - searched on 20050906 : msn : we are #21 / 1,759,058 : result of New Orleans woes so low.

We gift this link to one group doing just that : Operatioins Share Your Home :
Share a home, find a home to share, contribute your kindesses and work to and with those who share with gentle Love:

With the advent of storms upon America destroying homes of humans and animals and plants of the planet, we once again share this : simply because humans are destroying the breathing capability of Mother Earth, she is having to struggle to breathe.  As her own ongoing newly born being of awareness, she is struggling for her very breath in these very nowments. Good Works On Earth has previously shared this ... if America alone on Mother Earth plants miles upon miles upon miles of the waves of hemp across American's Lands, freely so with great gusto and not a whit of corporate rape in the doings, the abundances of America will shine brighter than ever before in the history or herstory of this planet, and Mother Earth will be able to breathe.   She is our mother and we are killing her in the name of false prophets and false profits.  Killing trees and killing air with motor vehicles using oils spoils is akin to your taking your blood out of your body and burning it and then spraying the ashes all over you and your kin.  Driving an oils spoils motorized vehicle is akin to your neighbor running the exhaust of his vehicle into your front door, and all his exhaust goes into your house, no matter how much he drives.  Now, how long are you going to use oils spoils, or allow another to do so ?

This is what every human is doing to Mother Earth's home ... all saying they can't change, because the corporations haven't changed.

In the sequencings above, we advise you ponder well the metamorphosing available to create healings when America begins and learns the fine art of sharing homes.  From this, much healing will blossom.  Ownership is a sacred cow that is now showing to have been killed in New Orleans.  Capitalism is now shown to be ails assundering to its death in New Orleans, as in other storm strewn localities.  Criminals alone of every stripe and every kind, unkind kin they are, will angrily or not, forcefully or not, take advantage of other kin in humans all for false prophets and false profits.  Woes shall be unto them, for the Eye of Our Source has many recorders and weighers of which neither man nor woman has any inklings of until the so called judgement day, and then ... the sElf judgement begins.  Woes be unto one who must atone for killing one living being, including the trees who are not asked first if they would wish to be cut.  Mnay many trees will ask to be cut when the human can truly hear them.  Woes be unto any and all who fake to be a tree whisperer.  Their fate in those false feats shall be their horrible undoings.

Mother Earth needs an easy breathing, not a struggling so hard she whips up violent storms to cleanse the areas most dying. She also needs her airs restored to her dirts, and her waters restored to flowings above and below as nature knew  and still knows to do.  Oils spoils spoil the earth below by removing her cushions of compressible fluids, which her oils are.  We are killing the airs of the earth above by taking away her waters and burying them beneath the earth to force the oils to the top.

Ponder well and if you purchase oils spoils for your luxurious life of being on the go, you don't have a clue yet who or what you are about, and ...

Mother Nature is about the business of her showings in her last gaspings of her breathings with Mother Earth as her child, she will show you.

Mother Nature is not mis named.  You are her child.  How are you treating your Birthing Mother's Mother, Mother Earth ?

How are you treating our Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, the Emerald Gem of the Universes ?

Which prophets do you profit by ?

Which mother brought you life ?

Are your profits in oils spoils in any way ? Then turn your attentions to hemp on Mother Earth, first now in America, in volumes the likes of which the world is inspired by to follow, so Mother Earth can have airs brought to the earth for cleansings and the dirts can release their airs to the atmosphere.  Ponder well this exchange and you will know how crucial it is to make our human efforts in accordances and in harmonies with Mother Earth's breathings in peace, hersElf.  How humans can come from a living source of grand beauty in its very godlygirl's designs, and then act to kill the source of such beauty ? It is as if killing the woman who brought you your life.  Woes be unto any one who in these eternal nowments kills breathing life, and the trees breathe our airs, and the hemps are the finest of healing plants to Mother Earth's easy breath.  Hemp plants die for our use, every season.  Trees are more than humans who abuse them can see.  Put the three together and where do you stand and, where do you spend your energy, including what is called, money ?

Storms ?

Keep killing Mother Earth and her easy breathing with your vehicles, and you will see storms growing beyond Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans ...  Our thank you to Oprah Winfrey for your September 6th, and September 7th shows on New Orleans. 
If you have done others, at this time we cannot say we have seen the show as our work is not the watchings of televisions.

Good Works On Earth continues to do the work of the sharings of the keys of the ascensions within all humans with a heart of Love in the face of all they hear and see, with and upon Mother Earth.

What prompted the sharings in this letter above is a search someone did on the internet and from the results, visited our site.

The simple search they did was : HOME SHARINGS : google earth for a new home in sharing with Google : google.com

Search earth home sharings : search.msn

America ... learn and practice sharing homes ... share unused spaces with Love as the center point, with beings of Love, no dogma nor doctrine about it.

Loving Beings Need Only Apply.  Religious demands are not to be tolerated.  Kindness and helping in the work is agreed upon, first.

Set out your Love's Guidelines, best you can word them, so others know you are not a religious idiot with one point of view.

One man in Eugene, Oregon offered one room to two people in his home, and he included the plane ticket from the southern storm area to Eugene.
He then put his phone number on the ad.  America .. don't be so afraid to help. The government is awash in corruptions the likes of which lawyer's laws have no effect, for the laws are lawyer's layers as lawyers are war swayers.  Rare is the lawyer still this day who can bring peace with win-win-win as the results include all, including the Birthing Mother of all we enjoy, Mother Earth.  She breathes her breath, and only because she does breathe, as a living being, do we.

Ponder well and see your life.  What are you creating with Mother EArth's airs, and waters, and her fish and her trees.

Fishermen have had it backwards in all their lores and roles ... throw the little fish back, the say ... keep the big so the little can grow.

Turns out, there are no more big fish, they were killed.  The little one don't get the change to grow, either.  Ponder well, dear fisherman the stupidity of your killing the big fish.  Ponder well loggers, your killing of the grand beings known to you as the ancients, and you merely see timber ... and false profits.  Will you kill the last tree on earth for money ?  Who will be left to pay you for your hourly wage of the cutting of one tree ?

Will you ask that tree if it is okay for you to kill it ? 

Will you be able to hear the answer in the solar library of the trees living rings ?

Please, then .. pass the words. 

Grow hemp, grow rich in air and dirt and fabric and nature's heathiest oils. 

Educare yoursElf, and demand the right to grow the plant that can heal the planet's breath, and yes ... ours.

Doing so will also allow us to stop destroying the trees.
Proof : https://www.goodworksonearth.org/weather.html

Any questions ?
Seek, and ye shall find.
If we can help you ... drop us a line.
lexigram @ goodworksonearth . org
Remove the spaces, and your email will arrive

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