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This page used to be our way of keeping an eye on all the pages at Good Works On Earth's .org site. The site grew to 770 pages and this page became untended, not changed or updated for many years. As I write this note on 20210304 as part of changing this page, I inform you, Dear Reader, of the most potent links on this site, all leading to the exact same document.

We offer you this document in two ways ..
1. Free to read on your browser ..
no ads, no popups, no strings, no tracking of you ..
only pure gifting to you in this sharing with you.
Here it is :
With hyphen :
Same document at both addresses.

2. Free to save on your computer or read on browswer, after you enter your email address, so we can notify you when we update a publishing, or issue a new one. These are rare events, therefore the emails will be rare, and only occur when a new publishing of a book, play, or the documentary of this work is achieved.
Your email is kept safe with our provider,
We never share or sell our mailing list in any way.
This page last updated in 2016 is allowed to remain as it was because this truly is an historical document of our development and I found it so entertaining in 2021, I could not change it. One example is, a long time ago we used this address to share the free ebook we offer above :

All of above added on 20210304 ..
All of below is from 2016 and prior years.

This is the Master List of Currently Linked Pages at Good Works On Earth.
Subject: Our listed web pages.

We now share 750+ individual pages of Star Arts at Good Works On Earth.
Almost all addresses are linked within our site, unless shown as being an offsite link.

  Not all pages are listed at this time. 

   Numerous pages on our site are findable only by use of our internal search engine.

    Other page addresses are gifted to you in response to your donations to Good Works On Earth,
        personalized to you as you so choose, and this is our way of thanking you for your angelic support.

  0.  Our Home Page
  1. intro.html : Introduction to the Art and Science of the Lexigram.
     1a. Site Map : index-site-map-good-works-on-earth.html :: this is essentially our site map of circa 2004.
     1b. Site Map : index-site-map-20060401.html :: Site map circa 2005 plus a little of six.
     1c. Site Map : index-site-map-20061001.html :: Site map to the calls for Peace On Earth Good Will All 2006
     1d. Site Map : indexsitemap.html
     1e. Site Map : 2007_Index
     1f. Site Map : 2008_Index
     1g. Site Map : 2009_Index
     We have too many indexes at this time and will be adding no more.

  2. One of our Star Arts in progress .. This is a fine art of the set of letters creating :  WALL STREET
     2a. Note : Please treat yoursElf .. visit Wall Street's Star Art at the above link ...
           Soar with the Eagles of Love in a unique healing-words form of the skyscraper built with words.
     2b. One of the earlier arts : listen.html
  3. alphabet.html
  4. board.html  : Meet the Board of Directors of Good Works On Earth, a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization.
     We are a charitable and educational non-profit organization registered in the Nations State of Oregon.
  5. donations.html : We are on the Gold Standard at this time and accept many methods of donation.
     We share a letter we received on 20060118 about how to donate to Good Works On Earth.

"Hi Good Works On Earth,
Just went to the Golden Angels 2012 website (no longer exists) which led me back to yours, and I was exploring your site. You have written that you accept donations. Now some people might just want to donate money on impulse but there is nowhere to do that on your site. Then I looked at all the books you had to offer but it led to me have to call if I wanted to buy one. I know you don't care for PayPal but it costs nothing to have them and they also offer a shopping cart.     [Editor Note of 2006 : PayPal costs lots and lots nowadaes. Their fees are also everchanging over time. PayPal is free to charge as they wish as rapacious they can be as they are not governed by bankings laws, ergo, we cannot and will not use their services.

Now did I miss something on your site?"

Yes ..
You think and so you write that PayPal is "free" and PayPal is anything but.
And, now at this time, Ebay own an essentially unregulated banking system. No thank you. - wfs

And, is there a place to just do a donation online just because. The thing was, I searched for 20 minutes trying to find a place to do that and it's not there or very hard to find. I am not complaining but once in awhile people are in the mood to do this. To be honest I was just going to donate a small amount to help with postage just on impulse so do you do this kind of stuff? Is there a link to such a page? Let me know when you get a chance. - Misus Rose
Our Response : Yes, there is this link : Contributions and Donations

The Gift
THE GIFT : this is the Star Arts package of 127 pages,
freely given in the name of Peace On Earth Good Will All.

Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt,
charitable and educational organization.

We participate on GuideStar


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All credit card donations to Good Works On Earth
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You may also donate for our Creations and Services using
Once we are informed of your donation, our service begins.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.

We support the good works of Yahoo in creating GoodSearch
Where your every Yahoo Powered Search supports your chosen charity.
Thank you for choosing and supporting Good Works On Earth with your GoodSearches.

   6.   Lexigram Name Readings
   7.   Barack Obama and the Transition Team
   7a.   Barack Hussein Obama : President of the United States beginning 2009
   8.   axiomsom.html   ::: very good place to start in fully knowing the power of the words
   9.   Oprah Winfrey's Name Art
10.   Charlie Rose : May we suggest your using our Internal Search Page to find this fellow and his doings, yes we may.  :)
11.  Martin Luther King's Name Art
12.  Star Art of TELEVISION
13.  David Letterman's Name Art
14.  Word Lexigrams Introduction
19.  HEAR THE WEATHER : Weather wisdom so true the heart can sense the truth of it.

Oneness Awareness

Oneness Awareness
Explanation and Invitation
offsite link

We invite you to view our take on
The Presidential Researches of 2004
~ and now ~
Our Presidential Researches of 2008

Say this out loud, a wee bit quickly and very clearly ...
This perfect anagram of TWO THOUSAND SEVEN was handcrafted by Kathy Uno - 20061225
To see the perfect anagram of the HONEST T SOUND WAVE

21. awakenings.html
22. inspirations.html
23. inspirationsprint.html
24. losangelestimesrobertscheer.html
25. enemy.html
26. peterjennings.html
27. bestseller.html
28. moodyblues.html
29. americans.html
30. deathrowdogs.html :: Death Row Dogs, a healing story, all true
31. amnesty.html :: America needs and wants an amnesty
32. celestial.html : We are a Home of the Celestial Star Souls
33. gratefulness.html
34. thegratefuldead.html
35. retreat.html
36. newawareness.html
37. list49.html
38. personalwordart.html : this is one of our services offered ... we can create arts upon your request.
39. violent.html
40. NVtshirt1.html
41. notviolentshirt.html
42. violentprint.html
43. violence.html
44. violenceprint.html
45. tolerance.html
46. miracles.html
47. miraclesprint.html
48. laughter.html
49. funeral.html
50. depression.html
51. depressionprint.html
52. compassion.html
53. ussamabinladen.html
54. alberteinstein.html
55. email.html
56. compassionprint.html
57. awareness.html
58. awareness2001.html
59. arrogance.html
60. namechange.html : see name change questions, #714
61. artbell.html
62. nancybrightcreations.html
63. toptenlistatgoodworksonearth.html
64. richardbrucecheney.html : aka : Dick Cheney has been assigned a 3rd Dim En Sion Al Pri Son Err Numb Err 52206002.
65. petergersten.html
66. taxpayers.html
67. nostradamus.html
68. germany.html
69. prophecies.html
70. peace_on_earth.html :: old address ::: new address ::: PEACE ON EARTH
71. harmonic-concordance.html
72. harmonic_concordance.html :: old address : automatically refers you to the above.
73. lovestarz_linda_goodman.html
74. indigo-the-movie-world-premier-santa-fe.html
75. alcoholism.html
76. message20031107harmonic_concordance_star_of_david_merkabah_eclipses_ascension.html
77. message20031009messengers_morphogenic_field_snollygosters.html
78. message20030927misleader_miscentered_missing.html
79. message20030915fiveminutesinsilence.html
80. message20030831fiveminsinsilencebeginning20030915.html
81. message20031017governator_dubya_dubya_testing_bush_sonar.html
82. message20031024bioneers_solar_windows_open_telos_indigo_premier.html
83. message20030224.html
84. do_you_wish_that_we_show_up.html
85. lemurians_telos_mount_shasta_vortals.html : majorly adjusted on 20060104
86. message20031106anuvu_greenpeace_crashoft_claritin_ritalin.html
87. whatever-happened-to-peace-on-earth.html
88. tributetomarinesandarmy.html
89. sexualstararts.html
90. romance.html
91. intercourse.html
92. earth.html
93. easter.html
94. diane_sawyer.html
95. charles_gibson.html
96. message20021212.html
97. message20031126shoshone-prayer-americans-thanksgivings.html
98. message20031126dr-raja-kucinich-book--bush-resume-healings.html
99. millennium.html
100. motherteresa.html
101. nelsonmandela2.html
102. nelsonmandela.html
103. elvispresley.html
104. graceland-lexigram-star-arts.html
105. johnwinstonlennon.html
106. regrets.html
107. astrology.html
108. ishalerner.html
109. bookstoreatriptothestarsnicholaschristopher.html
110. celinedion.html
111. doreenvirtue.html
112. thanksgiving.html : our thank you to our Japanese friend who wish all Thankings Giving !
113. joemillionaire.html
114. americanswavingflag.html
115. war-on-terror.html
116. anagrams-lexigrams-palindromes.html
117. antigrams-smargixel-semordnilap-trianagrams.html
118. axiomsvowels.html
119. MerryChristmas.html
120. marriage.html
121. marriage-according-to-bible-christians.html
122. bestgodnameddogstory.html
123. toyotacamry.html
124. audreymayherron.html
125. message20030520indigomovie.html
126. theindigomoviedistributionletter.html
127. merrychristmas121202.html
128. merrychristmas121201.html
129. merrychristmas121200.html
130. merrychristmas121299.html
131. MerryChristmas2Y.html
132. forgiveness.html

This perfect anagram of yOUR NAME IN ART was handcrafted by Kathy Uno 20061219
See another perfect anagram of YOUR NAME IN ART

133. ladydiana.html Lady Diana Frances Spencer's Name Art
134. bookstorealminebartonalifeofmiracles.html
135. bookstorealminebartonalifeofmiraclessigned.html
136. bookstorealminebartonalifeofmiraclessigned512.html
137. bookstorealminebartonalifeofmiraclessigned515.html
138. almine.html : The Name Art of Almine, healer of healers.
139. thepeacebook.html
140. goddess2.html
141. humans.html
142. peace-on-earth.html
143. televisionart.html
144. wynn-free-elohim.html
145. message20040516-ariel-sharon-peace-is-real-palestinians-plan-sit-in-plan.html
146. counselortherapist.html
147. therapistcounselor.html
148. shocktherapy.html
149. message20031212ariel-sharon-spiritual-cinema.html
150. michaeljackson.html
151. chrisreeve.html
152. robertedwardmayotte.html
153. albert-arnold-gore-speech-november-9-2003.html
154. phillipkiplandkinkel.html : not his accurate birth name
    ^ The longest Name Art in the researches without resolutions at this time in the news. : No longer true. 
    Resolutions found and shared.   As above, so below.  As within, so without.
155. phillip_kipland_kinkel_initial_story.html : not his accurate birth name
156. normal-persons-view-of-wars.html
157. fraud-united-states-postal-money-orders.html
158. words-defined-word-definitions.html
159. missingpersons.html
160. operationrecoveries.html
161. receives.html
162. united-states-eugene-oregon-new-frontier-market.html
163. TAWA-20060429.html
164. October 17th, 2006 Boarding Pass Invitation : cosmic-focus-trigger-love-amplification.html
165. thanksgiving.html : The Star Art of THANKSGIVINGS
166. united-states-greenburg-accountings-true-mother-earth-too.html : a new wae, a new way, with Mother Earth, not agin Her.
        "Would we make our cities and towns more sustainable? Would we make our homes and businesses more energy
        efficient so that every homeowner pays less on their bills every month? Would we make commutes as short as possible
        so that people can walk or bike if they choose? What would we do if we had the opportunity to do it all over?"
        ^^ Quote Source : Laurie David at :
        ^^ We say, let the world be invited to create Greenburg anew in harmony with Mother Earth's presences. Noted 20070521
        ^^ We say, let the world see the awakenings in media and newspapers with their changed tones in thier printed notes.
167. montelwilliams.html
168. axiomsnames.html ::: There they are ... profoundly simple, so powerful.
169. bookstore-jean-claude-koven-going-deeper.html :
170. transformational.html  :: A spectacular Star Art ... go real slow when you read it.
171. enlibra.html
172. levitra_varlet_travel_retail.html
173. armageddon.html
174. toptenlistatgoodworksonearth2.html
175. message20030408.html
176. message20030330.html
177. delta9clothing.html  : we've found delta9clothing again. doing their business at shows, not net.
178. newspapers.html
179. theregisterguard.html
180. yasserarafat.html
181. georgecarlin.html The Name Art of, and our Tribute to George Carlin.
182. metatron.html
183. relationships.html
184. arielsharon.html
185. woman.html
186. justice.html  :: Jesuit Justice, to be exact, Christian to the core.
187. see.html
188. fundraisersfinenewandusedbooksforsale.html
189. bookstorethemanhunterjohnpascucci.html
190. bookstorearkansasmischiefmcdougalwilkie.html
191. bookstorekennefantalfrednobel.html
192. bookstorejosephgarberverticalrun.html
193. bookstoresusanbarrettthebeacon.html
194. bookstorepattidavisbondage.html
195. bookstorejanwahlpleasantfieldmousestorybook.html
196. bookstoreepsteindeception.html
197. bookstorebuchanannobodylivesforever.html
198. bookstorenulandwisdomofthebody.html
199. bookstoresolved!.html
200. bookstoresuzannefinstadsleepingwiththedevil.html
201. bookstoremichaellewistrailfever.html
202. bookstorebelushisamuraiwidow.html
203. bookstoreericlaxwoodyallenbiography.html
204. bookstorealvintofflerpowershift.html
205. bookstoremichaellewisthenewnewthing.html
206. bookstorebennettdeathofoutrage.html
207. bookstorekisstheboysgoodbye.html : We are seeking the donation of Kiss the Boys Goodbye at this time.
208. bookstorewidowswilliamrcorson.html
209. andrewsgroveonlytheparanoidsurvivebookforsale.html
210. bookstoresusanrichardsepicsofeverydaylife.html
211. book donation made, book removed.
212. book donation made, book removed.
213. bookstorepushanovelsapphire.html
214. bookstoreharrybrownehowifoundfreedom.html  : Hardback
215. dianarosscallhermissrossbookforsale.html
216. bookstoresilverthreadsamongthegoldmikemacbeth.html
217. bookstoremusiccdeuropeanpolkahits.html
218. bookstorelikenootherstoremarvintraub.html
219. bookstoretheefactorjoelmakower.html
220. bookstorejoananglundspring.html
221.   indigo-the-movie-los-angeles-screening.html
222. bookstore-takedown-tsutomu-shimomura.html
223. bookstore-stephen-fay-beyond-greed.html
223. bookstore-manhunt-peter-maas.html
224. bookstore-gerry-spence-making-country-lawyer.html
225. bookstore-t-scott-gross-outrageous.html
226. earthlings.html : The HEARTLINGS
227. bookstoreronlewisflashbackuntoldstoryofleeharveyoswald.html
228. bookstore Tommy Tune - Footnotes, A Memoir
229. bookstore-John Krakauer - Into Thin Air.html
230. bookstore-Jess M. Brallier - Lawyers, Other Reptiles.html
231. bookstore-Ann Wroe - A Fool and His Money.html
232. bookstore-ben-macintyre-napoleon-crime.html
233. bookstore-created-by-richard-matheson.html
234. bookstore-shoot-movie-video-gaskill-englander.html
235. bookstorespiritinhismindcrfletcher.html
236. bookstoredontletyourfears.html
237. bookstoremusiccdbirthofcompassionpeterandjirivilwood.html
238. usapatriotact.html
239. lawterms.html
240. americas_most_wanted.html
241. johnwalsh.html
242. bluechipeconomists.html
243. unitingandstrengtheningamericabyprovidingappropriatetoolsact.html
244. corporate-image.html
245. corporate.html
246. beliefsys.html
247. game-change-infinite-finite-light-dark.html : Including a Steve Rother's The Group Channeling.
248a. george-bush.html : Home of the Sone Game : Lexigram of George Bush's anagrams in Star Arts from from
248b. georgewalkerbush.html : The original Lexigram Name Art of George Walker Bush : Including Perfect George Bush Anagrams
248c. georgewalkerbushprint.html : it is better to use the above page as it is most current ^^
248d. georgewalkerbushanagram.html : The George Bush Lexigram and Letter Perfect Anagrams of George Bush
248e. george-bush-statistics-count-20041028.html
248f.  george-bush-statistics-count-20070101.html
248g. message20040909-indictment-george-bush-et-al-fifty-million-americans.html : Finally! 20061109
248h. george-walker-bush-resume.html
248i. HarveyWassermanBushsMilitaryDefeat20030502.html
249a. message20030604resolutionofinquirystopsbushlies.html
240b. shockandawe.html
250. saddamhusseinaltikriti.html
251. saddamhusseinalmajid.html
252. searchpage.html
253. kryon.html
255. steverotherprint.html
256. steverotherbeaconsoflightthegreyzone.html 
257. magneticmaster.html
258. johndenver.html
259. encodings.html  :: Perhaps the most healing revealing Star Art of all.
260. encodingsprint.html
261. channelers.html
262. themightyones.html
263. wicca.html  :: WITCHCRAFT - the oldest religion, Love centered, nature healing.
264. goddess.html :: Ess is the Birthing Source of All That Is in the dreamings with the lights of Love all about.  
  Ess births and holds nurtures God in the Womb of her Words, Goddess and Goddesses.

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....



Star Arts of DDGEESSSO

265. amatersu.html

This perfect anagram of yOUR NAME IN LETTERS was handcrafted by Kathy Uno 20061221

See another perfect anagram of YOUR NAME IN LETTERS

266. acestarry.html
267. meditation.html
268. searchwords.html
269. two-boxes.html
270. marketingwiththestars.html
271. saintgermain.html
272. ariannahuffingtonantiwarmovementwasright.html
273. essenes.html
274. solospirit.html
275. theworldtradecenterhealings.html
276. procrastinate.html
277. message20021029.html
278. standdowntwothousandtwo.html
279. senator-paul-wellstone.html
280. theworldtradecenter.html
281. recreation.html
282. melgibson.html
283. matthewshepard.html
284. spinning.html
285. harlemambassadorslademajic.html
286. i-am-your-worst-enemy.html
287. inthespirit.html
288. greggbraden.html
289. genius.html
290. flowers.html
291. floweressences.html
292. earthworms.html
293. denniskucinich.html
294. bookstore-lewis-thomas-lives-of-a-cell.html
295. compliment.html
296. butterfly.html
297. breitenbush.html
298. birthname.html
299. ariannahuffington.html
300. colinpowell.html
301. ariannahuffingtoncorporatewarhawks.html : [ Note of 20061128 : : Marty Kaplan has found a way out of Iraq
302. weaponeers.html
303. weaponsprint.html
304. bookstore-sheldon-tromberg-making-money-making-movies.html
305. deathpenalty.html
306. reporters.html
307. lawyers.html
308. danrather.html
309. lesleystahl.html
310. abundance.html
311. humanitysteam.html
312. friendships.html
313. nature.html
314. mothernature.html
315. motherearth.html
316. motherearthsvoice11112002.html : aka 1111 : 11:11 : eleven-eleven
317. mother.html
318. earthquakes.html
319. earthsave2.html
320. earthsave.html
321. stillnessstarart.html
322. serene.html
323. message20030514indigomovie.html
324. dancers.html
325. breathes.html
326. breathesprint.html
327. lemurians.html
328. investigators.html
329. christopher********** : made private again.
330. message20030416.html
331. williehughnelson.html
332. resurrectpeacecampaign.html
333. urbanlegendquran009011.html :: correcting the false 9:11 rumor about the Quran
334. saint.html
335. jewishandlutherans.html
336. book.html : Linda Goodman's Star Signs
337. ted_turner.html
338. bookstorelindagoodmansstarsigns.html
339. wesak.html
340. nealedonaldwalsch.html
341. stephensimonindigomoviemagicalblendinterviewseptember2003.html
342. jamestwymansacredheartlessons.html
343. jamesftwyman.html
344. stephensimonindigomovie.html
345. fidelcastro.html
346.  steve-rother-beacons-ascension-age-e-third-earth.html
347. magnificent.html
348. ariannahuffingtonenronizationofpublicpolicy.html
349. message20030521whitehousefanatics.html
350. ariannahuffingtonfanaticsinthewhitehouse.html
351. fidel_castro_ruz_havana_cuba_20030901.html

A snippet from the Book of Names
 curanderos - spanish healers : a visitor searched this term on 20050606
 a curanderois a healer, a shaman, if you will, a nature one who knows the earth's waters and herbs and weather.
The name word comes from the Spanish, curar, a verb which means, to heal.
acdenorrsu .... curanderos : spanish healers
acdenorru ... curandero : a spanish healer

352. 666.html
353. psychologyandpsychiatry.html
354a. George Walker Bush, aka George W Bush, aka George Bush.
354b. george walker bush resume
354c. shockandawe.html
355. tonyaharding.html
356. giraffe.html
357. salmon.html
358. elephants.html
359. dolphins.html
360. forest.html
361. American Idol : americanidol.html
362. kucinich-doves.html
363. freedom.html
364. twothousandthree.html
365. americansimage.html
366. contributions.html
367. yeshuabenjoseph.html
368. holographic-heart-monk-madhi.html : prior misnamed page
369. star-arts-digital-copyrighted-2004.html
370. word.html
371. services.html
372. childs.html
373. voicingscd.html  The Voicings of the Star Arts
374. voicingsresponses.html
375. americanspostcard.html
376. tinystararts.html
377. toptenlistatgoodworksonearth3.html
378. terencemichaelhamiltonmorris.html
379. linkednamearts.html
380. rs.html : Reverse Speech Enterprises
381. oates1.html : John Oates from above.
382. oates2.html
383. ritaeide.html : Channeler of Lady Diana
384. poetryoftheangels.html : by Eric Brodsky
385. openheart.html
386. nowhere.html
387. leonardpeltier.html
388. messagethreezerosix.html
389. expectmiracles.html
390. researchers.html
391. disabled.html :: this is a working link to one of the exquisite arts we call the Star Art of DISABLED.
392. anewmagic.html
393. angelope.html
394. thewholecosmos.html
395. televisionset.html
396. holydaysnamearts.html : Our offer of service to you in the name of awakenings and healings.

This perfect anagram of yOUR NAME IN WORDS was handcrafted by Kathy Uno 20061221

See another perfect anagram of YOUR NAME IN WORDS

397. ordinary.html
398. message20011122.html
399. message20011221.html
400. foodnotlawns.html
401. message20020514.html
402. message20020609.html
403. message20020902.html
404. message20021007.html
405. message20021225.html
406. message20030130.html
407. terrorists.html
408. message20030214.html
409. message20030217.html
410. hughdownsonhemp.html  Hugh Downs on the wisdoms of growing hemp in the Americas.
411. message20030303.html
412. message20030320.html
413. message20030322.html
414. message20030323.html
415. lexigramcommunicationsforfreeasstarartsform.html
416. allowings.html
417. twinflame.html
418. message20030327.html
419. message20030328.html
420. message20030401.html
421. message20030407.html
422. message20030409.html
423. message20030414.html
424. message20030420.html
425. commondreamsfridaberriganproudtobeanamerican.html
426. message20030504.html
427. message20030524answerthequestionsmrbush.html
428. message20030616resolutionofinquirymoveonorg.html
429. trisexuallips.html :::: A bumper sticker from Good Works On Earth
430. message20030619truthoutskucinichhuffingtonemerson.html
431. message20030623highcrimesagainsthumanity.html
432. message20030802alminebartonalifeofmiracles.html
433. message20030807onenationinmeditationinnoteandtone.html
434. message20030824psychiatristssurvivorsfastingandterroriststraininginamerica.html
435. message20030901ariannahuffingtoncastingcall25thingswenowknow.html
436. message20030909enlibra_kryon_levitra.html
437. message20030911fatefulpetroleumera.html
438. cuban_messages20031104.html
439. psychiatricsurvivors.html

    'Today, psychologists have a favorite word and that word is 'maladjusted.'
    The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.'
                                                - - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
440. message20031219yasser-arafat-speakers-speak-media-lies-miserable-failure.html
441. hero-miles-congressman-ruppersberger.html
442. the Book on Ascension, by Michael Sharp in the Small Earth Bookstore's Loft.
  700. MICHAEL SHARP, his Name Art
   701. MICHAEL SHARP, his ascension website at michaelsharp . org : no longer operating
443. message20040205presidential-names-hokey-pokey-digital-star-arts.html
444. message20031222hero-miles-congressman-ruppersberger.html
445. wordgall.html
446. namegall.html
447. message20031126sea-shepherd-sound-wars-chinese-sincerity-lizard-story.html
448. message20040120two-thousand-four-earthquakes-weather-yeshua.html
449. nymphomania.html
450. goodworksonsearthsworks.html
451. bookstore-flight-of-the-bumble-bee-n-rimsky-korsakow.html : sheet music
452. bookstore-peace-pilgrim.html
453. bookstore-dreaming-almanac-lesbian-lore-vision.html
454. bookstore-wired-magazine-2001-march.html
455. bookstore-wired-magazine-2002-july.html
456. bookstore-wired-magazine-2003-january.html
457. bookstore-wired-magazine-2003-february.html
458. bookstore-wired-magazine-2003-april.html
459. bookstore-wired-magazine-2003-august.html
460. bookstore-wired-magazine-2003-sept.html
461. bookstore-leonardo-dicaprio-biography-nancy-krulik.htmltawa20030809.html
462. ramsey-clark-letter-to-secretary-general-annan-2004-01-29.html
463. coalition-visionary-resources-covr.html
464. wilson-creek-washington-learning-center.html
465. sexual-star-arts.html
466. top ten sexual statistics
468. TAWA20030809.html
469. amberalert.html
470. bookstore-richard-bach-running-from-safety.html
471. bookstore-spiritual-midwifery-ina-may-gaskin.html
472. bookstore-sweeps-network-tv-christensen-stauth.html
472. bookstore-harry-browne-how-i-found-freedom.html
474. bookstore-start-something-earl-woods.html
477. bookstore-heliotropium-jeremias-drexelius.html No Longer Available
478. bookstore-los-angeles-magazine-december-1998.html
479. bookstore-laughter-best-meditation-laren-bright.html
480. bookstore-arthur-quinn-figures-speech.html
481. feelings.html
482. Keighley-College-Sociology-Survey-Religions.html
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489. americans-hearts-americas-leaders.html
490. justice-blinded.html :: See Star Art of JUSTICE first
491. bookstore-magazine-high-times-2000-sept.html : no longer available
492. bookstore-david-attenborough-trials-of-life-animal-behavior.html
493. yeshua-quantum-leap-scott-kalechstein-tom-carpenter.html
494. native-american-indian-tribes.html : page in creation
495. twothousandfour.html
496. twothousandthree.html
497. twothousandsix.html
498. two-thousand-four-star-arts.html : page in creation
499. bookstore-one-digital-day.html
500. bookstore-american-history-illustrated-1986-april.html
501. bookstore-american-history-illustrated-1986-may.html
502. bookstore-ward-connerly-creating-equal.html
503. bookstore-touch-stones-in-poetic-verse-barrios.html
504. bookstore-milt-bearden-black-tulip.html
505. bookstore-james-stewart-blind-eye.html
506. bookstore-stars-still-shine-robert-murray.html
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508. bookstore-wired-magazine-2003-sept.html
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511. bookstore-wired-magazine-2001-november.html
512. bookstore-wired-magazine-2002-april.html
513. bookstore-wired-magazine-2002-october.html
514. message20040214heartlings-valentines-day-notes-tones-to-mother-earth.html
515. bookstore-harry-browne-how-i-found-freedom.html
516. bookstore-amor-vincit-omnia-love-conquers-all.html : currently being created
518. google-arts.html
519. fahrenheit-911-michael-moore-comments-reviews.html
520  bookstore-living-american-dream-henry-l-kimelman.html
521. pending
522. message20040625-fahrenheit-9-11-peace-is-real-dennis-john-kucinich.html
523.  holy-days-palestinian-jew-find-peace-together-marion-pargamin-jerusalem.html
523. bookstore-mountains-america.html
524. jon-schive-senator-gordon-smith-oregon-senate-bill-363.html
525. bookstore-l-ron-hubbard-humanitarian.html
526. bookstore-we-americans-story-man.html
527. bookstore-khit-harding-manifesting-a-masters-manual-0961586826.html
528. bookstore-john-falone-genius-frequency.html
529. bookstore-michael-moore-stupid-white-men.html
530. bookstore-ed-cray-levis-0395264774.html
531. bookstore-alfred-schwab-o-and-i.html
532. bookstore-alfred-schwab-o-and-i-new.html
533. bookstore-christopher-reeve-nothing-is-impossible.html
534. bookstore-lumari-cd-alawashka-paths-to-awakening.html
535. bookstore-lumari-akashic-records.html
536. bookstore-eric-brodsky-poetry-angels.html
536. bookstore-roger-burkholder-how-did-that-sun-get-out.html
537. weather-clouds-mammatus.html
538. message20040830-mother-earth-fever-gas-exchange-americans-plant-hemp.html
540. bookstore-star-trek-creator-david-alexander.html
541. bookstore-barry-scheck-neufeld-dwyer-actual-innocence-038549341X.html
542. digitalmeditation.html
543. Description de l'Egypte Napoleon Bonaparte
544. open
544. The Gift to You
545. mothers.html
546. mothers-day-manifesto.html
547. open
548. arianna_huffington_michael_eisner_arnold_schwarzenegger.html
549. 20050705-thefts-thiefs-this-is-shit-hits-hit-set.html : Note the link on this page to, The Thief-Takers
550. open
551. Campbells Soup Tackling Hunger ::: dated material
552. dated material ^^ removed
553. ticket-to-heaven-boarding-pass.html
554. bookstore-wynn-free-david-wilcock-reincarnation-of-edgar-cayce.html
555. The 555 (five five five) is the number of the Laughing Angels, letting one of their own know he's come home :
   On June 22, 2008, George Carlin was admitted to St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California
   after complaining of chest pain. He died later that day at 5:55 p.m. PDT of heart failure at the age of 71.
   Source :
556. wall-street.html
557. corporate-image.html
558. starsigns.html : The Star Art
559. global-warming-pentagon-proofs.html
560. : direct link to the Mt. Shasta Magazine
561. magical blend magazine : link reported broken on 20070426
562. : direct link to the Mystic Pop Magazine, noted it is not operating as of 20130406
563. moon-shadows-magazine.html : archived
565. lovemakings.html
566. united_states_arresting_the_president.html
567. Guidelines of the Lexigram

All 2004 Presidential Researches have been moved to :
American's Hearts ~ American's Leaders

568.  john-joseph-kennedy-president-2004.html
568a : john-joseph-kennedy-president-2008.html
569.   breitenbush2.html
570.    globalchallenger.html
571.   ruth-lee-scribe-six-books-of-wisdom.htm
572.    ruth-lee-scribe-six-books-of-wisdom-dream-weavers.htm
573.   eugene-oregon-entertainers-andrew-the-great-performer-instructor.html
574.   eugene-oregon-guitars-creation-repairs-luthier.html
575.   downing-street-memo.html
576.   googspy-fibs.html
577.   corporate-image.html : Corporate America : Corporate Executives : They can awaken, and when they do, crime will cease.
578.   golden-angels-exchanges-yoga.htm
580.   united-states-republicans-monarchy-lies-ties-high-crimes-gaols.html The party is over, the wastrels spent our resources for ill wills.
581. This is your invitation to View Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Mother and Love's Words in Sounds all wrapped up into one  Fine Art .
582a. The Movie Script : AIRPLANE
582b. The Movie Script : ANNIE HALL
582c. The Movie Script : CASABLANCA
582d. The Movie Script : GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM
582e. The Movie Script : SHANE
583. mayan-weavings-jewelry-arts.html
584. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-1.html
585. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-2.html
586. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-3.html
587. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-4.html
588. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-5.html
589. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-6.html
590. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-7.html
591. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-8.html
592. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-9.html
593. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-10.html
594. lexigrams-articles-william-schive-11.html
595. lexigrams-articles-kathy-uno-12.html
596. united-states-senator-oregon-wayne-morse.html
597. news-programs-sharing-youth-program.htm
598. waynemorsenowposter.html
599. january-words-list.html
600. february-words-list.html
601. march-words-list.html
602. april-words-list.html
603. may-words-list.html
604. june-words-list.html
605. july-words-list.html
606. august-words-list.html
607. september-words-list.html
608. october-words-list.html
609. november-words-list.html
610. december-words-list.html
611. 20071121_thanksgiving_eugene_oregon.html
612. book_of_names_snippet_acdeefhnoprtw_acdeegimnnooprtu.html
613. united_states_republicans_clan_scare_ruse_the_luntz.html
614. republicans-nuclear-clans-clan-karl-roves-car-bombs-of-truths.html

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Steve Rother's channeling of the Group : Holographic Creation, Love, Light, and Joys Eternal.

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684. The Gift ~ also known as the Star Arts package in .pdf format. The Gift - This one is worth repeating.

685. Color of Love : :
   The Group, as channeled by Steve Rother. This message is pure stellar. What color is the light in Paris, anyway ?

687. False Fears in Americans : The Healings Sing In Sign

691. The Star Art of WESAK

699. The Creation Codes : To be released in Star Arts Codes Form From Good Works On Earth.

700. See #442 above.

701. See #442 above.

702. The Drum People and what they have to say.

703. Donald Trump for President ?

Number hiatus.


712. The term, FREE SOFTWARE, defined by the folks at

713. DYSRATIONALIA defined, with dysrational humans noted.

714. Name Change Questions

715. open

716. Sarah Palin was speaking in Eugene, Oregon on April 23rd, 2010 at the Eugene Hilton.
    Sarah was being given an Honorary Diagnosis by Mind Freedom International.
    DETAILS OF HER VISIT AND SPEAKING : Sarah Palin Speaks in Eugene Oregon

We now share over 750+ individual pages at Good Works On Earth.

717. American Peace and Security vs Wall Street.

718. Twenty Ten : unfortunately, this now addresses the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe.

719. Donald John Trump, aka Donald J. Trump, aka Donald Trump, aka The Donald, aka the Pompadour, presidential ?

720. Donald Joseph Trump, a page which will be disappearing after a fashion,
    and which leads you to Donald John Trump, aka The Donald.


722. 191GWOEWebPages.html : This very page.










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Global Meditation : July 17th, 2007
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You cannot be late ..
No matter the date when you read ..
The Boarding Pass Invitations
Issued for October 17th, 2006 : Cosmic Trigger
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Due to the nature of the oneness of all that is,
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Imagine it ... an idea can empower reality in peace.
Imagine it ... an action can empower peace in reality.

Love is the reasons for the seasons of our thanksgivings.

20070707 Invitation : The Live Earth Concerts on all seven continents. The Harmonies of Humaneness, humans hear the calls.
20070707 Invitation : The Love Earth Concert of Souls : Firing Up the Grid : One Hour with Mother Earth's Aura, Awarefully So.

The Measurements of Heaven are shared on our Easter Star Arts page.

Happy Valentine's Day.
May we offer to you to forgive the religion that killed Valentinus?
Oh! You don't know the story?  Visit the link, you will know how one story goes.


Yeshua ben Joseph is reported to have said :
"The power of life and death are in the tongue. "


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The 20090120 update President Barack Hussein Obama

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The month of MARCH CHARM A MA

Anagrams of FEBRUARY
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      smargixel-semordnilap-trianagrams.html ... The longest Name Art in the researches without
      resolutions at this time in the news. ...

Home of the Longest Trianagrams, starting with :
  3 letters : FARE : FEAR : FRAE : frae is said as frAy, and means, from. - Kathy Uno
  3 letters : FEAT : FATE : FETA : The person sets the feats which sets the fates.  Feta tastes great. - Kathy Uno
  6 letters : LISTEN : SILENT : TINSEL : i lie nil lies in silent i, i listen in silent, nil lie is in i. - Kathy Uno
  7 letters : MADONNA : AND AMON : AND A MON : Amon is God of Love & Reproduction, A Mon is a man. - Kathy Uno
  7 letters : MIRACLE : CLAIMER : RECLAIM : i am a miracle claimer, i reclaim a miracle era real. - Kathy Uno
  8 letters : PRETEENS : PRETENSE : confidential Found in our researches into the name of a missing person and the suspect on 20071121. - Kathy Uno
You can see more trianagrams at our Antigrams, Smargixel, Semordnilap and Trianagrams page.

To celebrate this page being googlewhacked, we share with you the Perfect Anagrams revealing the Measurements of Heaven.

Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS and EARTHLINGS ?
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art
The Song