We welcome you to the LEXIGRAMS in Star Arts forms from Good Works On Earth, a non-profit organization performing our namesake in the name of Peace On Earth Good Will All.

Within our website we freely share the awakenings and healings as revealed in the art and science of the Lexigram, using the words we all use in simple English.

You can awaken as a being and heal all that ails you with the power of your words in English.

Throughout our site we share the results of many years of research into English using the art and science of the Lexigram.

To see the Definition of the Lexigram, press the link to drop down on this very page to read the a snippet from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See, defining the Lexigram.

If you enjoy anagrams and anagrammings, your dna and rna would enjoy the renderings of Lexigrams .. the dna askes me to pen it such as the dna and the cells know as you read with feeling and understanding, each idea or lines of idea unto itsElf or sElfs creating yOur total You.  

We thank you for your continuing leaps of new awareness on this breathing living planet we all know as Mother Earth.
It is indeed true, the LETTERS are a platen of planet creation upon this sphere of spiraling lights of Love called the physical universe.

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Here you can see what the Lexigram Sequencer codes looks like, written in pure Ruby.

On 20121029, we announced our Database and Lexigram Sequence Generator is available for your use. The ability to generate the Lexigram sequence, and other sequences from any text, is now available to supporting members at our secure site :
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The Star Word Art Letters


Our stated purpose is to share with you the keys of the English codes causing and creating the awakenings we are all experiencing. 

Our way of doing this is to share with you hundreds of Star Arts revealing sacred truths from within the names and words themsElves.

Here we share the axioms and guidelines of this work.
Read these letters forming words forming sentences in lines of meanings, sacredly slowly.
The first axiom is LETTERS, then WORDS and SENTENCES.
Simply follow the links to each and you will see the science in this art.

In the year 1987, a book was published which revealed the initial keys to a code which unlocks truths so well hidden within the very words themsElves. The book is Linda Goodman's Star Signs, and Chapter 8 of this book stated that words can contain secrets of the fuller meanings of the word with their letters.  Linda wrote that you take the letters of a word and make anagrams ... anagrams are words which are spelled from the letters of another word. In creating Lexigrams, you then take the anagrams found and place them into sentences revealing meanings pertinent to the word you are looking at.  An example of this is, don't be SCARED, be SACRED ... this magical anagram gives us a real tool of awareness in that we can sit in the tiny bubble of fear, or we can create in the immense bubble of Love which is indeed the entire all that is, the all of the everything, yes, even you, dear reader.

My name is Will I Am, the author of these words and I am the Executive Director of Good Works On Earth in the nowments and I thank you for reading herein.  Sit a spell and see what a seer can see throughout this web site ... we will share with you truths revealed in what we believe is an irrefutable proof positive of the connection of spirit to physical, using the art and science of the Lexigram.

Bold claim ! You say ?

A Words Sword is just that ... and bolder claims you are about to see.
Bold claims which are seen to be real, and irrefutable.
When I read the book, Linda Goodman's Star Signs, I could not believe that the information Linda was revealing would hold up to long scrutiny, nor would it reveal meaningful truths applied over wide areas of English usage. Now, almost nineteen years later, I am close to completing a book which definitively proves that Linda Goodman was correct.  It does this by revealing the secrets hidden in our language far beyond the scope of what Linda revealed in 1987.  Several thousand truths will be revealed, all leading back to one truth, which is Love is the source of all.  Some say God, some say Goddess, some say Ra, others Rama, and still others say Rahma, also Odin, others use, Great Central Sun and The One Source, Love, has many names.  I like Tara, I like Wakan Tanka. I like Sanat Kumara, also. On and on, eons on aeons, Love has many names, not just god with a big G.   I also like Al Lah, the first use of the name of Allah, and she was a very wise woman revered as Divine, and so she was.  She too is known by other names, as are almost all the saints and sages of all times and all ages.

Love is the woof and warp of the universes.  Love is the source of all and so could be called the one law of nature.  Love has given us free choice and free will and we are free to do what we will.  When we harm none and we make our decisions based on the needs of seven generations, as many indigenous tribes were doing so peacefully in harmony with nature before a christian warring people brought their doctrine and dogma upon them, we live a peaceful Loving life in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth.  

Man and woman have free will.  We have been and are still today in 2006 using our free choice to be harmful to ourselves and others, to Mother Earth and her living creatures, plant and animal, fish and fowl.  The words herein will share awakenings regarding these things, all in a healing way.

Good Works On Earth is sharing this information to provide you with wonderful new awarenesses about our life and livings here on Mother Earth, which we all intuitively know deep in our Loving heart centers.  When the keys unlock the code, the truths of the matters reveal themsElves.  You will see this in the Star Arts shared herein.

You will also see that these secrets have been there all along for anyone to see, and yet we who have eyes have not seen.

You may already know that as you increase your awareness, more gifts of awareness present themselves. This awareness renews awareness and these are never ending awakenings which rings grand and glorious songs in the hearts of men, and the women who have gentle men near them. 

Life is art.  The words we voice are our vibrational sound paints.

The information you are about to experience is magical and full of life and can be more so when shared with other Loving folk.  Star Arts are capable of soothing those not at peace.  In the SERVICES page we offer Star Arts which can wake up a person in DEPRESSION to no depression, or share with a violent one the certain knowing that Love is the best way.  Do you see LOVE hiding there in the letters of the word, VIOLENT?  Do you see NO LOVE in the VIOLENT word?  And, as you can now see, it also contains NOT VIOLENT.  The Lexigram meaning as rendered shares with the violent one what is happening in their thought processes, and it reveals the solutions.  The Star Art of FORGIVENESS FREES ONE who GIVES FORGIVENESS.  The full rendering of the Star Art of FORGIVENESS is three pages long and it has been shortened for sharing herein, as have almost all of the Star Arts.

Our purpose is to share with you the true powers of words as revealed by the art and science of the Lexigram so that you may completely wake up to the power of your word in your life and living. You will be able to be still, and know.  The word carries this power.

Good Works On Earth shares our purpose as stated in our by-laws :

To help individuals achieve the spiritual awakenings and personal growth that comes with greater ability to use the full depth and power of the English language.

Your word and voice are more powerful than you may have been able to imagine.  Use this knowledge well. Share your learnings with other Loving folks and we will soon see Mother Earth is indeed the emerald gem of our dreams which we create with our visions, and our voices.  And yes, our actions.

We ask that you read the Star Arts slowly, with understanding, feeling each line of the revealings, seeing if they ring true for you.

We suggest you print out the WORD ARTS INTRODUCTION ..
and then the WORD ARTS and NAME ARTS galleries. 
Please respect the copyrights on the Lexigrams.  Please use Lexigrams with Love.

Once again, we welcome you to Good Works On Earth and we wish you great laughter in the light of Love.

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Definition of the Lexigram meaning :
From the unpublished manuscript entitled :
The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See
The Nature of the Lexigram


The Lexigram word was birthed by Linda Goodman, the intuitress of this knowledge.
She coined the word from lexi, meaning the lexicon, the dictionary of words, and ..
-gram, meaning drawn out in full, or written out in full.

[ Ed. Update : 20090812 " .. the Lexigram word appears to have been coined by another prior to Linda Goodman ... we currently have one source showing when, who and where the Lexigram term was then used .. we are still working to verify other usages with further research. 20061130" ]
Coining this word, and explaining why is it always capitalized, she describes the process of how English is, was, and always shall be so benevolently woven through and through with Loving knowings available to all who choose to see.

The word, Lexigram, is derived from two words:
 lexicon : an English word meaning : dictionary of words
 -gram : a suffix that means : written out in full ~ or ~ drawn out in full

A Lexigram would then mean the word, and words within its letters, written out in full or drawn out in full, the word with its nameings and meanings revealed by the word itsElf through the use of its letters through its anagrams with the help of your Loving attentions creating it into the form of a Lexigram.  Hints to the echoings of the name's or word's meanings are found within the name or word itsElf, with the anagrams of its letters. You can see prime Lexigram examples at this Axioms of the Lexigram meanings link.

I would define Lexigrams as : the art and science of the revealing of truths hidden in the English language by anagramming the letters of the word or name, then intuiting how these words so anagrammed may be assembled into meaningful sentences, thereby imaging and reflecting life and living with the word or name itsElf.

A Lexigram is the art of revealing deeper truths using the name or word itsElf, with its letters.
Lexigrams are the art of revealing hidden truths using the name or word itsElf, with its letters.

I call the Lexigrams I render of names, words or phrases, Star Arts.  I define Star Arts as the physical renderings of the eternal truths from within the names and words themsElves, with the anagrams of their letters creating lines of meaning using the art and science of the Lexigram.

As author, my name in pen is, Kathy Onu, or Kathy Uno when webmastering.
Thank You very much for your careful, and dna heartfelt and rna cells feeling readings herein.

In her book, Linda Goodman's Star Signs, Chapter Eight is entitled, Lexigrams.  This is the only writing I have seen which describes the hidden power of the language to hide within its words, hints, clues, magical insights and intuitions to the meanings and revealings of the word or name, in Lexigram form from letters.

This is the word, English, lexigrammed a bit ....
I SING IN SIGN IN LINES IN ENGLISH, which ... is what you do do.
And there is still much more to be revealed to you by the word, ENGLISH.
The word itsElf will share this with you later in these writings,  I SIGH.

anagramming a word or name's letters reveals its potentials within.  The letters form words.
lexigramming the word or name is intuiting how the found words reveal awarenesses pertinent to the word or name in sentences form.

The above is from the unpublished manuscript,
The StarLightning Express, Letters Let Seer See,
by Moi ~ i oM

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The nature of the Lexigram is fully and freely revealed herein, sharing how words and names reveal meanings and affect our lives, deeply so. Lexigrams are introduced to you showing their powers to reveal the truths of the matters. We show you how to use Lexigrams to awaken and heal in harmony with Mother Earth's ascensions.

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