George Bush's War Surge ...

America begins her new year announcing our 3,000th United States military person is dead in Iraq.

George's War Surge is in the news as we end the old year and begin a new :

Surge Versus Insurgency :
Bill Katovsky
It's interesting to note that "surge" is the spawn or twin of "insurgent."
They do share the same five letters. They eerily mirror each other.
But in the end, the insurgents will defeat the surge.
Or that will it turn into a lethal stalemate, and then political pressure will demand troop decline.
Destabilization will immediately return. 
I certainly don't look forward to one day seeing "surge" being named one of the top words of 2007.
For this dubious honor, there will only be blood on George Bush's hands.
Source :

You can see more of the surge, and its healings, in the Name Art of GEORGE WALKER BUSH.

George Bush killed Saddam Hussein ... he called the hanging of Saddam a milestone on the road of democracy in Iraq.
George Bush killed Karla Faye Tucker with a sneer ... remember that, America ?  He signed the death warrants of 152 people.

Good Works On Earth calls for the IMPEACHMENT of George Walker Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney, Mr. Energy Meetings Secrecy himself,
and the others of the Vulcan Team, also known as Team Terror, as shown elsewhere on our site.

Millions of Americans knew George Bush was a sure ruse user long before he stole the presidency in 2000.
Now .... we see the fruits of his labors in the deaths of our nation's finest, and over 600,000 Iraqi's are dead in 2006.

These are George Bush's crimes of his false war for oil in the name of weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, and we knew it.

This perfect anagram of TWO THOUSAND SEVEN was handcrafted by Kathy Uno - 20061226
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The following is a letter to the editor printed in the Register Guard newspaper on November 4th, 2004.

President Bush is a Deceiver
For centuries, Christians have been reading, worrying and warning others that there would come a day
when the prophecies of the Book of Revelations would come true.  It was written that there would come
a man who is most deceiving, who promises peace and safety and comfort for all, who actually claims to be
speaking for God.  But all the while he is selfishly, greedily, underhandedly performing the work of the devil.
Christians have fretted over this for years and yet, when he appeared in their midst, they did not know him.
Out of their fear and insecurity, they have re-elected him.

Cathy Rose
Monroe, Oregon
The Register Guard : A Freely Owned Newspaper

Awakenings, Forgiveness, Healings and Tolerance are what will establish peace on earth with no weaponeers .

This is all a mental universe, and the Bush Team is well aware of the power of the words, while their actions show death and
destruction all about.  A few days before the November 2004 elections in America ... it was reported that over 100,000 Iraqi civilians
have been killed by the Team BushMasters.  Over 1,200 of our nations finest humans have been killed in Iraq.  America is not seeing
these pictures, America is not seeing the photographs of children blown apart by America's weapons from afar.  America gives no thought
to the recent message of Osama bin Laden, most don't even read it.  Yet, what he spoke, the parts we have been able to see, is true.
He speaks more eloquently than Mr. George Walker Bush.  Saddam Hussein al Majid spoke more eloquently than Mr. George W. Bush.
The ownerships of weapons behind the news is about to reveal itsElf.  Hang tight, America.  May your awakenings to your own deaths and destructions caused by your weaponeering based pentagonal rape of Americans be furiously swift as the Great Deceivers are soon to deliver their devilishly evil fruits .. and ye shall then know them by their results they disclaim.  The fruits of death in Texas and America and Iraq ...
these are now seen clearly for what they are.

You can see the Name Art of G.W. Bush, with commentary, at :

You can see the Name Art of G.W. Bush, without commentary, at :

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