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anagrams : defined as words made from the letters of another word.
an anagram does not have to use all the letters of the parent word.
You create words from letters, using only those letters that create the name or word or phrase or sentence. These words within names or words are called anagrams.


please see ample sample, are all anagrams of EXAMPLES.

Everyone knowns anagrams and has fun finding them, and ..

Extremely rare is the one who intuited the creation of the Lexigram from those anagrams of the 'parent' word. The Lexigrams we share at Good Works On Earth would not exist were it not for Chapter 8 of one particular book. The author of that chapter and book thought to see if those anagrams she was finding in her word playing and that seemed to be revealing more of the word or name she was 'spiraling' with, as she would say to mean pondering, could create anything together in their meanings relating to the word or name. The story of the origin of the Lexigram is well told on various pages on this site. In particular we share the results of our attempting to disprove the apparent fact of English being an ultimate cipher, and which has now been researched to the point of identifying and delineating its axioms and its Star Arts for thousands of English words .. and names, and new creations .. and historical understandings and other researches into the creations and relations of human life and living, finally resulting in the Sequencers Database and its application program.

Here, we define the art and science of the Lexigram in all its beauty.
The word Lexigram comes from two words; lexi, meaning word, and –gram, meaning drawn out in full or written out in full.

A Lexigram is a fuller measure of a nameing or word’s meaning drawn out using only those letters used in spelling the name or word you are working with. Making anagrams with only these letters, then intuiting how the found anagrams can make lines revealing meaning pertinent to the name or word itsElf.  Not all anagrams must be used to render meaningful revealings.

Examples of anagrams showing meanings, using these words : LETTERS, WORDS, SENTENCES.

In the Lexigram rendering of a word, you are using letters of a word to create meaningful phrases relating to the word itself, with the use of the anagrams from the letters creating the word itself.

In the Lexigram rendering of a name, you are using letters of a name to create meaningful phrases that relate to creative joys in life and living.

In the art and science of the Lexigram, you use the Lexigram Sequence when rendering lines using anagrams. The Lexigram Sequence is explained at length on this page.

The Complete Sequence is use to create the Perfect Anagram.
Do not confuse the use of one sequence, with the other.

"anagramming is the exercise of creating words from letters in other words." - Kathy Onu

An Anagramming Example : SunriseSun is an anagram of sunriseSo is riseSo is siren.     Press this axioms link to see the axioms of the art and science of the Lexigram with their anagrams in form.

Perfect Anagrams

I coined this term to define a full anagram worth knowing, as a truth to live by, a self-evident truth.

You can change your awareness from SCARED to SACRED, with a breath and a heart shine of Love, our source.

It is best to LISTEN IN SILENT .. the Perfect Anagram shows you so.


The same letters spell MIRACLE and CLAIMER, and each are Perfect Anagrams of the other.

A Perfect Anagram of the name, MADONNA is AND AMON. Amon is a name of the God of Love and Reproduction. A 'God' of Love, is Love itself, and we are each a face of this one Love.

You have an awareness choice in life; to be SACRED, or be SCARED. You are an aware, breathing, hearing, seeing, talking walking miracle.

The Letters Let Seer See, so you may choose well.

one line letter perfect ultimate healing anagrams : My abbreviation is OLLPUHA : identified and defined at Good Works On Earth as, those Perfect Anagrams from a name's full letters that reveals the highest awarenesses and healings in the echoes of life's livings.  We take ALL the letters of the ENTIRE name, and we then put the letters in alphabetical order, and we craft from all these letters a one line letter perfect anagram: no letters missing, no extras. These messages we are capable of crafting will reflect the highest truths we can see. ~ kathy onu

Examples of One Line Letter Perfect Ultimately Healing Anagrams.  OLLPUHA's.

Examples of Perfect Anagrams for SCARED and SACRED, and beyond.

Examples of Perfect Anagrams for The Prophet Mohammed. Let the page load, it will 'pop' to the Prophet.

Examples of Perfect Anagrams for Source of God's Power On Earth

Examples of perfect anagrams for TWO THOUSAND SEVEN

The One Line Letter Perfect Ultimate Healing Anagram Sequence : OLLPUHA : ol poo ah
Example : George Walker Bush has three EEE's as you add up all letters.
Example : George Walker Bush has two RR's in his Perfect Anagram sequence,
as you simply gather all letters of the name together, omitting none.
From that sequence, you then find any Perfect Anagram you can that shows stellar
healings in awareness using all letters, adding none, missing none.

The Lexigrams Letters of Creations Sequence : George Walker Bush has only two EE's, as no single name part has a three EEE name. His letterings of creation sequence for Lexigram purposes is : ABEEGGHKLORSUW : from this you begin creating the anagrams for the Lexigram of George Bush's Birth Name.

Lexigrams : You can start with the Axioms of the art and science of the Lexigram, and proceed from there, link by link.
I would define Lexigrams as : the art and science of the revealing of truths encoded / hidden in the English language by Spirit Eternal We Be, anagramming the letters of the word or name, then intuiting how these words so anagrammed may be brought together creating meaningful sentences, thereby imaging and reflecting life and living with the word or name itsElf. - wfs
        The above definition of Lexigrams is from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See, in pen by, Kathy Onu.

    Please know that the word Lexigram comes from two words; lexi , meaning word, and - gram , meaning drawn out in full or written out in full. A Lexigram is a full measure of a name or word's meaning drawn out using only those letters that spell the name or word you are working with, making anagrams of the letters, then intuiting how the found anagrams can make lines revealing meaning pertinent to the name or word itsElf.

       An Example : the Star Art of HUMANS or the Star Art of EARTHLINGS

Please note that the Lexigram sequence of letters creating the name or phrase is usually different from the OLLPUHA sequence as defined above.

      An Example :
This is the Lexigram letters sequence needed to create the phrase : golden anagrams : aaadeglmnors : A few anagrams I see first off are olden odes, olden -grams, and golden's anagram.  golden anagrams was a search someone made on the internet and visited our site. The same letters needed to spell GOLDEN ANAGRAMS can also spell ANGELS AND DEMONS.  For one final clarity, the OLLPUHA seuqences of the two phrases are this :

Golden Anagrams = aaadegglmnnors [ all letters combined ] the one line letter perfect anagram sequence
ANGELS AND DEMONS = aaddeeglmnnnoss [ all letters combined ] one line letter perfect anagram seuqnece
angels and demons anagrams = aaaaadeegglmmnnnnorsss [ all letters combined ]  OLLUPHA sequence

The same letters telling us about golden anagrams can also spell angels and demons anagrams, and in the perfect anagram sequence of angels and demons aka golden anagrams are the keys of all one needs to know about the Endless God Manna Angels.

My name is Kathy Onu, and I welcome your observations and viewpoints.

anagramming a word or name's letters reveals its potentials within.  The letters form words. Words form ideas. 'Eid said.' - ku
      ^^ please note that not all words will create anagrams showing deeper truths about the word itsElf.

lexigramming the word or name is intuiting how the found words reveal awarenesses pertinent to the word or name in sentences made of the anagrams.  An Example : A DEAR RA EAR CARES, can be spelled using the letters that create the word SACRED. To see the axioms, and so the results of lexigramming methods, we invite you to the Axioms of the Lexigram.

lipogram  : per Webster's : a writing that omits or dispenses with all words containing a particular letter of the alphabet, as the Odyssey of Trypohiodorus, in which there is no A in Book I or B in Book II, etc.

malaproposims  - per Webster's : 1: ridiculous use of words, especially through confusion caused by resemblence in sound.   2: an instance of this (e.g., progeny for progidy)

oxymorons  : per Webster's : [ Greek, oxymoron, a smart saying which at first view appears foolish, from oxys, meaning sharp, and moros, meaning dull, or foolish] a figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas or terms are combined   e.g., thunderous silence; sweet sorrow; Holy War is another oxymoron.

oxymorons  :I would define the oxymoron as a phrase of two words that are polar opposites in meaning,
   such as TRUTHFUL REPUBLICAN : 'Show me a TRUTHFUL REPUBLICAN, and I will show you an oxymoron.'  - wfs

On the February 24th, 2008 showing of 60 Minutes, the Attorney General of Arizona was shown to be a true oxymoron, a Truthful Republican. - ku

palindromes : definition : same spelling forward and backwards, and so reads same forwards as backwards, such as :

a 6 word palindrome.  
A bit farther below we share an 8 word palindrome.
An example of what is not a palindrome : MEAT is not a palindrome of TEAM, as we have seen others claim. TAEM is how meat is spelled backwards.
TEAM is how the other word is spelled. You can see they are not matches to each other's mirror, forward and backward.
They are not palindromes of each other as they are not mirror images of each other, spelling wise, left to right, right to left.

MEAT and TEAM and MATEare perfect anagrams of each other, but they are not capable of being their own two word palindromes.
A palindrome would be reading exactly same, forward as backward, such as, HE WON NO RAW WAR ON NOW, EH. - wfs
This is what intelligent and aware beings do, and this is a palindrome created here at Good Works On Earth. 

We have extended this palindrome with the om of mom, and the wo ! of wow by acknowledging the source awareness of all that is, Yin yanging Love in the heart and so the being's mental images here on earth and so her's or hises sElf creating reality ongoingly eternal.
Om ...

We use MOM for this purpose of being able to read a sentence and know its idea shared.  How's this for a 12 word palindrome, including punctuation :


The 12 Words for World Peace On Earth palindrome from Good Works On Earth.

According to Martin Gardner in his book, Mathematical Circus, page 247, Leigh Mercer is the creator of this palindrome :
A man, a plan, a canal – Panama! : Mathematical Circus is copyright 1947.   Also in this book, on page 242,
Mr. Gardner shares a "near miss" palindromist, Ethel Merperson, who is quoted with, A man, a plan, a canal - Suez!,
in Son of Giant Sea Tortoise, edited by Mary Ann Madden; Viking, 1975.   Mr. Gardner also shares one example of a
visual palindrome, a flying seagull perfectly proportioned left to right and right to left as it appears to be flying to you.


puns are one of the highest minded forms of humor known to man and woman because puns will come on in streams among Loving communicating humans at times, and when this happens, you can feel the magic as it is spun in the room, with others adding their puns to the stream and it is a building on each other in some way and the spirit of the place lights up as the puns from those sharing become more pointed and more encapsulating, sans effort, and folks who never punned in their life spit out a pun, and it can get quite uproarious when the universe whispers puns and puns of funny and gentle awareness waves, meaningful to one and all or just a few and that certainly includes you who never pun in your life. When you hear it happening, just go quiet and listen .. the pun train may voice out over time or many sentences of a conversation ... building its hints as it goes. Pretty soon, everyone knows its happening, you cannot ignore it nor miss it and if you hear a pun that would fit in you are free to voice it when it feels right. Don't hog the floor, just voice the pun, and go quiet and listen in for how it goes, high or low. If low insulting puns are present, make your way out and begone for you are amongst boors smart as doors, humans poor in spirit in deed, poor in true heart's laughters, indeed.

Low level insulting puns are the lowest form of base humor.

Did you know metaphasis is defined as habitual transposition of sounds.  An example is gass me the pravy, for pass me the gravy.

Did you know amphibology is defined as :  intentionally created sentences that can be read and taken in meanings in two different ways.

Did you know holorime is defined as : a two-line poem in which each line is pronounced the same but uses different words.
    Send us your favorite holorime, we will show the best here.
antigram : a word that is different, when read forward or backward : ie. : drawer : reward
    "Semordnilaps are also known as heteropalindromes, semi-palindromes, half-palindromes, reversgrams,
      reversible anagrams, word reversals, or anadromes. They have also sometimes been called antigrams, 
       though this term now usually refers to anagrams with opposing meanings."
       Source : : Found in research for Dan Bryson : 20061202
       Also per wikipedia, the semordnilap now acts as a synonym for the antigram,
       as it is the palindromes in reverse, meaning another name or word.
       [ Ed. Note : antigrams are useful to know for you can use them to assemble palindromes.  Our favorite is NOW WON. ]
       More definitions of the word, antigram.

Have you seen this List of Anagrams going around the internet ?
These were published by Bill Bryson in his book, The Mother Tongue.

two plus eleven = one plus twelve
Western Union = no wire unsent
circumstantial evidence - can ruin a selected victim
a stitch in time saves nine = this is meant as an incentive
    [Editor Note : William Shakespeare line has been moved below]
funeral = real fun
    ^ Editor Note : Good Works On Earth saw this years ago in our research of the Star Art of FUNERAL ^
The Morse Code = here come dots
Victoria, England's Queen = governs a nice quiet land
parishioners = i hire parsons
intoxicate = excitation
schoolmaster = the classroom

    Now you know where they come from .. page 230 of Bill Bryson's book, The Mother Tongue.
    We feel fortunate to have come across this book, and we will be offering it in our Small BookStorer's Loft soon.
    We now we offer the book as our gift to you for your donation to Good Works On Earth of one Gold Eagle
    One-Ounce coin of the realm.  Star Arts will accompany our to you for your contribution.

Shakespearean anagrams  :
Before we leave these notes above, we leave you with our creations with the letterings sequencing that creates the name,
William Shakespeare : Will I Am Shakes Spheres As He Speaks :: that is a Lexigram line of meaning from the name.
The art and science of the Lexigram explained.

Another quote from Bill Bryson in his book, The Mother Tongue : "Am I a weakish speller?" is a perfect anagram for William Shakespeare.
This is a perfect anagram of all the letters of the name revealing a valid question, a valid line of meaning from the nameing.

Touching upon sacred names always inspires one to new heights of awareness and so it is as we share a few of our creations here :
  I like a Mr. A. Whalessep. : this is a letter perfect anagram line from the combined letters creating the name of William Shakespeare.
  I like a Mrs. A. Whalesep. : this is a letter perfect anagram line from the combined letters creating the name of William Shakespeare.
  Hi .. All praises we make. : this is a letter perfect anagram line from his name.
         His name is saying, everything you hear and see is a miracle, rejoice!  
  Hi ! We make all praises, which is a true line, ey ?
         These letter perfect anagrams of William Shakespeare are authored by Kathy Onu.

tongue-twisters is defined as : spewing sporadic sputtings sporting sones and tones, specifically culminating in certain spoken words which are difficult to say the first time, or it is difficult to repeat the name or phrase quickly, the tongue becomes twisted, so to speak. - ku

riddles : defined as : i sire riddles, riddles rise, riddle is. i sire lies ? did lies ride riddles ? lies ride riddles ? lies sire ires ? lies sire riddle's ides ! riddles i sired ? lies lied i ride ? dei is i ~ i sire riddles: did dire lie die ? i sire lie lied dies ~ lies die, riddle lied dei is i : i si dei : dei, i ride - ku
^ the above is the Lexigram of the word, RIDDLES, saying what it can so you can see, at times, riddles are riddled with lies. the way to solve the riddle riddled with lies is to get the lies to die, so to speak, by seeking the truths of the matters. end of riddle. - ko
acronym : noun : 1. A word formed from the initial letters of a name, such as WAC  for W omen's A rmy C orps,
       or by combining initial letters or parts of a series of words, such as radar, for RAdio Detecting And Ranging.
       acronymic, or acronymous, adj. AHD


- verse in which the first letter of the line, or certain chosen letters of the lines are used to spell other words down the lines. One characteristic of the acrostic is, the verses are about what is spelled out with the chosen letters so highlighted.  Webster's says psalm cxix is a best example of this. acrostics were first in the Hebrew writings, and the best psalms are said to be those which show the letters of the entire Hebrew alphabet as the first letter of each line, line by line.


The Master of Ambigrams is John Landgon
You can see many examples of his art at the web site of John Langdon, including his creation of the Angels and Demons ambigram as used in Dan Brown's books, Angels and Demons, and The da Vinci Code. You can see the angels and demons anagram revealed below this snip :

....snip.... From the Book of Names from Good Works On Earth
aabgimmr . ambigram : words that can be read equally well from more than one point of view. Most of my ambigrams read the same when turned "upside down," or rotated 180 degrees. If you were to climb up on your desk, walk around behind your monitor and lean way over so you could see the screen, you'd be able to read "Wordplay" just as easily as you could sitting in your chair ….snip …. In the early 70s, trying to do with words what Dali and Escher did with images, I invented (or discovered) what came to be known as "ambigrams." In 1980, I discovered that Scott Kim had invented them, too, almost at the same time. The editor who wanted to publish my ambigrams seemed to think that a book needed text as well, so I dragged my writer self out of the closet, and Wordplay was published in 1992. Since 1995 I have taken my visual-verbal meditations and manipulations to canvas. My paintings still involve symmetry and illusion, a bit of philosophy, and a few puns thrown in for good measure.   Source ::

aabgimmr . ambigram : per this one source :: "ambigram" was first coined by Sibyl (Judith Bagai), former editor of "The Enigma", according to O. V. Michaelsen in "Words At Play; Quips, Quirks & Oddities".

aabgimmr . ambigram : per another source, the word was coined by Douglas Hofstadter, and it means reading the same forwards and reversed upside down.
aabgimmrs . ambigrams : this begs the question, who is the first person to create the word, ambigram.  Do you know ?
"AMBIGRAM" (an ambiguous anagram) was most likely coined by "Sibyl" (Judith Eisenstein Bagai) in, The Enigma. The Enigma is the official organ of the National Puzzlers' League. -
O.V. Michaelsen in an email on 20070613
aabgimmrs . ambigrams : What was the first ambigram John Langdon created ? The word, HEAVEN.

anagram of angels : anagrams of angel
our answer to above is : when in doubt, view the scene anew with a new ANGLE.
our answer is to view from a different perspective, imagine and use an ANGEL ANGLE.
what better perspective ? and ... all the world's belief systems honor ANGELs.
.... snip ....
.... snip ....
Angel's and Demon's Anagrams, by Kathy Onu : the John Langdon anagram shows up in the title of ...
aaddeeglmnnnoss : angels and demons : OLLPUHA sequenced 20061206 : One Line Letter Perfect Ultimate Healing Anagram.
aaddeeglmnnnoss : langdon’s demeans : perfect anagram of angels and demons. - ku
aaddeeglmnnnoss : langdon’s same end : angels and demons perfect anagram. - ku
aaddeeglmnnnoss … landon’s endgames : OLLPUHA sequence : perfect anagram : angels and demons.
aaddeeglmnnnoss : langdon send same : angels and demons anagrams, perfect. - ku
aaddeeglmnnnoss : langdon’s seam end : perfect angels and demons anagram. - ku
aaddeeglmnnnoss : langdon’s mea ends : perfect anagram : angels and demons. - ku
            ^^ all perfect anagrams are arrived at by hand by Kathy Onu on 20061206
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Magdalen’s ~ n ~ Odens : perfect anagrams of Golden Mean Sands – - ku : 20061211
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Mana'd Goldenness : perfect anagram of Golden Mean Sands   - ku : 20061212
        *aamn : mana : defined as : 1. A supernatural force believed to dwell in a person or sacred object.
                                                        2. Power; authority. [Maori]    Source : AHD on CD
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Son Lands Endgame : perfect anagram of Magdalen’s ~ n ~ Odens. - ku : 20061212
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Son Land Endgames : perfect anagram of Magdalen’s ~ n ~ Odens. - ku : 20061212
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Endless God Manna : intuisearched perfect anagram of Son Lands Endgame– ku : 20061214
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Golden Mean Sands : perfect anagram of Endless God Manna - ku : 20061214
            PHI = 21st letter of Greek Alphabet for the 21st Century
            PHI also is the Golden Mean ratio which means: NO beginning / NO end
       *adnss … sands : definitions :
       b. sands - Moments of allotted time or duration: “The sands are numb'red that makes up my life”   Shakespeare
Slang Courage; stamina; perseverance: “She had more sand in her than any girl I ever see; in my opinion she was just full of sand”
 Mark Twain  [AHD on CD]
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Golden Name Sands : perfect anagram of Endless God Manna - ku : 20070112
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Goldens and Names : perfect anagram of Endless God Manna - ku : 20070112
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Golden Names DNA’s : perfect anagram of Endless God Manna - ku : 20070112
aaddeeglmnnnoss : Madonna’s Legends : OLLPHUA sequenced 20070112 : perfect anagram of Magdalen’s ~ n ~ Odens
                      ^^ by Kathy Onu : inspired by the legend and legends words at : deeglns and deeglnss and dna in Angels and Demons research.
aaddeeglmnnnossu : key changes : largest words are : amanuensis : golden mean : goldenness : golden angels
                      ^^ and, unseasoned mundaneness : authored by Kathy Onu, amanuensis of Endless God Manna.
..... break .....
aadeegilmnrxy … Mary Magdalene Lexigram : Lexigram sequenced : searched 20051220 : we are #1 & #2 / 201 : “0”
                        : #1 is Yeshua ben Joseph #2 is Our Message of 20021212
aadeeglmnnnoss … mana goldenness : near perfect anagram of angels and demons : ku : 20061206
aadeeglmnnnoss … gladsome annens : causing others happiness or others causing others joys : see aennns
aadeeglmnnnoss … GOLDEN SANS MEAN : life is good without the social meanness present in media and people : OLLPUHA sequenced 20091129
aadeeglmnnnosss … goldens sans mean : OLLPUHA sequenced 20061206
aadeeglmnnos … salon endgame : OLLPUHA sequenced : 20061206
aadeeglmnnos … as golden mean : OLLPUHA sequenced : 20061206
aadeeglmnry … Mary Magdalene : Lexigram sequenced : BeLoved of Yeshua ben Joseph : 1998
.... snip .... Book of Names : : All Rights ReServed World Wise

Our Calligrame of the word, MOTHERS
: A calligramme is a text or poem, of a type, or the word for which was, in which
    the words or letters make up a shape, particularly a shape connected to the subject of the text or poem.
    One of many Surrealist techniques
    Our Source :
calligrams : Calligrams: the beauty of words. Research in visual words.
calligram : (calligramme, calligramma) = literature where the words are assembled in order to
    form an object. Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) composed several calligrams which have remained
    famous.mix of calligrams. This page is designed and typeset by Laura Ruggeri ©1995-2005
    Our Source :

cryptograms  defined as : something written in code or cipher

cryptonyms : a secret name, as of an initiate. [Webster's 20th Century Unabridged]

clerihews  defined as : pithy poems that always start with someone's name and purport, in just four lines,
        to convey the salient facts of the subject's life. 
       First created by E. Clerihew Bentley.  Source : The Mother Tongue, by Bill Bryson, page 232

holorime  defined as : a two-line poem in which each line is pronounced the same but uses different words

logogram : defined : logogram : noun : 1. A written symbol representing an entire spoken word
     without expressing its pronunciation; for example, for 4 read “ four” in English, “ quattro” in Italian.
     Also Called ideogram. Also called logograph.    logogrammatic, adj.    logogrammatically, adv.
     A star logogram could be a picture or drawing of a star in the heavens.
rebuses  defined as : meaning is indicated by things :
     1. a kind of puzzle consisting of pictures of objects, signs, etc., which by the sound of their names suggest words or phrases; as,
     a picutre of a bedspring followed by a picture of a meadow is a rebus for Springfield. (Webster's)

logoscript : an anagram : a game of findings anagrams in words. A logoist is one who plays the game of finding anagrams.

palindromes reversed is semordnilap :
     "Semordnilap" seems to have been coined by Dmitri A. Borgmann. It appeared in the 1961 book,
     Oddities and Curiosities (Dover Publications, annotated by Martin Gardner). The idea, but not the term,
     was used in Lewis Carroll's "Silvie and Bruno."  - : O.V. Michaelsen in an email on 20070613. Thank you, Sri Ove.

spelling bees  defined as : a competition in which the person or team spelling the most words correctly is the winner.  (Webster's)
word square  defined as : a square made of letters so arranged that if read either vertically or horizontally the letters form the same words;

We invite you to see the Name Art of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE as rendered here at Good Works On Earth many many years ago.

Did you know that in the Middle Ages, the French had a post entitled, Anagrammist to the King ?
'Tis true, and rightfully so.       Source : The book, The Mother Tongue, by Bill Bryson, page 232

Because of the fact that we have sent the several last Presidents, and Vice-President of the United States of America the Star Arts,
and their Name Arts, we could be designated by any authority higher than us, of which there is none, as Lexigram'ers to the President.
In the case of King George Bush, we would have to claim the title, still, of Lexigram'ers to the King, Good Works On Earth.
However, he has not asked us, and we have not offered to him directly as it is well understood, he does not read such material.
We have always offered this work freely to those sitting in the Oval Office as the unquestionably elected President.
That has not been so since 2000. [ Editor's Note : We did offer this work to Congressman Robert Ney, aka Rob Ney for his counsel to George Bush.
Congressman Rob Ney did not respond to our offers. This was years ago, before his crimes caused his downfall from good grace in the American Leadership field of endeavors.  We offered these works to him then so as to show him a better way than he was choosing and as you can now see he chose his ways of crimes.  On 20060117, our local news media reported Mr. Robert Ney has stepped down from his leadership post in the now seen to be completely dis graced republican 'party.'  To which we paraphrase another ... You've done a heck of a job, Rob!  Not ! ]

With all of that now being said, we also say to you ...

While there are many sacredly meaningful anagrams, there is
a lot of trash, too, and people who cannot understand the power of these things.
Enough said on that matter, for though they have eyes that see and ears that hear,
their heart hears not, and their time of power grows exponentially shortened to its zero point.

Only truth long survives in this nature as that is its nature in creation all about.
Lies fail, always in all ways, eternal.

You've got to Love Cecil and his researchers ...
Do the anagrams of Lewis Carroll's verses reveal meaningful truths ?
Visit with Cecil Adams and see what he has to say in the Straight Dope.

From the Book of Names at Good Works On Earth
aaaefgilmnorstt ... anagrams of song titles : searched at google, they visited John Lennon's Name Art on 20050413 :
        we were answer #62 out of 7,730 answers on this date.  aaaefgilmnorstt is the letterings sequence
        of the phrase someone searched for on the web as : anagrams of song titles.
---snip--- Book of Names : : All Rights ReServed World Wise

        Yes, we can create Lexigrams of song titles.
Are you seeking the one word made from the same letters as DIRECTIONS ? The answer is DISCRETION.

This is a search someone performed at :

1-6 of 6 answers containing : Only one other word can be made from all the letters of INSATIABLE.

The answer, from the Book of Names, at Good Works On Earth ...
... snip ...
aabeiilnst = banalities : the only other word spelled with these letters; insatiable. : 20050414
aabeiilnst = insatiable : searched on the net on 20050414 by someone as this :
                    Only one other word can be made from all the letters of INSATIABLE.
                    Web Results : 1-6 of 6 containing 'Only one other word can be made from all the letters of INSATIABLE.'
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On 20050424, someone did a web search for : one word palindrome : and I say I have a wonderful one word palindrome and that word is : MOM   I want to share a three word palindrome, with you in the middle.  It comes from the one name word, MOI, meaning: me, myself.    The reason this palindrome from MOI is so sacred is, in the beginning is the word, or said another way, in the beginning is sound ...   so the word Moi is seeded with the rembrance of this creative ability we all have ... MOI ~ I OM.   This is the magical one word, MOI, that birthes the three sacred words of remembrance in a palindrome.

  MOI ~ I OM  Linked to the Star Art of Meditation.

Do you know what a paladin is ? 'Tis a real word, if you've never used it before, or noticed it before this. 
We share the definition of paladin :
paladin ( pal' a din) noun
1. A paragon of chivalry; a heroic champion.
2. A strong supporter or defender of a cause.
3. Any of the 12 peers of Charlemagne's court.
[French from Italian paladino from Late Latin palatinus palatine; See palatine]

Palatine ( pal' a TINE )
1. The most important of the seven hills of ancient Rome.
Traditionally the location of the earliest Roman settlement, it was the site of many imperial palaces, including ones built by Tiberius, Nero, and Domitian. Palatine adj.

Palatine ( pal' a TINE ) 1. A village of northeast Illinois, a residential suburb of Chicago.
[Editor Note : Stands to reason that this village would be a paragon of chivalry, with heroic champions of all kinds in gentlemen and gentlema's all about.]
Om is the creative sound of the universe.  MOI ~ I OM

You can have other one word palindromes such as bob and boob and dad and deed and such ...
none as magical as the one name word created to a three word palindrome : Moi ~ i oM

With Moi, you have a key to your meditations.

On 20050905, Good Works On Earth is still the only web site in the world sharing this stellar palindrome : MOI ~ I OM.  The reason is, we are the ones who decoded the word to show it's sacred creative ability.  In the beginning is the word : I OM MOI.   - kathy onu
loculus archimedius - a Roman puzzle of various pieces that assemble into a square.
Named after Archimedes, mathematician who invented the screw. Archimedes is the inventor of the screw as a machine to do work, of the water screw, the endless screw, which is so important to the lathe, the compound pulley, the windlass, the steelyard, which is the ancestor of the balancing weighing scale, and ... he did indeed invent the mirrors that burned ships off the coast of Greece with their focused reflections of the sun's rays upon the ship's sails and woods.  In 1973, a Greek engineer named Ioannis Sakas built a working version of this weapon.  At 165' off shore, he torched the targets, taking only a few moments for the ships to flash into flames. Source : One Good Turn : A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw, by Witold Rybczynski.
If you are an anagram Lover, treat yoursElf to another page that is chock full of stellar playing in the anagrams :

We are not associated with the above link ... nor do they know we linked to their site, inviting you, Dear Reader, to visit their collections of anagrams.  The link above is a gift to you, if you are a Lover of anagrams, and more.

Here is just one sample of their brilliant sharings ...

United Parcel Service = Accept, Insure, Deliver!

And yes ..
has the goofy sharings of anagrams to boot.

I define Star Arts as; the physical renderings of the eternal truths from within the names and words themsElves, with the anagrams of their letters creating lines of meaning. This is the art and science of the Lexigram.
My name, in pen is, Kathy Onu

A Snippet from the Book of Names

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Word Up
'Yet another first was Max Maven's 'Word Up,' a monthly collection of
poignant magical anagrams that would run for 33 installments.

Round One included :
: Copperfield, Pop-fed relic :
Eugene Burger, Renege, be guru
: Origami Box, O! Big or maxi? :
Stan Allen's Magic, Snail mangles act.
Source :

Speaking of Magic ...
Good Works On Earth
Recommends your subscribing to MAGIC Magazine :
www. magicmagazine .com
We can also recommend your gifting a subscription to
those young folks you think might be interested in magic.
Such a gift to others can change lifetimes for the better.
'Tis a noble art to know.  'Tis a noble profession.

Are you seeking clues hidden within the keyed letters using the art and science of the Lexigram
It is best to use just the name, or phrase, or words with their letters that created them in sequence.  
If you are seeking examples of Lexigrams, we invite you to read the Star Art Lexigram of MOTHER EARTH. 
If you are seeking examples of anagrams, we offer this page, the Star Arts of INVESTIGATOR
You will see it has part of the words list still showing below the Star Art ... those are
all anagrams of the letters that spell the word, investigator. 
Be a researcher .. find the truth ... 'twill set you free.  
Work with words or names that truly mean something, and see what you see, such as the Star Arts of BREATHES
We all breathe.

Are you searching for :
anagrams creators or anagram generators ?
the finest anagrams generator availble on the net is the anagram generator.
American Heritage on CD has a good anagram program, it will kick out every word in the English language in many ways,with accurate pronunciations.

We now correct this statement made small, as it is no longer true.
There is no such thing as a Lexigrams Program,   see below
and there never will be for the Lexigram is rendered with the Loving intuitions of the Loving heart.

A Lexigram Generator has been created at Good Works On Earth.
In 2009 we discovered we can create a Lexigram Sequence Generator.
In 2009 we created our first Lexigram Generator for in-house researches.
This discovery of how to enable the computer to create Lexigrams was made with the Love Enlightened Heart.
At this time in late Two Thousand Nine we cannot predict when the Lexigrams Generator will be shared on our site.
The date of release to the public, of the code, not the working application, was 20110828.

We can tell you, the Lexigram Generator is now
in existence with almost all parts completed for our in-house use.
We call this current version of the Lexigram Sequencer,
the LexiGenome, and our database feeding it is the Desiderati.
This generator of the Lexigram is for our own researches
of our own works soon to publish. At that time,
we will describe how we did it and how it works,
and, we expect to make it available on our site. (now done)

2010 update :
In early 2010, we successfully wrote and tested the Ruby codes
   that can generate the Lexigram sequence of letters from any given input.
This is to us a major accomplishment, allowing for further development of the Book of Creations.
The Book of Creations is the computer application written in Ruby using Ruby on Rails, using Apotomo's Cells.

In early 2010, we essentially destroyed numerous Lexigram Generators so as to rebuild anew.
In August of 2011, we now have the fully working in every case Lexigram Sequence Generator.
We are soon to be doing the same type of changes with the web sections.
Due to the nature of the Book of Creations computer application written in Ruby .. and ..
Due to the requirements of a relational database backed system, we will be making changes in the site.
It is expected that all html pages now showing will be moved to the Final Archive of Static Pages.
All future pages will be created on the spot as the seeker seeks.
The Book of Creations is like nothing ever existing on Mother Earth in prior times.
'tis something new under the sun, from Good Works On Earth, again.
Yes, this is the Lexigram Generator, the LexiGenome, the zipper to
   the 'dna library' of Letters, creating Words, making Sentences.
You can be sure that when we release the Lexigram Sequence Generator,
you will not have by now missed that fact.

2013 update :
Our Sequencers Membership site is now available to members.
This is our secure site for supporting members.

2012 update :
Our Lexigram Sequence Generator is available to members above.

Phrases About Peace
The Jewish Torah describes peace as :
' the vessel which can contain all blessing.'

We have a question for Lovers of English Trivia :
What are the largest words you can spell using only the top keys of the keyboard ?

Think you know the answer ?
See if you can figure it out before you look at our answers given in our 20030604 message.

A Newer Awareness Begins at Our Home Page :

The address of this page is :

Page Title :
Anagrams, Lexigrams, Palindromes and more.

Actual internet searches folks made to arrive here :
Meaning is hidden within the letters of your name.
how to anagram word to name :
also see the Axioms of the Lexigram

how many different anagrams are in the word, anagram
18 anagrams exist, per the anagram generator.
how many different anagrams does the word anagrams have
again, shows 38 anagrams of the word, ANAGRAMS.
Our favorite is the perfect anagram of ARS MAGNA = ANAGRAMS. Ars Magna, is the Great Art, in Latin. Aum.
You won't find that perfect anagram in the list at - ku
~ anagram words and phrases free in hebrew ~
BANALITIES is the only anagram of INSATIABLE

~ Your Quest : Which anagram of coin is an image of a sacred person? ~
~ ~ Our Answer : ICON = COIN
: meanings of letters of names anagrams :
poems using letters of a persons name
: poems using letters of my name :
name anagrams letters
~ art using person's name anagram ~
anagrams with only one other : poems using letters of our names :
Question : what is anagram word art called ?
Answer : the Lexigram is an anagram word art.
: palindromes for a goofy person :
demons and angels palindrome
: anagrams, angels & demonds : sic
who created the anagram for angels and demons ?
angels and demons and anagrams
: anagram english hidden word :
palindrome anagram definition
~ anagrams palindromes ~
anagramming hints
: anagram makers :
lexigram example
: decode anagram sentence : decode that anagram :
antigrams : perfect anagram opposites : abhorred & harbored :
i sing in sign in lines in english : our search
: lexigrams expample : sic
anagrams of my entire name : perfect anagrams
: word art made from letters :
define anagrams
" define anagram "
anagram phrase
lexigram decode
: anagrams phrases :
antigrams definition
:: anagrams decoded ::
anagram hidden words
: american anagram verses :
: anagram maker full sentence :
anagrams and palindromes
: anagrams hidden words :
name anagrams phrases
: anagram phrase maker :
how to create Lexigrams
: the golden mean anagram :
: how to reveal an anagram :
: forward backwards anagrams = palindromes :
making anagrams easy : making anagram arts
: creating name anagrams : See our Services
Definition of the word Lexigram : see above
: anagrams defined : anagram definition :
: Lexigram Codes : What does Lexigram mean?
artists using letters : using letters as art
: shakespeare's palindrome line :
:: Shakespeare's Lexigram lines ::
^ You've found the right place ^
shakespeare as a anagram
: words with meaningful anagrams :
Our answer #1 : See the Axioms of the Letters
Our answr #2 :     How about these :
    don't be SCARED, be SACRED. Your choice, in the word and awareness.
    also, to claim a MIRACLE REAL, you have to be a CLAIMER of that MIRACLE.
    doing so, you will RECLAIM A MIRACLE ERA REAL, for you and others.
    start small, make a claim of something you can do to make a miracle for a small child or a neighbor, out of the blue.
    once you get the hang of it, you too are A REAL MIRACLE CLAIMER.
Another example is this :
Never let the finding of a perfect anagram of a word itself stifle you. - Kathy Onu
Some have them, some do not.
: creating life using words :
: creating words using letters : ~ anagram decode ~
: Lexigram images :
See the Star Art of MOTHERS, the Standing Woman is also a Calligram
definition Lexigram examples
: anagrams examples samples :
: make names in art
artists using words
: anagram samples :
anagram name decoder
Quest : a free anagram decoder
Answer : You can use to find anagrams
:: three word palindromes ::
the anagram defined
: langdon anagrams :
the langdon art anagram
: anagram langdon :
anagram creator name
: anagram palindrome :
palindromic anagrams
: definition of palindromes :
song palindrome paladin
anagrams & palyndroms (sic)
:: Lexigrams engine ::
word anagrams phrases
: anagrams name creators :
what does Lexigram mean
: words to names anagrams :
spell one word from another word's letters and you get an anagram
: words made from name letters :
william shakespeare anagram : see above
: BEST NAME ANAGRAM MAKER : anagrammarian - ku
:  anagram sentence creator : is a Lexigram artist :
: free anagram sentence maker : full anagram sentence :
See :
: marketing anagrams :
We have advertising, corporate, wall street, etc.
: words made from letters of my name :
: using your name with art :
anagrams using your name
: names anagrams letters :
lexigramming methods
lexigramming names
: science word anagram :
puns, anagrams, palindromes
: anagrams in arts : anagrams names :
anagrams for angels and demons
: angel and demon anagram :
form words from names
: angels demons anagrams :
john langdon anagram
: angels demons anagram :
: angels and demons alphabet :
anagrams on angel & demons
: names, anagrams, backwards : BOB is a palindrome name
: meanings in our names - anagrams :: lexigrams, meanings behind names :
See the AXIOMS for proofs of meaning in our names.
: how to figure out Lexigrams : Begin at AXIOMS
anagram language services
: palindrome anagrams :
: palindromes creator :
make word anagrams
: Lexigram art codes : find perfect anagrams of my name
finding your best name anagram : find you best name anagram
: finding you best name anagram :
having your name anagram rendered for you
: codes using letters :
sample lexigrams
: anagrams power :
name anagrams
\/ anagrams word itself \/
Ars Magna means, The Great Art, in Latin
: lexigram maker :
arts name
: anagram William :
I Am Will ~ Will I Am

Ambigrams :

To see the master of this art form, visit the web site of John Landgon.
The artistic work of the ambigrams research or ambigram arts of names, phrases or words is not our forte.

Lexigrams :
We are the Lexigrams Specialists, the art and science of the Lexigram is our forte.
We are the sElf Proclaimed Anagrammists to and Ignored by King George Bush.
Speaking of which, someone visited our site by searching the internet for this :
A perfect anagram of his name :
shrug war bloke gee

George Walker Bush makes the perfect anagram of :
War bloke shrug, gee !

To which we say, let George Bush see if he can fix what he broke :
George Bush for President of Iraq

You have found the answer to the quest : The Name Game (george bush), without notes.
The George Walker Bush Name Game, with notes.
Another quest someone made, and we place here so it can be found ..
i am a weak speller shakespeare
iamaweakspeller : see the above material

We are Good Works On Earth

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Our Creations and Services Offered

The Lexigram is the Art and Science of an Anagram Sentences Creator
The Lexigram Magic is showing in the Letters Trestle

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