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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

Why is it that to read the speeches of Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz is
to read words spoken from the heart, clearly sharing abounding
healings, and that to read the speeches of Mr. George Walker Bush
is to read scripted and still unclear republican's nuclear lies, with not
a trace of heartfelt truth beyond patriotism, the first refuge of the
scoundrel?  Mr. Bush speaks falsified empty words.

Fidel Castro speaks from the heart of knowing the struggles for freedom,
of improving the conditions of Cubans in natural ways with creativity.
George Bush speaks from the mind of an agenda with corporate profits
the goal in every way, hidden behind a facade of convuluted falsities with
constantly changing explanations. To wit :
That is just one example of a blatant and outright Bush lie.
Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is another.

Also, you can read this days article from Arianna Huffington,
a woman who tells us like it is in Washington these days :

Now, for the first time, we now introduce you to a man who
speaks from the heart, with true knowing of what he speaks of,
for he has already helped create in peace, and it shows in his
Name Art.

We share with you the Name Art of FIDEL CASTRO,
as this fellow has come to be known throughout the world.

Please read his Name Art very sacredly and slowly.
Below his Name Art we share the full speech he made in
Argentina on May 26, 2003.  The media in America won't
share these things with you, so we do.  Take some time,
and see for yoursElf what YOU think about this man, after
you read his words.

My gosh, if only the fellow who sometimes sits in the Oval Office of
our White House would speak from the heart while answering in
truths spoken, not framed agenda's with lies abounding, we could
get somewhere in the awakenings and healings of North Americans
in the USA.  Our creativity can heal any condition, yet the supreme
court (no longer worth of capitalization) choice for president in
2000 calls us to terror, and war, and shouts out how others
have mass destructive weapons, but ... we are the ones that
use them!  He takes us from paying off our national deficit of
near seven trillion dollars to now incurring even more debt.

See what is happening in Cuba, in relation to what Mr. Bush speaks
about as happening in the United States.  Compare the two.

We invite you, in peace, to read the messages of this man's
Name Art ... FIDEL CASTRO  and his astounding speech.

Now the words of another healer upon Mother Earth,
shared in the name of peace.

Dennis Kucinich is Still Demanding Answers on War


Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, leader of the opposition to the
Iraq war in the U.S. House, is announcing at a noon news
conference on Wednesday that he will use a Resolution of Inquiry
to demand the release of the intelligence that led to the war in Iraq,
and to Administration claims that Iraq had tons of biological and
chemical weapons, delivery systems, and a 'reconstituted' nuclear program.

'This Administration led this nation into war based on lies,' said
Kucinich. 'I think that this Congress, and the American people, have a
right to know what information this Administration had, and how they
justify their public comments. Now is the time for truth-telling.'

A Resolution of Inquiry is a rarely used House procedure that Kucinich
used successfully in March to get the Administration to release the
12,000 page weapons report that Iraq had submitted to the UN.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is running a grassroots campaign
for president, allied with the peace and justice movement.
He is the one presidential candidate who had the courage to vote
against the misnamed 'USA Patriot Act.'
     GWOE Note :Please see:

Unlike the corporate-connected candidates, Kucinich relies on
you in the grassroots to spread the word about his campaign

Attached is a John Nichols column from today's Capital Times,
 'Kucinich Draws Crowd, but Not Media,' which points out that
no other candidate attracts the audiences that Dennis does,
and yet, big national media -- like they did with McGovern in '71
and Carter in '75 -- may be missing the story. 'If the grass roots
still count for anything,' writes Nichols, 'then the Kucinich people
have earned some bragging rights. Drawing a thousand people on
a Saturday night in Madison, and being compared with Michael Moore
in the Des Moines Register could yet prove to be more meaningful than
flattering mentions in the New York Times.'
[ ]
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To read Congressman Kucinich's full letter to Defense Secretary
Rumsfeld (covered by AP today) seeking facts that would resolve
the controversy surrounding the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch in Iraq,
Source for above is the mailing of the Office of Congressman Kucinich

From the desk of Sir Peter Gersten : UFO Attorney


So much for the United States being any more humane to its
enemies than Hussein was to his friends.  There is no excuse
for any government, let alone the self-righteous leaders of the
'land of the free' to breach the Geneva Convention by denying
people basic human rights, even if prisoners.

This country, of all countries, should be leading by example.
Unfortunately these examples are none that any benevolent
society should be following. I guess that is the rub, now isn't it?
'The US has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a
death camp, with its own death row and execution chamber.
Prisoners would be tried, convicted and executed without leaving
its boundaries, without a jury and without right of appeal.'
Source Page :,5936,6494000%255E401,00.html
Last checked, link not working.
'The United States is illegally holding thousands of Iraqi prisoners
of war and other captives without access to human rights officials.'
Source Page :,6903,963108,00.html
Last checked, link not working

Please see the Star Art of THE DEATH PENALTY

Did you know ...

The longest word you can type with the right hand without
repeating any letters is PHONILY.
The longest word you can spell with the left hand keys without
repeating a letter is BEDSTRAW.

In the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See, we have created
and are seeding into English, these words, among others :

NOWMENTS : present time, the ongoing miracle of the nowments.
 Enter the Nowments!

CLORANGE : a clear and relaxed solar plexus, untensed by lies lied.

PLURPEL : PLURPELERS : to plurpel is to play and wurk with Loving
 people, in joy.

SMILVER : smilverer's are those who smile with his or her heart's Love
 showing, while doing whatever it is they are doing ...  say it like, smill ver.
 We figure at this time, the plural will be SMILVERERS, not smilvers.

Plurperers are usually smilverers with cloranges shining to the nth degree.

MONTH? You say no other word ends in nth? I have thought and thought
from the beginning voids to its nth degrees of creations, and so I see another
whose very ending is exactly what you say does not exist in another word.
Do you?
Read the above the seveNTH, or niNTH, or teNTH, or eleveNTH time ...
You will see the NTH, hiding there.

Using only the top line of keys on the keyboard, you can create the following rather large words :

Plant a tree ....
Breath the earth's breaths ....

Blessings Be In Sing In Sign ....

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword

Yeshua ben Joseph is reported to have said :
"The power of life and death are in the tongue."

Celebrating the Birth Date of a Saint :

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