When you request this service we will first render what we have come to call,
the Spirit Rendition of your Name Art for you in Lexigram Star Arts form.

Your name is sacred.
We treat this work in great trust.
To see our introduction to this work.

The Spirit Rendition of your Name Art
and a full package of Star Arts are delivered to you in the
name of the awakenings and healings in the ascensions ongoing.
The Spirit Rendition of a Name Art is usually one or more pages.
It can be quite short ... it very rarely goes for pages on end.
If the Spirit Rendition is very short ... perhaps only one
page ... do not doubt the power of that one page.

Donation Requested :
Click on the $75 to go directly to the details on this page

You may of course donate more if you wish and in turn, receive more service.
If your donation amount exceeds the services delivered, you receive a tax-deductible receipt.
Please see this part of the page below for expanded choices.

This Perfect Anagram of yOUR NAME IN ART was handcrafted by Kathy Uno 20061219

See another perfect anagram of YOUR NAME IN ART

See a perfect anagram of YOUR NAME IN LETTERS

Greetings to you  ....

'Tis a long story to share the fullness of the powers of your name, and how it can be used to heal thysElf.  No matter what your name is, it matters itsElf in physical matters.  A name deeply affects your life, and by knowing its echoes in letters and words forms, both its pitfalls if any, and their healings ... and the stellar hints you did indeed hide for yoursElf in your chosen name, by your choice in birth or not, you can heal yoursElf with the awarenesses revealed to you from within your very name.
From an email on 20040818 :
Dear William,
All I can say is 'Wow!'
This truly is a beautiful gift, and I will treasure it.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.

We offer to render your Name Art for you in the name of awakenings and healings.
When you choose to make a donation for this service in any amount described below,
we will also provide you Star Arts that will make life's lies clearly heard, while
life's truths clearly shine before your very eyes, and so will the Loving hearts.
From an email sent to us on : 20030819
Good Day, Will!
I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your performance and sharings of the Voicings of the Star Arts the other night and I Love the Spirit Rendition of my name. I truly have a grand smile on my face. Good luck with your book, I look forward to reading it. Have a great day ... and hope to hear from you again soon.
Terri Lynn

Your name vibrates the universes when you say it.
When you say, I AM ME, A NAME, AMEN ... you say a universe full. The universes all hear and echo your name and your every spoken word. Ponder this well, for great truth has been worded above as further explained below.

"In the beginning is the Word, prior to the word is the Breath, and with the breath is the
Still Quiet Love, Unformed and Unnamed."

           from the manuscript - Letters Let Seer See
Regarding the powers of the spoken word and names to heal ...

All doubt has been removed from our eyes over many years of research with thousands of renderings of names and words with this art and science of the Lexigram.  We have seen too many healings to doubt.   We have too many letters of thank you from others we have shared this work with over the years in the researchings and sharings for us to allow the festering or fostering of doubt.   If you experience such, stay with us for a bit, we will prove the power of the word to you in ways that will serve you well, instantly and forevermore.

From an email sent to us on : 20030822
Dear William,
I finally got the definitions for the words I didn't know.
Working with my Name Art has been a lot of fun!
I have loved reading the Name Art and FEELING it!! Muy muy mucho!
I've actually felt a lot happier since the Name Art.
Hope you are well.. Things are great over here.
Hugs, Grace

When you know your name's vibrations intimately, your name vibrations heal you naturally for you are in harmony with the highest vibrations.

When you change your name, you change your vibrations, which may serve you well, or not.
Ergo, change a name sacredly for you change your universe within universes, and the
without ... the yin and yang of the entirety of the totality with infinity in the nowments.

Please know that no matter how 'unaligned' a name appears to be or sound, the being of awareness using the name can always rise above the vibrations of a name to their highest awarenesses in concert with life's livings.  And yes and unfortunately, the opposite is true ... those who have stellar names may not be able to live up to the healings within the gifts inherent in the name, damaged by locos programmings in locos schools, and doubt.

You are awareness.  Your clear and gentle intentions matter greatly.
This is why we include a package of Star Arts with every Name Art rendering.
((Now available freely, as THE GIFT at the top of the page.))
The reading of the Lexigrams in Star Arts form will show you the power of
your words to heal your life.

Be Ye Female or Male, Co Creator with Goddess, or Co Creator with God,
Your Name matters greatly.
When you speak the words, I AM, you speak the two most powerful words in the universes all.
You are a co creator or co creatress in the mindstuffs of Love all about, images of light, all.
Think a thought, envision an imagination.  Where is it?  In the mindstuffs of Love, all.
Vision your dreams with Love, and poof ... pretty soon ... it arrives before you speak it, and you don't notice its arrival, even after you spoke it!  You will see this happen to you, if you have not already.  Your dream came true and you didn't notice or walk in gratefulness, being aware of being grateful.  Grateful to who or what?  The one source of all that is, I prefer the word, Love.

Thoughts thought then given to the uni verse of all verses, Love.
Words spoken vibrating the universes ....
Deeds done in your uni verse, or your neighbors .... and with them, in realities created with agreement.

These are the three ways of creating your perceived reality while with Mother Earth.
Thought, Word, Deed.
Thoughts, Words, Deeds.
Clear intentions with Loving heart claims it real.
Our knockings sing and our ears hear because we agree and
because we believe so well in many a varied level of awareness in the lights of Love.
As ye believe, so shall ye see, 'tis true.

Whether we are of Loving heart, or hateful heart, we still hear the knock on wood for all is of Love,
which shines upon all and holds all in form.

The sun shines upon all, without judgements.

And the knocking opportunity to awaken happens infinitely more than once.
From an email received on : 20030520
"I am a real fan of yours Will I AM :-)  and many times when I have posted your Star Arts,  I also talk about having met you in person and how wonderful it was to see you perform your Voicings of the Star Arts.  I say perform rather than recite because to hear you express them is like seeing with Ones ears, like listening to a picture express itself.   I hope that makes sense. Your Star Art is a must experience in person, ((Link to Retreats/Voicings)) as the Beautiful God expressing them, brings them alive!
- - WhiteDove"

As a co creator in the mindstuffs of God/Goddess/Love, you can engage in creation, or reaction.
Same letters telling you your choice.  CREATION OR REACTION
Creative creation is infinitely superior to reactive re action.
The words carries their truths well, don't you think?

Keys of truth hidden for eons in English words, and names,
and yet we who have eyes have not seen.  Until now.

From the letters of EYES ...

From the letters of HEARS ...

Creation is in harmony with Love, the source of all.
Reaction is in dis harmony with fear, tiny bubbles of bare nothingness in thought.

The lie falls with a dull thud, the truth rings the universes with its echoes.

Ergo, don't be SCARED ... be SACRED

Play with it .. you will see these truths show themsElves to you.
Fear is a tiny bubble of thought.  Love is the whole enchilada.
Love Loves so much, Love even allows time and space for
mean, evil, nasty and scared to exist .. in thoughts, in physical,
at the behest of the thinker/imager/cocreator in mindstuffs of Love.
This is the free will, and it allows us to experience anything,
thereby learning what we want to create in our lives, and what we do not.

Perhaps you see others engaging in simple reactions like you have never noticed before.
The way to be in peace with this is to forgive
instantly ... and judge not.
Simply be a still quiet observer in no reaction.
Be still, be silent, observe in peace.
It is a wonderful freedom.
And yes, should you choose to act ... it is your action created anew.
Not a re re re re re act ive reaction.

What does this have to do with your name and how to heal with it?

When you say your name, does it sing your soul to high heaven?
If you don't know, try it.
Speak your name.
Say it ...
I AM ____________ .
Announce your presence to the universes ...
To the saints and sages of all times and all ages and the angels all about  ....
And know all hear your name in the echoes of all that is.
Listen to your heart and body as you speak it, go quiet,
listening for the subtle echoes and feelings and more with the inner ear.

If you would like to see your name's revealings in Star Arts form .....
We now offer three ways to have your Name Art rendered :

We share with you our current scale of Star Arts Creations :

Seventy Five Dollar Donation
Shared below on this very page

One Hundred and Fifty Dollar Donation
Shared below on this very page

Five Hundred Dollar Donation
Shared below on this very page

We also offer the following :
One Thousand Five Hundred Dollar Donation
A first time offering new to Mother Earth
The link takes you to our Small Earth Bookstore

Ten Thousand Dollar Donation
To Letters Let Seer See page

Thirty Thousand Dollar Donation to Good Works On Earth
This link takes you to our documentary page.

And now ... further details of our offers :

$75.00 - Seventy Five Dollar Donation :
Our thank you to you will include the first Spirit Rendition of the Name Art.
We may email with you a little bit or a lot in the beginning to confirm and verify and query and inform and share as we go along, and we also go quite quiet while the Name Art is being rendered.
The Spirit Rendition is always the first part of a Name Art rendered in all cases, for it is the first energetic decoding of the name's
letters as revealed by what we have come to know as ... to put it bluntly, 
The Star That You Are, no little letters about it.
  We are each a Bright Light of Love's Images.
Ponder well the last sentence and you will know it to be true. 
The Spirit Rendition is usually a one page, sometimes two, and yes .. sometimes more
pages of the truthful sentences of meanings in nameings coming from the awarenesses of,
here we go again ... the star that You Are using the unique letterings sequence that creates your name.
Yep .. we be psychic in the letter's senses, restricting oursElves to the focusings in the letter's sequencings.

"In the beginning is the Word, prior to the Word is the breath and with the breath is the Still Quiet Love Unnamed and Unformed.'
        - from Letters Let Seer See

The Human Genome Decoding Project took the same number of years as we have now been
decoding the letterings in names and words and phrases and titles and more.  Most of us have prime letterings
creating our names, and each name and word creates specific energies of awareness in soundings and readings
and hearings and seeings from within and with its letterings sequence which creates the name or word. 
To see an example of this .. we invite you to read the Star Art of ENCODINGS, perhaps the
single most difficult reading revealing the single most magnificent awarenesses. 
Do you feel it might be too difficult to read and know because I wrote it so ?
Do you see glimpses of the power of the words to create your reality ?

We invite you ...please ... do return :
This is a sidebar to another page at Good Works On Earth
The Star Art of ENCODINGS
Take your time there .. it's one large puppy.
If you think it becomes repetition at any point ....
read slower, and more carefully than ever .....
and hold onto your halo We set this service at this amount so that most anyone can donate to empower the sharings
of the Star Arts in this work we do ... and so too experience the powers of their own name
in the joys of the awakenings and healings of sElf, and so others.  This service truly is, in
essence, a gift to you for your name means priceless things you can know to be true.
We also include a package of Star Arts, now containing 124 pages of Star Arts prints.

One Hundred and Fifty Dollar Donation :
We will render the Spirit Rendition, above,
and then usually several pages more of the renderings capable of being
revealed by the name.  What we will do is bring out the powers of awareness
inherent in the name, and we will identify learnings shared from within the letters.
We also draw out any negatives vibrating in the name, along with the healings
of those negatives in the awarenesses with the letters.  We also include a full
package of Star Arts for your awakening and healing pleasures.  Rare indeed
is the name that carries only healings and no travails.  Rare indeed is the
name that carries travails only and no healings.  We know of few words
or names that identify so called negatives, without also having their
concurrent healings showing brightly.  That's the name of the game.

Five Hundred Dollar Donation :
We will deliver all of the above, plus ... we will do our best
to answer your questions about your life and living and how to
empower and heal your life's livings through the knowledges contained
within yOur Name in Art we call the Star Arts.  We also endeavor to include
the full Star Arts of any words contained within your name's letters that
ask to be shared with you.  These Name Arts will usually run many pages,
revealing healings on many topics in life, as you request it and as we can
see it from the prime or near prime lettering sequence of your name.
We also send you a few of the CD's of the Voicings of the Star Arts.

These comments were shared with us after the person showed a friend their Name Art work we had already done, this is what the friend wrote to the person :

I am blown away.
I actually GET what he is saying.
You know what he is ? He is a modern day poet, like Voltaire.
This is really prose, and when you just 'be' it, it sings like poetry.
There is actually little poetry I like or can relate to, but for some reason, I get this.
It's wonderful and I love the name. You can go many places with this...

We received the above on 20030913.

Lexigram Name Readings
Yes, you can heal yoursElf, with your name.

You may make your donation for this service in pieces
of the American Gold Eagle coins of the realm at this time.

We also accept your check or money order in US Funds.
Please make payable to Good Works On Earth.

the Star Art of BREATHES

the Star Art of FREEDOM

the Name Art of LADY DIANA Frances Spencer

the Gift of SERENITY

We created our Small Earth Bookstore as a fundraising activity specializing in
metaphysical and rare books of sacredly unique knowledges.
We also offer books we have oursElves used for research in our work,
so you never know what you might find.
This is the true nature of a bookstore, on the internet, the ability to browse.
We place new additions at or near the top of the list so the page is always changing.

Letter Perfect Palindrome
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Information on the manuscript entitled :

The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See

The Nature of the Lexigram

We invite you to see more
Name Arts and Star Arts at :

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Lexigram Name Readings in Star Arts Form
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Page Description :
By knowing what your name is echoing in the vibrations of its soundings in the speakings and in the hearings,
and the seeings in the readings, you can heal yoursElf, for your name is your vibrational vortal (vortex/portal)
in the lights of Love. We offer this service in the name of the awakenings and healings we are all experiencing
in these ascensions of awarenesses now ongoing. We share the Name Readings as Lexigrams created at
Good Works On Earth in Star Arts, Word Arts and Name Arts forms.

Description : Good Works On Earth
Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

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what does your name say anagram
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Meaning is hidden within the letters of your name.
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same as creative is an anagram of reactive
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From the manuscript : The StarLightning Express - Letters Let Seer See - The Nature of the Lexigram :
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"In the beginning is the Word, prior to the word is the Breath and with the breath is the Still Quiet Love,
Unformed in Heart and Unnamed in Sound- Amen"


Uno :  Be as the Gate Keeper at the Lips of Goddess letting nothing pass which does not honor such a one.
Dos : In the beginning is the Word, prior to the word is the Breath and with the breath is the Still Quiet Love, Unformus of Heart, Unsonus of Name
Tres : Be as the Gate Keeper at the Lips of God letting nothing pass which does not honor such a one.
Quatro : In the beginning is the Words Sword, and with the words sown are their Echoes and
with these echoes is the Still Quiet Love ... Formed in Sound and Made Named Amen

I offer you another very short list that heals instantly, if you work it.

1. Inhale with awareness of Love's gentleness.
2. Shine the heart light of Love's brightnesses.
3. Forgive all, including sElf, completely letting go.
4. Talk and walk with Divine gratefulness in your heart and thought, for all that you see and hear.

If #2, 3 or 4 are in any way difficult for you in the beginning ...
Please see these Star Arts

Now, treat yoursElf ... go sit in a sacred hot springs and breathe.
No hot springs nearby?
Sit in the center of the sun with your inner eye.
Anywhere you are, these four steps above are Divine Healings.

If you like this healing ... and you wish to
have a few more that work stellar wonders
we invite you to visit our Retreats Page and
be creative in creating a retreat of your dreams.

The Star Art of DANCERS

So much to do ....

Thank Goddess there is so much time to do it in.

Please Know :
There is no program that will create a bona fide Star Arts Lexigram Name Rendering.
All of our work is hand done with open hearts by long time researchers
in the art and science of the Lexigram, in the name of the awakenings
and healings in these ongoing ascensions of awareness we are
all experiencing upon and with Mother Earth, Lady Gaea.
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Lexigrams Research and Sharings Web Site in the World of Words

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The Anagrams of FEBRUARY

The Anagrams of JANUARY

Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art
The Song