I share with you a letter with a Star Art within. 
Peace Pilgrim, the woman who walked over 50,000 miles throughout America
speaking words of peace and understanding,
she woke me up to how we can celebrate the passing-on of a Loved One.
I never met Peace Pilgrim, I have read her writings.

 Greetings Ye,
    One word asks to be shared with thee,
    In these, the great eternal presents of the nowments ..
    Which ceases not with our breaths or heartbeats for we are eternal ..
    Creating and playing with the mindstuffs of Goddess ..
    Whose Angels of Love always awaits us across this now thin veil of the breath of the body ..
    Whispering in our ears to rejoice in the release of our Loved ones to their cares ..
    For surely there their hearts do shine ..
    The Angels of Peace and our Loved One's Divine ..
    A One Word for our One sOURrce of Goddess~God~Love be RA. And Re, in yin or female essence.
    AN EAR NEAR RA EARN A REAL LEARN shares the secret of our inner ear.
    And so we come to know we hear our inner ear, and
    Oh ... to the awakening of our Loved one o'er the misty veil ..
    A grand cause of our celebrations for their awakenings sublime .. and ours in physical :


    The word itsElf tells us its truth, to celebrate the one who draws us together.
    Play their favorite music, for surely they do hear,
    Their harmonious tunes there now played here,
    Create and share their favorite delicious dishes,
    Dance their dancings with goofy feets or graceful treats to thy eyes,
    Sacredly dance their dance and sing their name feeling sElf's joys profound,
    Voice their favorite words to you, or to their others, so all can share,
    For they surely do be with our Angels of Peace,
    Dancing their dances with us,
    As do we now with them,
    For we are one,

Eternal Eventides

    Take it from a wordsmithy, every word true from the heart.

    Will I Am Me, In Name,

Please feel free to share with others who you know would enjoy these knowings in wordings.

a Star Art

a Star Art

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In the spirit of Peace Pilgrim and other wise humans, we offer the idea of the inane mortuary.
An inane mortuary will be empty because it is inane. Immortality seems to have appeared.

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