Changing a Name ~ Creating a New Name
This spiritually, mentally and physically empowering service
of creating names is offered by
Good Works On Earth

One or more of our Lexigram'ers will work with you
in every aspect of your name change or creation
beginning with your first communication to us.
You can expect unique responses from us.
Because of the time and care in these
creations, we ask for your donation
on a sliding scale of $500,
to no limit.

Please Note
Because we are
a non-profit group
we will allow this service
to be offered with a smaller donation.

We happily accept your bank check, and
Credit card donations are made through below.

We offer our service in the name of awakenings and healings.

We cannot offer to render this particular service for a very small donation due to the fact that to change or create a name is a process that we walk you through, avoiding all the pitfalls of the creatings of a name, it takes real work to communicate these inherently easy awakenings.

It is our true nature to awaken. These are soul searching and soul healing endeavors, this is a sacred trust. Our time is seriously invested with your name and your donation allows us to do your work, and more beyond you.

Regarding Peace On Earth Good Will All, you are paying it forward when working with Good Works On Earth.

Names are more powerful than previously known.

A common question about changing a name, and our answer : Name Change FAQ

This perfect anagram of yOUR NAME IN ART was handcrafted by Kathy Uno 20061219
See another perfect anagram of YOUR NAME IN ART

When you change your name, you change your life.
We help you create a name that will empower your dreams.
When you create a name, you are creating echoes of what can be.
We show you what those echoes are, and how they can and will affect your life.
This same power exists when you create a name for your business, your
product, your movie, your song, your creation, your ideal idea.

Please contact us at :

All credit card donations to Good Works On Earth are processed through JustGive .org
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You may also donate for our Creations and Services using
Once we are informed of your donation, our service begins.

Please note : If your interest is in creating a new business name, if your work is helpful to Mother Earth and her breathing creatures and her dirts and her stones and her airs, we are interested in helping you create your ideal business name. If your work destroys Mother Earth's breathing ability in any way, ponder well your own breath.

Please be generous in your donations, according to your ability to be so.  And no, that is not an -ism.
Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organizaton performing our namesake.
Your donations allow this work to continue.

Please see below for our different services offered on a sliding scale.


If you seek Trademark Services with
the creation of a new name for any reason
we will refer you to others who render such services
such as thorough world wide searches in off-net data bases
for prior existences and or usages of the name or word creation.
We will not claim trademark in any word creation we do for you.
When we create a new name or word with you, we provide for you the story of its creation.
Trademarks and other such legal matters are your responsibility from that point forward.

Long caring work goes into our name changing and creating services for your benefits.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our capabilities to serve you.


Our Creations and Services :
What we do in this process of helping you
change your personal name, or create a new name
for any creation or entity, is to work with you to create
your new creation in the soundings of your life ... we
do this using the art and science of the Lexigram
and other vibrational knowledges regarding
letters, words and names ... we ask you
piercing questions to ascertain
the name is correct and
Best in Every Way For Your Presentings and Uses

It is a staggering thought to know that the names we name oursElves and our products and other things come with a life of their own. The names vibrate on many levels and so have their unique signatures and these signatures interact with our life and living in magical ways, both awakening and healing, or not. We identify and reveal those vibrations in an art form that conveys the essences of the name. Where we see the difficulties echoed in words, we can almost always find the healings to these difficulties in Name Art.   When we cannot locate the healings within a name, it is a sign to change the name to empowering energies and cease using the old.  Two examples of this are shared at this page.

In the case of creating a name, the name belongs to you, we simply tell you what that name is capable of doing for you, your group name, your product or service, etc.  A benefit of our service is, when we are helping to create a name anew, you will usually find that the name is available as a domain name, as it is indeed, newly created upon Mother Earth ... rare is the time our name creations have already been created by another and reserved in any way on the domain names or other legal means of reserving names such as filing with your state corporations office.  Name a book, name an album with our professional help and you will know you have found truth in names. From this you will know you have found truth in names and words, and with this, you will know you are free.

All Name Arts Are Confidential
Good Works On Earth

We can tell you what any name will vibrate into existence in more ways than you can easily imagine, if you have not already seen the Star Arts throughout our site.  Should you engage us for this Name Creation service, or Name Change service, you will be receiving unique communications from Good Works On Earth in these matters.  No rote forms exist regarding Name Creations, nor will there ever be, as each is unique unto themsElves.

We offer you our further services on a sliding scale.   We ask that you donate according to your ability and willingness to empower us financially while we devote the time to the renderings of your requests.  Your donations pay our expenses in our doings and we thank you mightily in our sharings. What are our doings ? Peace On Earth Good Will All through the power of the word.

The lowest donation requested for our services begins at Seventy-Five Dollars for the Spirit Rendition of your personal Name Art.

This is not the same as the name change service.  To create or change a name is much more involved on our end, research and time wise, and yours, in your decision choosing "my new name."

The Spirit Rendition is described at the Seventy-Five Dollar Link below.  Yes, you may gift your family or friend with this offer. Describe this in your email or letter to us.  You can also ask us to see if we can address any particular awareness or healings you seek.

If you would like to see your name's revealings in Star Arts form ...
We now offer these ways to have your Name Art rendered :

Our Current Offerings of Star Arts Creations :

Seventy Five Dollar Donation
The Spirit Rendition of Your Name in Arts Star form from Good Works On Earth.
Shared below on this very page

One Hundred and Fifty Dollar Donation
Your Name Art rendered more fully.
Shared below on this very page

Sliding scale of $500, to no limit.
Name Change information shared below on this very page, and at CORPORATE

Seventy-Five Dollar Donation :

Our thank you to you will include the first Spirit Rendition of Your Name in Art, the metaphysical Star Arts of the Lexigram. We ask that in your communication to us for this service, share with us what you wish to know, if anything, about your exact name ... or names ... we can see which name asks to be shared.  We will email you a bit in the beginning to confirm and verify and query and inform and share as we go along. This is always the first part of a Name Art rendered in all cases, for it is the first energetic decoding of the name's letters as revealed by what we have come to know as ... to put it bluntly, The Star That You Are, no little letters about it. 

We are each a Bright Light of Love's Imagings.
Ponder well the last sentence and you will know it to be true, for WE ARE ALL ONE, of the One Love sOURce, EROS ROSE.

The Spirit Rendition is usually a one page, sometimes two, and yes .. sometimes more pages of the truthful sentences of meanings in nameings coming from the awarenesses of, here we go again ... the Star That You Are using the unique letterings sequence that creates your name. 
In a nutshell, we restrict oursElves to the focusings in the letter's sequencings in the soundings of creations.

"In the beginning is the Word, prior to the Word is the breath and with the breath is the Still Quiet Love, Unformed and Unnamed..'
- from the unpublished manuscript, Letters Let Seer See

We set this service at this amount so that most anyone can donate to empower the sharings
of the Star Arts in this work we do ... and so too experience the powers of their own name
in the joys of the awakenings and healings of sElf, and so others. This service truly is, in
essence, a gift to you for your name means priceless things you can know to be true.
We also include a package of Star Arts, now 125 prints.
Dear Will,                       We received this note on 20060809
I am going through your Star Arts package, its more than awesome ... no exaggeration.  
As of now I have in these two weeks read only 19 of the 125 pages ... I can hear you laughing ... but that's how my habit is,
I read less but contemplate more on less read.  It's really what I was searching to learn. 
Thank you for such a valuable material. Love, C.G.

One-Hundred-and-Fifty Dollar Donation :

We will render the Spirit Rendition, above, and then usually several pages more of the renderings capable of being revealed by the name.  What we will do is bring out the powers of awareness inherent in the name, and we will identify learnings shared from within the letters. We also draw out any negatives vibrating in the name, along with the healings of those negatives in the awarenesses with the letters.  We also include a full package of Star Arts for your awakening and healing pleasures.  Rare indeed is the name that carries only healings and no travails.  Rare indeed is the name that carries travails only and no healings.  We know of few words or names that identify so called negatives, without also having their concurrent healings showing brightly.  That's the name of the game.

    Dear Will I AM,              We received this card on 20031024
   You ROCK!  Thanks so much!  You have brought more peace to my mind, spirit and soul than I've ever had in the last few years regarding my name, and every area of my life that is touches.
    I am wowed!  Love and Light to you, DHC

Five-Hundred dollars, to no limit on your donation :

This can be done with you for less donation, as we are service oriented, non-profit.
Please contact us.

The creating of a new name, or the changing of a name to something newly created, is a sacred trust and we will walk you through the entire process of this change, step by step .. and all we ask before we start is that you be patient in these doings we will do with you and not make any changes in your name or use of the new name until such time as you and we agree it is the best it can be, in every way, including its sound and sight and more.

Our emails to you will go back and forth quite a bit while we work this process.  If you wish it, we can arrange for you to call us and speak with us regarding the meanings of the nameings of yOur creations. The final Name Arts we present to you can usually run many pages in length, showing you what the name is capable of vibrating so you can create your life in knowing harmony.

The simple fact here is this ... we are a non-profit group performing our namesake, and any Name Art creation is 'worth' far more than gold in your body weight, no matter how much you weigh. Based on the letters we have received over the years, the knowings are worth far more over time as they continue to awaken and heal you in a peaceful warrior's Blessed Goddess Love's ways, male or female, makes no difference.  Change those nameings if you like to suite your belief system.   Change it to a gentle man's Loving God's ways.

ah .. the power of the words made visible in one's realities.
Same as names mean same as me ... amens, amen.

You will usually be receiving many emails while we render the Star Arts of the Name Arts we create for you to see in the steps of the Name Changing and Name Creating process.   Why do we call it a process? Because we have found that folks go through definite changes when we walk them through the steps of changing or creating a name.  It is extremely powerful to do so.  It can and will change your life.  We make certain, with you, the changes are for the better, and easily experienced, for you will know what you are doing with your full attention and awareness on the matters we share.

And always it is true ... if you have any question whatsoever regarding the work we just placed into your hands, or any Star Arts involved with the renderings we do for you, say the word .... ask, and we will respond.  We are completely committed to the awakenings and healings of English speaking people ... We cannot render names in languages beyond English at this time.

If your name is full Greek or Hebrew or other, please, send us an email and we will let you know what can be done to the best of our knowledge, including our referral to one who knows this art and science in any of the six languages we believe will reveal meaningful truths using the art and science of the Lexigram.  At this time, we know only English.

If you are contacting us without donation and you expect a snail mail response of any kind,
please provide a self-addressed and self-stamped envelope to assist in our reply.

If you like, we can create your Name Art to a web page here at Good Works On Earth,
sharing the address privately with you for your sharing with others as you wish it.

E-mail is best for us for communications about the actual Name Art itsElf as we are rendering it.
Phone communications may be arranged upon request and agreement of both parties.

All information provided by you is held in strictest confidence, shared with no one outside Good Works On Earth.

Tiny Star Arts

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Our Home Page


Our Board of Directors
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Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, charitable and educational organization.

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Once we are informed of your donation, our service begins.

We support the good works of Yahoo in creating GoodSearch

Where your every Yahoo Powered Search supports your chosen charity.
Thank you for choosing and supporting Good Works On Earth with your GoodSearches.

While Good Works On Earth
is copyright protected on
all Star Arts we share,
the individual Star Arts
artists and researchers
as authors have been
registering their research
works for many years with the
Library of Congress - Copyright Office
We do not register your personal names.
Nor do we register your corporate names.
Nor do we withhold our permissions on
your using the Star Art or Name Art we
create specifically for you at your
request ... we do ask that if you
wish to publish our work in
any way, we have final
approval on camera
ready artworks
and or final
edits on

Every letterings sequence creating any name or word we
render as a Lexigram, a Star Art, a Name Art, or Word Art
is registered into the Book of Names as maintained at
Good Works On Earth
This is one example :

abellrt ................ art bell
: abellrt is a prime letterings sequence :

Art Bell is a radio talk show host
exposing physical secrets and  metaphysical truth's
We copyright the lettering sequence, not the name.
We copyright abellrt, not Art Bell
We copyright the Star Art, not
the name of Art Bell
Point made.
The Name Art itsElf was freely gifted to Art Bell
in the years of our researches and the years of
his difficulties for his awakenings and healings.

Another example :

ahjlnosw ... john walsh : Lexigram sequence
: ahjlnosw is a prime letterings sequence :

The John Walsh Name Art
shows more than you would at
first expect from such a simple name.

Engage yoursElf with the unique sharings of
Good Works On Earth

The Human Genome Decoding Project took the same number of years as we have now been decoding the letterings in names and words and phrases and titles and more.  Most of us have prime letterings creating our names, and each name and word creates specific energies of awareness in soundings and readings and hearings and seeings from within and with its letterings sequence which creates the name or word.  To see an example of this .. we invite you to perhaps the single most difficult reading revealing the most magnificent awarenesses.  Do you feel it might be too difficult to read and know because I wrote it so?  Now do you see the power of the word? 

Take your time there .. it's one very large puppy.
If you think it becomes repetitious at any point ....
read slower, and more carefully than ever .....
and hold onto your halo.

We offer Creations and Services
from Good Works On Earth
We thank you for your donations


Celestial Scenics Photography
by : John Flinn
You can contact John for his spectacular arts
through his link at the Star Art of FOREST

A wee bit of trivia ....
In the creating of a name ...
The story on the name of the parts of the pig
being made into and named Spam is this .....

 At a party given by the company, everyone had to give ideas on paper
for the name of the new product that used up the parts of the pig that were left
over after butchering.  Most of Spam is the thighs and shoulders of the pig.  Well,
the name that won the contest, obviously, was nameing the meat with the four letters in capitals,
Spiced Ham  ::  SPiced hAM  ::  SPAM
Spam is considered and consumed as a delicacy on many Pacific Islands.

Source of information on the SPAM nameing.
The Straight Dope, at:
Spam Answer

The source of the name ... of Spam ...
Name trivia at its finest, except for the pig.

The address of this web page is :

Description :
We offer our expertise in the art and science of the Lexigram in creating or changing names
to help you knowingly change or create a name for yoursElf, your company, your products, your album, your arts, etc.

Key Words :
lexigrams, star arts, changing, my, name, creating, names, named, change,
business, names, powerful, effective, spiritual, nameings, healings,
miracles, name-calling, calling-in, boys names, girls names, lexigram artistry,
heal yoursElf

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Our Name Services
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^^remembering this adage \/
" Ask Clearly and Ye Shall Receive "
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Yes, we can help you create your artistic, business, corporate and personal name confidences.

Contact us at :

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