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You have found the answer to the quest : The Name Game (george bush), without notes.
The George Bush Name Game, with notes.

One full anagram of the name
would use every letter that is used in the entire name
to make one sentence of meaning regarding how the
being using the name can be showing himsElf to be.

You will notice in the Name Art
we use only those letters that
are used as used as showing in
each part of the name, we do not
use all the letters.

The difference is this .....

These are the letters echoing in the spoken name parts
and so are used in the Name Art as this :
George has two E's and two G's and so these double letters
are used in the Lexigram Name Art. ~              ~
This letter sequence is ALL the letters of the name and,
this is used in creating the one line letter perfect anagram.

Those two extra letters come from the
E in walkEr, and the R in walkeR.
We do not use these extra letters in
the renderings of the Name Art
as we already have a double
usage of the EE in gEorgE
and the single R is
in the name geoRge.
We cannot make words
with three EEE's in
them as there are
no three EEE
soundings in
the name


Nor are there any name parts with a double RR usage
as would be available for use in a name such as
Herbert, which is part of his father's name ...
geoRge heRbeRt walkeR bush
has two RR word capabilities,
geoRge walkeR bush
does not.

Minor point, but, necessary to know to focus the Star Arts
to what is what with the echoes of the letters as they
are sounded in the soundings of the name parts
of the being using the name.

We at Good Works On Earth
worked to find the letter perfect anagrams
of this name using all the letters in the entire name
as is done with that type of anagram practice.

We now share the anagrams that we have found
and that have been sent to us by another for
the full name of : GEORGE WALKER BUSH

For clarity, we provide the following definitions of words used :

GB is George Bush
GE is Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, Lady Gaea.  The G sounds out like G in garden. Lady Ge.
KA - Light body of the soul, glowing brightly, holding our image in form from the lights of Love, as we give, so shall we receive.
RE - a sacred word for Goddess, similar to RA is a sacred word for God, as in Amen RA. 
RE is one name for the birthing source of the all that is.
RE - can also be read as meaning, REgarding.
U - You

The top four choices as of February 17th,
all with an equal number of votes, are :

George, Mother Earth's healing humans are working to awaken and heal you.




Runners Up:


The final truth of the matter :
He is that.
And... it was also the first truth revealed in anagram form by Monk Madhi

I sign this ....

Will I Am
Keeper of the Word Sword

You have found the answer to the quest : The Name Game (george bush), without notes.
The George Bush Name Game, with notes.

Note of 20070130 : Speaking of eggs, see this article by Bob Cesca,
  showing the proofs of George Bush's grinnings while he talks about the death of our soldiers.

On 20061215, we share this snippet of the codes of the letters and words :

.... snip .... Book of Names in Sorted Order
abdnnorw ... dan brown : OLLPUHA sequenced
abdnorw ….. dan brown : author of the da vinci code : see acdehiinotv : see our perfect anagrams of "angels and demons"
abdnou …. abound : jumble testings testings
abdoorstuu ………….. troubadours : ours
abeeeeegnnn  rr : common letters to OLLPUHA's for abbdeeeeeeglnnnrrr & abeeeeegnnnnrrsttv, brenda and steven nerenberg
abeeeeegnnn  rr : common letters to brenda and steven nerenberg, 1st verification
abeeeeegnnnn rr sttv : OLLPUHA for steven nat nerenberg : verifying the doings herein
abeeeeegnnnn rrsttv …. OLLPUHA sequence for steven nat nerenberg : sibling of audrey lyn nerenberg : 2nd verification
abeeeeegnnnnrrsttv … OLLPUHA's sequences for abeeegnnrrstv : steven nat nerenberg : sibling of Audrey Lyn Nerenberg :
     1 : no garden in his name's letterings .. he is not involved in the missingness of his sister, he doesn't know about it, if …
          if the Name Art is correct in its pointing to the line, AUDREY NEAR AND UNDER A GARDEN.
     2 : no angel in steven's name .. the angel dropped out in the common filterings of letters.
     3 : no danger nor enraged nor derange nor angered in the letters of his name
abeeeegnnnrr ……. common letters to OLLPUHA's for abbdeeeeeeglnnnrrr & abeeeeegnnnnrrstv & abdeeeeglnnnrrruyy, and
        these are brenda lee nerenberg, steven nat nerenberg, siblings of audrey lyn nerenberg, missing person.
        Worked Date : 20040516 1523pst : Nota bene : all three do not know about the garden.  The garden dropped out. 
        One does not know about the garden, and one is not now near the one who does not know about the
        garden and a bang and a brag and a bag and a drag near a garden.  (This may not be the scenario, remember)
abeeeelnnprsst … penetrableness : capable of being penetrated
abeeeelnou : key changes
abeeeeou : key changes
abeeef : key changes
abeeefg : key changes
abeeefhkoprstuy … the keepers of the beauty : : 3rd  of the 7 clans of the original 500 humans : steve rother : magnetic wave
abeeegghklorrsuw … george walker bush : OLLPUHA sequenced again on 20061215 : new researches
abeeeghijlnorsty …. elisabeth joy greene : birth name of abcdeehilmorstuy, Rupert Murdoch's mother
abeeegilmnrty …. mary engelbreit : With a range of licensed products that stretches from cards and calendars
    to dinnerware and fabric, a successful retail store in her hometown, an award-winning magazine, more
    than 150 book titles published and hundreds of millions of greeting cards sold, the most apt description
    of artist Mary Engelbreit may be a line pulled from one of her well-known greeting card designs – she
    truly is "The Queen of Everything." Mary's unmistakable illustration style, imbued with spirited wit and
    nostalgic warmth, has won her fans the world over. PEOPLE magazine dubbed her a Norman Rockwell
    for our times. Mary grew up imitating the illustrations in the vintage storybooks that her mother had retained
    from her own childhood. Thus, Mary virtually apprenticed herself to such master children's illustrators as
    Johnny Gruelle (the creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy) and Jessie Wilcox Smith.
   One of the important decisions we made early on was to retain the copyrights to each of my designs.
   This means I own all of my drawings and can license a particularly popular design to several manufacturers across product categories.  
Source :
.... snip .... Book of Names : : All Rights ReServed World Wise

You will see that all the words in the Name Art of  GEORGE WALKER BUSH are spelled using only those letters spelling the name itsElf. 
That link is over 48 printed pages of the Name Art of the man sitting in the Oval Office, and contains more perfect anagrams of GWB.

SH ......
HERE'S .......

There is great hope for America shared in this man's Name Art.

George Walker Bush is capable of healing his ruse-user war urges and arising as a sage ... as a healer of healers, and as one who heals our globe's wars, establishing Peace on Mother Earth, with goodwill from all for all.

As of his speech on January 28th, 2003, he has not awoken to the truths ringing in his name in Loving awarenesses for all that is.  He is still seeming to be playing the nickle and dime tax shell game, and his war games with his name games of evil axis and SHOCK AND AWE , and the USA PATRIOT ACT, and worse.

We still believe he can arise to the occasion of the true healings of Americans and so our globe, including Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti , President of Iraq at this time.
[Editor Note 2006018 : Saddam Hussein has since identified himsElf in a questionable court of law as : I am Saddam Hussein al Majid, President of Iraq.]

George Walker Bush is Spirit Aware, creating a human experience.   He is soul, imaging in physical.  He can earn his place in history as no other.  The letters of his name give him that opportunity in the echoes of the words from the letters of the name ...

In the year 2000 we knew this man was lying, and we sounded the alarm in this very site.
Republicans are liars, long proven so. The truthful Republican is a rare and short lived oxymoron.
The 'Christian Republicans and the Vulcan Team are in complete treason to America and the world.

Do you feel this man deserves to be impeached?


Veto George's War Urges
The link above takes you away from
Good Works On Earth
Good Works On Earth
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In the January month of the Pope Greg Calendar Year 2006, the republican leadership has been found again and again to
be a clan of good ol boy and girl cronies and hacks as pat riot ic be lie vers of their quote unquote leaders. 
T he term, War Surge, has not been spoken yet. "Republicans are in peril."


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