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antigram : a word that is different, when read forward or backward : ie. : drawer : reward
    "Semordnilaps are also known as heteropalindromes, semi-palindromes, half-palindromes, reversgrams,
      reversible anagrams, word reversals, or anadromes. They have also sometimes been called antigrams, 
       though this term now usually refers to anagrams with opposing meanings."
       Source : : Found in research for Dan Bryson : 20061202
       Also per wikipedia, the semordnilap now acts as a synonym for the antigram,
       as it is the palindromes in reverse, meaning another name or word.
       [ Ed. Note : antigrams are useful to know for you can use them to assemble palindromes.  Our favorite is NOW WON. ]
antigram - an anagram that means the opposite of the original word or phrase;
    Example : restful is the antigram of fluster
    Source :

antigram : an antigram is an anagram whose meaning is the opposite of the solution.
    For example, GREAT HUGE BIRD is an antigram of the budgerigar (parakeet).
    Source :

antigram : An antigram, or antonymous anagram, has an opposite meaning to the subject text.
     They are quite uncommon and often accidentally discovered.
     On the Anagrammy Forum, we use the ‡ symbol to indicate an antigram.
     Here are some examples:
    * Santa ‡ Satan.
    * United ‡ untied.
    * Funeral ‡ real fun!
    * Forty five ‡ over fifty.
    * Militarism ‡ I limit arms.
    * Saintliness ‡ entails sins.
    * Antagonist ‡ not against.
    * Evangelists ‡ evil's agents.
    * Protectionism ‡ nice to imports.
    * Within earshot ‡ I won't hear this.
    * Sweltering heat ‡ the winter gales.
    * The Oscar Nominations ‡ It's not a cinema honor.
    Source :

Also from Anagrammy, regarding the antigram :  Word Reversals :
   A word that is spelled backward to become a new word is sometimes referred to as a word reversal or anadrome.
   The latter term combines "ana-" from anagram and "-drome" from palindrome. Lewis Carroll called this a
   semordnilap ("palindromes" spelled backwards), whereas other sources (Dudeney, 1929) referred to
   these as antigrams. Examples of this genre include, Pat = tap : also, God = dog.

   To which we add, if you love making palindromes, begin to keep a list of antigrams you see. You can use
    these unique relationships in the words ot place them in palindrome sentences. An example is :
    mood creates doom, antigram wise.

    One more antigram : FOAMED : DEFOAM : from the Book of Names, 20070515 - ku

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Smargixel : this is the word, Lexigrams, spelled backwards.   Definition is being developed.

Trianagrams : words that create three perfect anagrams :


     forest = foster = fortes

     Love = Levo = Vole : the story of the Levo Love, Vole ! is revealed in the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See
    Because we are being visited as an answer to the search of : Home of the Longest Trianagrams, we will find
     some trianagrams in the Book of Names and share them here beginning with :

  3 letters : FARE : FEAR : FRAE : frae is said as frAy, and means, from. - Kathy Uno
  3 letters : FEAT : FATE : FETA : The person sets the feats which sets the fates.  Feta tastes great. - Kathy Uno
  4 letters : FLOW : WOLF : FOWL : Flow with the Love of the Wolves. - ku 20070423
  6 letters : LISTEN : SILENT : TINSEL - Kathy Uno
  7 letters : MADONNA : AND AMON : AND A MON - Kathy Uno : Amon is God of Love & Reproduction, A Mon is a man.
  7 letters : MIRACLE : CLAIMER : RECLAIM - ku
  7 letters : EASTERS : ERASTES : TESSERA - ku : Erastes is Greek for Lovers.
  8 letters : parental = paternal = prenatal
  8 letters : streecar retraces terraces - ku
                  Source of DICSOUNTER trianagram :
                  ^^ You can also create the word, REDISCOUNT - Kathy Uno

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Did you know that in the Middle Ages, the French had a post entitled, Anagrammist to the King ?
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