This is the anagrams list of the letters that spell JULY, the letters are JLUY.

The word, July, is a prime word, meaning that no other word is spelled using the letters of JLUY.

The list of anagrams of JULY include abbreviations.
We do not provide definitions of abbreviations or words at this time.
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The anagrams of JLUY, spelling the prime word, JULY :

The Words :

YUL : Yul is another abbreviation for the Yule of the Yuletide, a now archaic term for Christmas.

The Abbreviations :

JUL : short for July
U.L. : Underwriters Laboratory

This list has been created using the anagrams generator results of January overlay on July
Other generators showed no words, nor abbreviations, as angrams of JULY.
This work was begun on the American Heritage Dictionary on CD and finished by hand.

If you know of other words created by the letters
JLUY, aka JULY, send them to us for inclusion here.

The Names :
Jul : a shortening of Jule, itself a shortening of Juliette
Uly : a name pronounced ooly.
Yul : a name honoring the Yuletide hearts of Love


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