Subject:  20041212 : AWARENESS : A Palestinian and a Jew Find Peace Together, by Marion Pargamin, Jerusalem :
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Sweet Greetings All Who Read Herein ...

This is Good Works On Earth's Message of  Twelve Twelve Two Thousand Four.

Top of the List is ... The Star Art of AWARENESS is now being shared in the
Kaleidoscope Magazine on the newsstands through December in Tallahassee, Florida
and surrounding cities, counties, localities, parishes and a few selected nation's states

Here is an image of the art as published :


A deliciously true quote from a wise fellow ...

   ' I sent my Soul through the Invisible,
    Some letter of that After-life spell,
   And by and by my Soul returned to me,
  And answered, ' I Myself am Heaven and Hell.' '
                Omar Khayyam (fl. 1100)

Because Thanks and Givings are an ongoingly healing awareness, we
share with you the Star Art of THANKSGIVINGS, all shined up for late 2004,
and leading into the High Ankh Celebrations and the Merry Christmas Celebrations,
and ... the living heart shine of Love shines in us all :

We waited until today to share this to keep the gratefulness fires burning.
Gratefulness and thanksgiving is a state of mind echoing the state of being.
There is much to be thankful for ... in America and around the world, though
not so in war torn lands.  Fortunately, the pay of the weaponeers is being
reduced more and more, world wide, and the pay of the unweaponeers is being
increased more and more, world wiser.  To wit : Thank you Congress for canceling
the 'mini-nuclear-bombs' asked for by the people in Our White House, our Oval Office.
Thank you, Congress, for stopping that insanity, point blank.  Regarding these things ...
Dear America ... do you know what occurs on December 13th, 2004 ? and ...
Dear America ... do you know what is not a certainty until that date ???
Dear America ... do you know your Elector's ?
Do you know how they are voting, and why, and are the Elector's representing you
giving you your voice to your vote, or are they required to vote in some particular
way, no matter the vote of the people ?  Do you know your Elector ?  Their name ?
Their Vote ?

On December 13th, Good Works On Earth will also be celebrating the
Birthing Date of a Living Saint.  This Saint of Saints remains unnamed herein.

The ThanksGiving Star Art page also has the announcement for January 29, 2005
'ONE DAY ONLY' showings of INDIGO, THE MOVIE in selected cities in America.

THIS IS A TESTING of the metaphysical community to see just how strong the
response is from aware folks to a movie directed by Stephen Simon, named,
INDIGO, THE MOVIE, at this time.  You are invited.  Tickets are now on sale
in amazing ways with amazing graces.

Why just this one day showing all around the country of, INDIGO, The Movie ?
Go give a read to the Star Art of THANKSGIVINGS,
and below the art you will be able to read the answer ...
look for the announcement just below the INDIGO credits we share so far.
Then, link over to the Indigo site from there, and purchase your tickets.
There are no financial links between these page links nor the producer or

This is an invitation to selected cities, and sElf chosen groups of folks of every
hue of awareness, as you will see at THANKSGIVINGS, the Star Art.

Those of you who have been reading our missives for years, know
that we have kept quite quiet through the election process ... and at this time
we make no comment on the elections in America ... we allow this web site
below to share a few things with you about republicans, democrats, elections,
the electors, the electoral college, and massive fraud throughout the
United States of America in the 2004 elections, and certain areas are indeed
being challenged with full force of law.

We are choosing at this time to go forward into 2005 with our sights set on
the targetings of what we call Peace on Earth.  The time of brush wars and
bush wars and sand wars and sea wars are done.  Only the ignorant, the lame,
and the evil will craft wars in the name of their Gods.  Whether their name is
George or Karl or Ussamma bin, makes no difference.  Their lies are lies of
evil, their wars and their weapons locked in time, for there are no weapons
in heaven, and folks, we are here, now anchoring the lights of Love's Heaven's
here on Mother Earth.  Heaven is at hand, by yOur heart shine, by yOur thoughts
created by yOur design and by yOur words.

A very wise man is quoted as saying :

Communication resolves every difficulty.
Mis-communication causes every difficulty.
No communications between adversaries causes wars, for lies are festered in
the backgrounds and false thoughts are grouped to become real, to wit; WMD's
in Iraq, which .... America knew there were none, yet allowed her Oval Office
occupant to take our men and women to the lands of the oils and sand and kill
over 100,000 very innocent people, and we have now lost over 1200 of our
nation's almost finest.

America's finest are not in Iraq.  America's finest are doing everything they know
to do to bring 'warriors' out of war situations caused by pre-emptive idiocies of
false thoughts and evil agenda's for oil's spoils and false profits.

Peace, in the hearts of leaders, begins at home.
When a leader speaks of killing other nation's leaders, it is time for that nation to rise up
and create the Oval Office Vacant, until such time as the criminal in the seat can be
competently replaced, and not by one of his regime's next minion's, for the succession
is not now viable ... the elections of America in 2004 would not and have not passed
muster of honesty by International Verifiers of Elections, and ... the fraud is being
brought to the light of day by our nation's finest.

Bold lies die bold deaths.

Good Works On Earth asks all nations to let nation's spats rest :

Good Works On Earth asks all nations to Stand Down Weapons and restructure to
 the Unweaponeers :

We ask all nations to make living gently upon the face of Mother Earth in concert
with Mother Earth's processes their learning priority.  Trees and plants planted on
a planet are part of the plan of life.  Killing trees is the destructive rape of Mother Earth.
Poisoning our airs and dirts with chemicals of malice little understood is a rape of Earth.
We are all CareTakers of our home, Terra Firma, Lady Gaia, Mother Earth.

With that thought in mind, we share with you this writing of another,
sent to us by Fred Burks.  We say to all who read this sharing below,
please do not miss the quoted paragraph at the very end of Marion's writing.

The author is Fred's friend ...

Dateline :  Jerusalem : 2004
  Title :  A Palestinian and a Jew Find Peace Together
 Author :  Marion Pargamin :

I would like to tell you about a quite extraordinary event that happened to me
during a peace walk organized by a meditation group in Israel. The eight-day
walk took place on the first week of April. It was intended to give an
opportunity for Palestinians and Israelis to walk together, to develop
dialogue and self-introspection, inspired by the ancient traditions that
guided people like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. During
these eight days, participants walked together from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,
passing by Jewish and Arab towns and settlements in silence and awareness,
declaring a commitment to deep listening and nonviolence.

Monday, the 8th of April, the last day of the Walk, is the eve of the
Holocaust day, a day of deep emotion for the Jewish community. The walk
goes through Jerusalem to the foot of the old city walls. I had planned to join
the group in the morning, but after a sleepless night I decide to join later.
In the early afternoon, I walk up to the walls of the old city to join the
walkers. When I get to Jaffa gate, I find myself in front of a very agitated
elderly Arab man exchanging insults with an elderly religious Jew who is
standing at a bus station a few meters down. They are extremely angry.
Some policemen from a Border Police patrol are trying to calm them down,
so that it won't turn into a fight.

I stand beside the Arab. I speak to him calmly and ask him to sit down without
reacting to the other's provocation. I am quite impressed by the restraint
shown by the policemen. They don't defend one side or the other and respect
both sides. The bus arrives, the Jewish man boards the bus and the situation
seems to have settled down.

Then, a Jewish woman who was there in the queue from the beginning of
the argument takes it upon herself to start insulting the Arab, who reacts
immediately. The police have gone and I am left alone to try to calm the
situation. I give my attention to the Arab, who would have stayed quiet if he
was not continually provoked by the woman. I try from a distance to reason
with her without success. She stops a passing police car and says something
to the policeman. I explain to him what is going on. I am so happy that all the
policemen in this situation act so calmly and help to restore peace.

Then, a Palestinian woman on her way to Jaffa gate bursts onto the scene.
She jumps to the conclusion that the old Arab is under attack and rushes in a
frenzy to rescue him. She yells insults at the Jewish woman, and the situation
heats up again. All my attention is now focused on her. She is like a bomb
ready to explode. I try to explain to her what is going on, but she is furious
with me, screaming out her hatred, her despair and her pain.

This whole situation is greater than the two of us and takes on proportions
beyond our present meeting. This is Palestine accusing Israel. At this moment
I represent Israel for her. She shouts out her sorrow about what is going on
now in the territories, the military incursions into Palestinian towns. She
has family and friends in Jenin and says that our soldiers are war criminals.
She is convinced that we want to kill them all. Why do we hate them so much?
They are not responsible for the Holocaust, why should they be paying the
price? Pointing at the Jewish woman, she assures me that in the Arab country
from where this Sephardi woman comes, she was treated with honor, as a human
being and yet look at how she behaves with Palestinians now!

It goes on and on. She shouts and spews her hatred for Israel at me. I don't
try to argue with her at all. I don't show any reaction to all these
accusations. I feel a huge compassion and an intense need just to listen to
her. My patience is nourished by understanding that behind this overwhelming
hatred is a deep suffering and pain aggravated by the present situation of
war. It must express itself in some way so that healing can take place. I
don't let myself get tempted or trapped into guilt or anger. I am sorry for
the tragedy on both sides.

I let her express herself for a long time without interrupting her. As she
continues to shout at me, I tell her that she has no need to speak so loudly,
because I am listening to her with all my attention. At the same time I find
myself caressing her arm. She lets me do it and progressively lowers her
voice, while continuing to let her despair overflow.

She says to me, 'Do you understand why some of us come and commit suicide
among you? You kill us anyway, so why not kill you at the same time?' She even
mentions the possibility of coming and blowing herself up out of despair. I
tell her softly that I don't want her to die. Nobody should come to this
decision. We all suffer on both sides.

She goes on and on claiming that the Zionists only want to get rid of the
Palestinians. I tell her, 'You see I am a Zionist, and I don't want to get rid
of you. I wish we could live together as good neighbors.' She listens to me!
She tells me about the demonstration that took place the week before near
Ramallah. Then she asks me to donate some money to buy phone cards for
Palestinians who need them. I give her some money.

At this stage the conversation is quite normal between us. She doesn't shout
any more, she is even able to listen to me. She is almost calm when I notice
the people of the Walk approaching us slowly, at the top of the street. They
are in a line, a hundred of them, one after the other walking in silence,
slowly, quietly, aware of each step, creating an atmosphere of peace and
safety around them. They are very present. They radiate calm and warmth.

I point them out to her and explain that this is the reason I came here, to
join a walk of peace in which Palestinians and Israelis walk together. I tell
her about the Walk, its message of coexistence and peace; peace at every step,
here and now. I suggest that she come into the line with me. She hesitates and
rejects my offer.

At this moment they reach us. Several people I know shake my hand warmly as
they go by. A young woman approaches her and gives her a kiss. It appears that
they know each other. I notice that she is very moved by the Walk and the
atmosphere it radiates. She is much calmer now. Nothing like the furious woman
I met only several minutes before.

The end of the line passes by us and I want to join it. Again I invite her and
again she declines. I tell her that I understand and respect her decision.
Before I go I tell her, 'I am sure that someday we will succeed in building
peace between us.' She smiles and replies, 'Me too.'

Then to my total surprise, she comes close to me and kisses me on my cheeks!
She walks alongside the line for a while. She tells me that she likes this
Walk, that it makes her feel good. She says it gives her relief and that her
mood is much better now. I am very, very moved. I feel overwhelmed by this
encounter, especially by its unexpected ending. Peace was there around the
corner! I did not miss it!!

I never understood so fully as in this moment, the deep meaning of the words
pronounced by Thich Nhat Hanh in Shanghai on the 19th of October, after the
September 11th tragedy:

'Terror is in the human heart. We must remove it from the heart. The root of
terrorism is misunderstanding, hatred and violence. This root cannot be
located by the military. Bombs and missiles cannot reach it, let alone destroy
it. Only through the practice of finding calm and looking deeply within can
our insight reveal and identify this root. Only with the practice of deep
listening and compassion can terror be transformed and removed. Darkness
cannot be dissipated with more darkness. Only light can dissipate darkness.
Those of us who have the light should display the light and offer it so that
the world will not sink into total darkness.'
Source Page for the above letter is :

Please, pass this above sharing to others as you know to do.

Bless You ...

Will I Am
Executive Director

PS: Please know, our web site and emails were quite fidgety throughout the
recent eclipses and we lost emails coming in for days on end, unsaved at the
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our entire web site with it.

If you sent us an email and it returned to you, now is the time to resend if need
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These are the times of Peace on Earth being anchored in the lights of Love ...
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Angels are all about ... look for them in all humans.
Some know, some still don't know, we are all Earthling's Angels in Human Form.
Be kind, be gentle, best you know.
The awakenings and healings are in ascension upon Mother Earth,
and not one soul is ever be lost to the Angels of Love.

Divisive religions would do well to ponder this one fact.

You can find Fred Burks over at :

You can keep up on the 10,000 lawyers' activities at the
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If you think there is no fraud in our elections of 2004, you think innocently,
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Note to Corporate Cat : If you thought Chainsaw Al Dunlap was an ego gone wrong
in the near destructions of Sunbeam and Coleman ... we invite you to compare his
destructive undoings to George Walker Bush, and America as the company.
Look at the destructions in this new light, and you will see your own 'president'
destroying America's resources and seeding fear with near every signature he makes.

Did you hear about the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act - This is a new program
initiated by Sen. Gordon Smith, of Oregon, in honor of his son, who committed suicide.
The program, announced in late October 2004, remains unfunded at this time, by our
congress or other sources.  Children are being left behind, and drugged to insanity in
the name of health care.  Pshaw.

    Note of 20050301 : the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial is now funded with $82 million dollars.

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                Omar Khayyam (fl. 1100)

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