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Subject : 20031212 : Name Art of ARIEL SHARON : Spiritual Cinema Alliance : Words of TAWA :
                DNA communications and creations : and other WORDS SWORDS :
                StarLightning NewsFlashes from Good Works On Earth
    Date : Fri, 12 Dec 2003
   From : Good Works On Earth
       To : Our mailing list

This is Good Works On Earth's message of
  *   * Twelve Twelve Two Thousand Three
*       TOP BILLING : Star Arts in ARIEL SHARON

Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

Violence is increasing in all media except one media outlet.
Do you know the name of the one media outlet that has reduced
its violence in our airwaves and our images in our televisions?
and ....
Have you ever heard of or read about the Spiritual Cinema Alliance?
Here is a snippet from their Home Page :

'The entertainment industry profoundly influences the consciousness and
 behavior of audiences worldwide. Darkness, violence, pessimism, profanity,
 dissonance, and negativity has escalated at alarming rates in movies,
 television, video games and popular music. Environmentalists discuss the
 physical pollution of the planet, but I am just as concerned about the cultural
 pollution of the planet.

 If we want a better world, a more spiritually elevated world, then we need to
 produce appealing films and media programs that feature spiritually uplifting
 messages, images and music. I founded the Spiritual Cinema Alliance to be
 a major force in making this happen.'

Her name is Joan Holman and you can see what she and her merry serious
crew are up to at their Home Page.  Sign up for her newletter, know what
is coming your way, cinema wise, indeed. :

We invite you to read Kevin's Annett's personal story of uncovering
Genocide in Canada, and the price he has paid for doing so.

' ... what has happened to him is outrageous ... '
      --  Dr. Noam Chomsky, speaking of Kevin Annett, August 7, 2002

Order 'Love and Death in the Valley'
by  Kevin Annett through First Books at:
Last checked, not working

Please, support this author if you can.  Read the book yoursElf,
send prints to friends as gifts for the Holy Days.
The author can also be contacted directly at:
Kevin Annett

The book, A Trip to the Stars, by Nicholas Christopher is prefaced with a quote
from the ascetic and poet mystic Hasan of Basra:

 I saw a child carrying a light.
  I asked him where he had brought it from.
   He put it out, and said:
    'Now you tell me where it is gone.'

We are currently offering this Advance Uncorrected Galley Proof book
as a gift to you for your donation in our ongoing fundraising.

by : Nicholas Christopher
Published by : The Dial Press / Random House
Book Copyright : Nicholas Christopher
Copyright 2000
Printed prior to February 8th, 2000
ISBN# : 0385318049
$45.00, shipping included.
Includes the CD of The Voicings of the Star Arts
For more information, and an outside review of this writing ...
Please contact us for availability of this singular book being offered.
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A name .... Jerome Davis - the Gandhi Peace Award was conceived in the late
1940's by Dr. Jerome Davis, founder of the organization, Promoting Enduring Peace.

A quote from a man who awoke to the essence of understanding.

'You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality.
Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.'
-- Malcolm X  (1925 - 1965)

'Tis strange - but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction
       -Lord Byron, British poet, Don Juan, 1819

Our thank you to the Word Spy for their observations.
With that thought in mind ... how truth is stranger than fiction,

Treat yoursElf to an awakening of just where we are ...
I share with you that I was fortunate to be able to attend a week
long Gateway Voyage with Bob Monroe and his merry serious
crew in Faber, Virginia many years ago.
He shared with us was a slide show wherein each image
was ten times bigger, or smaller than the previous image. The views
took you from the farthest reaches of our imaginations of what
'outer space' looked to be when looking towards Mother Earth
and her sun, and from there, slowly into view came a speck
shown as our sun and then earth became visible, then it
progressed down through the clouds to the buildings we
were in and then ... into the nano world and oh my gosh!
you got to see how the smallest of the small reflects the largest of the large.

You can now see something similar, and we highly recommend
your viewing this web page. Let it load, if need be ... the
sequencings and the images are awakening, healing, and
give one a viewpoint of our 'realities.'  Peace Be ....

'View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth.
Then move through space towards the Earth in successive
orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside
the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in
Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual
size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls,
the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic
universe of electrons and protons.'

The name of the new Iraqi Ambassador to the United States is
  Rend Rahim Francke.  We wish her well and we thank her
  for being there, working for peace.

Here is a Thanksgiving Fact that is stranger than strange.
These folks are doing it for real.  Thanks giving, right in
Oceanside, California, and perhaps near you!
This story is a total inspiration to wondrous things in our
collective future .....
 Link is no longer active :

This from Global Village News and Resources
 - Issue 75 - December 1, 2003
   Date:  Mon, 1 Dec 2003 20:16
   Home Page :

Source Page for article :
Science & Technology

Unlimited clean energy from the vacuum. No dependence
on foreign oil from politically unstable areas. No pollution.
No degradation of the biosphere.  No dependence on
strategically vulnerable centralized power and distribution
systems. No radioactive waste disposal problems.
The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) Has
produced up to 100 times more power than was input,
by extracting free energy from the vacuum. Overunity
performance has been independently replicated by
other researchers. US Patent awarded March 26, 2002.
Invented by Tom Bearden and four colleagues
Source Page :

May we recommend subscribing to
Global Village News :

Wow ... What a fabulous idea!
If you are single, you could create this in your area.
Right on the web you can create a community of folks
more interested in helping others while meeting creative folks,
than in profiting at your expense.  This awareness is building.
These folks are doing it right, and creating healings in America
while they do it. Visit them ... let us know what you think  ....
Create with them if you like .... they show you how easy
it can be to play a different game in the awakenings
and healings of individuals in America in oh so many

I get off my soap box of excitements I see coming
our way by virture of they are already here .. in
sprouts forms, you might say.

A media idea aimed ....
Or not aimed .....

We choose to aim upon the awesome folks who
are creating new realities right here and right now....
no left or right about it or democrat or republican about it.
People helping people ...
People meeting people ....
If you know anyone single, let them know about this idea being made real.

On another note ... nature ebbs and flows ...
Why is it men and women in corporatists mode cannot see the
utter wisdom of bringing activities to stop and rest and quietly
doing no action, in the ebbing and flowing of creative endeavors?
I have long imagined and hoped for the days when men and women
awaken to the stand down awareness .. where all is quiet, peace
is real in sounds stilled, and repairs and creations and producings
can begin anew and breathe their doings and then again, in a
time suitable, come to rest and allow peaceful relaxations for
all about.  No terrorists exist in such awarenesses.
Should they enter, they stick out like the match lit in the high desert at night.

'Rhythm is the basis of life, not steady forward progress. The forces of
creation, destruction, and preservation have a whirling, dynamic
interaction.' - -Kabbalah

MARS : mirrors WARS in the M & W ... and so too in the lore.

Mars : 'Contrary to all of the hype and misinformation,
Mars is not a masculine planet of war,  anger, aggression
and dysfunctional relationships between men and women.
Mars is a planet that bathes the Solar System with the
Divine Love of our Mother God-the Sacred Fire Breath
of the Holy Spirit.'  -- Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Words are indeed more powerful than previously known
or even imagined by the eastern and northern and southern
and western minds.  While all religions of few or no lies will share
the truth of the axiomatic fact that sound creates, and in the
beginning WAS the word, not one religion shared the fact that
the words are encoded beyond the DNA's capabilities to
create, for in the beginning IS the Word, (sound)(vibration).
Prior to the word, you ask?
The Breath.  What powers the breath, you ask?
The Quiet, Still Love, Unnamed and Unformed.
:From the stillness, comes all.

Be Still, and Know ... Thou Art Goddess/God/Love,
Imaging and perceiving.
Change a belief, the perceptions change.
It truly is a magical mystery tour of our own co creations with Love.

We are all one, and the stillness, the clear quiet of
meditation reveals this to be fact.  Heaven on earth
within our sElves, and within our words we speak from
the heart, and if from the mind alone, it is different in power.
Much weaker to be precise.  The lies of the corporatist traitor
minded fall with a dull thud when spoken.  The truth rings the
universes.  Those with ears that hear know this to be true.

The decodings of the DNA will allow man to transmit information
through the proteins.  It has already been done, it is proven, and this
is an understanding of this magical creation we find oursElves imagining
within.  On this note, read the 'bottom line' conclusion in this next
communication, and ponder the author's sentence well, for this is
what the whales and dolphins have already done.  They are indeed
holding the dream real for us. And us for them?  Are we caring about them?
As much as they care for us in their soundings?

This is from Sir Peter Gersten : UFO Attorney

Below is an amazing article. The fact that 'human DNA'
also acts as a 'biological Internet' is presumptive evidence
of our cosmic programming. The fact that our 'genetic code,
especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same
rules as all our human languages,' is conclusive evidence
of it. The fact that 'living chromosomes function just like
solitonic-holographic computers using the endogenous
DNA laser radiation' is 'beyond a reasonable doubt'
evidence of it.

'And would any intelligent scientist think that 90% of our DNA is 'junk'?

Bottom Line: Whatever we have created with technology,
could have been created without it using group consciousness.

Could that be the reason our species is kept divided?
'Instead of using fiber optics to send words and pictures through
space from one set of wires to another, hyper-communication
uses DNA to communicate with other DNA within the universe.'

To which I say ... grow hemp, the highest protein plant food available to us.

The following words are the speakings of TAWA as hosted
by C.R. Fletcher on November 8th, 2003 in Polson, Montana,
near the Flathead Lake.  There were sixteen people present,
including the Host of TAWA.

Tawa Communication
 November 8, 2003 - Saturday - 1:50 P.M. - 2:55 P.M.
 Present : Douglas, Dave, Gloria, Natascha, Jimmie Sue,
 Ben, Shatari, Dan, Teresa, Frank, Candy, Gabe, Glenn, Rebekah,

TAWA : What does the human strive for in life?
The joy of living, the joy of viewing others that are loved by the
individual, walking in a life of happiness, attempting to give to
others, the joy of life attempting to give the love from and to
others. God's love dwells within you to give it away.  To hold
upon that walk as one as the greatest that shall be given to you,
the love of God shining within your eye. Your own knowledge to
yourself stating to yourself, 'You are a child of God.'

When one understands the importance of that small statement,
one understands the life -- the life giving forth with the fountain of
love -- a fountain that never runs dry. Constantly flowing amongst
all of you. Listen to the words that are passed from one to the other.
Feel the love that dwells within the word and feel the concern that
dwells within the word. The words come from one to the other.
Each one of you speaking words to others. Unbeknownst to you,
love surrounds your words. No matter your feeling upon the interior,
love is surrounding your words because you are a child of God in a
knowing form. All humans upon your earth are children of God, but
they are unaware that they are children of God. You are aware,
and being aware, you carry that love, no matter your choice of
the interior thought. It is there with you, drowning the harshness
within the life, taking it away. One moment please.
(10 seconds lapsed).

When you speak to each other with knowledge within, you give
of that knowledge to the other one -- to the one listening and the
one absorbing the words that are given, words of knowledge
and words of love, words of concern and words of care -- all
words and yet the human gives forth with the feeling that gathers
upon the words when the wish is there, the desire is there. To
hold upon the words from the teachers, as they come to all of
you, they come as one, and they grow as one. As you walk
within your life, you dwell within a life that shall come to the fore,
and you shall understand far beyond your own imagination now.
The human thought can conjure fixtures and film and pictures,
an action beyond the choice of any other living being. The
imagination of the human, and yet, your coming life will
surpass your imagination. Allow that, expect it -- for your words
to form within your mind to form within your life to form within as
a sight before you. Allow yourself to understand the life.

Each one of you leading a different life, each one of you with
feelings of a different mode within, each one touching in a
different strength, and all of you combined give forth with an
enormous power of a spiritual source. When you hold hands,
you touch and you carry through your arms and your bodies to

The silent prayer or the one that is vocal, no matter the choice,
the mental choice is there. Some give forth with thoughts that
are beyond the prayer. They give thoughts of knowledge --
knowledge searching and gathering to bring forth the meaning
of tomorrow. Why does one suffer so much and the other not
suffer at all? It is the view of the eye. One suffers with the body,
and one suffers with the mind. One suffers with the walk, and
one suffers with the thought. Each one in a different mode.

There is no need for yourself to concern yourself with the thoughts
that dwell within others. Place your thoughts upon the fore and
allow all thoughts to dwell with each -- thoughts of the love of God
-- thoughts of the life itself, the walk that leads each one, as you
awake within the morn and you rise from your bed, you walk
through the day. Some feeling that walk of power, some
feeling that walk of disdain, some feeling that walk of joy,
some feeling that walk of sorrow. The walk is so different
for so many and yet you all lead to the same spot, the same
location. When you give thought to a particular action of such,
where does it take you? What is this pursuit that drives you
through life? It is a pursuit to give love to others, to carry love
within yourself for yourself. Love yourself as a human and
love yourself as a spirit and love yourself as a soul.
You are all three. Allow yourself to understand who you are
within the spiritual choice of yourself. You derive within your
own mind your own walk. You derive your own ideas, your
own perception. You see in a different manner than others.
You hear in a different manner than others. You define the
choice of words in a different manner than others. When
one states a word, it can be a word of many meanings,
and yet, one meaning is meant for you and others holding
on the other meanings. To hold within your life the secrets
of your life, secrets within your mind that are not secrets at
all. They are all known, yet the human believes within self
thoughts within the mind are solely thoughts that are known
by the individual unless they are voiced. Not so. God looks
within each one of your minds and understands you implicitly,
to the very marrow of your bones, to the very touch of the feet
upon the walk, to the feelings within your (heart's ear), to hold
upon your mind as one to gather within yourself the truth of
yourself. No love is greater than the love that dwells within
each one of you. To concern yourself with that love,
concern yourself with the words within yourself. As you
give words to others understand the meaning of the word
yourself and allow the full meaning to be understood by the
one hearing the words. A different implication can be had by
words themselves, to hold within the actions of life, the different
acts within life.

TAWA : As hosted by C.R. Fletcher
Polson, Montana on 20031108

We suggest you do not 'strive' so much and instead intend and imagine
as you wish it to be, speaking your intentions, your views and your
wishes quite clearly.  If you strive for something, it means you claim
you do not have it and you have to 'strive' for it.
Do you see the power of this?

Yeshua ben Joseph said to be clear about your prayers, and   [ healing prayer ]
believe it is yours already, even before it has been asked,
and it shall be given.  Be grateful before it arrives, knowing your
words to God/Goddess/Love are heard and the universes
are aligning the responses to you.

Allow for it to happen, expect the miracles, expect the best
to arrive as you co create just that with others best you know
to do so.  Peace reigns upon ye.

We share the following to make a connection:
When we speak, we vibrate the universes.
When we imagine, we vibrate the universes.
The universal Love Awarenesses hear, and see.

We share the following to make a correction.
We had one of Bennie's email addresses wrong.
The below is all correct.

'Thank you for your attention, and prayers, and please respond to:'

Bennie E. LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation (Ft. Washakie in Wyoming)
2331 Oak Lane
Riverton, Wyoming 82501
307 857-6856

I spit on patriotism when it calls sane men to scream cries of kill the 'enemy.'
'Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.'
--Bertrand Russell  (1872 - 1970)

From Sir Peter Gersten : UFO Attorney

Our President has become very defensive, now hasn't he? I wonder what it
is that he is so defensive about? Could it be his 'controversial funding
for research into new types of nuclear weapons'? Or maybe he is defensive
about his policy of keeping the peace through force and violence? And then
again maybe it is both of the above? And a lot more!
'US President George W Bush has signed a defence spending bill that tops
$400bn for the first time since the Cold War.'

'Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other
countries because you were born in it.'
-- George Bernard Shaw  (1856 -1950)

Bless your Holy Days,

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword

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