Subject: 20040909 : The Indictment : Fifty Million People :
     We felled the Chalabi lies, now we fell the deathly Bush lies :
     Pri Son Err Numb Err 21804002 : GWB : No laughing matter with the Swami
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 12:23:47 -0700
From: Good Works On Earth
To: Good Works On Earth General Mailing List

We invite you to view our take on
The Presidential Researches of 2004
~ and now ~
Our Presidential Researches of 2008
Peace Be Ye's

This is Good Works On Earth's Message of Nine Ten Two Thousand Four

Mother Earth
A Publishing
A Storm Abates ~ A Storm Arose
A Weather's Norm : Vain Ideas
A Star Art's Appearance
cc : Celestial BeachCombers & DigitsShippers
Direct Address : Senator John McCain : StarGated Material
Direct Address : George Walker Bush c/o White House : Secret Service
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Be forewarned : This message can either be very healing, or very scary.

Read Ramsey Clark's written indictment of George Walker Bush and his Republian Clan, dated :
August 5th, 2004 :

Greetings to each of us breathing upon Mother EArth ...

Before we pose the thought to you of an indictment of George W. Bush, et al ....
We invite you to imagine the exquisite joy of a bold move towards real peace ...
A bold move on his part, something new and profoundly healing.
Something that gives you an enormous release when you hear what he has to say,
and this is because, what he says is true, and you know it and can feel it, and ...
his bold move, you know will work, giving you the true hope of Peace On Earth.

Good Works On Earth suggests this scenario to Mr. Bush ....

Mr. Bush gets with Mr. Saddam Hussein al Majid, and yes ... those diplomats who
were counseling Saddam in the ways of peace .... and yes, invite Mr. Gore and
his merry serious team ... after all, he is the right and left full President by vote.

Mr. Bush brings the truly aware and compassionate and forward thinking leaders
together in statemenship and with StatesWomen present in ways of great honor.

No more Mr. Bushit, George. The gig is up. Alien lies = Anile republicans.
You don't want that to happen to your friends, Do you, George ?
Anile is not a good way to go, male or female, won't you agree, Mr. Bush?
Anile lies are as alien lies, and we both know, anile is a state of mind.

Bring peace, Mr. Bush, and we will stop denigrating your name.
Your fruits are poisonous, the deaths caused and issued by your word are legion.

Everyone at Good Works On Earth is more than capable of forgiving you in toto.
I forgive you as I ask you to continue reading, Mr. Bush ....

Together, our wise folks can easily create real peace in Iraq without violence.
Your whipsaws of engendered fears do not wash in reality.

Imagine a great name for the efforts in the ReFlowerings of Iraq ....

Seeds of Peace in the Lands of the Sands

and begin the process, Mr. Bush, knowing that all Leaders in Cooperation will follow.


Mr. G.Walker Bush joins the other in the same prison ...
as a prisoner of equal stature with Mr. Saddam Hussein al Majid,
as 'tis but an echo of a judgement and echoes of the deaths and destructions
chosen and created by this Bush Master and his family in ails upon oils' ails.

Prison, no bail. High Crimes Against Humanity and more charges to follow.
Gaol, a real bale, George has woes as George goes AWOL ages ago.
Gaol, George Walker Bush, Pri Son Err Numb Err 21804002.

Your clan has chosen oils and lies and violences and wars, Mr. G. Walker Bush.
No one can point to the other as innocent in these matters, your family, Saddam, no
one ..
No one can point into the mirror innocently, in this case, either.
The boys Loved their war toys, and their intrigues of intelligence agencies and their
And we know the CIA was good at that ... causing intrigues that now bite our ass.

We suggest your working WITH this fellow who was then, who can, and will again
help in creating peace in Iraq, as he was doing before you chose to kill him.
Yes, you chose to kill your parent's former ally. Tsk tsk. And you chose to do it under
cover of lies, for reasons barely connected except by more lies under cover.
Your cabinet member's former weapons purchaser now plays the flip side.
Tsk tsk. We say to you now ....

Make Peace Is Real, Mr. Bush ....


Go to your gaol with him that you have created for him .... for your deaths are
under guises of lies now known, as were his. Your parents created these gigs
of economies funded by weapons productions and purchasings and sellings.

You, Mr. Bush ... are indeed carrying the burdens of the family of lies over time.
You, Mr. Bush, can call a lie a sure ruse, or you can call your ruse in and finally
share truth.
The latter will heal you.
The other will destroy you.

This is a cosmic decision, Mr. Bush .... the time is now.
The energies of 2012 are arriving early, Mr. Bush ... you have no time to fritter.
The energies of awareness await your answer, the cosmic comics quietly so.

Which is it, Mr. George Walker Bush ???

Your pr machine has demonized many good names for your own ends, Mr. Bush.
Now, the question is asked, can you face the man whose two sons you killed?
How will you face him when you see him in the Rooms of the Heavens of the Creator's
mansions? How will you face him then? You can do it now, and really heal this place,
George, as .. you see ... we are now fifth dimensional ... Heaven Is At Hand, Bubb.

In the name of Peace on Earth, can you do this ?

Enjoy your own echoes as to how you so chose ...

Mr. George Walker Bush .... We say to you ....

It is you who chooses your echoes.

To our readers beyond Mr. Bush ... who, this particular He Himselfness .. George ...
He probably will never read this letter ... and so we ask you ...

If you see Mr. Bush doing nothing bold in truth for peace on earth ...
We ask you to entertain this idea ... many others are working to make it real :

1 : Billions of Seeds of Pea's and Plants Bursting Forth Upon Iraq from American's Who

2 : The Indictment : Good Works On Earth asks you
Please contact your Senators and Congresspersons ...

Please ask them this question :

Why is it that George Walker Bush, Richard Bruce Cheney, Condoleeza Rice,
Donald H. Rumsfeld, John D. Ashcroft, Paul Wolfowitz, and Karl Rove, et al, have not
yet been arrested for High Crimes Against Humanity, Nations and Mother Earth and her
breathing processes and her living creatures ? When will their arrests occur ?

There are other names already being added to the indictment beyond these, we expect.

The lies and coverups of this clan are legion :

For the last four years, the deaths caused by the RAW WARS of this republican clan,
caused with malice aforethought and lies assundering, are uncounted and as yet,
still untold in clear terms to Americans connected to the television as their data

We are in the process of sending this exact question to every Congress Person and
Senate Seat Holder in the United States Senate, to present this simple question to them :

Why is it that George Walker Bush, Richard Bruce Cheney, Condoleeza Rice,
Donald H. Rumsfeld, John D. Ashcroft, Paul Wolfowitz, and Karl Rove, et al, have
not yet been arrested for High Crimes Against Humanity, Nations and Mother Earth
and her breathing processes and her living creatures? Their words and actions all
under false pretenses have caused untold death. When will their arrests occur ?

Why are these criminals who have misused America's Might in the name of the
christian rites ..
Why are they not in jail, in gaol, under arrest, restrained from doing more damage to
America, and our good neighbors all across Mother Earth?
Why are they being 'honored' with media lies and why are you allowing the killings to
Why are you allowing our resources and our commons to be raped?

Read Ramsey Clark's written indictment of GWB and his clan as of August 5th, 2004 :

See the truth of what these folks do.
Both clamor for equal time, yet deny others.

The ends of days are upon the Democratic-Republican lame male ideas.
Birthed from the same seed, they both shall experience the same witherings.

If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
- - Anatole France (1844-1924)

A media idea aimed can easily fool 50,000,000 sleepy Americans.

It's the other 50,000,000 of us who are wide awake and aware
that these unclear nuclear race liars are unaware of ... they haven't
a clue we are here, ready to arise in the ascensions, asking the sleepy
ones to awaken to Love and cooperation and kinship and sharing and
these words frighten them for it means losing their power to mesmerize America.

The Republican's Clans are a mere burp on the yawn of Mother EArth's time lines.

Some Americans clamored for war in Iraq ... Christian might is sooooooooooooo right!!!
Big trucks, fancy flags, gutter mouth threats of you're agin us if ya ain't wit us.

Yet, still now, in late 2004, America's biggest question about the Burning War Bush is :

What is his middle name ??

The damned fools who voted this criminal gang into America's Oval Office don't even
know the man's middle name, nor his grandfather's criminal history with Nazi's.
Or do they?

These are the searches folks used to find his Name Art.
03 Sep, Fri, 05:30:57 Yahoo: george bush middle name
03 Sep, Fri, 09:52:06 Google: george bush middle name
03 Sep, Fri, 10:13:23 Google: george w. bush + middle name
03 Sep, Fri, 10:21:00 Google: George W Bush middle name
03 Sep, Fri, 11:32:47 Google: what is the full name of president bush
03 Sep, Fri, 12:07:49 Google: george bush middle name
03 Sep, Fri, 22:32:28 Google: bush sion
04 Sep, Sat, 07:45:43 MSN : george bush middle name
04 Sep, Sat, 20:28:03 Google: george w bush middle name
05 Sep, Sun, 10:49:58 Google: george bush middle name
05 Sep, Sun, 19:48:56 Google: george W. Bush middle name
05 Sep, Sun, 20:14:31 Google: Middle name of George Bush
05 Sep, Sun, 22:51:36 Google: name art
06 Sep, Mon, 12:18:58 Google: george bush middle name
06 Sep, Mon, 12:29:25 Google: George W. Bush + middle name
06 Sep, Mon, 18:14:29 Google: what is george W bush middle name
06 Sep, Mon, 19:47:04 Google: Name Art
06 Sep, Mon, 20:46:07 Yahoo: George bush middle name
06 Sep, Mon, 23:46:59 Google: george w bush middle name
07 Sep, Tue, 04:32:02 Google: george w bush full name

And I say to you ...

Breathe the Earth's Breaths and Be Well,

Will I Am
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth

For the Record this Date there are :
4 answers at google on 20040907 for the search : Indictment of george walker bush
172 answers at google on 0907 for the search : Indictment of george bush
527 answers at google on 0907 for the search : Indictment of the President
723 answers at google on 0907 for the search : Indictment of george w bush
785 answers at google on 0907 for the search : Indictment of president bush
979 answers at google on 0907 for the search : Indictment of george

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- Hitopadesa Proverb

Words are the physicians of a mind diseased.
- Aeschylus

That fits the feelings and purposes of words quite nicely ...
Understood, they can soothe and heal ...
Not understood .. they can leave one ill mannered indeed in a confused mind.

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