Garrett Lee Smith Memorial

This memorial is now funded as noticed February 2005.
We can now say, you have heard, as we post this note on 20050301.

The below is a snippet of a message sent on 12:22:2004, or, as I like to write, 20041212 :

Did you hear about the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act - This is a new program
initiated by Sen. Gordon Smith, of Oregon, in honor of his son, who committed suicide.
The program, announced in late October 2004, remains unfunded at this time, by our
congress or other sources.  Children are being left behind, and drugged to insanity in
the name of health care.  Pshaw.

The above paragraph was written and shared with this message :

I wrote the words above as Garrett had not been helped by the psycho logos folks with gentle Love, no sir ee.
Nor so many other children and young adults.

Many millions of dollars are now funded into the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial ... $82 million to be exact.
We pray the caretakers of the fundings do well, and do good works on earth for the earth's children's peace of mind.

Demanding tests is not the answer.
Demeaning testings is not the answer.

Open Hearts Are the Answer
Open Ears Are the Answer
Open Eyes, Yes, Ye See

We Are All of One Source

Love Vibrations : Love Energies : Love Awareness : even when it doesn't look it.

How does your heart hear ?

A Memoriam in the Name of Jonathon Lee Schive

When we sent our condolences to the Honorable Senator Gordon Smith on the death of his son, Garrett,
We asked him to do something to honor his son's path in a way my son, Jon Lee agreed was a good idea.
I explained to him that my son was walking a similar psychiatric path and behaviour path that Garrett had walked.
I explained in my condolences letter how Jonathon Lee Schive was giving him permission to initiate an investigation
into the total costs of the entire many years imprisonment and druggings and sleep deprivations and non-aliments as
foods and other horribly tortuous treatments that were leveled against him for no crimes of any kind by him.
What could the total add up to? Jon wanted to know.
And, he felt that when the Senator's investigation found out, the Senator would be very happy to know the real cost.
I asked the good Senator of the United States Congress from the Nations State of Oregon to pin-point his focus on just
one living son name of Jon Schive, who would be happy to sign his release to investigate his records throughout the entire
State of Oregon, medically speaking and education speaking and patented psychotropical drugs history and their total costs,
speaking the loudest. He wanted to know the total cost for his 'treatments' against his will. Senator Smith sent us a glossy
photograph of him and the Missus, thanking us for the condolences we sent, and not one ...
not one word about one of our founding staff members and one of our sons, Jonathon Lee Schive,
in the name of so many other sons, and daughters, and no investigation.  Not then, and still not now.
The pHARMas spend more on advertising than research. The patents are the profits. And profit
is the false prophet the corporate executives are chasing if the corporate rape rapes our children
and their bodies of needed aliments and instead gives nothing but ailments.  Will I Am Jon's Father


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