Subject : 20040214 : Send Mother Earth Your Valentines Notes of Love in Tones of Sound : Instructions Enclosed :
       HEARTLINGS : The Story of St. Valentines Day : StarLightning Soundings from Good Works On Earth
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The Star Arts of FRIENDSHIPS

This is Good Works On Earth's message of
  * *  Two Fourteen Two Thousand Four
 ***  Top Billing on the 14th :
  *****       Direct to you from Jonathan Goldman
   ********     Valentines Day's Noted Tones to
    **************       Lady Gaea - Lady Gaia
   **********************     Mother Earth

Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

We at Good Works On Earth hope you are able to take this sharing to heart.
If you do not understand what is being explained, please ...
Read the book, Toning, the Creative Power of the Voice,
by Laurel Keyes, available from DeVorss Publishing :
  :::  :::
  This link takes you right to the page with her book available at a very reasonable price.
   DeVorss has been offering Metaphysical and Spiritual books since 1929.

The words of Jonathan Goldman follow ....

Dear Sound Friends

This is a reminder to join us at for the 2nd Annual
World Sound Healing Day on February 14, 2004.

The program begins at 11:30AM with an introduction to this special event
by Grammy Award winning musician Kitaro and myself.  We will discuss the
use of sound as a tool for assisting planetary peace and acceleration. Then,
at 12 noon (Eastern Time in the US) we will be broadcasting a live "AH" sound
from our Day of Toning here in Boulder, Colorado at the Solstice Institute, joining
with others throughout the planet as we send a sonic valentine to the Earth filled
with the intention of Peace and Love!

If possible, join us at this time (12 noon Eastern) via the WorldPuja Webcast.
In addition, please sound an "AH" at noon, your local time.  Getting together in
groups to do this is wonderful.  It's also great to sound by yourself for 5 minutes
(or as long as you like) while generating the energy of peace and compassion to
the planet.  There are hundreds of groups getting together throughout the globe
to do this!  Your sounds and consciousness work synergistically, joining and
amplifying the energy we co-create. Last year, during World Sound Healing Day,
we could feel a ring of Sacred Sound travel throughout the planet, bathing Gaia
in a loving consciousness.  It was extraordinary.

More information and suggestions for World Sound Healing Day  are available at
There are articles on sounds and visualizations, ideas for creating toning events,
a message board dedicated to this event, and an "AH" sound, tuned to 256 Hz.
(a harmonic of 8 Hz. which is said to be a resonance frequency of the Earth) that
you can download and tone with. [ GWOE Note : Lady Gaea's vibrational frequency
is at this time above 13 Hz.  Mother Earth, and all of Love with her, are ascending. ]

Last year's World Sound Healing Day was a tremendous success, creating powerful
positive vibrational shifts for the planet.  Please join us again in the co-creation of
this event and help make a difference!

Blessings of Light & Love through Sound!

Jonathan Goldman

Sharing a sacred word with sacred soundings long lost to us :

HEARTLINGS : Interjection
1. An exclamation used in addressing a familiar acquaintance.
Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Date "HEARTLINGS" was first used in popular English literature
 sometime before 1598. (references)

You can see the Star Art of HEARTLINGS here :

Do you know the Story of St. Valentines Day?
Visit this link :

Blessings Be Ye ...
Breathe the earth's breaths and be well .....
Blessings Be Ye ...

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