Subject : 20031024 : Bioneers : Northern Lights Down to Oregon : Telosians : NBC Dateline :
                Indigo Premier : and other StarLightning NewsFlashes from Good Works On Earth
    Date : Fri, 24 Oct 2003
   From : Good Works On Earth
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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

Bioneers ? : Mother Earth's Caretakers !
Read the speech given by Kenny Ausubel.
He is quite elegant in showing the State of Our Sphere, Mother Earth.
"The great ecological play takes place in a food web
  that makes no waste. It's powered by a solar economy
  that neither mines the past nor mortgages the future.
  Some of its guiding principles are diversity, kinship,
  symbiosis, reciprocity and community. It's all alive.
  It's all intelligent. It's all connected. It's all relatives.
  ..... Today a globalized corporate empire is menacing
  the future of the entire biosphere. We all know that
  empires are castles made of sand that always crumble
  and fade away, but by the time this empire strikes out,
  the biological game could be all but over. Corporate
  globalization is killing off its host - and ours - Mother Earth."

Treat yoursElf ... read his speech showing the healings.

Also see these Star Arts :

The Telosians introduce themsElves on October 26th, 2003, in a new way.

Our Extraterrestrial Kin have asked you to vote the most potent
vote you have ever been asked to cast, this lifetime:
You can know this vote is accurately counted.

Regarding these two above :
  NBC has contacted key folks regarding these happenings.
  From the StarDoves File :
  #53: DATELINE - NBC is especially encouraged by this story.

"Are you suggesting these beings will come out of the Earth, and
from the skies in star ships? If so, we would like to report or investigate
this event. We look forward to any ideas and comments you have in
how we may do this. Perhaps we will send a short crew and film
segments to appear on the news. We would really like to cover the larger
Crestone, Colorado event you mentioned as the next DAY OF CONTACT
to occur in Crestone, Colorado. Between now and then we would like to
report and investigate all the occurrences that resulted from
THIS DAY OF CONTACT. We have a good feeling about the next one.
When are you planning the 4 Corners DAY OF CONTACT and where exactly?"

Asst. Associate Producer
edited for privacy : theiremail @
1) WEB ADDRESS - You can visit our area on the MSNBC
web site to watch video and read printed versions of our
recent stories @
2) TRANSCRIPTS - Transcripts for all NBC News Programs are available
through the Burrelle Transcript Service by calling 1-800-777-TEXT.
 3) VIDEOTAPES -  Segments from NBC News programs are available on vhs
cassette through NBC NEWS ARCHIVES.
 You can purchase a segment for $150 by mailing a request to:
        30 Rockefeller Plaza
        Room 327W
        New York, NY 10112
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The above was
received at Good Works On Earth from
StarDoves on 20031024.

The sun is alive with our hearts, and we with she ...
as with the heart of the earth hersElf ... and as it is all
rays of Love's lights we play with in all that we do ...
shine your heart's lights bright with Love and know peace is at hand.
Doubt not.

The Northern Lights are going to be showing themsElves
as far south as Oregon and Illinois over the next few days ....
the sun's emissions are on our way ... in a healing way.

INDIGO, The Movie, will be making its debut  on
December 5th, 2003 at the Santa Fe Film Festival.
More info soon.

This doozy just in from Sir Peter Gersten : UFO Attorney
Corporate America is ingenious; they sell weapons to Iraq,
then get Bush & co. to order the US military to disarm Hussein
by invading the country, and finally make billions in its reconstruction.
The fact that the initial sales were illegal is apparently inconsequential
to these corporate criminals; the fact that the weapons could be used
to kill American troops was apparently irrelevant to these corporate
murderers. So what do you think we should do with these CEOs and
politicians who are driven principally by greed and "their drive to
make a dollar at the expense of the national security of the United States"?
"Federal agents have turned up evidence that U.S. companies may have
illegally sold sensitive equipment that wound up helping Iraq's military,
said U.S. officials, who told NBC News that criminal charges were likely."

The United States Navy is agreeing to limit their deathly sonar.
^^ This link no longer operates.

To which I again add this snippet from our local paper.
The article is dated : July 22, 2003
Just in case you didn't manage a full read of our last messages,
the dolphins ask I share this simple fact with you ....
Regarding tomography results on Dolphins :
Technician Alan Grose said the multiple X-ray images of
 the porpoises did not look at all that different from humans.
 "The anatomy is basically  the same.
 They have lungs, livers and hearts.
  It's like we are all of the same design,"  Grose said.
See :

Here is proof positive you do not want to be eating flesh
of the animals.  The research was done by scientists,
and they used their own bodies for research first.
They took the test, after eating red meats, and their bodies
failed the test.  Read an amazing research simply stated.
Well done on these folks and their research and their method
of finding what one foreign sugar molecule can do regarding
dis ease in bodies.
If you are currently still eating meat, SLOWLY, edit your diet.
Changes in diet come best slowly, with care and Love.
Go organic, but ... take your time and enjoy the changes.
A line from the Star Art of ADDICTED
Like a tide, hunger comes and goes.
Gently learn organic living as you edit your diet.
Plant trees, care for vegetables, fruits, nuts and flowers.
From the Star Art of PLANET :
An ascension is on.
A leap in awarenesses.
Prior to the nowments, we have experienced
personal leaps in awareness.  Mother Earth
is experiencing Hers in these nowments ongoing.
Go organic, for we are her and she is we.
Hear her weather here no matter wHERE you are :

I wrote in our last message ....

"Woes come upon a one who lays burdens upon
 another in such ways for the seed of the intended destructions
 is within themsElf and as a magnet, the images inflicted shall
 warp back upon the inflictor."

and I meant it.  With this thought in mind, I pray
Mr. Bush awakens and begins the healings he is
capable of creating upon our globe, Mother Earth.
The healings are revealed in his Name Art
Does he live up to his highest capabilities as a healer's healer,
or does he continue his republican clan's rape of a republic ?

In your area, is the local and major media
still possibly hiding this man's words from you?

Or do they focus on all the warmongers sponsored
by corporate megaliths happy as a crooked E accountant
in their rapacious rapes in their multi million dollar plus
breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners?

  A name to watch.

Vote with your dollars .. go organic ....
Here are three priceless resources on the internet,
each sharing information for your area :

Organic Resource Directory :

Organic Foods Resource Directory :

Organic Farmer's Markets in the USA :

Put the money right into the farmer's pockets.
They need the support, desperately.
And your body needs healthy foods.

A look back if you wish ...... and yet ... it is current ...

Subject: Exponential Message - Love's Smiling Joys, Lawyers, and can you imagine it?
   Date:  Mon, 24 Feb 2003 18:32:14 -0800
   From: Good Works On Earth
     To: Mailing list
Pick a time ...any time ... it is all good, meditation wise.
Reference Star Arts :

--- Material deleted due to broken link. ---

Dance an aubade nude.

From the Book of Names

Arohana - the Vedic term for the outbreath of the universe

Breathe the earth's breaths and be well,

Will I AM
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation performing our namesakes

                 AMERICANS CARE ~ AMEN

Note to the fellow holding our Oval Office hostage in
corporate pentagonism based on the Crooked E
Enron Economics as advised and acted upon by you and yours.
You took their money, Mr. Bush ...
You hired their professionals to high posts in the people's government.
Your veep listened to their words, and then spoke those ideas on television.
Your accountants enabled the lies to allow the corporate rapes.
You took their advice, your hires are still acting the old energies of
dollar profit.
Balance the books, or your comptrollers words are going to bury you,
and our great nation in the dances of the deep debt doo doo and
environmental decimation beyond restoration.

Your snollygosterings go straight to your titivil, Mr. George Walker Bush,
so mote it shall be upon ye by thy own christian beliefs in a mental
mindset so judgemental.  As ye place your corporate and your
racist christian cash-in-acts as wars upon your own kin in the
dispensation of your jesuit justice, bewares, Ye ... and yours
Woes grow large upon those who snollygoster for profit,
all the while teaching their kin to kill, while saying you want to stop the
Our kin are killing innocent kin in several places in the world.
Our military is being dis armed by its uses of its arms.
Our pentagonism is replenishing destruction with
resources of Mother Nature created for life.
You are on a dangerous path, Mr. Bush.
I invite you to speak with me for two hours.
Allow me to present to you the Voicings of the Star Arts.
You will see things you never imagined, words spoken
so clearly from the heart you will know you have died and gone to heaven.
Tears of joy will flow, Mr. Bush ... yours first .. and then mine.
You are capable of healing this morass of competitival asses
all about.  Congressman Ley has let you down, enormously.

Every message from Good Works On Earth goes to the White House

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