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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

   I saw a child carrying a light.
   I asked him where he had brought it from.
   He put it out, and said to me,
   "Now you tell me where it is gone."
                   - - Poet mystic Hasan of Basra

                  MOI ~ I OM
an exquisitely sacred palindrome
    from :

Would you purchase a vehicle that travels 700 miles to the
gallon of fuel, and the fuel cost $1.50 per gallon, safely
made in a small machine in your garage, your business, or any location?

The vehicles exist, they are in production.   We introduce
you to a new name word already up and running : ANUVU.
The word is a name for a new type of vehicle, the Anuvu
We have created these links below, and we share them
on various various pages of Good Works On Earth to let
folks know about Rex Hodges and his merry serious crew
and what they have wrought with a new view in engineering
solutions named, Anuvu.

Anuvu on Transport : no longer operating
We do not know these folks, personally.
We do share this link to their site to share with you one
alternative that seems destined to be a leader of our
healing our environmental nightmare called the internal
combustion engine.  We invite you to visit this site, and
if you wish, read the articles below ... then you will know
about the Anuvu before you hear about it in the media.
And I would think we should be hearing about this in the
media throughout America.  This is good news.

A great article on the Anuvu : no longer exists

Tid-bits from Will :
Top ten search terms at Froogle?
This, just in from them :

Top Ten Searches
What are Froogle users looking for?
Here are the top 10 Froogle product searches for September, 2003

           6.mp3 player

A drug is the number one answer.
Then, all entertainment in technology.
A drug, and entertainment by technology.

Tid-bits from Will :
Name wise .. if you add a C to RITALIN you get CLARITIN.
aciilnrt : are the letters creating : claritin - an allergy drug
a iilnrt : are the letters creating :  ritalin - a psychotropic drug
    psychotropic adjective : 1. Having an altering effect on perception or behavior.
     Used especially of a drug. noun : 1. A psychotropic drug or other agent.

Do you think they don't know ? the folks who create names for
the pHARMaceuticals? Do you think they care? Patents are profits,
nature be damned, to say nothing of the customers of the 'legal'
concoctions we call drugs.  The folks who name their patented
drugs are trained to create names by the light of psychology's capability
to mind control folks into buying drugs.  One fruit of psychology ...
manipulating folks like their salivating dogs to buy a drug.

And now, the fruits of John Ashcroft, the man with the Crashoft Agenda
using the Jesuit Justice system he professes is so righteous in
its (and his) judgements.  By their fruits, ye shall know them ....


In a move unprecedented in its history, the US government
has indicted an entire organization - Greenpeace USA, Inc.
(the Greenpeace entity in the US) - for the peaceful protest
activities of its supporters.

The Protest :

In April 2002, several miles off the coast of Florida,
two Greenpeace activists boarded the Jade - a ship
carrying wood illegally exported from the Brazilian Amazon.

The activists made it clear by their appearance, words and
actions that they were engaged in a peaceful effort.
The fact that the activists had "Greenpeace" on their boats
and clothing helped to reassure the crew of the Jade that the
people coming on board were peaceful and safety conscious.
When they boarded the ship, using a ladder hanging from its
side, they brought with them a banner reading,
 "President Bush: Stop Illegal Logging".

US Government Response :

But instead of intercepting the contraband and prosecuting
the smugglers, the US government is going after Greenpeace.
Making this the first time in history that the US government has
prosecuted an entire organization for free speech related
activities, and they are trying to do it without a jury trial.

In Context :

The activists off the coast of Miami were continuing a long
US tradition of protest and civil disobedience.  This tradition
stretches back to include the civil rights movement, women's
suffrage and the Boston Tea Party. Plus, they were essentially
acting as whistle-blowers - publicly exposing, and trying to
prevent, the importation of illegally harvested mahogany wood.

Their action was a small, but important, contribution to a global
effort - which helped prompt an agreement, at an international
conference that November, to give mahogany greater global protection.

For its work on this issue, Greenpeace received praise from
the European Union, and the government of Brazil... And now
a landmark indictment from the US government.

Charges and What's at Stake :

- One violation of U.S.C. section
2279, which prohibits persons, "not being duly authorized
by law for the purpose," from "[going] on board any vessel
about to arrive at the place of her destination, before her
actual arrival, and before she has been completely moored".

- And one count of conspiracy, under 18 U.S.C. section 371, to
commit this offense.

The potential fine, of $10,000 USD per charge, is serious
money for an organization that doesn't accept corporate
or government donations. The organization could also
receive up to five years of probation.

Ongoing government monitoring, if sentenced to probation,
would make Greenpeace's role as a watchdog and
advocacy group difficult, to say the least. But it is the legal
precedent that could be most damaging for Greenpeace
and other advocacy groups in the US.

A crucial part of what Greenpeace does is the exercise of
its right to free speech in calling attention to environmental
problems. A tactic this protest exemplifies: In an effort to
help save the Amazon, activists engaged in a very public
direct action.

Obviously, a conviction in this case could have a chilling
effect on the ability of Greenpeace, and other groups, to
effectively criticize powerful corporate and government
targets on social and environmental issues.

A trial is scheduled to take place this fall.

More Information :

Legal briefs and more background (on the Greenpeace website).
Last checked, link not working.

New York Times: "Typical Greenpeace Protest Leads to
Unusual Prosecution."
Original link is no longer working :

Take Action :

Join Greenpeace :
Last checked, link not working.

Tell the US Government to prosecute illegal loggers, not Greenpeace.
Last checked, link not working.

Specific Source Page for the above article is :

Tid-bits from Will ...
A few days ago, someone arrived at Good Works On Earth's
home page from a search at Google for BIBLE GOOD WORKS.

We are the #1 answer out of 1,200,000 answers.
It's a good day when we are able to correct lies in
belief systems that create death and destruction in
the name of a cash-in-act.   Speaking of which .....

This just in from Sir Peter Gersten : UFO Attorney

Could governments be fighting the wrong war on drugs?
Is the "aggressive marketing campaign by pharmaceutical
companies" moral and ethical, especially when it is creating
drug addicted children experiencing serious side effects?
In the long run don't we have more to fear from pharmaceuticals
than from illegal drugs? After reading these articles I think I feel sick.
"As pharmaceutical companies push their products, more and
more kids are being treated with powerful -- and untested -- adult drugs."
"The bulk of the world's drug deals are not done secretively in dark
alleyways or noisy nightclubs but involve government-approved drugs
prescribed by doctors or bought over the counter in pharmacies and

Tid-bits from Will :
A search at google for NAME ART gave exactly 23,200,000 answers on 20031027
Our Home Page is answer #5.
Number five out of twenty three million answers for two very common words.
Movin on up.

Next up : The Star Arts in HARMONIC CONCORDANCE

"One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction,
 is intelligent among men."
                                                 --  Bhagavad Gita (c. B.C. 400)

Arohana - the Vedic term for the outbreath of the universe

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