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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

I had the pleasure of listening to Neale Donald Walsch
speak with a group of 120 folks over a period of five days
quite some time ago.  I found him to be one of the finest
authors and speakers and healers I have come across.
I invite you to treat yoursElf to a very aware healing he
shares with you within his writings below .....

You Are A Messenger
Of all the things that were said to me in my
conversations with God, this was the most important.

At least, in terms of my future. And the future of all of us.

I never understood my role in life. I never understood
my place. Now I do. It is the same place occupied by all of us.

We are messengers. Each and every one of us.
We are sending a message TO life ABOUT life every
minute, every hour, every day. I was not clear about this
until Conversations with God.

Life is a closed-loop feedback system. It tells itself
about itself, and from this information recreates itself anew.

Let me share with you a story about the morphic field.

This is a term that scientist Rupert Sheldrake came up
with to describe a phenomenon he has uncovered.
Sheldrake found that sentient beings everywhere act
in resonance with each-other whether they know it or not.

There was an experiment undertaken not long ago in
which sweet potatoes were left on the beach of a small
island not inhabited by humans, but on which many
monkeys lived. The monkeys came to the beach and
discovered the potatoes and, of course, began to eat
them. Then, for reasons not clear, one monkey decided
to splash his potato in the surf, which washed off all the
sand. Eating it, he found that he liked it better that way.
He began to wash in the surf every potato he had chosen to eat.

Soon, other monkeys were doing the same thing.
Indeed, after a very little while, all the monkeys on
the island were doing this. But now, here is where
things get interesting. Scientists placed sweet
potatoes on another island nearby, and the
monkeys there began washing their potatoes
in the surf immediately, before their first eating.
What made them do this? How did they know to
even try? Sheldrake says it is through a
phenomenon that he has called the Morphic Field.
He describes this as a field of consciousness
surrounding all of life "which is part of all of life"
and which contains the sum total of all the thoughts
and experiences of Life Itself.

Into this Resonant Field we send our every idea,
thought, concept, choice, decision, and memory-
experience. And into this Field we reach every time
we "think" about a thing, or act "intuitively" or "instinctively."

We now know that our very DNA carries information to us
about Life, about our Selves, about everything around us.
There is such a thing as cellular memory, and this memory
is passed on through genetics to our offspring.

There is also such a thing as collective consciousness,
and this is less physical than cells or DNA. That is, it
cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it is no less real.

In the combination of the seen and the unseen lies the
wisdom of the ages.

Everything that YOU think, choose, do, and remember is
carried back to Life in two ways: (a) through your genetic
code, (b) through the Morphic Field.

You are sending a message TO Life THROUGH Life
ABOUT Life every single day.

Have you ever noticed how people who have been
together for a very long time start to look like each other?

Have you ever noticed how people and their dogs can start looking alike?

Do you think that it is a coincidence that people of a particular culture
begin to think alike?

Do you know that people who don't ever talk to each
other start thinking alike? They come to the same
conclusion about the same things and act in the
same ways, because of the Morphogenic Field.

Believe it. It's true.

Group consciousness can create collective experience
"without anyone even knowing what's happening" or how.

CwG makes this very clear. It says that we have more
power to create collective realities than we may ever
have dreamed of. The problem is, most people do not
know this. And many of those who do are using it against
us. They are moving forward their own private agenda,
using the tools that impact collective consciousness,
because they know that collective consciousness is
where the power is.

After reading CwG I became clear that I am impacting
collective consciousness every day. And even at the
purely physical level, I am sending a message to life
about life. I watched myself in public and in my home
with others, and I began to take close note of how the
people whose lives I personally touched were
responding to how I touched them.

I saw, much to my surprise, that I was having a
greater impact on how others around me saw
and experienced life than I might ever have imagined.
I observed that people's whole mood changed, their
outlook shifted, the vibe of an entire room could be
altered, simply by the way I showed up in the space.
We are susceptible. Human beings are susceptible.
We pick up the vibe of whomever or whatever is
around us. The kind of music you listen to can change
the kind of person you are. So can the kind of movies
you see, the television shows you watch, the people
you hang with, the food you eat, even the clothes you wear.

Similarly, we send vibes to others. And it is in this
role as humanity's messenger that we play our most
important part in the unfoldment of our collective future.

Neale Donald Walsch, from his
Weekly Conversations with God Bulletin #64
dated 10-01-2003

What are Snollygosters?

snol;ly;gos;ter ( snol' ee gos' ter) noun. Slang
1. One, especially a politician, who is guided by
 personal advantage rather than by consistent,
 respectable principles.

In response to our last email, we received this
inelegant letter ....

"All the people that contribute to the ANTI-AMERICAN
movement that this site promotes need to take a
good look at moving to another country."

"Why not try your luck in all of the countries that
you say AMERICA is bringing chaos to."

"It's time for those that do not support AMERICA

To which I reply, George Walker Bush is still being
a snollygoster.  Are you familiar with the group called,
Military Families Speak Out?
Read that short speech given to a congressional hearing on
September 9th, 2003 by their founder, and you will
know more of what it is to BE American.
Then, visit their web site:
Then, visit ours :

Theodore Roosevelt describing PATRIOTISM :

"Patriotism means to stand by the country.
It does not mean to stand by the president or
any other public official, save exactly to the
degree in which he himself stands by the country.
It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently
serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him
to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he
fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event,
it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the
president or anyone else."
Source Page : : no longer operating

"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always
count on the support of Paul."
George Bernard Shaw
Source Page : : no longer operating

Source article for the followings is at :

According to Cheney he has "no financial interest in
Halliburton of any kind" and hasn't for three years.
But "Cheney's financial disclosure filings with the
Office of Government Ethics listed $205,298 in deferred
salary payments made to him by Halliburton in 2001
and another $162,393 in 2002. The filings indicated that
he was scheduled to receive more payments in 2003,
2004, and 2005." So is it just a coincidence that
"Halliburton was granted, without competition, a repair and restore Iraq's oil fields" for
about $1 billion.

"Vice President Dick Cheney, a former CEO of
Halliburton Co., has received hundreds of thousands
of dollars from the company since taking office while
asserting he has no financial interest in the company."
   ^^ link no longer operates

It's no surprise that Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, and
Donald Rumsfeld  have been advocating an invasion
of Iraq since at least 1998 through the Project for a
New American Century. It could be argued that
Saddam Hussein has been a marked man since
he nationalized Iraqi oil back in 1973, but that's another story.

Meanwhile, the American occupation of Iraq increasingly
resembles the cycle of violence between Palestinians and
Israelis: American soldiers are ambushed and killed, and
the U.S. military retaliates by rounding up and imprisoning
Iraqi "suspects," including civilians, women, and children
as young as 11. More Iraqi violence results, and the cycle
continues. Iraqis have little hope that American troops will
withdraw anytime soon and have not been treated with
dignity or afforded human rights by their occupiers.

How did the American ideals of liberty and justice become
hollow slogans for presidents to use to justify military
attacks abroad? Ever since Eisenhower warned us of
the dangers of the military-industrial complex, it has
become steadily more powerful. Corporations should
not be allowed to influence foreign policy.

Yet the Bush Administration's foreign policy, like
domestic policy, often seems to come directly
from corporate boardrooms. For example,
Executive Order 13303 grants complete legal
immunity to transnational oil companies operating
in Iraq. While U.S. soldiers attempt to establish
law and order in Iraq, Bush has put oil companies
above the law.

The full article is at :

To which I add this ... the other night I heard on NPR
that all of the Government Ministries in Iraq were
allowed to be looted for a period of a month by our
armed forces, all of them, except one.
The OIL MINISTRY was the only ministry protected by
Rumsfeld's war wolves in their plannings of where to
put our military men and women to keep the infrastructure
of this country in place.

Only oil got their attention.

Snollygosters they are, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Ashcroft's
legal beagles and Rumsfeld's war wolves having fits.

Skull and Bones : 322
Secret Agreements, Secret Doings, Secret Votes

The audit trail to our voting system is being destroyed
by the owners of the companies that own the electronic
voting machines now being touted as the best way
to count votes.  You can't prove your vote once
you've voted, and only the companies owning the
computer machinery are to be trusted.  No audit
trail will exist as we shift to digits on computers to
count the votes.  The owners of these companies
range from the Saudi's to our own Media organizations.
One day soon, the only vote that will count accurately
is your dollar ... except, that is no longer worth anything.
Definition of a dollar is : 1/20th of one ounce of gold.
Your dollar in cash you carry is a debt, says so right on the "note."
And, the powers that be are working to take the cash
away so our exchanges are all in digits in the spheres
of electrons.  Read the article, see for yoursElf.
This way, you cannot exchange without their
being able to trace your every economic activity.

Another Bush Lie .... No Child Left Behind?
Read this article and weep.  The true intentions
and actions of this man and his republican clan are
now rearing their ugly heads for all to see.
Meanwhile, our learning centers suffer cutbacks
to the nth degree, and our money is going to corporate
interests rebuilding what we destroyed in Iraq, and more.

On a lighter note ....

Per, you DO NOT want to reply
to spam/unsolicited e-mail messages with a "remove"
request because this only validates to the sender that
your address is current.

What you CAN DO is forward the illegal emails as
spam to your server.  Servers world wide are
becoming the screening source for these spammings
in emails and so too the viruses and worms.

How to demonstrate the damage one person is doing
to our environment in one dramatic way?

Ask the owner/driver of a petro-chemical vehicle to
run a hose from the exhaust of his or her vehicle to
the inside of their home for just five minutes while
they are in their home.  Please have medical
personnel nearby so that the person can be
saved from their own poisons, if need be,
Their awakening will occur very shortly.
Mother Earth is our home.
Point made.

And for those of you who have been
with us a long time message wise ...
You know we almost always save
the best for the last ....

We've done that here .......

We invite you to view a stellar watercolor art, entitled ...

Keeper of the Stars
Keeper of the Stars
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Nancy Bright
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"By meditation upon light and upon radiance, knowledge of the spirit can be reached
and thus peace can be achieved."        --     Patanjali

Breathe the earth's breaths and be well,

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword Unsheathed
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