Subject: 20040829 : Fluffy Heinies in Nebraska : The Weather : Mother Earth's Breaths : Tallahassee
  Date:  Sun, 29 Aug 2004
  From: Good Works On Earth
    To: Good Works On Earth General Mailing List

Peace Be

This is Good Works On Earth's message of Eight Twenty Nine Two Thousand Four
        Mother Earth's Breathings
      Mother Earth's Birthings
    Mother Earth's Weathers
   Fluffy Heinies

Sweet Greetings ...

Without hesitation on our part, we strongly suggest you visit this link:
You will be seeing the most intriguing clouds ... giving you a new view
of the skin of Mother Earth and her moistures flowing in her airs ....
Spectacular photographs of clouds like you have never seen clouds before.
Unless you have ... we have never seen anything like this.
Enjoy the fluffy heinies as our friend who sent this to us called the clouds  ...
or, if you prefer ... your name for what you see ...
I see the moistures of Goddess flowing.
Spectacular Mammatus Clouds over Hastings, Nebraska

Short and sweet .... we send you a wee bit of beauty this day.
We do not address the political clap trap going on as we have already
posted the truths of the matters as we know them and so we are in
a position of watching it play out.  The Republican Party is throwing a bash.
Big money ... big party ... big laughs .... big bashings by their mercenaries.
There is much new material at both of the above links, mostly right at the top.
There are startling simple proofs being discovered by others about King George's doings.
Factual, easily found proofs. 
We share the researchers' links on George's Name Art page.

George has also acquired a 3rd dim en sion al pri son err numb err :
21804002 : Details on his Name Art page.

Oh, how we wish he would awaken, and speak with the heart, not the agenda,
and we could then begin Peace on Earth in earnest ... and we here could begin to
polish his Name Art to ever more stellar heights of healings, but nooooo .... he
continues his sure ruse in epic unclear republican lies.

On another matter ....
If you do not already know this .... you can know ....
Your heart affects the earth weather.
Believe it.
Be Still and Know.
Here are the proofs :  < See Diana's quote below the art. < : Now sharing the Web of Love

Are you working with others to stop violence?
Please, see this and share the truth regarding the violence :

While we have you ...
Our Home Page is roaring plasma in its revealings these days ....
'Twas last updated a few hours ago, and updated recently every day.
Our Peace On Earth page is gathering new visitors in new leaps and bounds ...

Mark your calendars .. September 18th, 2004.
Be There.  No matter where you are ... be there.
The word is spreading regarding the WEB OF LOVE.
You can go directly there with this link :

If you would like anything addressed in our next message ... say the word with a reply.

My favorite page at Good Works On Earth these days is this one :
Shows what folks on the outer net are searching for, and finding us.

Last, and certainly not least in any way ...

Our thank you to the one from Florida who donated $1,000 to Good Works On Earth
to support our work in any way we choose.  We have chosen the city of Tallahassee
to be seeing the effects of this donation in ways it does not expect.
That's a heads up for any of you there or nearby.
You in the know will get to see the change.
Interested in what we are doing?
Interested in helping to make the healings a little larger and more dramatic in
Send us a note with your interest, we will share with you what we are going to be doing.

Have you sen the movie that went from home video rental to theaters ?
An un-heard of event ... the name of the movie ?
         Look for it
          Go see it
See how a mad media aimed a mad idea.

Robert Greenwald"s documentary film ...
Uncovered: The War on Iraq"
Read the review .. by, Noy Thrupkaew
Web Exclusive: 08.20.04

 We invite you to slowly read ...

We are presuming all on our mailing list at this time know that your every word vibrate
We are presuming all on our mailing list at this time know the ascensions are on.
If we can be of service to you in the awakenings and healings ... say the word.

Bless Your Heart Spoken Words,

Will I Am
Keeper of the Letter Angel's Ink Pen

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the movie that went
from home video rental
to theatres ... an un-
heard of event ..
the name ...
Look for it : no longer active
See how a mad media aimed a mad idea.

Good Works On Earth supports the Growing of Hemp in America

The Star Art
Now sharing the WEB OF LOVE
September 18th, 2004
Be There

We invite you to see the

Hear the earth weather no matter where you are
Star Art of WEATHER

Hear the Voicings of the
Star Arts of the WHALES

May we be of service to you ?

We honor and thank you for your donations.

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Fluffy Heinies in Nebraska : The Weather : Mother Earth's Breaths : Tallahassee
Mother Earth is struggling to breathe.
We are as alive as she is alive ... and she needs to breathe.
She is not in peace, hersElf, and she struggles mightily to breathe.
We can help her by planting hemp all over America, and the world.
This will also sustain the forests, and give us over 400,000 new products.
Organic Hemp Heals America
Hemp Heals The Earth Organicly
Our Lives Depend Upon Organic Balance

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