Subject: 20040625 : Fahrenheit 9/11 : Dennis John Kucinich : A Media Idea Aimed : This is Not a Political Advertisement : Truth Outs
   Date:  Fri, 25 Jun 2004 11:22:44
  From: Good Works On Earth
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   Peace Be

This is Good Works On Earth's message of
Six Twenty Five Two Thousand Four


  To find out where Fahrenheit 9/11 is playing :

Sweetest Greetings ...

George Walker Bush,  or, as the search engine results seem to see him ...
George Middle Name Bush ... is covering his and his clan's lies quick as he can.
His fears he fared upon others have come home to roost upon his own doorstep.
The BushMaster could have spoken with Saddam Hussein alTikriti and created
ongoing peace, and instead, the BushMaster chose to kill him, without even
speaking.  Once again, we see the 'Christian Rites' are so far from right it is a
murderous thing indeed. Their war-mongers are now feeling their own reapings
of their own killings back upon them.  Now that God's Soldiers die o'er lies sold
in vain, the killings are hidden, the violence kept silent, best they knew.  But ...
these republican corporate rapists didn't know enough to keep the digitizing of
their doings in the dark. The photos came out, the horrors of both sides out-doing
each other's despiciable deaths and hatred run amok showing their beatings and
belittlings and hangings and beheadings of religious fanatics all, on both sides.

Bush Wars, that's also the Oil Wars.  The Bush's have a long 'proud' family history
of raping Mother EArth and consorting with our enemies in hidden financial dealings.
Their profits is it for them, not what they say to the public.

That's Bush and Co., sure ruse users, all.
That's Dick Debauchery Cheney.
That's The Exxon Rice Name on a Platter.
That's the Gig, the Oil Rigs.

America wants peace, and we could have had it in 2000,
and 2001, and 2002 and 2003 and 2004, except for the no longer supreme
court's installation of a George Sore Loser Bush and his clan to occupy our Oval Office.

This is a potent name to watch at this time : DENNIS JOHN KUCINICH
Where fears end and hopes come real and where Peace Is Real, and
not just for some, but for everyone.  No more piggy parties at the
American Treasury Trough for the killing and war-mongering rapists
in suits & ties in their lawyerly suites using antiquated Jesuit Justice suits against us
as their forceful hand holding the whips of their police lies and violences caused by them.

Corporations profit mightily when wars are made.
Skull and Bones members have all Loved war in their midst.
It keeps people separated and confused and ego's a flaring while they reap their rapes.

George Walker Bush is a Yale Skull and Boneser, and a criminal murderer.
A gaol he goes on murderers row, for what he has sown upon another, he shall reap.
Love thy enemies is the answer, not the killing the BushMaster did in his devilish ways.

John Forbes Kerry is a Yale Skull and Boneser. Wars, ribbons, medals and mayhem,
old hat belief systems based on us versus them, Love be damned, healings be foresaken.
Same wars, different quota's, different reasonings, different volumes, different wastes and ways.

Let these two Fraternal and Secret Tomb Members speak of this subject in public
 and let them both air their Skull and Bones's long hidden lies in the media.
Let them clear these airs before either of these men, both with
agenda's based in Skull and Bones Membership, are ever empowered
with America's Weapons of Massive Destructions.

America cannot allow those with weapons of massive distractions to bring war.
With right actions, these things are so easy to heal.
As it stands now ...
We are the weaponeers of the world, our name is America.
Is this what we want, America?  To be the biggest ego on the planet ?
Skull and Bones is no laughing matter.  These folks rape America with
secret energy meetings, secret energy policies, secret this, secret that.

The Grateful Dead, they ain't, for their music is death be damned, profits is it.

Willie Nelson even wrote a song about it ....
Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth ....

Dennis John Kucinich.
This is the name to look for.
This is the name to listen for.
This is the man who speaks of competent peace.
This is the man who speaks of compassionate American's values.
This is the name of the underdog, and America Loves Her Underdogs.
Can America Love an Underdog in the Name of Peace on Earth?

I spit on the Skull and Bones Crypt, and their member's agenda's hidden with lies.
The media is giving you hundreds of millions of dollars of Bush and Kerry's face time.
The corporations are paying the corporations to keep the rapes in place.

The media is not giving you Dennis John Kucinich face time.
The corporate owners do not want you to know about Dennis John Kucinich, America.
He speaks of how peace can be real, and how peace is real, and
the corporations do not want you to know about the clear wisdoms in
words from the heart and mouth of Dennis John Kucinich.

Corporate pentagonism is destroying America, our good name, and our good will.

We ask you to join in and seek out Dennis John Kucinich's viewpoints.
Hear a newer awareness which will wean America from her war urges enflamed by
Bush Oils and Cheney Derricks and Mercenaries Tortures so similar to Saddam's in
the very same place as Saddam's at the behest of the Republican Clan, so similar in
reality to the Republican Guard of Iraq..

Pass this name of DENNIS JOHN KUCINICH to your neighbors, ask about
him and see if anyone knows who this fellow is and what he speaks of for America,
and ... ask your local media to find this guy and report on his actions and his words!

Peace is real, with a compassionate and competent and intelligent speaker in our Oval Office.

Speaking of which ... the words out on the streets with people are ... Fahrenheit 9/11.

Now ....
Here is a letter from Michael Moore ....
This letter is dated 8 days ago :
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

June 17, 2004


We're a week away from the nationwide opening of "Fahrenheit 9/11"
 and not a day goes by where we don't have some new battle to fight thanks
 to those who are still working overtime to keep people from seeing this film.
 What's their problem? Are they worried about something?

A Republican PR firm has formed a fake grassroots front group called
 "Move America Forward" to harass and intimidate theater owners into not showing
 "Fahrenheit 9/11." These are the same people who successfully badgered CBS into
 canceling the Reagan mini-series a few months ago. And they are spending a ton of
 money this week to threaten movie theaters who even think about showing our movie.

As of this morning, a little over 500 theaters have agreed to show the movie beginning
 next Friday, June 25. There are three national/regional theater chains who, as of
 today, have not booked the movie in their theaters. One theater owner in Illinois
 has reported receiving death threats.

The right wing usually wins these battles. Their basic belief system is built on
 censorship, repression, and keeping people ignorant. They want to limit or snuff
 out any debate or dissension. They also don't like pets and are mean to small
 children. Too many of them are named "Fred."

This new nut group is the Right's last hope in limiting how many people can see
 this movie.  All of their other efforts have failed. Let's recap:

1. Roger Friedman at FOX News reported that the head of the company which
 first agreed to fund our film "got calls from Republican friends" pressuring them to
 back out. And they did.  But... Miramax immediately picked up the film! Except...

2. Michael Eisner, the chairman of Disney, then blocked Miramax (a company
 owned by Disney) from releasing the film once it was finished. But... public
 attention and embarrassment forced Disney to let the Weinstein brothers of
 Miramax find another distributor! But...

3. Instead of a new distributor stepping right in -- as all the media predicted would
 happen -- it took another month to find distributors who would take on this movie.
 A number of other distributors, thanks to various pressures, were afraid to get
 involved. It looked for a while that we would be distributing this ourselves. But
 then Lions Gate and IFC Films rode in to the rescue!

So, we have beaten back all attempts to kill this movie, and the only thing in the
 way of you now seeing "Fahrenheit 9/11" is this Republican big-money front group
 trying to force theaters not to show the movie.

Please, contact your local theaters and let them know you want to see
 "Fahrenheit 9/11."  Tell them that some people don't know that this is America
 and that we believe in freedom of speech and the importance of ALL voices being
 heard.  (The members of ACTUAL grassroots organization-have
 done a very cool thing. They are pledging to send a message to theater owners
 and are planning to attend a showing of the film on its opening weekend.)

I appreciate their efforts, but you don't have to be a member of MoveOn to help
 stop this effort to keep "Fahrenheit 9/11" from making it to screens across the
 country. If a theater in your area is planning to show the film, just give them a call
 and thank them for standing up for the freedom of speech. If your local theater isn't
 showing the film, call them and let them know that you would like to see it and you'd
 like them to show it.

The White House and their minions in our media have presented one distorted
 version of the truth after another for the past four years. All we are asking for is
 the right to show what they HAVEN'T shown us, the real truth. The truth that ain't
 pretty (and is, sadly, damningly hilarious).

On top of all this, the MPAA gave the film an "R" rating. I want all teenagers to see
 this film. There is nothing in the film in terms of violence that we didn't see on TV
 every night at the dinner hour during the Vietnam War. Of course, that's the point,
 isn't it? The media have given the real footage from Iraq a "cleansing" -- made it
 look nice, easy to digest. Mario Cuomo has offered to be our lawyer in appealing
 this ruling by the MPAA. Frankly, I would like to think the MPAA is saying that the
 actions by the Bush administration are so abhorrent and revolting, we need to
 protect our children from seeing what they have done. In that case, the film should
 be rated NC-17!

However it turns out, I trust all of you teenagers out there will find your way into
 a theater to see this movie. If the government believes it is OK to send slightly
 older teenagers to their deaths in Iraq, I think at the very least you should be
 allowed to see what they are going to draft you for in a couple of years.

Finally, some very sophisticated individuals have been hacking into and shutting
 down our website. It is an hourly fight to keep it up. We are going to find out who
 is doing this and we are going to pursue a criminal prosecution. I'm preparing lots
 of cool stuff for the site so watch for new items on it next week

Thanks again for your support and I hope to see you at the movies on opening night,
 June 25th.


Michael Moore

PS. I am sponsoring a number of benefits around the country next week for local
 and national peace and justice groups, including Military Families Speak Out and
 September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. Please check your local papers
 and my website next week for further details.

To find out where Fahrenheit 9/11 is playing and get tickets, just go to:

That's the cut, from Michael Moore. :: That is our link on his name to his Name Art.

Now look what is happening ... the republican liars are lying about the
Flights Out of America by Saudi's and bin Laden's family ... while all of
America was grounded by orders of the FAA ... and all the while they lie,
the flights were confirmed as having happened ... read the details here :

Blessings Be, America ....

Peace Be

Will I Am
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation performing its namesake

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