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All the words in the Lexigram Star Art of AMERICANS are spelled using only those letters spelling the word itsElf.

Send a simple postcard ... help heal all those who see it.
Order a thousand and give them away ... watch folk's hopes rise right before your eyes.
Gift them as tips to those who give good service ...
Ggive them to those who are making decisions in America
Gift a pack of the AMERICANS Star Arts on Postcards to your Mayor, your Fire Chief,
Police Chief, school folks, church folks, prisoners and others who affect yOur communities.

Postcards are currently available in packages upon your specific request.
Please contact us at: lexigram@goodworksonearth.org

Retailers and distributor inquires are invited.
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Copyright 09-02-2002
All Rights ReServed World Wise

In early September, 2002, we began a project at the request of one who wanted to celebrate the 9-11 happenings in a healing way ... she funded the gifting of 2000 AMERICANS Postcards to random folks in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.  Random acts of kindness were committed all over Eugene and in a few parts of Springfield. We also reserved 200 of the 2000 cards for mailing to those who affect peace in the America's and the world at large.   We focused these cards on folks affecting television, radio, newspaper, cinema, and in leading their nations or having already led their nations to peace.... thanking them all for their work  With no strings attached and no requests made of these extraordinarily busy people, we simply let them know we wished to share the healing Star Art of AMERICANS with them as a gift for their work.  We also gifted some of the 200 AMERICANS postcards to those who have yet to find their peace in the world community ... folks such as Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti, Ariel Sharon, Yassir Arafat, and others. We wish to share this simple story about our posting those cards to their recipients ...
We asked the Postmaster about whether or not three cards would be able to be mailed and arrive at their destination She pointed to Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti's postcard and said ... This one will go ...
She pointed to Yassir Arafat's postcard and said, This one will go ...
She pointed to Fidel Castro 's postcard and said ... I am not sure about this one. Funny ... isn't it.
We can mail to Iraq as a person to another person, from USA to IRAQ, but ...
We cannot mail to our nearest neighbor, possibly.
You can't get there from here .... possibly. We shall see if we hear from Fidel Castro ...
We shall see if we hear from Yassir Arafat ....
We shall see if we hear from Saddam Hussein al-Majid . We have heard from Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.
The man sent us a handwritten note on his personal card, and signed the clearest signature you can imagine, giving us his
better mailing address in his own pen..  It is a sight to see.

While sharing that fact, let me also share here and now ... In late 2001, Good Works On Earth posted 50 tube mailers
to 50 people in America, including our Senators, our Congressman, our Police Chief, Fire Chief, Mayor, and so many more.
Only one person responded to our full sized poster of the Star Arts in the form of a graphic of the original AMERICANS on
our waving flag. The one person is the busiest, perhaps.  His name is Peter DeFazio, Congressman from Oregon.
Thank you Peter DeFazio, for your work for peace, and Mother Earth as our home.
Thank you Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., for your response, and for your work for peace,
and for Mother Earth as our home so that we may live as one in a grarnd age of peace in deed, indeed.
Thank you to the one who funded the fun in the gifting of 2000 AMERICANS Star Arts Postcards in their city.
We are willing to do this in any city.
Contact us at : lexigram@goodworksonearth.org
Tell us what you have in mind.
We will reply.

Will I Am
Keeper of the Words Sword
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit group performing their namesake

Are you a curious george about George W. Bush ?
 Take a good long gander at his George Bush Name Art.

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In the Star Arts of AMERICANS you can see all the words in the art are spelled using only those
letters spelling the word itsElf.  Share this awakening and healing art with others with this postcard.

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