Stellar Music with Interstellar Voicings,
by, Will I Am
This CD of the Voicings of the Star Arts
was recorded in Eugene, Oregon at Sprout City Studios.

Recorded on July 3rd, 2001.
Published by  : Good Works On Earth : 2002
The Voicings of the Star Arts recorded with three professional musicians.
$15.00 Requested Donation, shipping included USA.

Alphabetical play list is shown below.

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Below is the Play List for the Voicings of the Star Arts on CD.
The titles with links allow you to go to that page, see the Star Art and
if you like, click on the MP3 link so you can hear those Voicings of the Star Arts.
Those Star Arts with the link showing on only its number goes to the Star Art itsElf.
There are no MP3's of the recording available on the net.

FOREST - #08
DESPAIR = ASPIRED #11 : It's your choice.
WORDS - #16
WOMAN - #21
MOTHER - #30
WHALES - #32

The Voicings of the Star Arts
Set to Music July 3rd, 2001

This recording stands in its own genre in that it is beyond 'new age' and new thought in that every cut
of every Voicing of the Star Arts is done with only the letters of the one word being sounded with the music.
You cannot hear anything like this anywhere except on this CD, or if you see the performances in person at a gathering or  retreat, and even then, I do not arrive with a band to accompany me in the Voicings of the Star Arts ...
I perform them a cappella.*

* a cap;pel;la  adverb : Music : 1. Without instrumental accompaniment.
        [Italian a in the manner of cappella chapel, choir]

      Email us your interests in sharing the Voicings of the Star Arts as a performance at your awakening and healing retreats.

While you can now own the first CD of the Voicings of the Star Arts,  I share with you that we are working on a
Video of the Voicings of the Star Arts. While we are accomplishing that project we will be amping up the perfections
of the CD of the Voicings, selecting a few of the recordings and adding new layers of music upon what we now have,
Voicings of the Star Arts will be added in songs, and when the new CD  and Video are complete, we will offer the new version, and never will this prior first version be offered again.

Now is the time.

This is the place.

These are the words.

If you are reading this offer, it is valid in these times of your readings.

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Empower us to also send this CD to your Congressman or Congresswoman, your Senator, your Governor, your Mayor, your Police Chief, your Fire Chief, your children's mentors, sharers and teachers ... the list is endless.  We humans  need and want to awaken from this dreadful capitalist's mad dream of false profits and false prophets, and this CD does that.  These folks want to wake up, if they are not already and so doing everything they know to awaken others to the false realities so easily agreed upon to make seem real.  These folks need and want something to empower them beyond psychological programming running rampant in our television programming and school programming. 
These Star Arts wake folks up to higher awarenesses, without fail.

This letter was received on 20041111. We had sent Diana of Florida a CD as one of the gifts of thank you
for her donation to Good Works On Earth. Here is what she had to say ....

Sweet Will I Am,

On this powerful day of 11/11, I just listened to your CD. It was truly an enjoyable and enlightening experience.
First of all, your voice is so calming and healing. Your kindness and sincerity comes through clearly.
Will, your work is awesome!
My favorites are: 'MOTHER' (brought tears to my eyes) especially  your heartfelt comments to your mother.
All of your 'star arts' are so insightful. You are a master!
And my question to you is:
Why is this work not readily available to others .... i.e.  a published manuscript sold in major bookstores.
Truly, I feel your work is of such high quality. Have you sent it to a publisher?
The residual income from this could support your 'good works on earth.'

Thank you for this artistic, creative masterpiece.

With my love and appreciation,

And, if you ask us to send a whole heck of a lot of these CD's or Star Arts prints to others, we will make it so the cost is far less than for just a few, leaving the balances of your donations to do other Good Works On Earth's doings beyond your intentions of paying it forward many fold.

Email us your interests and we will let you know what we can do.

Thank you for your sharing the Voicings of the Star Arts with yoursElf and
with others who truly do seek awakenings and healings, all.

Bless you!

Will I Am
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth

These Voicings of the Star Arts with the musicians were recorded completely impromptu. 
We recorded in the studio for the first time, never having played together musically nor having
practiced these doings in any way.  No one knew what we would come up with ... no one knew
how it would turn out.  To see what others have said or written about the CD

Why we recorded the Voicings of the Star Arts ....

Some time ago, I began to experiment with what I now call the Voicings the Star Arts ... 
I knew the Star Arts had awakening powers when someone reads them, and one day it
dawned on me that the voice could further empower the Star Arts in their sharings. 

Personally, I was stoopified it had taken me so long to twig on that seeing, the power of the soundings of the voicings. 
After I had shared the Voicings of the Star Arts with individuals and at a few gatherings of Lovingly seeking souls,
and a few public venues, I knew I wanted to go into the studio with musicians to see if we could amp up the
powers of the Voicings with their music, and to hear what the Voicings sounded like for mysElf, when
accompanied by professional musicians.  The precision equipment in a studio would allow us to
accurately record these Voicings and ... I would get to hear the Voicings later, as an audience
member, so to speak.  If you have never recorded in a professional studio, you haven't really
experienced hearing your own voice and seeing what it can do.

Well ... what we've created so far is like nothing ever recorded on Mother Earth before.
The revealings of the truths of the matters from within the words themsElves, with their letters, in voice, set to music.
Each Voicing is from the word itsElf with its letters and chords of words, interwoven with the music. 
This is a new experience on Mother Earth.  It is an astounding accomplishment. 
You can hear it now, and ... you get to be entertained with professionals playing in the energies of their music
while you hear the words themsElves sharing their truths, both while leading the energies and changes in the music
and while following those energies at times to create the Voicings of the Star Arts as recorded in
Eugene, Oregon at Sprout City Studios.

Note of 20070929 : Sprout City is still rockin : The Register Guard's Ticket story about : Thaddeus and Sprout City Studio :
Play list for the Voicings of the Star Arts on CD, in alphabetical order :

DANCERS  - #05
DESIRE   - #20
DESPAIR  - #11
FOREST  - #08
GODDESS  - #29
IMAGINE  - #06
LETTERS  - #18
MOTHER  - #30
RESOLVE  - #31
WHALES  - #32
WOMAN  - #21
WORDS  - #16


Photograph of The Reflections by, John Flinn at Celestial Scenics of Oregon
The Moon Shadows Poster with the Star Art of LISTEN ~ SILENT

The Voicings of the Star Arts was recorded on
July 3rd, 2001 at Sprout City Studio in Eugene, Oregon.
Phil Lesh was playing the Cuthbert Theatre that afternoon ... our recording
engineer and musicians all commented on his performing while we were recording.

Cast and Crew in the Recordings of the Voicings of the Star Arts

Guitar by the luthier, musician and songster, Jaime Maderas, of ABAKADUBI, a family affair of Love and music.
Jaime now offers you his services of custom  guitar building and guitar repair and maintenance.

Percussions by Andrew Teem, professional musician and entertainer.

Bass by Toby Presnell, professional musician and lutier.

Recording Engineer : Thaddeus of Eugene

Sound Mixing : Hers Changelings of Texas

The Tree Art : Erich Daoust : Stellar Artist

All Star Arts Voicings by Will I Am

CD's are shipped to you from Eugene, Oregon


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