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Search-engines-wise, our most visited webpage in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 ...
was from seekers looking for proof of a quote NELSON MANDELA never spoke.
Because folks are searching for this quote that he never spoke,
we show his actual speeches, and we share the real quote
and the author of that quote, Marianne Williamson, at our
Quote Nelson Mandela Never Spoke page.

You can also enjoy the Nelson Mandela Name Art.

Our second most searched for and found page is
Native American Tribe Names.
This page proved to be an answer to the quests of,
native american tribe names with four letter,
4 letter tribe names,
tribes with 4 letters in their name,
and every kind of variation of that quest.
Perhaps a radio station is running a contest ?
Perhaps it is a new question on an educational test ?
We don't know.

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Right now AskJeeves ( has a search engine that, in my opinion, is truly impressive. The natural language processing and wealth of quality information in their database has become so good that searching by query actually provides relevant results 90% of the time! This is a vast improvement over the original natural language system that Ask had in place just a year ago. When asked what made AskJeeves so different from its competitors, Jim Lanzone, the VP of Production Management answered decisively that it was Ask's search technology that put it in a category all of its own.

Why the technology? Well, Jim argued that the intuitive query performance of the search and the system's ability to reliably show only the experts in every field was Ask's 'secret sauce'. When I personally put this to the test I had to agree that at the very least the top results I found were relevant and spam-free ... an impressive characteristic. What I must take into consideration, however, is the considerable difference in database size in comparison  to Ask's competitors; Ask has only 2 billion pages, whereas Google claims a 6 billion count and Yahoo! over 4.5 billion. In this case size does matter... especially when you consider trying to filter twice to three times more content.

About The Author - Ross Dunn is the CEO of StepForth Search Engine Placement, a search engine marketing company founded in 1997 and based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Ross Dunn is a Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist (CIMBS) with a background in web design and online marketing.

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Why Google is Saving the Web
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the way they did it ..
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aaaegiilmmnrrsx ... Lexigrammarians as a word, was birthed on 200402161101pst eugene oregon
to our knowledge, this word did not exist prior to this day on the net, or in print or other physical existence.
Google Searched : 20040216 : Your search - Lexigrammarians - did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing 'lexigrammarians'.
Suggestions:    - Make sure all words are spelled correctly.  

This word will show now up in the Google Search Results within four days or less from this date.
We will be the first and only answer in mid February 2004.

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Description : Good Works On Earth
Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

Key Words :
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Snippets of actual searches folks made to arrive at this page :
: enter your name lexigram search :
lexigram definition : lexigram finder
: lexigram online :
lexigrams online free
: free online lexigram :
free lexigrams online
name lexigrams online
: make anagrams for names :
anagram with top results
: internal search word :
anagram searches
: anagram search help : anagrams search help :
search lexigram : search lexigrams
~ search top ten ~
lexigram engine : Lexigram engines

A new note in 2009 on Lexigram Generators ..
We have created a working Lexigram Generator.

\/ NOTE OF 20090103 : WE WERE WRONG ! WE LEAVE THESE five very old lines IN intact TACT SO YOU CAN SEE : :lexigrams generators :
We were wrong when we wrote : There is no such thing as a Lexigrams engine or Lexigram generator and probably never will be. The Lexigram is rendered with the Loving heart's intuitions. Anything less is a debasing of the Lexigram's potency.
January 3rd, 2009 ...
This is the new news on a Lexigram Generator. We did indeed come to see that we can create a real and true Lexigram Generator the likes of which we never imagined could be created, with every line real and every line true. We are now creating that very Lexigram Generation program using Ruby on Rails as our base to work with. The information on how we are able to create this Lexigram Generator at Good Works On Earth will be released when we release the generator. 'Twill be as simple as placing the name, phrase, quote or word you are researching and without even pressing the RETURN button, your answers will echo on to the screen in letters, words, phrases or names. Our Home Page will announce the Opening of the Book of Names when it occurs. Update 20091219 : Also called the Book of Creations, we do expect to release the Lexigram Generator to the public, though no date has been set as yet. The current working name of our new Lexigram Generator is the LexiGenome.
Update of 20111101 :
We have released the Codes of the Lexigram Generator, the lexigram code in pure Ruby.
The working generator is at this time available to the members of Good Works On Earth and its Lexigram Research Team.

meanings in our names - anagrams : See the AXIOMS for proof.
: free anagrams for names : Learn to render your own Name Lexigram.
: anagrams search : online anagram search : online anagram searches :
: lexigram anagram generator : an anagrams generator :
The best anagrams generator on the internet is free >>>
Good Works On Earth also uses the anagrams generator in the American Heritage Dictionary on CD.
To render Lexigrams requires neither of these tools.  Ask any Scrabblehead.
Now, back to the search folks made to arrive at this page :
: check word lexigrams :
free lexigrams
: free lexigram readings :
: anagrams search engine :
anagram generator star
: anagram search engine :
free wordarts
: free star art :
~ wordsearch ~
personal name definitions :
: lexigram online free :
definition of palindromes
: cowhand's moniker :
lexigram dictionary
~ free lexigram search ~
free lexigrams search
~ free star arts search engine ~
election jeshua jesus sananda
~ askjeeve anything ~
yahoo froogle google msn dogma
: oprah winfrey alphabet book  : mamma knows : offsite link to mamma
The Lexigram meaning : The Lexigrams meanings
: anagrams of words to make names :
Lexigram expert : contact the author

: Lexigram checker : Lexigram generator :
Prior to late 2008, nothing would automatically check or correct a human rendered Lexigram,
   except to simply see if you have any extra letters showing in the Lexigram.
Note of 20111101 : the Lexigram Sequence Generator.

An example of this was our Sone Game #1 .. there was one word in the Name Art of GEORGE WALKER BUSH that could not have been in the Lexigram as that word was spelled with a letter that does not exist in George's letters. We made a game out of finding that one word, you the viewer got to be the Lexigram Checkers of George's name. We asked you to find the one word, let us know what you found, and we would send you a Star Arts gift for your seeing that which he is not and was not.   That was the game.  We called it the Sone Game #1.
That Sone Game is now closed : the word was MASTER.
George Walker Bush does not have an M, nor a T.
Ergo, he cannot be a MasTer, in words form, in his name.

Magical Palindromes
See our page entitled : Anagrams, Lexigrams and Palindromes

Lexigram Codes :
We share a few ultimates in Lexigram Code revealings discovered at Good Works On Earth.

Good Works On Earth's Home Page : Search Page : Yahoo GoodSearch :
Search Words of Others : BookStorer's Loft

Weapons of Mass Destructions ?
Very well done :
Rocking the earth in data.
The above link goes to
the search for the
~ WMD ~
the abbreviation of
Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Sharing the Codes of the Lexigram Sequence Generator
Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art
The Song