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Star Arts Rendered Upon Your Request
by :
Good Works On Earth's Star Arts Artists & Lexigram'ers All

Published by : Good Works On Earth
In your name, or not, as you choose

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Heal yoursElf with Your Full Name Word Arts

Your choice of any single one name part, or word revealing its truths in
Lexigram Star Arts form as created at Good Works On Earth

An example is EARTHLINGS ...

We claim no copyright on this paper's angel art ... this paper is available through its publisher.
We place Star Arts on arted papers appropriate to the Star Arts requested,
and we are always evolving the Star Arts to their highest beauties.

If you would like a receive a single name or word personally rendered in Star Arts form, there are two ways to do so.

We can post the Star Art as a web page at our site in your honor ...
Showing your name as the one who inspired the Star Art, or not, as you wish it.

We can print the one page Star Art and mail it to you on arted paper(s).

The copyright to the Star Art and its prime or near prime letterings sequence which creates the name or word remains
with the author(s) of the Star Arts and are held in trust for sharing at Good Works On Earth.
All Lexigram reseachers are long-standing members and staff of Good Works On Earth.
All Star Arts are shared, best we know, according to the creator's wishes as we go.

If the name or word has already been rendered by us as a Star Art ....
We render anew, a new version in the nowments without reference to any prior renderings that exist.
This way, we have ongoing new researches from the newer versions of the more
experienced researchers by virtue of how long ago the prior renderings was created.
We will share that Star Art with you, along with a few more Star Arts, and if possible
they will be related to the name or word you requested, awakenings and healings wise.
We can also register your name in the Book of Letters upon your request, and if you forget
to request, chances are, it happens any time, as the list is long indeed.

If you are capable of donating beyond the one American Gold Eagle one-tenth ounce coin
of the realm for this service .... we invite your endowments of our work in the nowments and
we will respond in kind.   All donations go to support the sharings of Good Works On Earth's
Star Arts across America and our sphere we call Mother Earth.

These Star Arts of Words, and single names, make perfectly unique gifts as Name Arts and Star Arts as Word Arts, to others you Love.

Names, names, names.  Words, words, words. 
The Book of Letters has now been long in its writings here upon and
with Mother Earth in her physical birthings by and with Good Works On Earth.
The Book of Names is in physical decoded as dna and rna and mRNA et al.
You can now know your name is registered in the Book of Names by your request.

Your donation supports our works, to register your name and our works beyond.
We ask you to make your donation to us through, if you are using credit card.
We ask you to make your donation and we will register your name in the Book of Names, and ...
We provide you the sequencings of your name, as most names have two harmonics in the letter's sequences of creation. and ...
We provide you the snippet of the Book of Names surrounding your letters of your name's creations.
The Book of Names and the Book of Letters is in creation ongoing since 1995. An example :
First shows the letters of creation ... then what that sequence creates in name or words form :
.... snip ....
agghiiknnrsstv ... thanksgivings arts : searched 20061113 : we are #1 & #2 / 127,000 :
            ^^ thankgiving.html and oprahwinfrey.html
agghiiknnrstv ... thanksgiving arts : searched 20061002 : we are #1 & #2 / 57,800 : google
            ^^ thanksgiving.html and linkednamearts.html
agghiiknnstv .. thanksgiving : a way of life and living
agghilnu .... laughing
agghilou : key breaks galore
agghimnosttuy … confidential research shared 2005, 2004.
agghimou : key breaks galore
agghinostw … what's going on : song name by marvin gaye, voted #4 best song of all time by rolling stone magazine, rg20041119b3
agghinostw … what's going on : song name by marvin gaye, voted #4 best song of all time by rolling stone magazine, rg20041119b3
agghinu : key breaks galore
agginprss …  spriggans   : treasure's trove searches at our site internally on 20050406 : 2
aggiou : key breaks galore
aggllnoooortyy …. otolaryngology : see defhjnou
aggllou : key breaks galore
agglmoor …. logogram : defined : logogram : noun : 1. A written symbol representing an entire spoken word
      without expressing its pronunciation; for example, for the logogram of 4, read “four” in English, “quattro” in Italian.
       Also Called ideogram. Also called logograph.
       logogrammatic, adj.
       logogrammatically, adv. :: American Heritage Dictionary : AHD
agglmoorst … star logogram : search visitor : 20050704 : we are #7 / 1,160 answers : google :
       ^^ You can say we create your Star Logograms from your name and ...
       We register them in alpha bet i call order into the Book of Names.
       You call your self by your name, as do others.  The Letters allow it and empower it.
       Names are more potent than easily fathomed unless you have seen a full measure of the powers of the Lexigram to reveal.
       We share over 710+ pages on this website freely offering the awakenings and healings of our names and words in English.
aghhoopprst ….. photographs
aghhoopprt …… photograph
.... snip .... Book of Names : Good Works On Earth

Our donation request, per any single name or word requested, is this :
One American Gold Eagle one-tenth ounce coin of the realm per single name or word request.
Equivalent values in US funds can be sent to us using your check of money order or other instrument.
Credit card donations are accepted through below, providing for your security and service.

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All credit card donations to Good Works On Earth
are processed through
JustGive provides a secure way to donate to non-profit organisations using credit cards, and ... also keeps track of your donations each year, and provides you
the history of Your Donations to help you itemize donations at tax time.
You may also donate for our Creations and Services using
Once we are informed of your donation, our service begins.

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If you have questions about our services, please ask.
If you will email us your requested Single Name(s) or Word(s) ...
We will begin the renderings immediately knowing your donation is made.

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Description : Good Works On Earth
Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

Page Title :
Personal Arts of Single Names or Words in Star Arts form from Good Works On Earth

Page Description :
Gift yoursElf or another with the Star Arts of a Single Name or Word in Lexigrams form.
From nowhere else can these Word Arts gifts be procured in such a healing manner.

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Meaning is hidden within the letters of your name. 20080205 : Thank You, FaceBooker Numero Uno ye Quatro.

This perfect anagram of yOUR NAME IN WORDS was handcrafted by Kathy Uno 20061221
See another perfect anagram of YOUR NAME IN WORDS

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