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Welcome to our Missing Person's Star Arts Research Page wherein we announce the fact that we are able to show possible clues and paths to knowing what has happened to a missing person using only their name.

To be clear, our work is in the helping in the finding a missing person using only their name, not their address or any other information beyond their name.

All research we perform is done using the name only, using the Art and Science of the Lexigram.

We share a few names and notes regarding missing persons we have researched. If the name you seek is not on this page when you visit ...

We invite you to find anything you are looking for that might be on our site at :


We use the art and science of the Lexigram to help show possibilities.

From the Book of Names
Good Works On Earth

A Missing Person is not always what it seems.
You needs must suspend judgments so you can hear and see clearly the known data so as to know the unknown.
The one all thinks might be a victim turns out to have been the creator of the missingness.
What then, your false judgmental thoughts, you see ?
What then, your searches in dirts for death, not the airs for life ?

Jennifer Joyce Kesse
We let it be known, we have rendered this Name Art
in the name of healings and hoping Jennifer is safe in the revealings.
One other resource site for Jennifer's information at Trucking Boards : : link no longer working>

Scott Matthew Sells
Missing person since 2003, believed alive.
Last checked, link not working.
Detective Dan Braziel : Top Dog Investigator listening for Scott's Calls Home and
tracing the clues to his whereabouts in the nowments with every set of keys at his disposal.

. We say ...
Scott Calls Home
We pray he does.
The above lines were spoken in voice to Detective Braziel on a
well recorded specific date prior to 20050331.
We pray we are correct on this one.
We forgive those who do not
tell those, he who was lost
was to call home
and so was
We ask authority to forgive any who received phone calls from Scott Sells,
without telling the truth about it, if this is indeed what has happened or will happen.
It is one path of his safe returns, no urns about it, unquestioned.
We ask those who have received phone calls or other communications from Scott
Last checked, link not working.

We pray there is no crime in this missingness of Scott Sells.

More information :
(reported broken in 2008)

Are you familiar with the Charley Project ?
Profiling information on over 5,000 cold case missing persons.

All crime stems from fear.
All criminals are scared.

To increase fear, increases crime.


Our Memorial
~ to ~
a New Zealander

Quietly lost in sight and sound
Quietly found in sight and hearts
Bless these ongoing ascensions going on
Where not a soul is lost, not a one
We are Loved beyond imaginations
Eye to Eye ~ Heart to Heart
This is communication
Seer Greets Seer
Ra Soar As Sol
Sol Soar
Carla Scott

Regarding the art and science of the Lexigram :
We are now sharing with and fully teaching others how to competently and professionally
work with this knowledge in the name of the awakenings and healings of America
and so our brothers and sisters upon this sphere of light we call ~ Mother Earth

We highly recommend
your reading
the book
Jeanne Boylan, entitled
: The Portraits of Guilt : [froogle linked]
Click this link to arrive at the Froogle Search Results for her book.
This one woman's heart and soul presences are awakening and healing
to the law enforcement agencies wherever she works her magic,
and to the families she touches in her hearing and sketching.
Go Froogle for her book and read an astounding story.
This book is being shared with you in the name of
the awakenings and healings of America and
our sphere we call home, Mother Earth.
This phrase is worth repeating.

We invite you to visit the
Name Art of JOHN WALSH
a john walsh law show on now
now, no law show on
so, no john walsh law show on now
The John Walsh Show is no longer airing at this time.
This refers to his personal show.
Now, fasten your seat belts as we
invite you to ride the waves
of awareness in the
Star Art
a law show now on airs
John Walsh

Kelli Faulkner
A Remote Viewing Psychic freely offers her services :
Note of 20140404 : We noticed this is no longer active as her site :
We suggest you search Google for "kelli faulkner" + missing persons

Good Works On Earth
We also offer our Missing Persons searches freely.
If we are able to help in the renderings of the Name Arts
of the missing person, we will do so. All rewards
offered will be gladly accepted when we
earn them with the return of any
of the missing ones.

Christopher William Samples :: 'christopher is now home'
Our thank you to the investigator who took a chance, and his client ...
the mother who believed and who never gave up on the returning of her son.

Brooke Carol Wilberger
Try as we did, not one person on earth in authority wanted to see what we revealed.
No acknowledgements were ever received from any investigator we shared the words with.
No reporters involved could see ... only denigrations were returned to us from one reporter.
At times, this work we do is thankless, and worse.
We play no fame games here ... we share codes.
Those with eyes who cannot see, puff up.
Those with ears that cannot hear ?
They do not listen with
the inner ear.

No one believed DNA codings existed as they did until one woman took a particular set of photographs
that showed the shadows of the dna helix ... no one on earth knew it was a helix ... not even yet the woman
who took the picture ... that was seen by the two men who first saw the photograph, without the woman
even knowing ... and they knew what they saw, thanks to that photograph taken by the woman ...
yet .... the men refused to name her freely ... nor did they include her in the reaping of the benefits of
such knowledge as the DNA, and their fame, it was theirs, and as you read, you can probably be asking
what is the woman's name ??? as these two crickets in the road stole the key to the DNA, from the woman.
Because ~ she took the first three dimensional picture of DNA that led to men understanding how it is formed.
They gave her no credit, she was not honored in the Nobel Prize. Point being ... until this unnamed woman
took that photograph of the DNA that showed the three dimensional aspect of the double helix spiraled,
no one was able to correctly envision the construction of the spectacular codes of the human genome.
No one believes letters can affect lives ... until I prove it to them. The Loving heart can see and know.
The hardened heart full of their own crimes, their own lies, their tortures agin others, cannot see easily.
And so they cannot know the sheer powers of the letters to echo life and livings and choices made.
Once they are able to be shown the powers of the names and words ... miracles of change occur.
Until then ... fears cause all crimes. To increase fear in a society is to increase crime.
The jesuit justice just ice em system is the perpetrator and perpetuator of fears in America.
Capitalism is the second greatest instiller of fears in America, and possibly the world.
Proofs of this are elsewhere upon this site, based on Star Arts of Words.

Two Name Arts Researches were sent to authorities regarding
Braeden Thomas Wood & Charles Leon Wood.
As so on the above ~ so too on the below, and others
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

Alexis S. Patterson
Her Name Art revealings are in good hands.

Kipland Philip Kinkel
Kipland Phillip Kinkel
Phillip Kipland Kinkel
Set in the name of healings

Robert Edward Mayotte
Proofs on File

Proofs on File

Proofs on File

Book of Names Snippets

beeklmnoortuvy .... blue overtone monkey
a mayan day glyph

abceilnnorssu .......Clarissa Ann Culberson
Confidential - Unshared
acdellnostwy ...... Allen Dwayne Coates
Confidential - Unshared
acdelmnooprst ........ red spectral moon
a mayan day glyph
egiiknoprstwy ..... Kristi Gwen O'Pry
iikoprsty ..............Kristi O'Pry

Dru Sjodin
Dru's Garden
a legacy garden

audrey lyn nerenberg
confidential and unshared in the public domain
Authority in this case has been contacted.
To our knowledge, three or more people are now working this case,
very quietly, in the very deep backgrounds, tracing data long buried.

patricia marie viola
confidential and unshared outside Good Works On Earth as the one who knows has not asked


We invite you to support the Carole Sund Foundation
Supporting the Funding of Rewards Offered in Missing Person's cases

We invite you to visit the

It is at this time : 20040503 : that we
release a few lines from the manuscript :

Letters Let Seer See

The word police sincerely wishes to cease to be used.
The word asks that it not be spoken, and that in its place,
the term is used of Law Enforcement, for far more power
is contained in this speaking than the utterly incompetent
word, police, a word which is so falsely and tiredly used
the word cannot begin to stand on its own in the cosmos.

Law Enforcement Officers
Eugene City Law Enforcement Officers
Eugene City Law Enhancements Officer
Junction City Law Enforcement
Junction City Adoption Investigations
Los Angeles Law Enforcement
New York Laws Enforcement (sic)
Las Vegas Law Enforcement
Pepin Laws Enforcement (sic)
Polson Laws Enforcement
Portland Laws Enforcement
Florence Laws Enforcement
Corvallis Laws Enforcement
Ashland Laws Enforcement
Mt. Shasta Law Enforments Officers (sic)
San Francisco Laws Peace Officers
Peterson County Law Enforcement
Wisconsin State Law Enforcement
Corvallis Law Enforcement Officers
Veneta Law Enforcement Officers
Lane County Law Enforcement Officers
Lane County Sheriff
Oregon Laws Enforcement Officer
United States Federal Marshals

et al

The word police asks to be removed from
cruiser door emblems
internal paperwork
badges and such
~ ~
no more loci cop police lie
no loci police lie
no loci lice
no loci lie
no lie

The word, police, asks to gradually cease to be printed and ceasing to be spoken.
Pass the words .... Law Enforcement Officers
Male or Female, makes no difference
The words Policeman and Policewoman
Policemen and Policewomen
ask to not be used as they
are a source of untold
misery in echoes
of prior lies.

Law Enforcement Officers
Male or Female
No One Lame
No One Lies

Mark the Calendar Law Enforcement Officers
This awakening and healing in the power of the names
Is now shared with you freely
Good Works On Earth
again on
again on
again on

again on

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We invite you to view the Name Art of OPRAH WINFREY

All of the following is along the lines of general sharings from Good Works On Earth

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acdelnrss ............ darcel sanders - Body Found 26-OCT-2002 See: aaccdenrssy
acdeloqsu .......... cold case squad : sacred letterings sequence : see : douglas county cold case squad
acdelos ............ cold case
acdelrsy .......... sacredly : see : acdeenrsss
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Anagrams of MAY

Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art
The Song