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Now happening in our American
White House

See for yourself at the
Office of the President, Barack Hussein Obama :

At this time, we consider all below to be historical material. The above is the true future.

The Changes of Governance
as they were shared during the 2009 transition at :

See for yourself new awarenesses in governance,
from the Transition Team :
Presidential Transition Team's Explanations and Sharings

" To give pleasure to a single heart by a single kind act is better than a thousand head-bowings in prayer."
- Saddi
Source : Civilization's Quotations, by Richard Alan Krieger
Publisher is

Note of 200811042005pst :
Congratulations to President-elect, Barack Obama

Congratulations to Vice President-elect, Joseph Biden

Barack Obama and the Transition Team

~ Perfect Anagrams ~
Celebrating Two Thousand Eight

Question of 2008 :

Answer :
- ku

The Winner of the Huffington Post's Webby Award Acceptance Speech Contenders is ...
'... in the end, we decided to go with "President Obama ... Sounds good, right?",
   submitted by Sunflower1.'
Links are offsite.
This is one of our favorite contenders :
"Truth: How's that for Change?"    by - skepticfromschenectady

Directly below is an Invitation from Barack Obama to Americans, now closed; (archives)
We can offer this to you as this is honoring a True Heart Speaker.
That is what our work is about, and peace on earth good will all.
Truth spoken, and Humaneness are the two ingredients that will get us there.
Barack Obama has both, in spades.

    in our book, database wise, Hillary is now proven to be a consistent
       curtailer of truth, a fashioner of false images given
       by her words, and a licentious for power prevaricator
       over and over and over, and we cannot honor her quest
       for leading America. Retire the antics, Hillary. - ku

    in our book, database wise, nor can we honor the War Man, John Sidney McCain, the Third. (not John Sydney McCain)
    nor his pubile pubic in public republican liar clan. - ku
Yes, we are coding the destructions of the republican PARTY which exists at the expense of humane awarenesses.
The name itsElf shows you what they seem to enjoy doing ... REPUBLICANS AS LIARS SCARE U.S.A. - ku

Note of 20080831 :
Who is Eldon Smith ? None other than John McCain, hiding his name
in Arizona, regarding his ownership of a home. Why use a false name ?
Here is the answer :

Note of 20080612 :
a Webby Awards Contender :
"Derailing the Straight-Talk Express"
   - Jacksonian (offsite source)

Note of 20080403 :
We've noticed that, just as Mike Huckabee became a lightning rod for
McNick Names, so too has the Senator we all know as the RAW WAR McCain Man.
100 years of raw war, indeed! to this we say ..
The Treasons Senators commit just because all the other boys are doing it
are still a Senator's Treasons, no matter what they call it such as,
supporting the troops, patriotism, et al. REPUBLICANS SCARE USA. - ku
And that, they have. And so with that in mind, we choose to begin keeping
a list of the McNames we see for the RAW WAR McCain Man, with links to their
source whenever possible. (In mid 2008, we've stopped adding Nics on McCain.)

We begin here :
    Senator McSell Out : Source : Bob Cesca
    to wit : "Senator John McCain : the American of America's military Americanism for America's America - Go America! Military! YARRR!"

    Senator McNasty : Source : Michael Shaw
   At his own alma mater, he could not speak from the heart .. he needed to use a teleprompter

    Senator McCrazy : Source : John Amato

    Sunny McCain : Source : : no longer operating - 03.03.2008

    Juan McCain : Source : Matt Stearns

    Senator Hothead : Source i snow a broken link : : Michael O. Allen
Another source for : : Senator John McCain, aka Hothead McCain.

    Keating Lap Senator : Source : : yahoo.answers.australia

    White Tornado McCain : Source : John McCain Trivia

    John Wayne McCain : Source : McCain Trivia

    The Crown Prince : Source : McCain Trivia

    Senator Hothead : Source : McCain Trivia

    McCainiacs : Source : : Michael O. Allen

Senator John McCain's Birth Name is : John Sidney McCain III : He was born on August 29, 1936 at the Coco Solo air base hospital in the Panama Canal Zone. His astrological sign is Virgo : Source : John McCain Trivia.

This was a contender for the 2008 Webby Awards Acceptance Speech by the Huffington Post :
"Truth: How's that for Change?"
   by - skepticfromschenectady
Offsite link.

Note of 20080326 : Have dinner with Barack Obama ... OFFER IS NOW CLOSED
   A unique invitation from a unique speaker of truth.
    Read the story of the Invitation to Dine with Barack here : : outdated link
        This is not a political endorsement, it is an endorsment of a true heart speaker name of Barack Obama. We wish you good writing in your reason why you'd like to have dinner with the senator. Donation details are shared at that site, and the offer is very clear. Enjoy dinner if you manage to arrive and if so, let him know how you got there, for we cannot enter. We cannot donate to any political gig in any fashion, as we are 501(c)3, charitable and educaring. Because we deal in truth, axiom proven and axiom wise, and because we deal in names, and words, and phrases in speeches, we are able to prove truth on a scale never imagined on earth in any language, we cannot be barred from alerting you to who the True Heart Speakers are on Mother Earth, political, religious, or otherwise by any law in the land, and we do not violate this separation of our duties. If all this makes you want to see what is being spoken of .. we invite to the the very first axiom : The Axiom of LETTERS in Star Arts form from

Note of 20080321 : A Stellar Endorsement of Senator Obama for President by Governor Bill Richardson.

Note of 20080321 : Comments on THE SPEECH :
We ask you .. do you enjoy reading truly great writing that helps heal and inspire ?
  If you do ... we have a sweet writing for you to enjoy a new viewpoint ..
   We invite you to read a truly unique writing about a very unique speech:

        Adam McKay at the HuffPost

and this :
"… Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama, a name and character to be proud of, Yes We Can!"


The Measurements of Heaven are shared on our Easter Star Arts page.


Welcome to Good Works On Earth's 2008 Presidential Researches

The Raw Data
The Presidential Name Researches of 2008

Greetings Friends of Our One World Peace
This is Two Thousand Eight : NamesWise

A moving peek at the developing history of the stated and unstated Presidential Contenders 2008.
This page covers a time period ... one day it will become a historical creation remaining unchanged, for the record.

Until then, once again, America, please awaken and realize the votings are rigged, lock, stock, and media.
If there is no way to as easily mark a veto against something or someone as there is to mark a vote for that someting or someone,
well then, you are missing fully half of the most important part of a consensus countings of the vote. This missing part of America's
ballot system on votings invalidates the value to near zero, or worse, for only half a story is told.   When only slick religious talkers
show up for presidential races, you know it is time to abolish any voting system that ignores the veto vote.  To not allow the vote of
veto on a name or idea is to thwart the true calculation of the thinking voter's responses. 

Point being, incorporate the veto in all votings on every name and every idea propounded, including presidential.
When you cannot mark religious zealots as no for leading your country, you have lost all hope for sane leadership.
Your only valid vote at that time is the money you direct, personally.

Vote or Veto

Truthful Peace or Lying Wars

yOur Choice, Once Again, America

The Presidential Researches of 2008 have begun in December 2006.
Definite claims of running in the presidential race are being made.
These first four names we type below are the 'public's contenders.'

Al Gore
It's been a long road .. need we say more ?
Albert Gore's An Inconvenient Truth is on the Oscar's scorecard in 2007. 
An Inconvenient Truth is one of the three highest earning documentaries of all time.
Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. is a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work in peaceful solutions.
Need we say more ? 
Al Gore
Note of 20080331 : Touch Earth above, take flight to Earth, the Sequel

Well, the way we hear it the words on the worksheets at this time are …
to be continued. 

Note of 20070216 : A quote from Al Gore regarding the presidential race :

"At the press conference, Gore said yet again:
"I have no intention of running for president again.
If you were involved in a massive worldwide project like this, would
you want to enter the grubby, petty misery of a presidential campaign ?
Me neither."
- David Roberts for the Huff Post
: offsite links to articles :

Thank You, Al Gore
A gentle and sincere tribute to Al,
by Brent Brudowsky at the Huff Post

"I think Al Gore would best serve his country fighting global warming,
that is the most important importantssue of our time."
- Holly Blue , blogger response at the Huff Post

Note of 20071019 : Congratulations on the Nobel, Al Gore

Regarding the Novel Climates now being experienced on Mother Earth,
please do see the words of the Group, as presented by Steve Rother and shared here on our site.

The Honorable Congressman from Illinois
BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA by birth, same as his father.
Exploratory committee formed, announced, he is a contender for sane US leadership.
Note of 20070104 : The Mad Idea Aimed Media people are already lying about this man.
The truth is : Mr. Obama is not Osama, and Hussein in indeed a good and honorable name.

[ Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.
of Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya and Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas.
His parents met while both were attending the East-West Center of the
University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his father was enrolled as a foreign student.
In his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father, Obama describes a nearly race-blind early childhood.
He writes: "That my father looked nothing like the people around me - that he was black as pitch,
my mother white as milk - barely registered in my mind." 
Read more at the source : ]

Note of 20080514 :
More REPUBLICANS' LIES 'N IRES falsely created in America ..
Congressional Representative ERIC CANTOR, AN IRE CREATOR ACT AT AN IRE CRIER, this representative creates criminal lies out of whole cloth. An ire creator, Eric Cantor. An ire crier, Eric Cantor. He missed the boat on truth and chose to spout his 'republican party' lies. The link above is one proof of the lies of Eric Cantor about Barack Obama's words to create false fears in Americans. You will also see there the criminal lies of Congressional Representative John Boehner, a name we wouldn't ask you to touch with your mouse. Seems he has a real hard time reading and understanding the simplest of English sentences, and responds with his insane agenda based on false 'religious-party' teachings. Sad, that.

The words of John Kerry, from the linked page :
"Already we've seen John McCain trying to describe Barack Obama as Hamas' candidate. That's beneath the John McCain I used to know. But - sadly - that is the only way these Republicans have to try and win an election.

We deserve better. We need to have an honest and important conversation about how to reorient our foreign policy to meet the challenges of the 21st century. What we don't need are lies, distortions, and rhetoric designed only to whip up fear. That's part of what got us into this mess, and it won't get us out.

Call Sen. McCain's office at 202-224-2235 and ask him to condemn these statements from his supporters.
Our deep thank you to John Kerry for his research and writing on this matter of the CRIES 'N LIES REPUBLICANS SIRE AS A USA SCARE tactic. Any politician who will lie to scare an American, or any human, is sub human, and should be removed from any reponsible office poste haste. My name is Kathy Uno, and I welcome your view.

Honoring the words of a one who could see the truth back then ...
   the words of Barack Obama as quoted in October 2002 :

   "I know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors...
    I know that even a successful war against Iraq will require a U.S. occupation of undetermined length,
    at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences. I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear
    rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage
    the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of Al Qaeda.
    I am not opposed to all wars. I'm opposed to dumb wars." : Source of Quote offsite link

Barack Obama's homepage
Press the logo, take flight to his site

Good Works On Earth is researching the perfect anagrams of Barack Obama and Barack Hussein Obama.
Already, stellar revealings are in place, unannounced as such by us at this time.
We are creating the Obama Lexigrams in the name of awakenings and healings.
We can say this man's name echoes the healings of the car bombs and
bombracks of many kinds the world is experiencing at this time, still,
in early 2007, and now in 2008.
Imagine It, America .. wise peace, not ignorant war.
Imagine Peace America .. Please and Thank You
You can know, Obama's anagrams have already revealed many
One Line Letter Perfect Ultimate Healing Anagrams.

This same research for the OLLPUHA's ...
One Line Letter Perfect Ultimately Healing Anagrams ...
of these contenders names are being done on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
The Name Art of John McCain is essentially complete and will not be released.

Note of 20080826 : In the name of healings, the material from the note of 20080225 has been removed.
Score one for Hillary and "her" wise women who are sharing truth regarding America's next president.

A Look Back in Time : An internet sharing of goals of another shared here :  * To Understand
   * To Write a Blog a day for 100 days, beginning 10-22-06 NEW MOON
   * See the election of Barack Obama as President of USA.

"Obama is inspirational, and he's not from the Bush royal family or the Clinton royal family."
- David Geffen : quoted by Elayne Boosler for the Huff Post

Note of 20071113 : Listen to the Declaration of Independence as voiced by famous actors in these times, and see if you can hear the crimes of King George, echoing upon George Bush.
The fuller version, with the Morgan Freeman introduction :
The shorter version, with the reading of the Declaration of Independence only :

"Wake up! It's a world of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove
, liars and killers and plunderers and thieves."
- Elayne Boosler : on the Huff Post

A Stellar Peace On Earth Presidential Candidate
Dennis Kucinich :
The mad idea media is still not telling you about Dennis Kucinich, America.
You have to find out about this man and his ideas and wisdoms yoursElf.
Ask your neighbors about this fellow, and his city and town gatherings.
Attend one if you can, have breakfast, lunch or dinner with this man.
See what Americans who care are really thinking and doing.

Formally announced :
Former Senator and Vice Presidential nominee :

John Edwards dropped out of the race in late January, 2008

A perfect twelve word palindrome showing peace :

To wit : the likes of politicians, ministers, pastors and priests who rile against sex, all the while they rape,
and who rile against the homosexual males and lesbian females, all the while, you now know what they have done.
They have done this for centuries, America.  Only now with internet and press do you see their sordid crimes.
Crimes Are In An American's Racism
As Nuclear Republicans Are Liars
As Republicans Are Ruse User
Same As Atomic Democratic's Ideas Die
Seeing any connections, dear reader ?
The Star Arts of AMERICANS
The Star Arts of DEMOCRATIC
The Star Arts of REPUBLICANS
See the Connections of Heavens
~ in words form from letters ~

In the beginning is the Word ...

America's Casting Call
'Barack Obama talks like a President.
Hillary Clinton talks like a candidate.
Just close your eyes when you listen to either one and you can HEAR it.'
Source : Responses to the Huff Post (offsite link)

The Honorable Senator of New York :
Exploratory Committee formed, announced.

Visit the Senator's homepage ~ press her title :

Hillary Clinton Lied to Keith Olberman
"Sen. Clinton's unwillingness to speak out early against the war,
even after her vote for the war, and her willingness to lie about what
she did in the past and to try to rewrite history, is precisely why she is not fit
to be president of the United States, not to mention receive the nomination of the Democratic Party."
Read the full article by, Jonathan Tasini : 20070125 : Source : Huffington Post

Note of 20071001 : And the Hillary Lies continue :

Americans should read the book, NO ONE LEFT TO LIE TO, the Values of the Worst Family.
No One Left to Lie To
Authored by Christopher Hitchens, this book shares why the Clintons should not return to Our Oval Office.
One print of this book is now available as our gift to you with your Endowments to the Nowments.

Read the words of the Presidential Contenders now in play as of 20070115 ...
These are the responses to the George Bush War Surge, assembled in one document :

2008 Presidential Possibilities React to Bush's Speech on Iraq
by :
Robert Guttman

Note of 20070327 : For current overview of who is in the race and who is not :
this link :
now forwards to this link :

     Also you can see who is in the race here :

Note of 20061219 : These were the "presidential odds" of the day according to :
           These presidential odds have already wildly changed.


Good Works On Earth will add the candidates full Birth Names as we research them :
These numbers in Presidential Odds are dated material : 20061219 : the comments are ours and they are ongoingly updated as needed.

John McCain    3:1
. : our comment is this is the gambler's or bookies' padding for profits. This man is Team War. America has seen the folly.
                           ^^ The true odds on this man's name and his words make him a no gainer, a real two thousand seven to one.
                          ^^ A quote :: "The guy has no core, his only principle is winning the presidency ... He likes to call his campaign
                                  the 'straight talk express.'  Well, down here we call it the 'forked tongue express.'"  Rob Haney said of John McCain.
                        ^^ 20070717 : see an example of Mr. McCain's "Straight Talk" expressions while on board his bus :
                       ^^ : see how his mind works.
                     ^^ 20070420 : Team War Member, still : His use of a song to sing, Bomb, bomb, bomb ... bomb, bomb, Iran, is sick indeed.
                   ^^ on 20070228, John McCain announced on the David Letterman show that he will be announcing his formal announcement, later.

Barack Obama 4:1. : Barack Hussein Obama :
          " Abe is coming back from Illinois again and Oh boy, Ma ! He is black this time." - ku, and welcome back.
                            ^^ he would be the first black president : Michelle Obama would be a Stellar First Lady, she is his BeLoved.
                           ^^^ Note of 20080105 : Congratulations to Barack Obama on his win in the Iowa caususes in January 2008. Wise Iowans, we thank you.
                           ^^^ Note of 20070123 : our site is now being visited by those seeking Barack Obama's Perfect Anagrams. 
                        ^^^^ As of 20070216, we have discovered three One Line Letter Perfect Ultimately Healing Anagams in the full name,
                      ^^^^^The Name Art of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, a stellar name, to be released soon. 
                     ^^^^^"Every person in my office is a redneck, and every one of them say they will vote for Obama."
                                    ^^^^^  We heard this on the street on 20070228.
                    ^^^^^ 20070228 : Ohio reports lawn signs and posters in greeting Obama :


Mike Gravel : no odds : one of the most unique candidates of all, with ideas that heal Americans and America, and the world.
                      ^^^^ his web site :
                      ^^^^ his YouTube :
                       ^^^^ his blog :

Hillary Clinton  5:3. : Hillary Diane Rodham by birth : Hillary Rodham Clinton by marriage conventions.
                             ^^ she would be the first woman president
                           HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON RAN THIRD in Iowa caucuses in January 2008.
                          ^^^ as of 20070228, the news on Hillary is her liar ability ... fabricating a false past to achieve a false future.
                      ^^^^ "The power of the lie is linear, as all liars are now discovering.  The power of truth with Love is
                                the power of the awareness and energies that creates all that is in all the universes, and is
                                 exponential in its powers, above and beyond, far and near, game set." - Kathy Uno : The StarLightning Express
                      ^^^^ : her website :

John Edwards  6:1.: John Reid Edwards : announced 20061228 : Elizabeth Edwards would be a Stellar First Lady, she is his BeLoved.

Mitt Romney    6:1. See his Mitticisms at the see his Bush War Surge response : announced 20070212. (( dropped out, after spending $40,000,000 of 'his own'money to 'win' the Oval Office. Pshaw on people who agree do wear underwear or go to hell and who demand the wife submit to the husband, telling her she cannot get into heaven without their man calling their made up name. Hoooey. Sex abuse in Catholicism ? Those billioms in lawyers fees are nothing to sneeze at, and neitheris demanding you wear your underwear or you will not make it to heaven, to say nothing of the inner sanctum sanctorum of the temple with their goldena angels all a showin and its capital T. My name is Kathy Uno, and I don't wear underwear for any man's demands. - ku 20080208 . ps . who else dropped out ... oh yea, the 911 criminal face of the self righteous security expert. (sic) Mr. 911 lost Florida, so he bailed. ))
                         ^^ would have been first Mormon president : a fine man, we are sure, however moronic some of his actions, beliefs and viewpoints are. - ku
                         ^^^ declared he is running for president on 20070213.
'Regarding Romney near the "Obama Osama" sign: I experience no end of amazement at how superficial the Republican attacks on Obama are.
                         This guy speaks so gently and intelligently, with respect for all: he is nothing like Osama in any way except their names sound similar.
                         Is that the best Republican warriors can do? Is that their only way of criticizing, by going down to the grade school level playground bully level?
                         Apparently it is.'
- Larry Nocella : The above is Larry's blog response to an article by John Wiener,
                         regarding a Seymour Hersh article and a photograph of Mitt Romney standing near a sign in South Carolina that says, No to Obama Osama, clearly a public Republican lie.
                         This is the level of anile and pubile republican's lies, covert and overt. - ku
                         Source :

Al Gore            7:1 : albert arnold gore : a definite public contender on a long road. a true junior, his father's name being the exact same.
                       ^^ Imagine him running, imagine him being drafted, or imagine everyone writing his name on the ballot, and imagine his winning, again. 
                      ^^^ Author of the Oscar winning documentary, An Inconvienent Truth, of one of the three highest grossing documentaries of all time.
    20070610 : In the last few days we have come across information sharing what is purported to be the 'true story' of Al Gore's real and truth birth name.
                      If this information is true, this means to us, we sent Albert A. Gore his Name Art with an agreed upon, yet incorrect Birth Name.

Rudy Giuliani   8:1. : "Republicans worry about McCain and Giuliani and that their party is so insular and extreme it may be incapable of picking a winner." - Bill Curry
                           ^^ To see more about how the REPUBLICANS ARE INSULAR.
                          ^   ^ This man's war mentality makes him run at real odds of two thousand seven to one.
                       ^     ^ Kind of sort of declared his running for president on 20070214 on the Larry King Show.

      Notes of 20071102 : Rudy Giuliani is revealing that he has the soul of a thug and the disposition of a tyrant.
     His behavior on the stump shows Jimmy Breslin nailed it when he described Giuliani as "a small man in search of a balcony."
     The surprising thing isn't that Giuliani is channeling Rush Limbaugh, tossing red meat to the lunatic fringe that has taken over the GOP.
     It's that the media are letting him get away with it ..
     Or maybe the media are just drinking the same Kool-Aid as the GOP faithful who seem surprisingly willing to look the other way when Giuliani
     treats telling the truth the same way he treats waterboarding: "It depends on how it's done."

       Source article :
Evan Bayh          10:1. in and out, toot sweet : December 2006 : a ten to oner, gone in a blink.

Bill Richardson  10:1. : Birth Name is : William Blaine Richardson : Source :
                           ^^ he would be first Mexican American president.  What say ye, Americans ? Can you heal your own racisms ?
                        ^^^ "What the pundits say about who's in, who's out, who's got the most money doesn't matter.  I have a sustained
                           plan to introduce myself to the voters, and so far I feel very satisfied.  I feel I can do very well."  Bill Richardson 20070304
                    ^^^^ The sound of a vote of confidence : "I also think the best place for Bill Richards would be Secretary Of State.
                              Nobody could mend fences around the word better than he could." - Holly Blue, blogger response at the Huff Post
                 ^^^^^ His website : : no longer operating
              ^^^^^^ Candidacy announced May 22, 2006. He's a Way Sane Contender.
Note of 20080111 : Bill Richardson has dropped out of the race.

Newt Gingrich    11:1. : hypocrite to the nth degree, while casting stones at another, he himself was creating false notes and tones. - ku
                         ^^ in our book, this man is a true blue two thousand seven to oner. [ In late May, 2007, his name is bandied about. ]
John Kerry        14:1. : john forbes kerry : 20070124 : he has dropped out of the race.
Wes Clark        14:1. : wesley kanne clark : this man knows the evils of the Bush die nasty wars for dynasty sake.  
                         ^^^ it was written he was a viable candidate.

Joe Biden    16:1. : Will America awaken ? Joe ? When will America wake up from politics, Joe ? we ask.   Joe's  Bush War Surge response.
                          ^^ Birth Name : Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. : Born : 20 November 1942 : Lawyer, Senator from Delaware. Data Source
Can Joe answer the Call to Peace sounded by the Cosmic Lawyers of Just Us for Just Us ?
                         ^^^ "Hey Joe, how do you spell Faux News ? Is it faux or fox, or is it the same thing no matter how you spell Fox News !" - ku
                        ^^ his website :
Condoleezza Rice 16:1
. : Is America still sleeping ? This is a member of Team Vulcan, Team Terror, a false war promoter.
                      ^^^^^Unrepentant 'rightness' on all things.
                     ^^^ has been assigned a con fident al 3rd dim ens ion al pris on err numb err ########
Chuck Hagel        17:1. : This man's name is being seen as ringing in high truths in the netnews. 
                          ^^^^^ The media doesn't seem to notice, yet. : 20070112
                               ^^ 20070123 : the media has noticed - will they now spread a mad media idea on Chuck, or Chuck's truths ?
                               ^^ 20071116 : If you get off the media bus, you will see this man's name and words carry high honors of truths spoken with great wisdoms.

Sam Brownback    17:1. See his response to the Bush War Surge, published 20070115. : Note of 20071019; word is, he is announcing he is dropping out today.
Bill Frist                 17:1. : All of the 17:1 odds are lies in times set.  Presidential Prediction : Watch Frist drop like a rock, watch Chuck Hagel go global.' - ku

Mike Huckabee      20:1. See his Bush War Surge response.
Congratulations to Mike Huckabee for his winning the 2008 IOWA caucuses.
    New words :
      HUCKACIDE : The National Review's Rich Lowry has coined a neologism of his own: "Huckacide" This is when a national party commits suicide by
         nominating an "under-vetted former governor who is manifestly unprepared to be president of the United States."
         Source :

      HUCKAPLOMACY : And what it is about Huckabee's name that inspires a whole new lexicon?
         The Weekly Standard's headline writers couldn't resist, dubbing his perceived foreign policy shortcomings, "The Perils of Huckaplomacy."
          Source :

      HUCKABHORRENCE : The Republican establishment is tying itself in knots trying to land on a publicly acceptable rationale
         for their Huckabhorrence (I told you, it's irresistible). Some criticize his "fair tax"& plan - but since when have nutty economic plans ever
         disqualified a Republican presidential candidate?
          Source :

      MONEYCONS : those Republicans for whom globalization is the only true religion.
         Mark Kleiman points out that Huckabee is the only non-millionaire among the serious GOP contenders,
         and the only one who doesn't court what Kevin Drum calls the "money-cons" - those Republicans for whom globalization is the only true religion."
          Source :

One more on huckaplomacy : Why Huckabee's Foreign Policy Should Scare You

George Pataki       22:1.  We do not believe the country survive leadership of another George Ego Gorge at this time, no reflection on Mr. Pataki.
Tom Daschle         22:1
Jeb Bush               24:1. with Katherine Harris as his Secretary of State ... get a grip, America, their die nasty is over, their dynasty dead at the door of Heaven's Gate.
Tom Vilsack         28:1. : as Jay Leno said, shrugging his shoulders ? who ? : So, on 20070215, Jay Leno had Tom on his show.
                                  ^^ Will Tom now show up on the American Media Radar so folks can learn about Tom Vilsack ?
                                ^^ On 20070223, Tom Vilsack dropped out of the presidential race, citing money as the reason.
                              ^^ Congressional Senators have their reasons for their treasons in creating false laws concerning how the accountings are made.
George Allen      30:1. : no, not the entertainer, though, this political ail fellow has entertained Americans with his shallow voicings.
Mark Sanford     30:1.
Colin Powell     35:1 : colin luther powell : he never lied about oil as the reason in the failure-of-a-truth-in-his-U.N.-speech at the behest of George Bush, et al.
Tom Ridge         35:1.
: be serious, those president odds are a flagrant dirge of ego's hopes of who besides Tom Ridge ?

   Chris Dodd           35:1 : he has since dropped out. : We remained commentless until we began to see other's statement of facts on Sir Christopher.   Lend this man your ear, see what you see.' - ku
                                ^^ Christopher Dodd "... may be the most gifted politician of his generation." - Bill Curry : offsite link
                              ^^^ Christopher Dodd : this man speaks sooth - ku
                              2. Do you think waterboarding is torture? Christopher Dodd's answer :
"Absolutely, according to both US law and international conventions. And in my view, the Bush Administration knows full well it is."
Source : : offsite link

Note of 20080130 : Christopher Dodd has dropped out of the presidential race.

Duncan Hunter      38:1. : Birth Name ? : based on the public name shown, we are at this time commentless in the revealings.  20070116
                       ^^ his response to the George War Bush Surge : “I think it’s a sensible plan, it’s a logical plan. I’m going to support the president.”
                             ^^^ the true odds on this fellow's run are closer to Two Thousand Seven to One.
Bill Owens              40:1 . : Who ? Birth Name ? : ditto above : Still today, 20070301, this man's name does not show in our aimed media.
Haley Barbour          40:1. : is this a name to watch, America ? did you ever hear or see his name in your chosen media ?
Bill Bradley                48:1. : who ? Los Angeles ? Mayor ? where is his name in our aimed media as a contender ? we don't see it.
Brian Schweitzer        60:1. : who ? Brian Schweitzer !!!  who is this fellow ?  to our seeings, he is not in an "American President's" consciousness.
Bill Nelson                   65:1. : his stand on the Iraq war.
Howard Dean                 85:1 . : howard brush dean III : lend howard an ear and he will whisper plans and programs unending.
Janet Napolitano           100:1.
Dick Cheney                 125:1 . : richard bruce cheney : Dick Cheney has been assigned a 3rd Dim En Sion Al Pri Son Err Numb Err 52206002.
            ^^ his cosmic arrest has already occured, his crimes list has been validated, prior agreements are playing out.  an end be near.
            ^^ ^ he has refused all offers regarding true awakenings and healings made by the Cosmic Just Us.
            ^^ ^^ he knows nothing of the Star Arts revealings of his name, nor the AMERICANS, nor Peace On Earth.
            ^^ ^^^ O! American Babushkas, please call down this song so to tone down his stone cold wrong.
Christie Todd Whitman     150:1. : 'Could this woman come to arise in our White Home ?' - ku

The above names and odds are a snippet of history, showing the 'president odds' on 20061219,
   with our evolving comments following the 'odds.'

All Commentary beyond the odds is copyright Good Works On Earth unless quotation is noted, such as this quote
  from regarding Christie Todd Whitman :

[ Most revealing of all, perhaps, is her description of her appointment to serve on the Dick Cheney's energy task force,
"an eye-opening encounter with just how obsessed so many of those in the energy industry, and in the Republican Party,
have become with doing away with environmental regulation."
Source : :        

You can have the Republican Liar Clan party, Christie, though why anyone would, no one knows,
   as it ails mightily in its ongoing liars' rails, liar's ails. All in blue is from the letters in the name, repulbicans.
Republicans are a sure ruse user clan, use lies, sail ails, scare us, a public scare Republicans use. 
Republicans scare us as USA.
Republicans ' Party ' ruse : Republicans scare a USA, use a ruse, lie as liars, as Republicans are a pubile clan.

   If you are calling yoursElf a Republican this day, you carry fears in your heart, and you claim others commit your own crimes.

The WSJ Odds : You can see the presidential odds as of 20070111 from the Wall Street Journal, here :

Hillary Clinton : would be the first women elected President
3-1 John McCain : would be the first POW elected President
3-1 Al Gore : Imagine it, America ... a president who doesn't lie for political gain.
6-1 Barack Obama : would be the first black elected President
8-1 John Edwards : would be a first 'what" America ?
10-1 Mitt Romney  : would be the first Mormon elected President
10-1 Rudy Giuliani : would be the first gay elected President
10-1 Sam Brownback
12-1 Bill Richardson : would be the first latino elected President
20-1 Mike Huckabee
22-1 Chuck Hagel
25-1 Colin Powell : would be the first black President
30-1 Joe Biden : his website :
30-1 Condoleezza Rice : would be the first black / women President
40-1 Tom Vilsack
40-1 Newt Gingrich
50-1 John Kerry : he has dropped out of the race : 20070124
50-1 Chris Dodd
50-1 George Pataki : Would be the first Greek elected president
75-1 Wes Clark
100-1 Jeb Bush
200-1 Dennis Kucinich :
Source :

Note of 20080130 : Dennis Kucinich dropped out of the presidential race this week.
This is one of the most dedicated and clear thinking politicians in America, and he was essentially ignored by media as 'too truthful.'

Note of 20061227 : A name to watch, a man to observe ...
It is true, with words a man can cause fear to end and hope to begin being real.
Dennis Kucinich has announced he is running for President of the United States in 2008.

For many years in the United States Congress, Dennis has been a tireless, fiery voice for peace,
environmental sanity, universal healthcare, a Department of Peace, education, just us, compassion, truth. - read about Dennis, contribute money, join the volunteers - see and hear Dennis' announcement of his candidacy for 2008

Good Works On Earth endorses no candidate, we endorse truth in words with actions.

We invite you to view our take on presidential histories at :
The Presidential Researches of 2004

In 2007, America needs a surge protector.

A George W. Bush War Surge

This commentary is by Joseph A. Palermo : 20060112 ... "All along the
goal of Bush's Iraq policy has been to militarily assert United States hegemony
over the vital oil-producing region. The invasion was part of the "Great Game"
the geo-strategic control of oil. It was an ugly imperialist bid to be in command of
a key source of oil for potential rivals such as China and India. The secondary goal
was to line the pockets of Vice-President Dick Cheney's friends at Halliburton and
other GOP-connected corporations. And it was also part of a neo-con wet
dream to eliminate a regime that was hostile to Israel."
Source :

Wars destroy, Love creates joys, which has George Bush chosen ?

From the Name Art of ... GEORGE W. BUSH

20070116 : This is a George Walker Bush Letters Snippet
in Lexigram form from - ku

More War Wordings in a man's name.
More Love Wordings in a global phrase.
The Healings in the Name Art of George Bush.

You cannot be late ..
No matter the date when you read ..
The Boarding Pass Invitations
Issued October 17th, 2006 : Cosmic Trigger
Consider this a cosmic wake-up call to Love.
Due to the nature of the oneness of all that is,
you cannot be too early, nor can you be late,
for no matter the time you read the invitations,
this invitational boarding pass, well read, works.
Imagine it ... an idea can empower reality in peace.
Imagine it ... an action can empower peace in reality.

Love is the reasons for the seasons of our thanksgivings.

May Goddess Love's Awarenesses Dawn on All in America
Heaven is right here and now with but a thought of Love.
Every stranger, an angel.  Not just some.
Some know they are angels of God in human form and act so.
Some do not know this fact yet .. we are all of one Love source.
Be very careful of your belief systems lest they not serve you well.
Be aware : tidbits of truth embedded within mounds of lies, will keep you believing the lies.
Christian authors are famous for this ... they stole their holy days, their dates, their names,
they took it all from the pagans and heathens, witches and Lovers of God's Nature,
then they changed it a bit here and more there, and called it their own.
Christians call us to hate the homosexual and deny them rights.
Christians call us to hate the lesbians and deny them rights.
Christians call us to hate who won't speak the words,
Jesus is my savior!
He never would have done such a thing.

A reader pointed out to us on 20071208 that we were not showing the name of a presidential contender.
So Sorry ! We Missed the Honorable Ron Paul.
Last checked, link no longer works.
See what this fellow is offering, visit his site.
No, we are not being political and recommending any vote.
We want you to seek truth, best you know, and share truth, best you know.
Is this is what Ron Paul is doing on his Daily Paul website ? The Daily Paul.

Note of 20080111 : For an alternative viewpoint on who and what Ron Paul is, view this page : : his words do not seem to be as honest as he would want you to think.

Words de scribe ing America, Americans, America's Homes :
"Needless poverty, unemployment, inflation, the threat of depression, taxes, crimes related to profit
(sale of illicit drugs, stolen IDs, muggings, bribery, con artists, etc.), conflict of interest, endless red tape,
a staggering national debt plus a widening budget deficit, 48 out of 50 states in debt, cities in debt,
counties in debt, skyrocketing personal debts, 50% of Americans unhappy at their work, saving for
retirement and our children's education, health being a matter of wealth, competing in the "rat race",
the need for insurance, being a nation of litigation, being subject to the tremors on Wall Street, fear
of downsizing and automation, fear of more Enrons, outsourcing, bankruptcies, crippling strikes,
materialism, corruption, welfare, social security, sacrificing quality and safety in our products
for the sake of profit, the social problem of the "haves" vs. the "havenots" and the inevitable family
quarrels over money." 
    Noted Posted Quoted on 20070302
      Source : John Steinsvold : : no longer active-Noted in 2013

The Star Art of FREEDOM

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....


REDE FREEDOM: Rede means to advise, give counsel

Note of 20080123 :
Fred Thompson dropped out of the presidential race yesterday.
Notice his name never made it onto our list.

Note of 20071024 : You were invited to vote on what questions to pose to the 'Debate Candidates'
at : and ...
you can VOTE to ask the question with your YES VOTE and ...
you can VETO to ask the question with your NO, VETO.

Note of 20080200 : This is something that still does not exist in America .. the VETO. Therein lies the silent voters. - ku

We invite you to view the Star Art of AMERICANS
You can hear the Voicings of that Star Art at the link.

We invite you to view the Star Art of AWAKENINGS

We invite you to view the

Visit with the WHALES & DOLPHINS's Star Arts
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Visit with the ELEPHANTS

Visit the Star Arts in INSPIRATIONS

Visit the Star Arts in MOTHER EARTH

Visit the Star Arts in PEACE ON EARTH

Let the Cosmic Parties Begin Being
Let Peace On Earth Reign In
Heaven On Earth
in the

This perfect anagram of TWO THOUSAND SEVEN was handcrafted by Kathy Uno - 20061225
To see the next perfect anagram of TWO THOUSAND SEVEN

Mother Earth is breathing as Mother Earth is alive.
Same as Tellurians are breathing with Mother Earth.
Mother Earth is alive.

Remember Judith Miller, the mouthpiece of the George Bush war for all the wrong reasons now proven false.
Judith Miller, simply put, was a knowing liar. Her intuitive ability to seek and find truth was non-existent then,
and so far, it has been non-existent since then.  She is the employee of the Shadows of Lilith as shown by the fruits of her words.

Now in early 2007, we have Michael Gordon, the Judith Miller of George Bush's Iran War Urges.
Alone, Michael Gordon lied about the weapons of Iran supposedly being the cause of so many American casualties in Iraq.
Alone, Michael Gordon raged about the need for American's to believe in 'an ideal idea' he lied about.
Alone, Michael Gordon denial of a real truth will set him as 3rd dimensional prisoner, his notes turning to stone he becomes.
Alone, Michael Gordon cried and dna ailed and one liar lied a lie in a denial, and a lie die. 
Coded destructions of his lies above.

The elegant and beautiful proofs of the lies lied by a liar named, Michael Gordon are available at these offsite links.

A snippet of those proofs show below ... in an article by Joseph Palermo at the Huffington Post. Notice how often Michael Gordon named no one and yet he uses alludes to truth based on fact. A real crime, that.

                " ..... Now, let's deconstruct Gordon's sources:
Paragraph 1: "United States intelligence asserts";
Paragraph 2: "officials acknowledge";
Paragraph 4: "military officials say";
Paragraph 6: "The officials said";
Paragraph 6: "and we're not trying to lay the basis for an American attack on Iran";
Paragraph 7: "Administration officials said";
Paragraph 8: "The Bush Administration is expected to make public this weekend";
Paragraph 9: "Information expected to be made public this weekend";
Paragraph 10: "According to American intelligence";
Paragraph 10: "American intelligence agencies do not believe";
Paragraph 11: "Robert M. Gates appeared to allude to this intelligence";
Paragraph 12: "Some American intelligence experts believe";
Paragraph 14: "the report continues";
Paragraph 15: "a senior administration official said";
Paragraph 16: "An American intelligence assessment described";
Paragraph 17: "Other officials believe";
Paragraph 20: "American military officers say";
Paragraph 21: "said Lt. Col. James Danna";
Paragraph 22: "Adm. William Fallon . . . alluded";
Paragraph 23: "Admiral Fallon said";
Paragraph 24: "Mr. Gates told reporters";
Paragraph 26: "American officials say";
Paragraph 30: "According to American intelligence agencies";
Paragraph 32: "Assessments by American intelligence agencies say";
Paragraph 33: "Marine officials say";
Paragraph 34: "American intelligence agencies are concerned";
Paragraph 34: "Gen. Peter Pace . . . said last week."
End of Snippet of the Article. (offsite source link)

Notice how the source names are so unseen ... Michael Gordon's sources are misty missingnesses in names or report names. Michael Gordon spews lied ails in lame male ideas like a gun on automatic, caring not a whit for true voicings from the heart knowings of what is real and true, and what is a mad media idea aimed in a mad manner.  What are the fruits of this first-up-on-the-Bush-War-on-Iran mouthpiece ? By his fruits, he can be known.

Our thank you again to Joseph A. Palmero.  Your accuracies are breathtakingly stunning.

I not only approve of the writings above ..
I wrote the writings above for inclusion on our site, and ..
I invite you ...
If you can prove our data is wrong, we will correct it instantly, and ..
We will thank you with a unique gift for letting us know.

Blessings Be, I Sing In Sign

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword Unsheathed on and with Mother Earth
Copyright 2006-2008 Good Works On Earth All Rights ReServed

Silent note of 20070702 : The Memes of Humaneness Are the Keys to Peace On Earth.
This above snippet of stellar awakenings has been brought to you by our email to Sharon in Australia on 20070702.


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Congratulations to President-elect, Barack Obama

the echoes of the call have been heard
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Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama,
Congratulations to Vice President-elect Joseph Biden
Congratulations to America for voting for wit and wisdom in 2008.

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Have you read the Star Art of AWAKENINGS and AWARENESS ?
Americans, Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern or Western ..
It's a scream, as EARTHLINGS care ...
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Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art ~ The Song

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