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You cannot be late ..
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The Boarding Pass Invitations
Issued October 17th, 2006 : Cosmic Trigger
Consider this a cosmic wake-up call to Love.
Due to the nature of the oneness of all that is,
you cannot be too early, nor can you be late,
for no matter the time you read the invitations,
this invitational boarding pass, well read, works.
Imagine it ... an idea can empower reality in peace.
Imagine it ... an action can empower peace in reality.

Love is the reasons for the seasons of our thanksgivings.

Update of : August 3, 2006 ::: 20060803
Be very scared, dear Americans, for your vote.
The complete rigging of Diebold Vote Machines is now proven.
We say to all American's, please make sure Diebold implodes.
Three rigged elections of 2000, 2002 and 2004 is enough.
We offered this proof : NOTE : 20130527, we removed this link as no longer active, and now leading to a false site.

Update of 20060801 :
The State of Maryland has been found to be in collusion with Diebold.  This, from opednews.com : 

"What Democracy?"

"If voting could change things - they'd make it illegal."
Since the day we're born we're told to get a receipt for everything.
You buy a stick a gum, you get a receipt. [Ed. Note : The IRS demands this.]
Yet, for the most fundamental aspect of democracy to survive we're suppose to simply trust human nature,
let alone put aside whatever glitches technology can throw our way.
The fact that the American public simply accepts non-paper trail voting confirms that we may be the most gullible,
naive and foolish of peoples on this planet.
Read the story of Maryland and Diebold's collusion to hide the 'back door' to the software on their 'election machines' at : http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_david_di_060723_the_diebold_bombshel.htm

The Name Art of
George W. Bush
At this time, 20050516 and beyond
We request you go right to the
Healings when you arrive at
His Name Art page.

The Debates
Scripted Distractions

The Electoral College
They Still Have Not Cast Their Votes, America.
Be Aware America
Be Very Aware

20041116 Update
Has anyone mentioned to you the massive Election Fraud 2004 data now being confirmed ?
Day by day, the weapons of massive distraction's lies die bold deaths.
Diebold Frauds
Diebold Lied
Die Bold

"Black Box Voting has taken the position that fraud took
place in the 2004 election through electronic voting machines.
We base this on hard evidence, documents obtained in public
records requests, inside information, and other data indicative
of manipulation of electronic voting systems. What we do not
know is the specific scope of the fraud. We are working now to
compile the proof, based not on soft evidence -- red flags, exit
polls -- but core documents obtained by Black Box Voting in
the most massive Freedom of Information action in history."
We invite you to visit the web site ... see what you see ...
The Gospel of the Movement for Truth


A CNN poll on November 11, 2004
indicates that many Americans believe the Bush Regime
is involved in a 'cover-up' regarding the 9-11 attacks :

A CNN 'Quick Vote' poll on November 11, 2004 asked,
'Do you believe there is a government cover-up surrounding 9-11?'
and found that 89% of those voting answered YES to the question.
Another site recommended to us, and we share with you :
This address, www.stolenelection2004.com, which now forwards you to
This address : http://www.votermarch.org/
Watch the Electoral Colleges, America.
Watch the Electors, America.
Do you know your Elector ?
Do you know how he or she is set to vote, and why ?
Wake Up America, There Is Still Time To Heal ThysElf


Presidential Candidates

Furthermore, America ...
Do you know how many candidates there are ?
The answer on 20041002 is not two.
Visit that link and see what you see, candidate wise.
You are in for a surprise.
Once again, the media is not serving you well, America.
You have been sold two bags of bones called Democrate Kerry and Republicant Bush.
Pass the word, please on the link above, for there (were)  more candidates than meet the
eye in the media here below ...
Removed from our Home Page and placed here on 20041124

How much do you know about that system fraught with mystery ?
Do you realize, most American's do not have a true knowing of their electors ?

You haven'tseen the write in candidates on your television shows ?
You haven't heard the geniuses that America is missing because
the mad media idea aimed two bags of skull & bones at you
for a choice.  America is more brilliant than this, we know.

This is not a hoax, America ...

George Bush
Skull and Bones
Gulf Wars : Episode Two
Bush Wars Two Second Episode Poster
George W. Bush
Skull and Boneser
George Walker Bush
George double yOur Wars Bush
This man is a bully who has a huge brash ego.
Our congress has no backbone to arrest this man.
Impeachment may be the only way to stop this man.
He certainly deserves no accolades for the deaths he has wrought.
Once again he shows America and the world stage that the
Christian Republican Rites are not so right, and the
Republican Clan and the Republican Guard
are not so different in their killing ways.
The leader of the Republican Clan ...
He seems impervious to awakenings.
He's sure a ruse owns us.
He's sure he owns USA.

He has now begun to use the phrase of the Ownership of America ...
Don't be fooled twice, America.


The date on this particular burnishing of this page is 20041116.
Still this day above, Mr. Bush appears to be incapable of speaking heart's truths.

Good Works On Earth has received a few psychiatrist's papers on George W Bush's
state of mental health and the readings of these copyrighted works are downright frightening,
and we don't normally listen to the psychs ... but in a few cases we have seen they are
right on the money and we are in deep doo doo for letting such a man steal so much
from America in the name of fear and retribution and condemnation and damnation.
Mr. G.W. Bush seems to never be incorrect in his wise decisions, nor wrong in any idea.
He is a MisMaster of the Imperfections of Management's Manipulations.
He is a Christian Magician of the Lying Lips and Hating Heart Claiming in the Name of God.
He chose violence over the voice of peace ... over peace being real, he chose violent lies.
He chose to kill others in the name of safety for himsElf, and 'his people' of America.
Fear is his carrot, death is his stick, his fruits are poison, his good promises hollow.
Unfunding the 'common' folks while funding his uncommonly wealthy friends.
Killing over 100,000 Iraqi's in the name of saving the Iraqi's.
False 'truths' for false profits from false prophets of the
Republican Clan

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.
Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle.
-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

To contrast these wrongnesses Mr. Bush claims are so right,
and no, he never admits true error in his judgement in these
matters of unprovokedly attacking a sovereign country.

Where was George ?
Houston, you have a problem.
Proofs have been located.
The man was AWOL
by, The Researcher
Where is the plane ?
The most secure building in the world, and there is no video ?
Washington, you have another problem.
The photographic proofs have been located.
We have 911 in Plane Site.
by, The Other Researcher
You can order the video there.
America, you have a very serious problem.
More proofs have been located.
Criminals stole the White House.
Planned the Iraq invasion and occupation from the get go.
Republican Guard ~ Republican's Clans
Republicans Party Hardy
Republican's Plans
Republican's Rapes
Republican's Lies
Republican's 'Rise' As Liars
Read The Third Researcher

Ohio Republican Says - Just the Facts Please!
Ohioan Ed Tovey has been a staunch Republican ...
started tracking 'just the facts' - an issues list used to rate George W. Bush as the CEO.
In every case Tovey found that by the administration's own standards,
George W. Bush as the CEO has failed.
http://ca.prweb.com/releases/2004/8/prweb149241.htm : Source Link no longer active.

See the documentary movie :
Uncovered : the War in Iraq
Stellar Men and Women Proving the Bushit Lies

richard bruce "he can end the debauchery here" cheney
However, it appears he is not choosing to end the debaucheries.
He still curses the sure curses, he still speaks of the charms of
the march to war, with high tech with high wit he claims.
Oxymorons all about it seems as our eyes do see and
as our ears do hear.

Update on Richard Bruce Cheney
aka Dick Cheney
As you ask your local library to lend you
the book by the name of the Rise of the Vulcans,
you will then read, and know, how and why these folks
came to be who they are and why they are so fixated in raw war.
Both Bush and Kerry speak of war with fascination, only different hues, each, of the same hates.
America has no choice in Bush or Kerry for true peace, for neither is a valid heart centered candidate.
Nor, it appears, are their running 'mates' in times as they each set it.
Read the book ...

by :
James Mann
Author of, About Face
Publisher : Viking / Penguin Group, NY
Published : 2004
ISBN # : 0670032999
Includes Index
United States - Foreign Relations 2001-
United States - Military Policy
United States - Politics and Government - 2001 -
Bush, George W. ( George Walker ) 1946 -
Friends and associates of George Bush
Cabinet Officers - United States - Biography
Presidents - United States - Staff - Biography
Political Consultants - United States - Biography
E902.M345 2004

Direct Link
\/ \/ \/
No longer active : http://www.johnkerry.com/
john kerry
john f. kerry
john forbes kerry
skull and boneser
just like double your wars bush : same corporate clan
if both candidates are members of the secretive group bent on power, then ...
America .. do you think these debates might be staged to bring in 'new blood'
and make it look like a loss to the republocrats and a win for the demorepubs?

john forbes kerry
skull and boneser
let him clear these airs and heal their lies
Both Bush and Kerry are members of this secretive society
dating back to their respective days at Yale University - Skull and Bones.

Per Mother Jones Magazine, the odds of two members of Skull and Bones
becoming candidates for President of the United States at the same time are
1 in 26,000,000,000.  One out of 26 billion.

Debate #1 2004
Mr. Bush spoke along the line of,  I won't make fun of my debate partner for going to Yale.
Of course he won't  ... he too is a member of this cult of executive power.

This fact has not been widely reported but when Kerry's campaign spokesperson was asked about it, she said,

'John Kerry has absolutely nothing to say on that subject. Sorry.'

Quote source, with full interview with Alexandra Robbins is at Common Dreams.

Alexandra Robbins is the New York Times best-selling author of :

Secrets of the Tomb
Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power

Editor Note :
Until John Kerry addresses the Skull and Bones 322 membership in his Yale initiations,
the following quote will remain on this page :

'Take the upcoming election, for example.
The polls (conducted and paid for by who knows?)
say that this race is neck-and-neck.
Too close to call, a cliffhanger.
This is seductive, isn't it?
Who will win?
Will it be
George Walker Bush ?
John Forbes Kerry ?
With all voting machines owned by Republicans, and no paper trails,
I guess it is pretty much a toss-up who comes out on top.
So why do the drama?'

Very accurate article by Ian Xel Lungold continues at this Mayan link.
We welcome you back to Good Works On Earth at any time while surfing the Zuvuya.

The name of the presidential candidate 2004 is not, John W. Kerry.
His accurate name is John F. Kerry.  The F is for Forbes.

Democrats and Republicans ?
Two Party's ?
Same Hogs at the Same Trough
Same Liars Lying the Same Lies
The Democrat/Republican Party
Party being the key word.

john forbes kerry

the 2004 Democratic Party's Annointed Contender
A Yale, Skull and Bones 322'er
a distant relative of George Walker Bush
a secretive cult membership with a global agenda
Just like double your wars bush ~ same corporate clan
let him clear these airs and heal the lies

~     ~     ~     ~

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
See the More Accurate Truths of the Matters

john reid edwards

let him advise John Kerry to
clear the airs of the
relations he has
to the Bush family in DNA
and let John Edwards also advise
John Kerry to clear the airs regarding
Mr. Kerry's Yale Initiations into, and subsequent
membership of Skull and Bones 322.
This same secret group is offering us
George W. Bush and John F. Kerry.
This same 'family' is offering
George Bush and John Kerry.
Democrat or Republican
Little True Difference

Stop the War Against Children (Non-Violence in schools, homes, children's television programming, etc.)
Non-Violence in the Media (all genres)
Compassionate Mission to End the War on Homelessness
Universal Health Care
Restoration of Our Civil & Constitutional Rights (repeal the fraudulent Patriot Act)
Environment & Environmental Justice
Rebuild International Relations

wesley kanne clark - a long term warrior
in his heart he seeks peace on earth
he withdrew

dennis j kucinich
where fear ends & hopes come real
in his heart he seeks peace on earth
in his voice, he speaks peace on earth
dennis john kucinich
the name to watch
the voice to hear
where fear falls
as hopes rose real
dennis john kucinich
he has withdrawn

'Corporate America' does NOT want you to know about this fellow above ...
Is your local media giving you this man's ideas in uncut fashion ?  If not, ask them to do so.
The 'general' media is not allowing you to see this fellow name of Dennis Kucinich.
To the media owned and aimed in a mad idea ...
it is a foregone conclusion now that we will have two ...
Skull and Bonesers as our only two choices in America ...
for their continuing in their Offal Office for four more deathly years.
Listen for this man's
words at the gatherings of
awareness contenders
for saner answers ..
Dennis Kucinich

howard brush dean, the third
he mis spoke on peace on earth
so did John Kerry ... in his vote for war
every American we polled knew not to go to pre-emptive war
against a man who was himsElf working for peace, and speaking it,
and asking to meet with George Bush.
Bush dissed him.
Big time.
Now, who pays the piper for the chaos and lost lives of Americans and British and Iraqis ?

al sharpton, the reverend
he seeks peace on earth
Two quotes from his speech
at the Democratic Convention 2004
'The issue of government is not to determine who
may sleep together in the bedroom,
it's to help those that might not
be eating in the kitchen.'
After his speech
he is quoted as saying,
'I think the response was tremendous.
I felt like I was in a church service after a while.'
To which we at Good Works On Earth reply,
You were, Reverend, you were.
Presenting to you ...

Star Arts
... in letters form ...

..... Say it out loud, Sir Al .....

. U .
; C ;
: U :
* R *
= UR =

You see you are your church, Al.
Every one of us, an image of the One Love sOurce
no matter where we find oursElves, we are already in
the most sacred of sacreds and the most holy of holies,
the Love of One's Heart for All That Is, including sElf.

ralph 'he plan a real hard leap' nader
April 2004 : Mr. Nader did not draw even the
minimum of one thousand points of agreements in
terms of Oregon voters and non-voters alike arriving at
their loudly proclaimed party-down, to qualify easily.
The assembly of one thousand people, and their
signatures, in one place in Oregon, and he
would have had a slam dunk to be on
the ballot in Oregon ... he didn't
draw the thousand folks in
the largest and most
aware city in this
fine state ...

Now ... there is fraud proven.
False signatures on ballot petitions.
Now, he is accepting Republican help.
We know one single mother who Ralph refused to help,
when he could have very easily done so with no effort on his part.
With only his word, a woman would have been helped.
He would not help her educare hersElf.
With no cost to him, he said no.
His signatories show frauds.
The Republican's Clans'
helps are acceptable
to him.

We invite you to read the
Declaration of Independence
as provided by
The Light Party
with highlights
to current crimes
of George Bush and
Richard Bruce Cheney, aka Dick Cheney,
and the republican clan as
being now committed, in color

ccdehiijnnsu ....... dennis j. kucinich
'Where Fears End & Hopes Begin Anew'
This link will share an awesome photograph of Dennis Kucinich with the
Doves and a bit of the writings about Dennis by another, Sheryl Gay Stolberg.
'How fitting - and hopeful - that we have a candidate on the national stage
articulating a message of peace at this time!' - - The MountainAstrologer

Dennis J. Kucinich seeks peace on earth
Dennis Kucinich speaks truth from the heart

'Corporate America' does NOT want you to know about this fellow.
The media is not allowing you to see this fellow name of Dennis Kucinich.

To the media, it is a foregone conclusion now that we will have two
Skull and Bonesers as our only two choices in America for their
continuing in their Offal Office for four more deathly years.


ehjknorry ..... john kerry
befhjknorrsy .............. john forbes kerry : Birth Name
Presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry is a member of Skull & Bones, as is George Wars Bush.
A vote for Kerry is a vote for more of the same skullduggery, only different.
Skull and Bones based their power clique on clan power, clan loyalty, and clan secrecy.
America's good and green energies and resOURces known as the commons will be abused.
Member Skull & Bones .......................... John Forbes Kerry
Member Skull & Bones ...... George Double yOur Wars Bush

The Trouble with Kerry : article at Slant Magazine
'... Kerry has a tendency to play the voters for fools - letting them think he's Irish (when he's not)
or letting them think he's cleaner, in the campaign contribution department, than he really is.
(e.g., saying he takes no PAC money but accepting unlimited 'soft money'
contributions to his [ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4121890/ ] Citizen Soldier Fund )' : Source Link no longer working.

Skull and Bones is a secretive organization bent on power.
Skull and Bones teaches well its members to lie lies easily.
Skull and Bones is not the group Americans want backing America's decisions.
Nor do American's wish for a secrecy of liars group to be President of the United States of America.
Skull and Bones' lies are rampant, their deceits unending, their killings uncounted.
Let Mr. John Forbes Kerry speak of these things with revealing truth.
No more secret clans are to rape America with their secret war plans for both sides.
No more secret clan behind the clans of democrats and republican clans.
No sir ee, Bob!

If you feel we are incorrect in our data .... and the results of another Skull and Boneser hater ...
please, inform us, with your proofs.  No haranguing allowed, only your factual proofs.
If you prove us wrong, we will correct the data.

Yes, we know ... J. Forbes Kerry is a true war hero.
War is old hat, folks.
And Skull and Bones Loves Wars
They know they are prophets to profits.
They prosper on both sides and the middle.
Don't let his war history make you proud of war, or him.
John Forbes Kerry is a bona fide member of Skull and Bones.
America is facing a very sad choice with two members of the same cult so secret as candidates.
John Forbes Kerry and George Walker Bush are the same crew members of the same secret society.
Imagine only two candidates from the Mormon Church and you come close to the reality of this.
Imagine only two candidates from the Mafia and you come close to their crimes of choice.
Wake up, America ... we are being raped by Skull and Bones.
Our International Commons is being raped by corporatists.
Vote with your dollar, your money, your support,
and your creative exchanges to support only
those people and activities helping
Mother Earth to breathe in peace
so we can.

addehjnorsw ..... john edwards
material removed due to error in research

adehnorw ...... howard dean
abdehnorsuw ................ howard brush dean III : Birth Name
His full Birth Name : Source
'There's no question that Saddam Hussein is a threat to the United States and to our allies.'
-- Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT), on CBS' Face the Nation, September 29, 2002.
Howard Dean withdrew.

aceeklrswy ....... wesley clark
aceeklnnrswy  ......................... wesley kanne clark : Birth Name
yes, wesley saw wars ~ yes, wesley see wars ~ as wesley was a war swayer
yes, wesley was a wars nay sayer as we saw wesley sway ~ ay naes raw wars sean ya   .
                   yes, we see wesley real clear as we hear wesley say, as a lawyer, we slay  wars
we swear as lawyers swear : nay wars, as wars are as raw ways
as we are as seer ~ we see wesley real clear             .
yes, ye eyes see cleaner era's near     .
as wesley kanne weans wars
as we wean kanne's wars
as wars wane near
wesley kanne
as years near
we see ease
as we say
a war was
a raw way
as wars were
we say saner news
as we say ~ we swear
as raw wars were early news
we see newer awes ~ newer news
as we see nay wars are near we
we saw wesley kanne
we see wesley as
we are seer

His full Birth Name
Wesley Kanne Clark
He withdrew.

ahlnoprst ...... al sharpton
His full Name Art has been rendered.
Due to his religiously dogmatic and indoctrinated belief system so fixated,
we are unable to deliver his Name Art to him at this time.

Words About Words
'Most old bums start out as young bums.
They cut school, they hung out ... until one day they were gray-headed,
no teeth in their mouth, and the young guy that everybody thought was cool
was just an old bum on his way to old bumblehood. That's a new word.
Trust me. Write that down.'
- Al Sharpton
American clergyman and civil rights activist
The Weekly Standard, February 23, 2004

ralph nader
he ran hard
a leap he plan
he ran real hard
he help her hear
he plan real hard
he ran a plan he heard
he ran hard and he plan a deal
and ... a plan end
and near an end
a hard plan end
a deal and plea
a deal end
a plea

May Goddess Love's Awarenesses Dawn on All in America
Heaven is right here and now with but a thought of Love.
Every stranger, an angel.  Not just some.
Some know they are angels of God in human form.
Some do not know this fact yet .. we are all of one Love source.
Be very careful of your belief systems lest they not serve you well.
Be aware : tidbits of truth embedded within mounds of lies, will keep you believing the lies.
Christian authors are famous for this ... they stole their holy days, their dates, their names,
they took it all from the pagans and heathens, witches and Lovers of God's Nature,
then they changed it a bit here and more there, and called it their own.
Christians call us to hate the homosexual and deny them rights.
Christians call us to hate the lesbians and deny them rights.
Christians call us to hate who won't speak the words,
Jesus is my savior!
He never would have done such a thing.


Regarding the David Letterman Show's
use of the name, John W. Kerry,
and the audience clapping for him
as the presidential candidate...

John W. Kerry is not the man's name, Dave.
No W about it ... his initials are JFK.
Though, we kinda feel, as you know, that Dave knows.

Do you wonder what we have to say
on the matter of John Forbes Kerry ?
Best we know the man's true name is :
John F. Kerry
John Forbes Kerry
Presidential Candidate

John Kerry
is appearing on the
David Letterman Show
on September 20th, 2004
Will Dave ask Mr. Kerry about
his Skull and Bones 322 membership
and will Mr. Kerry speak the truth ???

No ... he did not.
And no ... he did not.

John W. Kerry ?
Pshaw, Dave ... you be fooling your audiences.
John F. Kerry, Dave !!!
John Forbes Kerry
Catch the initials, America.
Catch the Wave of Awareness
Write in your candidate's names.
We are for truth spoken by humans.
We are not political.  We are Americans.
Charitable and Educational.
For the Record.


The Star Art of FREEDOM

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....


REDE FREEDOM: Rede means to advise, give counsel
Copyright 2000/2001 Good Works On Earth  All Rights ReServed World Wise
Copyright 2000/2001
Good Works On Earth
All Rights ReServed World Wise

We invite you to view the
You can hear the Voicings of that Star Art at the link.

We invite you to read the Name Art of OPRAH WINFREY

We invite you to view the Name Art of GEORGE WALKER BUSH

We invite you to view the Star Art of REPORTERS





We invite you to view the
Star Art of ENEMY

We invite you to view
the Star Art of AWAKENINGS

We invite you to view the

Visit with the WHALES & DOLPHINS's Star Arts
You can hear the Voicings of their Star Arts at the link.

Visit with the ELEPHANTS

Visit the Star Arts in INSPIRATIONS

Visit the Star Arts in MOTHER EARTH

Visit the Star Arts in PEACE ON EARTH

Let the Cosmic Parties Begin Being
Let Peace On Earth Reign In
Heaven On Earth
in the

On 20040518, David Letterman asked his audience how many folks are going to vote for John W. Kerry ?
The crowd roared.
David smiled, probably thinking, as he looked over at Paul and grinned, How blind can American's be ?

A google search for : 'john w. kerry' gives zero answers on 20040519.
A google search for : john w. kerry, no quotations, gives 1,750,000 answers, and not a John W. Kerry among the Top Ten.
The answers all show John Kerry, and the W is from the Walker of the BushMaster currently holding our Oval Office hostage.

John W. Kerry is not the presidential candidate's name.
John Kerry's birth name, his full name, is John Forbes Kerry.

'JOHN FORBES KERRY' as the search term, gives 26 answers, in the NEWS.
'JOHN F KERRY' as the search term, gives 1,330 answers.
'JOHN KERRY' as the search term gives 31,600 answers.

Case closed, the name is John Forbes Kerry, and he is still a Skull and Boneser.
Let him speak of these things with clarity before America trusts this man with our common treasures and
the Republican Clan's weapons and debts in our name.

In the news :
For Kerry, a lifetime of being 'just a little different'
            International Herald Tribune, France - May 14, 2004
            ... Their second child and first son, John Forbes Kerry, was born Dec. 11, 1943, in Denver, where his father had
            been hospitalized with tuberculosis. ...
Note of 20050516 ^ Found this link to be broken.  Was their material removed ?
See it below as posted on our site so long ago.

                         John Kerry's mother, Rosemary, was born into two of New
                         England's oldest families: on her mother's side, the
                         Winthrops, whose patriarch, John Winthrop, helped
                         settle Boston in 1630; and on her father's, the
                         Forbeses, who pioneered the China trade and had
                         extensive landholdings on Cape Cod.

                         But Rosemary was one of 11 children of an
                         international businessman, and by the time she met a
                         young Boston law student named Richard Kerry on the
                         eve of World War II, her own family's wealth had

                         Richard Kerry had come to the Brittany coast of
                         France, where the Forbes family lived in a hilltop house
                         near St. Briac, for a summer of studying ship-modeling
                         in 1938, and fell in love with Rosemary, who was
                         studying to be a nurse. By the time Richard Kerry
                         graduated from Harvard Law School two years later,
                         war had broken out in Europe, and he joined the Army
                         Air Corps as a test pilot.

                         Eventually Rosemary joined him, they were married
                         and had a daughter, Peggy, a month before Pearl

                         Their second child and first son, John Forbes Kerry,
                         was born Dec. 11, 1943, in Denver, where his father
                         had been hospitalized with tuberculosis.

                         After the war, Richard Kerry went to work as a
                         lawyer, first in private practice with his family living in
                         the countryside near Boston and then for the navy and
                         later the State Department in Washington.

                         In 1954, he took a job as legal adviser at the U.S.
                         Mission in occupied Berlin. There the joys of biking
                         around the bombed-out city quickly gave way to a
                         harsher experience: At the age of 11, John was sent to
                         boarding school in Switzerland.

                        Frederick Kerry had been born Fritz Kohn in what is now the Czech Republic,
                        and was not Catholic but Jewish.

                   Source Page :  http://www.iht.com/articles/520074.htm : reported broken
MoveOn.org shares a vision of an ad they are going to be funding ....
The screen pans slowly up the Statue of Liberty, ultimately revealing that her head is hooded. The narrator says:

    "They said we were going to Iraq to bring American values: democracy, liberty, justice. But something has gone terribly wrong. 

    "Now it's been reported that Donald Rumsfeld initiated the plan that led to the physical coercion and sexual humiliation
    of prisoners, a plan that violated international law and put the men under his command in even more danger."

    "Why hasn't George Bush fired this man?"

My name is Will I Am and to the above scenario the MoveOn.org wants to run, I say it is not enough.

George W Bush approved this gig, top to bottom, with no exit plan and no security on the peoples of the lands we invaded
with our bombs of truly massive destructions, no security on the treasures of the land or on the weapons in the land that his
Republican Clan invades, and contracts behind no biddings to buddies whose corporations themsElves are suspect in their fraudulent dealings.
Open checkbooks, changing terms, debt's upon American anew to no ends, seven generations long forgotten in the results of their actions,
except in debt to nameless money masters unending it seems.

George W Bush and his minions, or .. is it the other way around ? lied to congress. Scooter Libby and Shooter Dick, to wit.

Children died, and our kind kin are dying and killing in the name of what ?  A christian cash-in racist act.

Bush Lied.
Children Died.
Bush is a War Criminal and Belongs in his gaol.
He is to be honored not one whit.
Had we invested over $100 billion now spent on fueling our war machine over to Iraq to invade,
and instead we invested it on the creation of the hydrogen web, we would have been home free
from the oil mentality and the 'Middle East's' oils would be worth less and less every day from then on out. 
The technology is here.  So are the plants that heal the planet, hemp for one.

That's my take on that matter.

And, John Forbes Kerry is a Skull and Boneser, plain and simple.
Same agenda, different reasonings so folks will have a 'choice.'
'A Skull-and-Bones-presented-choice' on both 'sides.'
Until he speaks of this to America, freely and clearly, exposing their secret agenda's,
I personally will never trust the man, I simply cannot see any reason, no matter even with his
Vice President to be choice, a man name of John Reid Edwards.

GWB, GW Bush, as we have now seen, his words belies his actions opposite time for time.
George Walker Bush continues to believe his own sure ruse is going over in America ... his lies are legion, and blaringly glaring.

I will now tell you how much America might not have a clue ....

On another night, David Letterman again asked how many people are going to vote for John W. Kerry, plain and clear,
John DoubleYou Kerry, he said more than once, John W. Kerry.
The crowd roared and Letterman turned to Paul over at the console and smiled ....
He then asked how many are going to vote for George W. Bush?
The crowd roared even a bit more and Letterman smiled ....

The upshot of the thing?

To the very best of our knowledge, the name is John Forbes Kerry, no W about it.
To the very best of our knowledge, David Letterman has full knowledge and wit with his Name Art revealings, and beyond.
To the best of our knowledge, David now knows the powers of names and he didn't err.
He tested America, via his audience.

Seems to me when he did it, he knew it was incorrect, and wanted to see if the audience caught it.
That's my take.

That, and the fact that Dennis John Kucinich seems to be the only voice honest reason on the tickets.

The state of Texas injects poison into a person's veins to kill him, even though he is mentally amented, per doctors.
The people of Texas kill prisoners ...
Bush was the master of these prison executions, even snickering at a woman's request from death row,
a woman one and all said had awakened to more than before and was an asset to the other prisoners in helping them learn, violence is not the way.  He snickered as he imitated her pleading of one sentence to him, and he refused to stop her killing by the state of Texas.
The Jesuit Justice system kills people so they will stop killing people, for they know no other way.
The Jesuit Justice System has unilaterally taken the right of violence against others unto themsElves, as their healing method.
And America wonders why we are such a violent people ?
Our just us system inflicts violence upon us, and as we have seen ... it does this even when it is wrong.
Christian Jesuit Justice, the only people with the 'right to violence' per their creed.
Pshaw to that.
There are no police in heaven, and there are no judges in black robes.

In these times, the people of Iraq who are fighting against us are killing their prisoners and those who help us.
They do it so we will stop killing them and abusing them and destroying their lands and so we will leave, for they know no other way.
The man who stole our Oval Office would not listen to the man who stole their palaces.
Remember, the same republican clan who empowered Saddam, then destroyed him.
And the country of Iraq.
For oils spoils.

We do it for no good reasons, these killings, and bombings, and destructions of life and property.
We also do it for false reasons based on Jesuit Justice and oil lies and energy lies and money lies.
False knowledges based on false schoolings from false psychologies and corporate agendas of more, more, more.

America has trouble being in peace itsElf ... and it is now exporting its images of first attack, unprovoked.
Their war games come real from their images of their false gods so vengeful and wrathful and so willing to kill, per their 'biblio.'

Bush simply could not face Saddam Hussein on the world stage in words, face to face, sentence for sentence.
He wasn't up to it.
He didn't have a shot at sounding intelligent up against Saddam Hussein al-Majid, President of Iraq.
Not in a civil discourse.
That's my take.

So, he used God's Soldiers of America to destroy him and ruin his authority.
One day, perhaps after both their war crimes trials, the man from Tikrit will be more well thought of than the man from Texas.

His 'authority' is a farce of theatrical proportions on a Texas sized stage.

I not only approve of the writings above I wrote the writings above.
And if I am wrong, I will correct our data, instantly.

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword

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