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Please be aware, all matters with Wells Fargo Bank N.A. have been amicably and professionally resolved.

We Go Far Ago, We Began Below ...

I absolutely do agree the bank has responsibility in this matter.
I told our bank before I deposited the money orders that I had suspicions about the person who sent them ...
and even though the bank knew there were money order scams going on ... the two people I spoke to never said a word.
There had been a March 31st alert to banks, yet they never said a word.
Now, they tell me the money orders are bogus .. yet give me no proof.
Just take the money out of our account, and leave us with a hole of no money and now owing the bank.
Well, I told the manager this :
Because I tried to tell the bank I was suspicious, and because they did not inform me to simply walk over to the post office,
the clerks there can check the money order in their little machine to see if it is real or not ... and because the bank did nothing
to protect our account on this matter, I am asking the bank insurance to cover the $200 or so loss and to deposit a Bank Error
fee of $100 into our account.
They have approved the bank error fee of $100.
You are absolutely right ... the bank is almost in collusion with these folks if they don't question money orders.
Fact is .. the bank manager, when I demanded proof that the money orders deposited into our account were fraudulent,
she called the postal inspector and found a way to determine false money order's just by looking at them.
She pointed this little note out to me, and I thought to mysElf, I am causing these people to become educated enough to protect their own bank!!!

So ... this is where Good Works On Earth now stands ... our account is locked up and our demands for restitution from the bank for their grevious errors in this matter are being made.
End of letter.


Hello there. I read your story online about the postal money order scam
Unfortunately, I did not read is early enough. I am probably going to lose

Did you try contacting any lawyer about the possibilty of the bank holding
any responsibility? If you did, I would love to know what you were told. I
have yet to find anyone yet! Below is my story if you care to read.....

I was contacted via Instant Messaging by someone on 2-12-05. Over a course
of 2 weeks I got to know her. She later asked if she could send me some
postal money orders of hers because she was in the UK, and could not cash
them there. So, unfortunately I agreed. I have cashed 16 of them for a
total of 15,200.00, and sent the money, all of it, back to her via Western
Union. I made NO money from this situation, and I have all the documents
to prove this!! It turns out that the postal money orders that were sent
to me were forged. I still have 4 of them in my possession, which are
still supposed to be cashed and sent back, by western union, to the
person. I have all the receipts from Western union, all the emails,
instant messages, and the address of the place in the UK I was sending the
money back to. Since this has happened, Washington mutual has frozen my
account and will not allow me to get access to my money. I am a student.
The money in my account is student loan money to help me
  get through school. I feel that I have some type of legal rights in this
matter. I have contacted both the United postal inspection services, and
filled out a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint center, and have
also informed the Yakima police. I am seeking legal counsel to know if: I
have any legal rights to my money since this will ultimately be an
investigation, and also, the fact that Washington mutual Cashed the money
orders and failed to detect they were forged. How am I supposed to know
they were forged? Am I a criminal because I decided to help someone from
the foolishness of my heart? Does my money deserve to be frozen? Am I now
obligated to payback the 15,200.00 that I sent to a criminal who forges
money orders? I really want to work this out and find someone who has
dealt with something similar to this. Please help. Thanks

Ryan W.

    Doesn't Washington Mutual have some type of responsibility in this
matter? I give the bank postal money orders, they don't check or verify
if they are in fact real, and continue on to cash them. Aren't the bank
tellers trained to look for evidence of forged postal money orders
since this has been such a common scam? Is this not part of their
training? Because they sure didn't look at the one's I cashed hard
enough, obviously.
    Since this is such a common scam (Nigeria Postal money order scam), how
come the banks are not notifying customers, or checking postal money
orders to make sure they are in fact real? Washington Mutual did not
look out for me, the customer, and now I am the victim, not the bank.
How convenient for them!
    Why does Washington mutual have access to my student loan money that is
in my personal bank accounts when there is a federal crime involved? Do
they have lawful entitlement to my loaned money?
    If I am required to pay back all of this money, isn't Western Union
entitled to some of the responsibility as well? For every transaction
that I made, they made $$ 135.00. This amounts to over 700.00 $. Is
this illegal to make money off of a federal crime?
    Why am I responsible for the 15,200.00 plus Washington mutual fee's for
returned postal money orders? I should not be required to pay their
fee's also. If this all goes to claims, do I have to pay interest on
the loan that will most likely result from this? Another convenient way
for Washington mutual to make money off of a federal crime!
    I did not know these money orders were fake. They look real. Not even
the bank could tell they were fake. Why should I have to cover the
amount of money that will be returned? I am not trained to detect
forged money orders, but Washington mutual bank tellers should. They
should have some responsibility! No one from Washington mutual will
hear, or let me explain, my side of the dilemma.

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