Subject: 20040829 : Fluffy Heinies in Nebraska : The Weather : Mother Earth's Breaths : Tallahassee
  Date:  Sun, 29 Aug 2004
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Update : On 20040928 : Our local news today reported that our government
has wisely made hemp foods legal again.  Food processors are expecting a
boon to production and sales of organic hemp again.
Will wonders never cease ?
Is it possible, in these days, our government is losing its ego about things ?
Are those who govern losing their ego and correcting its mis takes of the past ?
Is it possible, the tide is turning ? and wisdom is shining in our governings ?
Dreams do come real ....
End of Update of 20040928

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Mother Earth is struggling to breathe.
We are as alive as she is alive ... and she needs to breathe.
She is not in peace, hersElf, and she struggles mightily to breathe.
We can help her by planting hemp all over America, and the world.
This will also sustain the forests, and give us over 400,000 new products.
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