We share with you letters from others in response to the Voicings of the Star Arts CD and a letter from one who attended a retreat several years ago at Mt. Shasta where we freely performed and shared the Voicings of the Star Arts.  We then share a few more letters of response from folks after their having received and listened to the CD of the Voicings of the Star Arts.
We invite you to order the CD, listen in silent, and send us your thoughts ...

To Order the Voicings of the Star Arts CD

Email received 20060212

Hi Will, I am sitting here smiling so much listening to your CD. I just love it!!!!! MY favorite part was the GODDESS and MOTHER.
You sounded like you were having so much fun. And your voice, well WOW!!!! I couldn't put my finger on it right away but you sound like Don Mclean you know "American Pie" You can sing!! I would love to hear you on a CD singing folk songs from the 60's. This was so great I got goose bumps and it just made me happy listening to this. Thank you so much, now I know what to play when I am feeling a bit off.
Bless You,
Louise Rose

Email received : 20040120

Hi Will!
Jordan and I listened to your beautiful cd on sunday, it was great ... thanks again!
Warm Blessings,
Jason - Hawaii

 Letter received 20030520

Dear Will,

Just want you to know that many many times since you and I have met at the retreat,  I have posted your Star Arts with the link to your site on several message boards.  Most often I have chosen a Star Art that relates to a topic being discussed and it just always seems (to me anyway) to fit right in. I have also at times sent by email, the link to your web site to some of my friends,  again as it relates to the topic being discussed.

I am a real fan of yours Will I AM :-)    and many times when I have posted your Star Arts,  I also talk about having met you in person and how wonderful it was to see you perform your Star Arts.  I say perform rather than recite because to hear you express them is like seeing with Ones ears, like listening to a picture express itself.   I hope that makes sense. Your Star Art is a must experience in person, as the Beautiful God expressing them, brings them alive!
     White Dove - Canada


We received this note : date is lost

Will !!! You need to let people know not to listen to your CD in their car !!!
The Voicings of the Star Arts really grab your attention and I made the mistake of driving while I tried to listen.
I found I had to pull over to the side of the road because the CD was taking me places all on its own !!!

We have printed this Caution on the CD label itsElf at this time.
We recommend not doing any activity on your first listening.
We recommend sacred space, no ego, focus on in first listening.
This is an awakening and healing compact disc recording.


Read more letters about the CD below
~ or ~
You are definitely on to something, Will, ...  the CD is awesome.
You are really suited to share the Star Arts this way ...
We all got to listen to your cd together and we were very impressed.
It really feels right, Will.
The music is so appropriate and you have a very healing voice.


Much aloha
Hawaiian Islands


Hi There Will I Am,

I am sitting here listening to your CD.  I am enjoying the heck out of
it.  And I have just ordered another CD to be sent to a good friend.

Now, on to my comments.

I am very moved by these voicings.  They come across much more
powerfully by being said than by reading them because you, Will I Am,
put so much of yourself into speaking them.  I recommend this CD to any
and all people who want to awaken to re-membering all that they really
are -- multidimensional beings and so much more.

Thank you for making all this possible.

Loving You Always,
Mar I Lyn
Faber, Virginia


Dear Will,

The CD, Voicings of the Star Arts, is astounding to listen to.
I have read the Star Arts many times ... and to hear them being voiced by you is another level of awakening for me.
I thank you from the center of my heart for your work.

Share my letter as a Friend who asked to remain Unnamed here


This is the play list of the Star Arts on the CD...

Listen to the Voicings of AMERICANS, DOLPHINS & WHALES, etc., at their links.

AWARENESS - #01 The Star Art
BREATHES  - #03 The Star Art
DANCERS  - #05 The Star Art of DANCERS
IMAGINE  - #06
FOREST  - #08
DESPAIR  - #11
DEMOCRATIC  - #13 The Star Arts of DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICANS : This link also shares the Republicans.
WORDS  - #16 : Link to the Axioms
LETTERS  - #18
DESIRE   - #20
WOMAN  - #21 Link to her Star Art of WOMAN
ALCOHOLISM  - #26 The Star Art
DEPRESSION  - #27 The Star Art
GODDESS  - #29 Link to her Star Art
MOTHER  - #30 Link to her Star Art
RESOLVE  - #31
WHALES  - #32

To Order the Voicings of the Star Arts CD

Guitar by Jaime Maderas of ABAKADUBI, a family affair of Love and music.
Percussions by Andrew Teem, professional musician and entertainer.
Bass by Toby Presnell, professional musician and lutier.
Voicings by Will I Am of Good Works On Earth
Copyright 2001 Good Works On Earth


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