Note of 20080323 :
Fear mongering by Americans, caused by fear mongering of their 'leaders' is what we have to fear, for here in America, with miracles all about us and around us, many Americans still continue to engage is passing along false information in the name of fear. I suppose we should expect it, for the man in the Oval Office 2000 to 2008, has called America to nothing save fear. Mr. Bush turned out to be what he is, a Cheerleader of Torture and War, and this in the name of false gods, false prophets, and false profits.

His first national quote in the press, when he was a cheerleader, no less, was a defense of torture of new students. His last national quote in the press when he was a cheerleader for the Cheney/Rumsfield War on a Shoestring will be his continuing defense and enablement of torture. They called themselves the Vulcan Team. They broke Iraq on purpose full knowledge there were no weapons of MASS destruction. They assassinated Saddam Hussein. They killed hundreds of thousands, possibly more .. they allowed the complete looting of Iraq, protecting only the Oil Ministry assets. They had no plan for true war. Bush wanted to kill Saddam, and Cheney wanted oil. Halycon days at Halliburton, et al. And now, this day, FOUR THOUSAND OF AMERICA'S FINEST MEN, AND WOMEN, are dead and gone. Mission Accomplished ? Bush blamed the troops for that gaffe. End of major hostilities ? This man should have been impeached a very long time ago for utter incompetence and ... for his Cowboy Shakedown of America to War. He calls America to nothing great. He alone has made America the greatest debtor nation on this planet. America is sick, impeachment is the cure, as desribed elsewhere at this site.

Amercian 'red-necks' aren't driving their big trucks with huge American flags anymore ... the gas for their hog has QUADRUPLED and still increasing as of this date. American patriots, why are you not screaming for the head of this incompetent cheerleader ? He Cheerleader Lied You to War ! A false, illegal war of invasion upon a sovereign nation which was in no way, no shape, nor form a threat to America or Americans. Remember Hans Blix, America ? The Cheerleader sent you liars named Chalabi .. and you believed in the lies, in the name of profits, in the name of false prophets, khristian right, not ! again ! and again, and again, the religious bigots prove they know nothing worth a good god damn from their one god books, no matter who their one dog is and no matter the name of their one biblios. Bile lie bible bibel be. a good goddamn ... would that be oxymoronic ?

Now, with all that said, you can see a real live example of FALSE FEAR IN AMERICA with but a touch upon the link.

You can see that all of the words within the Name Art of OSSAMA BIN LADEN, aka USSAMA BIN LIDIN, et al., *
are spelled using only those letters which spell the name.

If you are new to the art and science of the Lexigram, we invite you to read our Introduction to the Lexigram.

If you wonder what et al. means, this is the definition, from the American Heritage on CD :

* et al. :: abbreviation of the Latin word, Et alii : Et alii is defined as : and others. 
So et al. means, and others, and this case it means the other spellings of Osama's name.

[ Please see Barack Hussein Obama if you are seeing name comparisons in the early 2007 media and later. ]

You can now view the Name Art of
SADDAM HUSSEIN AL-TIKRITI : Killed by American / Iraqi Justice
He was President by Fact in Iraq, Jacque, Still in Late 2006
also known as Saddam Hussein al-Majid, at this link :

[Note of 20061109 : An illegal war against a nation disposes the initiator of the criminal invasion. - ku]

All of the above spellings of the name are correct.
It is a known fact that the Arabic men will use
many and varied spellings of their name,
and to the best of my personal understanding
this is done with deep honor and respect for their
ancestral and homeland names and their various spellings.
If the Lover's of Allah will now Love the women who gift
them to breathing life, with grace and honor, Peace on Earth,
made a dream read real with Love from, to and all about.
The vestal virgins gig is a major lie in this religion lies.
The man who abuses virgins on Mother EArth,
and who prays for Virgins in Cosmic Space ...
He has eyes, yet he sees not ...
He has ears, yet he hears not ...
He abuses the gifts already given ...
He sees the glory not.

Any man who will abuse a woman of any age whatsoever is criminal of mind's images.

America has killed many many many people on Mother Earth with her weapons of enormous destruction.
If someone were doing that to us, we would eventually fight back with all we know to do.
Same on the 'other side' of Goddesses' childrens' thoughts of living ...
When America can rise to the awareness of speaking in concert with those we have killed,
Peace on Earth will arrive with a resound around the global villages.  EarthShine will glow.
Ponder well the power of thy words ye attorneys, lawyers and bannisters be.

Using the spelling of : USSAMA BIN LADEN :
to render the revealings capable in the name,
notice the truths of the situation ...
sentence by sentence


America helped establish the power base of this man.
Just as we did with Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti long prior to 2003 when Mr. Bush
could not and would not sit with the man and speak with him ... Mr. Bush
chose to kill him, and to kill the violence in Iraq with super violence.
Saddam Hussein al-Majid 2004 is in gaol, aka jail.
Osama bin Laden is still free so mysteriously.

Wake Up America
American helped fund both of these men's activities.
In May of 2001, Bush gave Bin Laden $45 million dollars...
His way of saying thank you to the Taliban for wiping out the opium crops.
Per the Media as seen in the USA ...

Needless to say, we have done that.

Needless to say, he has done that.

Lines of truth from the name's letters, by his own word.

We believe that the USSAMA BIN LADEN and
USAMA BIN LADEN names have lost favor with the press
in that the name is too close to the USA abbreviation for comfort.
You now see the name in the media as this spelling :

does not carry the USA vibrations.
Something the name does carry in its vibrations is this ...
does osama lie
do media ideas lie lies ?
is no lies in osama ???
as osama lies ~ osama dies
does osama lie lies osama lied ?
as osama lies lies ~ osama dies !
as osama lies no lies ~ no one dies

* Source reference for this particular spelling of the name :

* Source reference for this particular spelling of the name :

My name is William F. Schive.
I am the author of this web page's sharing, and no other.
It has been documented that the first 'big money' investments
George Walker Bush ever received in business were connected
in source and method of payment to Ussama bin Laden.

Furthermore ...
It has been documented that in May of 2001,
George Walker Bush signed the check, as it were,
from the United States Government to Osama bin Laden
for $45 million of our energy units we call dollars as payoff.
Stated purpose?  Eradicate a natural plant which carries
enormous healing qualities, and more.
Protecting the pharmaceuticals.
Protecting the weaponeers.
Protecting the executioneers.
Protecting the chemical companies.
Engineering the ongoing petroleum gig while belittling the natural resources,
including natural power and natural healings and natural peoples.

George Walker Bush,
the man who, with the help of his republican clan,
stole the elections in more than one way,
including the use of their police forces
to confuse, deter and prevent
the easy voting of all
shades of the races
in the
Americas and yes so our globe

And now, on a hades note, there is Diebold
Watch that name, folks
Watch for them to
Change it to
Keep Eyes On
Their paperless trails
Their pa perle ss trails
Their perle trails
{See note and link of 20061109]
And their trials
For their BOLD LIE

Update of August 3, 2006
Be very scared, dear Americans, for your vote.
The complete rigging of Diebold Vote Machines is now proven.
We say to all American's, please make sure Diebold implodes.
Three rigged elections of 2000, 2002 and 2004 is enough.
We offered this proof back then and now, on 20130527 do we see the site is no longer offering the material, apparently purchased by a new publisher

Update of 20060801 :
The State of Maryland has been found to be in collusion with Diebold.  This, from : 

"What Democracy?"

"If voting could change things - they'd make it illegal."
Since the day we're born we're told to get a receipt for everything.
You buy a stick a gum, you get a receipt.
Yet, for the most fundamental aspect of democracy to survive we're suppose to simply trust human nature,
let alone put aside whatever glitches technology can throw our way.
The fact that the American public simply accepts non-paper trail voting confirms that we may be the most gullible,
naive and foolish of peoples on this planet.
Read the story at :

Update of 20060524 : May 24th, 2006

Recently, the infamous Diebold machines were found to have a fatal design flaw allowing easy hacking and manipulating of votes. 
Michael Shamos, a Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor, a voting systems expert and a defender of electronic voting, said:

It's the most serious security breach that's ever been discovered in a voting system.  On this one, the probability of success is extremely high because there's no residue...Any kind of cursory inspection of the machine would not reveal it.

How many times do elections officials need to be warned about the serious problems with these machines?  This is unacceptable.  It is clear that all voting systems must produce a voter-verifiable paper record.  It is vital that audits which compare the paper records to the computer tallies be mandatory.  If the machine malfunctions or there is tampering, we need to know.
Source :

We share with you the fact that ...

As of July 2nd, 2004, the media is now reporting the man identifies himsElf,
with his own voice, as ...
President of Iraq.

Now awaiting the Trial of the Century in the Lands of the Sands
The Name Art of SADDAM HUSSEIN AL-TIKRITI is now an historical document.
: :


And now, back to the historical sharings at this very page :
For the record:

If the media were to honor the full Birth Name of the autocratic President of Iraq,
we would see a change in the issues at hand, especially if they were to aim some
ideal ideas his way, and the Bush Master.

Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti is his formal Arabic name ....
Saddam is his given name ...
Hussein is his father's given name ...
al-Tikriti is the name of the largest city near where Saddam was born, ergo the use of
al-Tikriti honors the name of the largest city near the homeland of his birth.
The village where Saddam was born was, and still is, al-Auja, also being spelled in the media as Al Aouja.

So, using the method that Arabic men use to honor their ancestry,
and their homelands of birth, Saddam can be identified as any of the following .....

Saddam Hussein al-Auja al-Tikriti

Saddam Hussein al-Majid al-Tikriti

Update : July 2nd, 2004 : In an Iraqi court of questionable jurisdiction, when asked to identify himsElf, he spoke
his name as I AM SADDAM HUSSEIN AL-MAJID, President of Iraq.

He himsElf, calls himsElf, Saddam Hussein al-Majid, and he identifies himsElf as President of Iraq.
The name has changed in the media now ....
The game has changed in the awarenesses of the world, now .... as written on July 2nd, 2004.


Please note : The Associated Press is now shown to be incorrect in identifying how a name is to be.

What follows is a source reference from the Associated Press ... : link reported broken on 20070214
Please note that they mis spell al-Majid in this reference.
If you do an internet search for Saddam Hussein al-Majd al-Tikriti,
this is the only link to show up.
All other information sources show the al-Majid as having the i in the name.

The Associated Press offers this explanation :

"First, Hussein is not his family name. Saddam is his given name, and Hussein is his father's given name; this is common practice in Arab families. His full name is Saddam Hussein al-Majd al-Tikriti, but he uses neither al-Majd, which is akin to a family name, nor al-Tikriti, which is a name for his extended family, or clan, derived from the Tikrit region where the president is from.

"Second, he is not usually referred to as Hussein by people in Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East. Political leaders and Iraqi citizens call him simply Saddam or by both names, Saddam Hussein. Both Arabic- and English-language newspapers follow the same practice, and some that use both names in copy reduce it to Saddam in headlines."

In another letter posted here at Good Works On Earth, we wrote of George Walker Bush's choices in the actions he has taken.  He took Osama bin Laden's money when it was to his business advantage, and he gave it to Osama bin Laden when it was to his political advantage, then he declares war on the man he helped in power.  We did this exact same thing with Saddam Hussein.

We wish George Walker Bush well, with visions of his awakenings to many things greater than oil and money and power over others with his war wagers.

We wish the leaders of all countries to awaken to peace, not weapons, as the true power of awareness with their people in their trust, based on their words, and actions.

To use the resources of a country and her people for war is not what the people of any country want for themsElves, nor their neighbors.  Peace is the priceless child of great leaders, caring statesmen and stateswomen all, engaging in the art of Statescraft.  May all world leaders arise to this level of endeavor.  They can begin by letting the women speak.  And then hearing them with their hearts open with no dogma or doctrine's demanding destructive actions on their part.

To pray to a God of Love for war against another is to pray for God to destroy children, women, and men of Loving hearts, and in so doing the pray'er brings upon themsElves the energies of their own images to universal awareness, echoing upon themsEvles one hundred fold ... nay, one thousand thousands to return upon the hater's hearts.

As ye judge, so are ye displaying sElf in judgements of others, so shall it be done unto you.
As ye give, so shall ye receive.
As ye intend upon another, so shall ye reap.

This Just In : 20040206 : a story of a christian wanting god to kill allah lovers : ya gotta Love these haters!
My God is bigger than your god and so i get to kill you.
What balderdash these men and women of all 'faith's' can buy into such that they can kill goD's creations.

One example, dear reader ...

This poor fellow has given his personal peace and power away to a name, and to a fear personified in Osama bin Laden ...

'Osama bin Laden. Your days are numbered.
In a red dress, I will dance on your grave.
And, then, and only then, I will, finally, have a good night's sleep.
No matter how long it takes.'
Source :

I share that link with you because, these folks did indeed touch upon the powers of the names, it's worth reading.

Belief Systems are a powerful thing. Will yOur Satan kill yOur Santa ?  Well, if so, My Allah Loves your Tartaruses !
Have you ever noticed, Hello, spoken backwards is real near the Latin America greetings of : Hola ?
And Hola becomes Halo .. and we all have one ... some brighter in the lights of Love than others, true.
Some work on knowing wisdoms and sElf, some don't.

And the beat goes on ....

Imagine for a moment something really wild ... beyond fiction, because ... good fiction does have to make sense for the most part and great fiction always makes sense at all parts, with no slip up and no errors to undo the fabric of the story.  See the book, The DaVinci Code for a rare and wonderful example of that concept taken up to its most accurate limits.

Imagine it ... you have joined me now, on board the submarine I call The StarLightning Express ... we are running deep, over 1600 feet deep ... we are running quiet ... making no sound for sonars to hear as we are vibrating in the lights of the waters, not the atoms, ergo we make no sound.
We have satellite feed of television shows world wide on board and when we go deep, we play recordings of the feeds at our leisure
when our crew is on underway stand down, which is a bit of an oxymoron, imagining an underway submarine on stand down, yet it is true.
Imagine that the best and most accurate video clips you ever see of Osama Bin are those shown on the David Letterman show.
Imagine for a moment that the real bin Liden is not what the images in the news media suggested.
Imagine in the nowments that Ussama is in fact, serving on board a United States Ship Nuclear Submarine named,
Imagine it if you will .... the : USS AMMA : SSN-678 : as a cooker, a slang for the reactor operator.  He also cooks food.
It is what he likes to do.  This is the real Os Amma, a human playing the peaceful games of life.
Imagine he is on one of the three full crews of men who serve with distinction and every man on board this boat knows their stuff and
Imagines rightly that their life is safe in the hands of Os Amma ben Leadin. (He likes some spellings more than others.)
Imagine yoursElf on board, we are now at 300 fathoms deep, running in the still quiet, listening to what can be heard in the ocean.
Osamma B. Leadin comes in to the Reactor Control Room with a cup of sweet smelling organic coffee and first thing, he says ....

Amma Alla be Praised, Will .... I have a new one for you to share ... It is the flip side of ASPIRED.

                                                As despair is as dire diapers ~ sad ideas I sired are as a despair, I said

    God's dogs go do sod, dude ... you got it .... so .... wha's up, OBL ?

The coffee is exquisite this watch, Will.  Would you like a cup ?

    OB, I told you ... the only good use for organic coffee in the body is as a mouthwash, and as an enema.
    It draws out the poisons in the colon, you know.  

Yes, yes, so you have -

        OB, I have a question for you ...

Ask clearly, my ears are on ....

    Being famous for hiding in the caves and all, how did you ever manage to take a shower and get cleaned up ?

I was never in the caves, Will .... get a grip ...

    Where were you?

Where am I now, Will ?

    On board USS AMMA :: SSN 678 :: Fast notice submariners cruising depth 311 fathoms course set : destination noted :
    zulu time 260. Outside water temperature minus -

  Will !!!  I know how cold the water is ... and what are you doing, are you writing this conversation down ?

    Osama looks at the screen and sees these words being typed ... Will stops typing, looks at  Os a Ma who says  ....

I've got the watch, Will ... you are hereby relieved of duty, I have signed in and I am now dating time of relief on panel.

    You gots it, Os'ma Bama... enjoys the watchings ....

That stopped the typing, but not the conversation ... Osamma went on to say,

Will, before you go ... I have a serious question for you ...
If everyone in America buys my David Letterman video clips and plays them at their gatherings, do you know how much I will make ?

    No, OBL san, how much?

No, Shempshipper, I don't know either.  I am going to be working on the figures on the tonight's slow times after the watch.
The Crazy Emperor flashed me an email contract, and the distributor guarrrrrrraantteeeeeees a total sale of 30,000,000 units.
You can see I was exaggerating when I said everyone.

    Good God Dog, Dude !  No way !   I am going to hit the kip, Lawnmawer ....

Goodnight Ohsomo Hopper
  See ya later, DigitsShipper ....
    After while lots of smile ...

Os Hamma Be Leadin cut his beard a long long time ago, long after he recorded those hundreds and hundreds of clips for the Letterman folks, so that will give you an idea how long his beard was getting.   The militaries of the world wanted to get Ussamma the heck out of the Llama's territories so they came up with the brilliant idea of offering him submarine duty, with submarine pay, in the United States Navy, with the crews who Love Al Lah!  He said he always wanted to know how these things worked and so he took their offer and started at the bottom, learning the bilges drains to the electric and lighting systems, and water and propulsion clear back to the screws, he learned it all, except crypto and sonar.  Turns out, folks still think Osama bin Laden is in Afghana Land and that was keeping the story quiet for some time.  I won't tell you the whole story, I can't.  Go ask Michael Drosnin where Ussama bin Ladin be.  Better yet, do a search for the Bible Code on our site : SEARCH PAGE  Read the answers for your's Elf.

As you know, the above is imaginary.
We tell you, the below are the real results of prior imaginary.
Never underestimate the power of Loving imagination.

We share with you below how folks found Good Works On Earth on major search engines ...
These snippets are from our most current Top Ten Search Results page :

Data  Searched                                 Date             Data            Answer Link at Good Works On Earth

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FRACTAL LETTERS (our search) 20040203                      We do not show in the google answers at this time.
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                      ^ This is a 'no answer' as Al Sharpton and The DaVinci Codes don't mix. ^
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Indigo Movie by Stephen Simon          20040121    #1 /       3,822 answers at google : Stephen Simon's Name Art   [Updates]
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 stephen simon indigo                           20040121     #3 /     15,100 answers at google : Santa Fe Premier - Indigo the Movie

THE FORCE IS WITH YOU by Stephen Simon

by :
Stephen Simon - Director, et al.

We invite you to visit another site
To an article written by : Claire Krulikowski

Stephen Simon's Institute for Spiritual Cinema Takes Life


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His first national quote in the press, when he was a cheerleader, no less, was a defense of torture of new students.
His last national quote in the press when he was a cheerleader for the Cheney/Rumsfield War on a Shoestringj will be his
continuing defense and enablement of torture. we changed Shoestringj to Shoestring.

Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art
The Song