To anyone looking for the magic of the corner store in Eugene, Oregon and the finding of good and grand organic veggies ..
      Enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage here, and sit a spell, watch the world go by at the intersection of this magical corner store.

New Frontier Market
1101 W 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR. 97402
(541) 345-7401

You can also enjoy the Divine Cupcake at the New Frontier Market.
If you can't get there, you can find these heavenly cupcakes many places.
Visit the Divine Cupcake to find out where.

Congratulations to every single person who owns and runs a corner store in Lane County, for there among them is the life of the city.

What does your corner store sell you ?
Healing aliments good for your body ? or ..
Ensickening ailments disguised as packaged foods devoid of life ?
Note well what you put into your lips for aliments bring you energy of life, and ailments bring you energy of death.

What are you eating ?

Go organic ...

We are Good Works On Earth

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The Marketers of Organics, the New Frontier Market in Eugene, Oregon

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The New Frontier Market at 8th & Van Buren.  Organic Foods in Eugene, Oregon.
Bulk orders invited.  We support the rain forests and those who care for and protect them.

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