For the first time, we have seen public information on what we believe are possible realities of the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe.

The consequences of this puncture of Mother Earth's bodily fluids can result in absolutely catastrophic effects, including the sinking of the ocean floor.

My name is Will I Am, and having been a nuclear submariner who worked with the intense pressures of the sea and the high vacumn of the condensers, I know pressures and their effects. No one ever speaks or writes on our media about what is happening to the caverns where we take oil from, or what happens when we put water in its place.

Any submariner, heck ! any engineer knows that oil is compressible, whereas water is not. The effect of that difference, underground where we take out oil and replace it with water, enchances and amplifies the effect of any earth movement, causing a mild earthquake to amplify across great distances with a hammer effect. No one in the oil business, nor media address this reality.

Another thing that every engineer in the world shuddered at seeing is BP buying oil-separating centrifuges from some company at his urging.
My god ! does this mean that BP has no knowledge of centrifuges ?

Every machinist mate in every Navy in the world is wondering why these machines are not already widely known of and being used to repurify the waters, and the centrifuges can do that.
More things stink in British Petroleum than the Florida beaches now being hit with toxic death, in the name of oil profits.
Do you drive a car ?
Ponder well your own addiction.
It takes sweet creativity to give up the car.
I know, as I did so in the year 2000.



"In the beginning is the Word, prior to the word is the Breath, and with the breath is the Still Quiet Love, Unformed and Unnamed."

           From the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See

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