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As webmaster of Good Works On Earth, I will share with you various current searches folks have made to arrive here,
and how we have achieved our standings for various key words searches.  From this you will be able to see what key words
and terms and phrases and names we are becoming known for by virture of our being in the consistent top ten search results
at the search engines of google, yahoo, goodsearch, and yo mamma and more, and you will learn how to do the same with your site.

We interrupt this sharing to bring you the Star Art of ...

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....


It's an attitude. 

It's an awareness.

*Meanings of AUBADE :.
In music ~ A song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking day break.

A wonderful way to celebrate yOur arising, do a little jiggle, do a big gig with a dancing waddle or however you like to move first thing with joy.

Bodies know your thinkings per se can also be created anew by your enjoyings of your body movings. 
Awaken to the day with miracles in mind, and laugh with Love knowing you are their creator. 
  Ponder well grasshoppers. Ponder well, GrassHoppers.  Ponder well indeed, DigitsShippers.

*Meaning of ABUNDANT :. From the Latin abundare, meaning to overflow, overflowing.
1: plentiful; in great quantity; fully sufficient;  as, an abundant supply.
2: abounding (in something)
Synonyms : ample, copious, exuberant, luxuriant, plentiful, plenteous.

One night Jay Leno makes a joke about folks doing searches for nude people using the Google Earth Satellite Photos,
the next day, Good Works On Earth shows as answer #9 for nude google earth searches at search.msn.

Our most favorite recent search someone made at a major search engine, visiting our site :
On August 23rd, 2006, someone used Google to search this query :
Mother Earth official website from Oregon
We were answer #9 / 353,000,000 answers at google.
Our Home Page was the answer.
Here is the Star Art of MOTHER EARTH

How did someone find us in the Top 10 Searches ..
The time was : 200603241016pst.
That translates to March 23rd, 2006 at 10:16am in Pacific Standard Time.
This is the exact search the person used ::
"science of the letters"
We offer this Star Art of the LETTERS as our best answer : Axioms of the Lexigram
This is the exact google address at the time, showing their top ten results :

This is how the #1 Answer reads at this time :
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,310 for "science of the letters". (0.69 seconds)
The art and science of the Lexigram is freely shared in our NAME ...
One very powerful place to begin truly understanding this art and science is
to see the axioms of the science of the letters, and the words.
Source :

You receive more than you expect when you peruse a page at Good Works On Earth.
Just in case you don't know, PERUSE means to examine with great care.

We invite you to see examine the Star Art of MONEY, with great care.
Imagine it is a song sung by a master of the universal awarenesses, you, slow enough to feel it.
The Star Art of MONEY  is  a very tricky sidebar to what we are discussing on this page ...

Our Webmaster Question to You :
If there were only seven answers showing in the search engine's world results for a question that your site provides the answer to,
would you want to go to the trouble and work of making sure the search engines can find you so your site is in the now eight results ?
The question is a test of your care.  Someone searched for your gifts of your doings, and you would want to be among the answers.
This is exactly what happened here at Good Works On Earth on 20060324 at 10:57 am. Someone searched the net for :
"words can you make out of these letters" : Answer Link to the Axioms of the Lexigram

Would you want to be one of the seven answers for something pertinent to your doings, your offerings, your works, on the Open Net ?
We did, and we are.  Here is how answer # 3 reads at this time at yahoo :

# 3 : The art and science of the Lexigram is freely shared in our NAME ARTS GALLERY at Good Works On Earth
We share the art and science of the Lexigram with the Letters in Names and Words in the name of the awakenings and healings now ongoing.
A SAGE SIRE LEXIGRAMS AS A REGAL SEAL ... ~ what words can you make out of these letters ~
This question was searched 20051104 at : askjeeves : We are #5 / 205 ... - 50k - Cached - More from this site - Save

Point being ...
We help make the words work for your particular site,
and we can help you achieve Top Ten Presences on the net.
Pray Tell Be Ye Doing Your Good Works On Earth ?
Let us know how we can be of service to you.
We heartily agree with the google display
of, Do no evil. Ahimsa we say, meaning,
Harmlessness : Harm no living thing.

The following links are Boarding Pass Invitations to Worlds of Heavens
Boarding Passes to Words Heaven On Earth
Please see these Star Arts to see New News





Now, treat yoursElf ... go sit in a sacred hot springs and BREATHE.
No hot springs nearby ?
Sit in the center of the sun with your inner eye.
Sit on the light edge of the moon, or in your room, in peace.
Anywhere you are, these four Star Arts above are Divine Healings.

If you like these healing words so potently revealed ...
and you wish to experience more that work stellar wonders ..
we invite you to visit our Retreats Page and be creative ...
Send us an email : Creating a Retreat

Dance a dance .......
The Star Art of DANCERS

So much to do ....
Thank Goddess there is so much time to do it in.

Good Works On Earth is a non-profit charitable and educare organization.
Honoring all autodidactics and earth home schoolers.
We accept all donations given with Love.
We honor all donations with gifts to you.
We invite you - make a donation .
See what happens on Mother Earth ..
We share a few ideas of how to donate ...
Empower us and we can and will further share
this work in the name of
Peace on Earth

Treat yoursElf : Take a gander
The Star Art

Welcome to the
The Gatherings of Souls Hearts Glowingly So

We honor the Art Gatherings.
We honor the Gatherings of Arts.
We are a member of We Are All One
We are a member of All Lover's Lounge.
We are a member of The Lover's Hearts.
We are a member of Love's Gatherings.
We are a guest of the Heart On.
Sacred Name In Deed, Indeed.
Speaking of which ...

Do you seek a beautiful gift for your MOTHER ?
Do you seek an exquisite gift for your BeLoved ?
Sister ? Wife ?
Mother of Your Child ?
Send her a print of this Cosmic Art of MOTHER
Available in Fine Art Prints : Contact Us for wholesale and retail details
Certified Dolphin Safe in Dolphin Paradise - ku

Here you can hear and read the Star Arts of the WHALES
The Voicings of the WHALES with Music at the mp3
Please honor the copyright in the sharings

A sidebar, with Laure Redmonds, as hosted by Oprah ..

Ten steps to feeling good naked, alone and or with others, it makes no difference.
Old Link :
New Link :
One of the best lists of how to heal we have ever seen.
It is written by Laure Redmonds.
Print it out, put it on your mirror.
You work it, it will work for you.

We do have another list that heals instantly, if you work it. This is the true abundance.

Knowing that Love is the Source Energy of All That Is ... Let go of all the dichotomies of life ..
   Release the polar express sions of good and evil.
[ In an email sent to the Songster of AMERICANS, and one facet on her one line reply :::
Bowing gracefully with a cheshire grin I share with you these stellar keys of healings all about within and without.   
Anytime you wish, power up your five keys of healings …
1. inhale with awareness a nice slow deep breath, deep as you can enjoy the range of breathing
2. envision and shine the heart light while you inhale and while you do your exhales imagine well all that is
3. heartfully forgive Another or Others, including sElf – as needed, completely letting go in forgiveness
4. be, do, feel, talk and walk grateful for all that you hear, see and do for it is all the mindstuff of Goddess Love ….
     every whit, every jit, every jottle.
5. turn your physical ears on so you hear your own words so you hear what you are speaking into the
    mindstuff with others, or alone.
   Goddess Awares Replies : *need to watch my words and thoughts, me oh my, she sighs ..
   To which I respond anew, not quite Dear Goddess.  ‘Tis more accurate to say, watch thy thoughts, hear thy words,
   for your lips of creation carry enormous powers your two ears can hear and your two eyes see, outer and inner.

If #1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 above are in any way difficult for you in the beginning ...
As your own tarot of an immense deck of arts ...

Beauty is truth, truth, beauty - that is all ye need to know on earth, and all ye need to know.
- - John Keats, 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'


We share with you a few words from another ... on the subject of ABUNDANCE :

"I want to share my thought that it might be of great benefit for all of us to understand that our lives have nothing to do with ourselves.
They have to do with everyone else whose lives we touch --- and that is the secret of abundance. To experience true abundance,
you must ignore the agenda of your body (self survival) and focus on the agenda of your soul. It is my observation that very
few people have spent a lot of time during this particular life paying attention to the agenda of their soul.
Yet there are a few people who are now ready to fly, to go places where no human has gone before ..."

Thank you for the phrase, Gene Roddenberry

By arriving at Good Works On Earth you have arrived where no human has gone before in terms of words awarenesses, and this has been freely offered since we began sharing this work at the Good Earth Works Network in May of 1998.  Point being, you can now browse our 710+ webpages and know you have arrived where only Love has gone before, only the source can go where the creation exists, you see ... and so now you know and I say go further in these very readings below of another's words ... please read dear as leaps at warp slow too way open :

'The irony is that in the moment that you decide and declare that your life has nothing to do with you or your body,
everything you ever sought, hungered for, struggled to obtain for yourself and for your body will come to you without effort.
And you won't even care, because you will no longer need it. You will enjoy it, but not need it.
Why this is important is that the whole world is following you. We're watching you. We're imitating you. We imitate each other.
Children imitate parents. Nation will imitate nation. We take our cues from each other, and every so often one of us steps out and says,

"Not that way. This way."  The Buddha did that. Moses did that. Jesus did that. Muhammad did that. And now, we can do that.
Yet you would not be moved to unless and until you understood that you have come to this world to share a very important message
with everyone whose life you touch.

'The message that you have come to share: "Hello...Wake up. Do you know who you really are?"

'From beginning of time, all we have ever wanted was to love and be loved. And all we've ever done is create moral restrictions,
religious taboos, societal ethics, familial traditions, philosophical constructions, all manner of rules and regulations telling us who,
when, where, what and how we may love, and who, when, where, what, and how we may not. What are we doing?!

"True abundance has nothing to do with anything that I am having, and everything to do with what I am being. And when I share my
abundance of beingness abundantly with all those whose lives I touch, everything I sought to have comes to me automatically without
my ever trying to have them.

"Don't get caught up in the thought that your abundance/success will emerge from what you are doing. You'll be running around doing
this and doing that, doing this and doing that...and end up with nothing but a pile of do-do.

"When you see a person who appears to be doing nothing and abundance is flowing to him, what's his secret? He's not Doing anything...
he's Being something.

"When searching for right livelihood, stop looking for something to do and start looking for something to be. Get in touch with that part
that resides deep inside of you that knows who you really are and what it would take to call that forth in a beingness way.

"Look inside.
What is it that you’re being when you feel totally fulfilled and totally self-expressed?
Maybe you're being wise or clear, maybe sensual, maybe creative, maybe sensitive,
compassionate, caring, or humorous, maybe athletic....look to see what that is for you.

"The problem is that most people do not think they can Be who they’d love to Be in life ...
they cannot 'make a living' at it .... so they settle for something less. Yet your opportunity is
to make a LIFE rather than a LIVING ... '     - Neale Donald Walsch

Source Material for the above quote on abundance :

Hear Mother Earth's WEATHER
no matter where you are
Star Art of WEATHER

"Labour not after riches first, and think thou afterwards wilt enjoy them.
He who neglecteth the present moment, throweth away all that he hath.
As the arrow passeth through the heart, while the warrior knew not that it
was coming; so shall his life be taken away before he knoweth that he hath it."
- - Akhenaton

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One of the single largest and most destructive crimes in America today is Property Taxings.
Property Taxes are the source of untold death and destruction of all concerned, and the stealthful stealing of wealth,
yet those who have eyes, do not see.  We do not recommend 'fixing the system in place, we suggest abolishing it.
Cities, counties, parishes, they all Love property taxes .. for you see, they can all manipulate them to their own degree.
If you are well connected, it is amazing how your valuations for taxing purposes are so gentle and low for so long.
If you are not well connected, you are on the list of those who pay, and pay, and pay, and pay, escalatingly so.
Appraisers of the system's educations are all in agreement, ergo you have a false system of support in place.
Woes upon woes upon woes with the crimes inherent in all aspects of Property Taxes, from the ass -
of the fees to the assignments of the values,
the gig is rigged, and everyone on the collect side knows this.
If they yap they do not know this to be true, they are the courts' fools and jesters hiding their agreed upon lies to
assign your brief or long caretaking of a land and or home or business a 'value' to tax upon you
so the "powers that be" can spend your money supposedly for "Your Benefits."

False profits all about to pay for suppressions all about.

One day, property taxes will be a sad thing to recollect that it even existed in the past.
One human's suppression of another human through the assignment of an arbitrary debt by a satrapy.

That ends that sidebar to the Top 10 Searches on the waes to Ascension.
[ Editor Note: that link is a very esoteric Star Art : Please read sacredly slowly. ]
and Dear Reader, that is what this gig is all about, Ascension and Awakenings and Healings.

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Key Words Letterings Sequences
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Actual search someone used to arrive here :

top 10 searches found us at #5 & #6 / 9,120,000 anwers
google top ten tarot sites
^^on the date this searcher visited, we were answer #19
Try us out, use our search page below as your tarot ..
yahoo top ten nude searches
October 17, 2006 we are answers #2 and #4 at Yahoo's top ten nudes

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Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS and HUMANS ?
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It's a scream, as Americans care ....
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
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