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We now return to the historical Invitational Boarding Pass
that you cannot be late for, no matter the date you read it.

Subject : 20040917 :  Your Invitation Boarding Pass #3 : Heaven on Earth : September 18, 2004
   Date :   Fri, 17 Sep 2004 23:32 pst : Updated on 20051127
From :     Good Works On Earth
  To :         In House Mailing to Different Rooms in This Earth Mansion

Peace Be Ye's

This is Good Works On Earth's Third Message of Nine Seventeen Two Thousand Four

The Web of Love with Scientific Proofs

Greetings to each of us breathing upon Mother EArth ...

Our first ticket offered the web site location for what is happening on 20040918.
Our second ticket offered the details, the doings and the proofs upcoming.
This third ticket offers you something more ...
This will have given you, Dear Reader, three ways to high heaven.
   ( Ed. Note : The October 17, 2006 Cosmic Trigger Invitation : You can not be late for this invitation, that is a physical impossibility.)

Three highways to high heaven in words form, you could say.

Heaven is at hand, now and forever.
No one need go any where, not on a road, nor a high in mental druggings.
No wars need be fought, no more killings need occur.

We invite to see what is coming, before it arrives.
That way, when it arrives, you will know what you are seeing.

No believing needed here ...
No imaginations can prepare you ... unless you are a bright light Being of Love,
and even then ... if you think letters are just letters, and words are just words,
and your voicings are just, well ... gee, a voice, no big deal ... well then ...
We say to you ........ Stand Back, folks.

Some ideas imagined can prepare your heart for the shock, soon to arrive, and ...
this is gonna be one fine awakening for those whose eyes already see and
whose ear of the heart already hears in the Love frequencies, no matter
what is occuring 'outside' them.

That being said, please know ....

Love can knock you down to the ground in tears of utterly overwhelming joy
with your certain knowing all is well in all the universes, despite what you think
you still see extant upon Mother EArth.

AumsOn, Dudes, and Dudettes ... for this IS the Light Age ...

This show is rocking, and this show is rolling ... at the speeds of light and beyond.

Mother Earth Ship of Peace Spaces breathes her breaths and yes, she is living.
Can you feel her motions in her oceans ?  Can you see the eye of her storm ?
You breathe with her ... knowlingly, or unknowingly.
Can you BE the eye of her storm?
Can you BE the peace of no storm?
Did you know your Love in your heart for all that you see and hear is what affects
the weather?
This is why we are offering three invitations to you ... to catch your eye, from the
hurricane of your life's livings so you can take a moment and know heaven is at hand.

September 18th, 2004
No matter where you are ...
Be There ... Be Aware ...

Sleepy folks will not see a change in America with one date's doings.
Lovingly awake folks have already seen the changes in their lives and need no proof.

That being said ... this Web of Love is being subjected to scientific proofs.
Have you visited the Web of Love site yet, and ... have you read the directions to
the images to the scientific measurings/testings of the Web of Love yet ???

If not, please do, we invite you at :

If you arrive to this information after September 18th, 2004 ... which many will do
as we are posting this message as a web page ... fret not.  You can affect this
flame of Love from the 'future' with but a thought of Love, and ....

The next harmonic is even more fun in the emotionings of the oceanings

So! Stay Tuned ....

Please, pass these invitations to those of Loving awareness ....

This very page is Invitation # 3.
The link to Invitation # 2.
The link to Invitation # 1 has long existed.

Many are called and so few are chosen because so few choose themsElves.

Choose yoursElf !

Bless You,

Will I Am
Keeper of the Book of Names

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Are you curious about the Wrath of Ivan ? [and now Katrina Rita & Wilma ?]
Visit this Star Art of WEATHER : weather.html

These are the times of Peace on Earth being anchored in the lights of Love ...
These are the times of the Harvestings ....
Angels are all about ...

Physician, Heal ThysElf ! in Awakenings

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America Grows Hemp : Heals the Lands : Awakens the Hands of Abundance
Please read  :  Hugh Down's Research and Writing on Growing Hemp in America

   'Is this one tribe or a stranger?' is the calculation of the narrow-minded;
    but to those of a noble disposition, the world itself is but one family.
                      - -  Hitopadesa Proverb

Words are the physicians of a mind diseased.  - - Aeschylus

That fits the feelings and purposes of words quite nicely ...
Understood, they can soothe and heal ...
Not understood .. they can leave one ill mannered indeed in a confused mind.

   Freedom - to walk free and own no superior.
              - - Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

        The Great Gas Exchange
           Mother Earth's Breath
           Mother Earth Breathes
        Americans Plant Her Hemp
Every hemp grower knows, when real hemp is planted, it GROWS.

The WEATHER Star Art shows the relationship to the Wrath of Ivan in 2004 and the Furies of Katrina and Rita in 2005.

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Ticket to Heaven
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Page Description :
Can America gather together as one nation with Love as the One Law of the Omniverse Understood ?
This is your invitation to know, Heaven Is Already At Hand.
Be Still, and Know.
Love is the One Law
With this in mind ...
We repeat a message :
Mother Earth's Breaths
: Americans Can Plant Hemp :
boarding pass ticket invitations
: A Media Idea Aimed, and more :
Can America gather together as one nation and help Mother Earth breathe in peace?
She is not in peace, hersElf, and she struggles mightily to breathe easy, ergo, her storms.
We can help her by planting hemp all over America, and the world.
This will also sustain the forests, and give us over 400,000 new products.
Organic Hemp Heals America
Hemp Heals The Earth's very dirts organicly
Our Lives Depend Upon Organic Balance
Lady Gaia is a Breathing Being
As Are We

Description : Good Works On Earth
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Key Words
heaven, ticket, boarding, pass, september, ascension, awakenings, forgiveness, healings,
earthlings, light age

An actual search someone made on the internet to find us on 20051026 was :
is it breathes or breaths
The answer to the pronouncing of the one or the other is this.
Breathe sounds as breethe : silent e at the end
Breathes sounds as breethz.
Breath sounds as breath or breth
One person breathes many breaths.
As the bees breathe their breaths.
As the bears breathe their breaths.
As the humans breathe their breaths.
As the trees breathe the earth's breath.
As humans all breathe the earth's breaths.
As a human breathes the breath from birth.

Actual search used by a visitor to arrive here :
As the earth awakens and breathes new life
also : invitations boarding pass
and : boarding pass tickets invites
This is your Invitation Boarding Pass.

This is your Boarding Pass Invite of October 17th, 2006

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