good Star Arts of TEACHERS, by Kathy Onu

You could say this is the DNA of the Letters of TEACHERS. All the words in the Lexigram Star Art of TEACHERS are spelled using only those letters spelling the word itsElf.

... from the letters ...

Ah Ha !!!

~ The See'r See ~
~ The Ears Hear ~

As A She Has He
As Hers Has A He
As The Hearts Care
As The Teachers Share
As She Hears A Teacher
She Hears The Teacher's Arts
As She Share The Teacher's Art
As She Hears Her ~ As He Hears She
She Stare As She Hears
She Sat Here As She Share
The Teacher Share As She Sat There
~ ................... ~

He Hears The Teachers
As The Teachers Share Here
Hear, Hear !! Hear, Hear !!
Hear Thee, Hear Thee !!
Hear The Heart Here ..
Hear The Teachers Share
Share The Earth's Arts
Share The Hearts
Share The Arts
Share A Star

Hear A Teacher As A Teacher Share ..

:: Rest The Hates, Haters ::
As The Hates Trash The Earth
Rest The Hates ~ Rest The Trash
Rest The Hates, Haters .. Rest At Ease
As The Hates Eat At The Heart
As The Hates Heat The Heart
As The Hate Eats At Thee
See The Hates As Shat
She Hears As She Sat
He Hears As He Sat
The Hates Are Shat As ..
The Hates Heat The Heart

Hear Thee Here ..
Hates Heats Haste
Haste Heats Hates
Hate's Hates Heats The Earth

Hear The Heart Here
Hear The Ear, Thee Rest The Hates
Share A Heart
Heat The Tea
Rest At East
Share A Care
Share Cares
Share Hearts

Hear The Ear Here
Hear The Heart Here
Hear The Heart Rate
Rest The Heart Rate
Hear The Earth's Heart
Hear Her Heart Rate
See Her Trees
Hear Her Sea
As A See'r See Trees
The Trees See The Seer
The Trees Rest Set
The Seer Hears
The Seer See
The Teachers Share The Earth's Arts
The Teachers Share The Heart's Arts
The Teachers Rest The Cheaters A Teach Rest A Cheat Cheaters Hear The Teachers Cheaters Hear The Teacher's Heart Cheaters Rest The Cheat Teachers Reset Cheat As Teach The Teachers Rest The Teacher's Star Art Here.

This is the Spirit Rendition of

We are working to create the Voicings of the Star Arts
of AMERICANS to be sung with stirring music and so possibly
become a new America's anthem. North, Central, South, makes no never-mind.

We offer you our free ebook entitled,
StarLight Expressions
Letters Let See'r See

125 pages of Star Arts, also known as Lexigrams.
lexi- means, word.
-gram means written out or drawn out in full.

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