One word you must know the meaning of in the Star Art of STILLNESS is ESS.
ESS is a word representing Our One Love sOurce.
Some use a male energy name, such as Allah, or God, or Ra … however …
the most encompassing name for Love's birthing beingness of the source of all is goddESS ESSence.
Imagine god as a girl, a Yin energy of awareness with Her Yang within, just as Goddess has God within Her sounding.
God is a good work, and She does not mind her own little g or h in her letters in Her Name.
There are many sounds we can create and use to honor the All That Is in her universe with our knowing of Love as the One sOurce.

This is very simple :

Be Still and Know Love in Thy Heart for All That Is.
For Thou Art That.
Ye are the bear, ye are the airs.

Thou Art God and
Thou Art Goddess
Thou Art Love, creating …
eternally so …
From the dark, comes the light …
From the still, comes the motions …
Ye shine the heart light of Love from the

… from the letters …
… revealing …
~~~ ~~
ess is
~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~
i is ess ~ ess is i
~~~~  ~~~~
i sent it
~~  ~~~
i set it
~ ~~
it is


i lie nil lie in stillness
i lie nill lies in lines in still i
i set nil lies in lines i sent in
i sit in stillness ~ it is ess in i
i sit in ess in stillness
i sit in i in stillness
nil ills in i in still
nil lie nest in i
i lie nil lies
i sit still
i sent it
i set it
it is
it is i
i sit in
ess is in i
i set it in line
i listen in silent
i set it in lines i sent
i set it in lines in

The very next link on Martial Arts is a gifted link.
We offer this offsite link because we found they have a key.
We hope their sharings are as profound as the sone key we found.
So … this link on the next line is a gift if you are interested in Martial Arts.
Whether for Martial Arts or for Marital Arts ..
Stillness is Exquisitely Sacred in both …
Be Still, and Know.

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Six Word Letter Perfect Palindrome
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Announcing the presence of Sedna
Goddess of the Arctic Waters
Goddess of the Deep Waters
Goddess of the WHALES
Goddess of the SEALS
Goddess of the Sea
SEDNA is now coming to be known.
Our hint to you is to see the
Star Art of the WHALES

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In a prior update of this page, we presented to you wise words of another regarding why you do want to know you are Off the Media Bus ...

"To the press, all the world's a stage. Or rather, all the world's an onstage and a backstage.
Candidates don't have beliefs; they have positions. Campaigns don't have meanings; they have narratives.
In the postmodern funhouse that imprisons prestige media, the job isn't to cover events, but rather to reveal
their theatricality; the trick isn't to find truth, but to disclose "framing.
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"The drummers are drumming their collective heart's hearings …
The drummers are a drummin …
The stage is set ...
The letterings are resettling as wordings in phrases of
meanings in nameings in lines seers see, and hear." -ku

Ting ting …


No longer will lies prevail.
Global lies will never prevail.
Political ails ? It is a politician's verbal and written lies !
Solarly speaking, the lies no longer prevail.
Those observing new media are seeing the liars falling.
Those observing old media shall see the lies are dying.

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